Kate going super Ch 1.


Wow! Very nice! This is a very long, detailed story, with a good sense of realism despite the surreal nature of the situation. I’m sensing (and hoping) that in the next chapter, there will be lots more action. I’m also sensing that Kate is in danger of being corrupted by her powers. But even if that happens, I’m sure her good character will prevail.

Please continue with it!

You will probably be write on both accounts provided I don’t find a good reason to change some of the plot. I am glad to see that someone is enjoying the story though it may take a while before I put up another chapter. After all I am working on a giantess story as well at the moment.

Thanks for taking the time to review the story and list some of the things you liked. If there is anything you dislike about the storyline would you please mention that as well. I am always looking for constructive criticism. Though no comments about grammer if you don’t mind 🙂 while I enjoy writing I hate proof reading and since I am not doing his professionally. I feel as long as the majority find it legible that little percent that doesn’t can go do something else.