Kate’s story ch 4


Sheila felt a little odd about everything as she watched the various cameras and other surveillance devices being stripped from the room. She had asked Kate to leave really as a matter of image. Everyone pretty much knew that cameras where in the room heck they occasionally addressed them it was just that Kate had gotten use to them. Still to actually see them being removed-made Sheila feel like she had partly betray Kate by not doing this sooner. She tried to tell herself that she had simply been looking out for her welling and if she hadn’t kept them in she wouldn’t have been removed and Kate might have been killed when she was weaker. It helped a bit but it didn’t take all of the guilt away.

As he swam around Brian kept turning his attention to Kate. He couldn’t help but notice how bored she seemed oh how he wished he could just pick her up and throw her into the water. It would have been a good way to kill her boredom but he knew there was no way of that happening. Though he did notice that one of Kate’s hand was resting extremely close to the water. Paddling over to it he did the best thing he could and managed to splash the tiniest bit of water on Kate’s finger. At least tiny to her so much so that she didn’t notice at first. Grinning Brian continued to splash her finger until at last it registered with Kate that something was going on. Looking down she giggled as she watched Brian continue to splash her pinky finger even though it was the smallest of her fingers he was making very little progress. “ And just what do you think you are doing little one?”

“ I am soaking you to your bones.” Kate couldn’t help herself at the thought and suddenly found her body shaking with laughter. Brian of course saw the humor in the situation having been grinning the entire time but continued his best to dampen the very tip of that massive finger. At last Kate managed to get control of herself. Reaching into the water she was glad she had dug it two handfuls deep as it allowed her to get her fingers under Brian completely as she simply scooped him out of the water. Brian continued to grin as he felt himself being elevated towards Kate’s face though he had expected her to dunk him.

“ You are never going to make any progress doing it that way. How about me and you just go for a swim in the ocean.” Brian started to nod his head but grinned a bit sheepishly.

“ Actually I was wondering if we could go and get something to eat before we did anything else and of course I will need to rest after that to give my stomach time to settle.” Kate gave a slight nod she had gotten Brian out of the guest area before they had eaten so it wasn’t surprising that he would be hungry. They had also gotten out awfully early which probably meant her food was still being prepared well for what little preparation anything Kate ate required.

“ All right that sounds like an idea just give me a second.” Kate took a moment to dip her hand into the sand and fill in the little bond she had dug for Brian to swim in. Though it was plainly obvious, she didn’t feel it was a good idea to leave it open just in case.

Kate was having problems as she ate her food. Having had the twenty cakes only the previous day it had actually managed to spoil her a bit. While she didn’t realize it the trigger had been the fact that Brian was simply a normal person with limited resources and he had went through the trouble of preparing her some treats. Now as she ate her regular diet and contemplated how rarely it changed she was having more and more trouble seeing why they couldn’t add a little variety into her meals. Of course her thinking wasn’t along the lines of anything that might be considered extravagant maybe just a few cakes like Brian had made her or perhaps some new type of fruit. Of course there was the thought that it would be nice if the fish had some more flavor to it. They could at least add in some extra seasoning after all.

Kate didn’t speak these thoughts though feeling they weren’t exactly appropriate at least she didn’t speak them at the moment. She was however considering speaking to Sheila about it later on. Everyone knew that Kate had something on her mind simply because she was eating so slowly. The majority of the time Kate would have finished her meal long before anyone else after all she didn’t have to worry about being choked and in truth chewing was more of a formality for her. They had attempted to send machines through out her body after all only to have her stomach acid and the remarkable heat inside of her destroy the devices before they could make any progress. A long sigh came from Kate as her gaze drifted towards the man whose efforts had already spoiled her at least compared to what she had been like. “ Hey little one hold onto your plate for a second.”

Brian took hold of his plates right away having adapted to Kate’s pet name for him. She was beginning to call other people that less often and identify him with it more often. He didn’t mind after all he was little compared to her and it also showed how close he was getting to her. Kate grinned as she lifted the entire table and moved Brian closer to herself actually placing the little table between her massive thighs. Brian took a moment to admire the view as he found himself in the shade of Kate’s massive bust. Kate’s thighs easily towered over him despite the fact that she was setting down and he couldn’t help but sneak a peak at her crotch. He knew how tough the material that Kate’s clothing was and yet he could still make out the outline of her lips especially this close.

Kate let out a slight giggle as she could no longer see Brian without looking around or by parting her massive chest now. She could still sense though and she seemed to have a feel for what he was doing. To the point that when his gaze began to settle on her crotch she placed her container of fish down and pulled up on her bikini bottom a bit. Straining the fabric against her skin even more so and making the outline all the more prominent. Brian felt his face flush a bit and tried to focus on his food though thanks to Kate’s giggles he knew she realized what she had done. Kate for her part found the situation quite amusing and a little exciting she realized as the warmth between her legs actually grew a bit. This didn’t go by unnoticed by Brian of course as the same scent he had noticed while in Kate’s room managed to reach him. The mixture of where he was and Kate’s pheromones having an almost immediate effect.

Absently wondering about the scent, he quickly realized where it was coming from. His mouth going dry the moment he realized what his presence was having a effect upon Kate seemingly as strongly as hers was having a effect upon him. Brian wasn’t exactly sure he wanted to go when at last Kate managed to finish her food despite the distractions and her own thoughts. Standing up to her full height first the act put Brian pretty much between her massive feet. Feet that could crush him with the slightest miss step. Looking up at Kate’s towering form he tried to guess how long each column of flesh was those columns that Kate considered legs. Standing up himself this was the moment that Kate’s scale seemed to settle in the most strongly. When one was stuck at ground level looking up at her in all her towering glory.

Kate took a moment to stretch actually standing on her tip toes a bit in order to increase the effect. At last taking a few steps back she reached down and retrieved Brian. “ Hey Brian how about we go ahead and hit the water?

“ Well I guess you could save me if I began to cramp up so…”

“ Oh I don’t mean that you should swim how about you just spend some time on me and give yourself time to settle down.” Brian gave an understanding nod.

“ Sure thing.” Kate gave a slight nod and headed off some what more eager then usual to get to the water. One thing she liked about the sea is once she got far enough away from land she could imagine she was normal sized. The other thing she really liked though was the fact that it was one of the most private areas she could go to. Especially during storms though she wouldn’t have been able to bring Brian along with her if one of those had been going on. As Kate walked along Brian couldn’t help but take a look towards her room trying to see what was going on inside of it. Much to his surprise Kate didn’t seem the least bit interested as her head remained focused on the ocean. Brian knew the moment Kate waded out into the water able to hear nearly every foot step she took and even a few of the waves as they splashed against her legs.

Kate continued out into the water until she felt it was deep enough them she began to slowly lean herself backwards. Pressing her right hand with Brian in it against her stomach. He could since his position changing as he realized what Kate was doing. A few moments later Kate’s back slammed into the sea as she began to float on her back. The impact shook Brian up just a bit Kate’s hand and soft skin having kept him from getting too shaken up. Brian expected Kate to simply remove her hand but instead he found himself lifted into the air and moved over Kate’s massive chest.

Kate’s placed Brian down upon her bikini top this being one of the few times that she was looking up at him and he down at her. Taking a seat Brian quickly turned his head when he heard an impact. What he was a awe inspiring experience. Kate’s well toned body laid out before him leading down to her massive legs. Legs that would have clearly been quite strong even if Kate had been a normal sized woman. Brian found himself watching those legs that would have put to shame or at least been on par with the best professional swimmer. Striking the water Kate pushed herself along and some what alarming speed though to her it was a nice easy pace. Carrying them further away from the island until at least Brian couldn’t see it anymore. “ Hey Kate you sure it is a good idea for us to be out this far?”

“ Oh sure thing I swim out this far often enough and besides this is really one of the few places I can get some privacy.” Brian seemed to require a moment to take this in as he looked around and saw nothing but water. He quickly realized that Kate was probably correct as even with all the resources the government had they couldn’t predict witch direction Kate would swim off in and she would probably notice if something was following them. Looking around at the vast sea, Brian didn’t take too long to turn his attention back to the vast lady who now relaxed in the water. He still found it amazing that she could actually float considering how much she must weigh. Biting down on his lower lip he stood up and began to walk across Kate’s bikini top making sure he walked over her nipple at least once.

Making his way over to the side of Kate’s massive chest he considered trying to climb down but due to the length of the drop he simply couldn’t bring himself to risk it. “ Kate would you mind giving me a hand?” A slight giggle from Kate shook Brian a bit as she had half-expected him to try and climb down. Of course she considered teasing him a bit but decided against it. Lifting Brian’s tiny form from her chest Kate proceeded to move him down her body and placed him inside of her belly button. Brian was a bit surprised as he took note of his new surroundings and settled in against Kate’s soft skin. A curious look appeared on his face as he took a moment to think.

“ Hey Kate you said this place gave more privacy then anywhere else at least for you. So just what do we need privacy for?” Kate had gotten quite playful with Brian before hand so he doubted she was simply feeling bashful.

“ Well…I was actually wanting to talk to you about something.” Brian’s interest was peeking now as he knew how blunt Kate usual was. As she spoke though he could tell by the tone of her voice that she was nervous this was clearly something she wasn’t use to talking to people about. Pulling himself up a bit, Brian looked towards Kate’s face finding that her chest was blocking his view. He couldn’t help but wonder if she was trying to hide her face from him perhaps she was blushing. He didn’t need to see her face to know that she was nervous.

“ Is something the matter?”

“ Oh no nothing is wrong it is just well. Brian I have never had someone visit me so often and want to spend so much time with me. Actually it seems I force most people to spend time with me just scooping them up but you well you requested to come back early and have even altered your life style so you can see me more often. Also well to be honest I care for you Brian a lot I have never had anyone give me so much attention. At least someone that wasn’t related to the project from the beginning.” Brian turned his head curiously wondering just what Kate was trying to get at. Though he had a good idea he didn’t have to guess why she didn’t come out and ask her question though. So taking a step of faith he decided to try and put her fears to rest.

“ I care for you to Kate. Actually I have been wondering about something myself. Do you think we can official label ourselves a couple?” Brian felt his chest tighten up the moments the words left his mouth whatever courage he had used to speak them had suddenly left him. This was partly do to the fact that at first he had simply meant to comfort Kate but as his own ears heard the words he realized that he had meant it. Now Kate wasn’t the only one having to deal with the fear of rejection. At least he had done all that he could now the ball was in Kate’s hands.

Kate didn’t take long to respond as her massive fingers retrieved Brian and held him just over her massive face. “ I would be glad to consider us a couple that is if you really want to be in a relationship with someone as large as me. After all they are plenty of women that are a lot smaller then me.” Brian considered his response it was true that he couldn’t have what most would consider a normal relationship with Kate but he didn’t really mind that. He actually felt like it would be a worthwhile adventure. At first he regretted not knowing Kate better but recalled that he had spoken to her for several years in reality he simply hadn’t met her face to face and since he had been spending at least one week with her out of the month recently he didn’t think it was to much of a risk.

“ Well even if that is true I doubt I could find someone as pretty as you.” Kate chuckled for a moment before giving Brian a kiss that covered his entire body. Drawing him back she had a wide grin on her face as well as a bit of a blush. Despite being relieved about the news she couldn’t help but think this was her first attempt at a relation ship. It had been a long time coming but she couldn’t really shop around considering her situation.

“ All-right little one then I guess you’re my little boyfriend now.” Brian grinned though he couldn’t help but feel the situation as a little strange. Considering Kate’s over all demeanor and what she had done to him before hand, he wondered what changes his new title was going to bring him. The fact that everything Kate had done to him up until that moment was considered teasing on her part was something else. Since well he couldn’t help but think she had went a little far for general teasing, not that he minded of course. Kate for her part had been restraining herself in what she was actually willing to do with Brian and how much of her body she was willing to let him explore.

She had forgotten herself every once in a while but on the whole she limited him to explore her cleavage as well as a few other parts of her massive form. The times she had played around with him in her mouth had indeed gone a bit further then she intended to but she couldn’t find the will to resist the temptation. Of course at the current moment she once again felt some temptation though this time she didn’t see a reason to hold back as much. Lifting her top a bit she began to move Brian under the massive garment. Brian was a bit surprised by this of course especially as Kate proceeded to push his little form closer to her nipple. “ Well then little one while I don’t think you are ready to explore the rest of me. How about you get to spend some time in there to help make the deal official.” Realizing what Kate was about to do Brian’s first reaction was fear when he considered what might happen if Kate let her bikini top come down upon him.

The fact that the garment could easily crush him made him more then a little concerned. That was actually why Kate tucked his little body in so close to her nipple the slight rise it generates normally would prevent him from being crushed and depending on her arousal Brian could find himself having a decent amount of room. This didn’t register with Brian though until he was tucked in against Kate’s nipple. Letting the fabric back down he was glad he could still crawl around but before he could explore too much he found himself shaken a bit. “ Lets consider this general fondling little one. Maybe when we get to know each other better I will actually take off my top and let you play around in the light.”

Brian couldn’t help but grin at the thought as he took a moment to think. Removing his shirt and he let it fall down in the darkness before he began to locate Kate’s massive nipple. This didn’t take very long considering how close he already was. He considered the situation while normally this might have been the moment he got to message Kate’s breast through her clothing he knew that wasn’t possible. His tiny presence on Kate’s breast did excite her but her clothing was far too thick and strong for him to really appreciate her flesh beneath it. Now as he wrapped his arms and legs around as much of Kate’s nipple as he possibly could he had to conclude that indeed this was pretty much as close to fondling as he could get with Kate. “ May I take off my pants in that case?”

Brian was shaken by one of Kate’s light giggles. “ Sorry but you have to keep your trunks on for now little one. If I catch you without them, I am going to have to give you a spanking. You don’t get to officially make love to my breast until we get to know each other better.” Brian let out a slight sigh though he would have liked to remove his clothing he was actually glad Kate was making him wait a while longer. Of course his current situation wasn’t exactly something to complain about despite the fact that he was in total darkness except for the little bit of light that could get through Kate’s bikini top. He hadn’t noticed it before but as he remained trap under it he noted that there where indeed some imperfections in the garment allowing air and some light in.

He realized this shouldn’t be surprising though considering the scale at which Kate’s clothing had to be made and the fact that it was all meant to stretch far more then normal clothing in order to last her longer. “ Hey what is going on in there? I said you weren’t to take off your clothes I didn’t say I didn’t want to play. After all why do you think I put you there or do you need me to help you?” Brian was perplexed until he noticed the light blocked out entirely as Kate’s hand rested lightly on her breast and began to push down. Brian quickly reacted and began to tighten his grip on Kate’s nipple actually hearing a slight sigh from outside as Kate’s hand left her breast.

Considering his options Brian was instantly grateful for his exercise routine as it helped him to muster more strength then he had previously. He knew that no matter how hard her tried to squeeze Kate’s nipple it wouldn’t hurt her so he began to alternate the pressure. Applying as much as possible to Kate’s massive nipple as he could then relaxing his grip. Kate for her part had to struggle to keep herself from moving too much and causing herself to loose buoyance. The thought that she should have waited tell later did cross her mind but she pushed it aside. Simply letting her body relax Kate enjoyed Brian’s light caresses trying not to regret that unlike a normal woman she couldn’t be kissing him at the same time. Instead she contended herself by devoting her hands to further increase her pleasure. Her right-hand messaging her neglected breast ever so lightly while the left stroked her bikini bottom just over her massive lips.

Of course Brian regretted not being able to kiss Kate’s lips almost as much as she regretted not being able to kiss him while he message her nipple. He was able to console himself though by occasionally kissing Kate’s tit as it began to swell with her arousal.


Sheila had a broad smile on her face as she removed the last of the camera’s herself, unbolting the devices and carrying it over to the storage container. The entire process had taken a few hours not simply because the number of the devices but also because of their hiding spots. Now as she walked out of Kate’s room she couldn’t help but think the area looked more roomy though it really hadn’t changed much at all. The camera’s had mostly been hidden after all still it was a nice feeling that she was finally helping to give Kate some more of the freedom that she so desired. To make things even better if things worked out the way she planned Kate would be getting much more freedom before to long. Following the crew men out of the room Sheila watched as the massive doors slid shut. Then she began to look around in an attempt to locate Kate.

This didn’t take long of course as she saw Kate striding through the sea headed back towards land. Sheila quickly noticed that Kate’s hands where to her sides which meant Brian was riding on her instead of being carried. Curiously she wondered just where he might be though there was no way she could actually see him without assistance. Shrugging her shoulders, she made her way back towards the main building deciding to walk instead of ride.

Had Sheila’s eye site been up to the task she still wouldn’t have found Brian as he was currently tucked into Kate’s cleavage. He had spent a good deal of time message Kate’s massive nipple and though he enjoyed the experience he had found it tiring. This was worth it though not only because of his enjoyment but also because he had managed to bring some pleasure to Kate despite their differences in scale. She had kept him under her cup until he had finally tired out and then a little while after words. Then she had brought him out and proceeded to place several kisses on his tiny form. He would have normally responded by messaging her lips but he simply found himself too tired.

Kate had actually been delighted by this the fact that Brian had put his all into bringing her some enjoyment. She planned on repaying him for this later on but she wanted to see how much effort he was willing to put into it and if he truly enjoyed it. Considering the condition of his swimming trunks and what she had felt poking her nipple she was quite sure he had. The fact that he had put fourth such a effort also served to delight her even more. Though this also made her realize she needed to help him get into better shape if he was going to have any real staying power. This got a giggle from Kate as she also realized she would have to make adjustments since no human could really have staying power compared to her. Even if she had been normal sized she was enhanced over all. After all she didn’t even need to sleep unless her body was damaged and focusing its efforts in healing her or it was about to undergo a major change or rapid growth.

She had chosen to tuck Brian into her cleavage as she had returned to land so that he could recline as he caught his breath. Though in truth there had been other places she had wanted to keep him she wasn’t sure if they where ready for that just yet. Brian didn’t mind his situation of course neither the work out he had received while under Kate’s bikini. Though he couldn’t help but think if fondling tired him out that badly then what was he going to do when she really wanted to get playful. Then there was the little matter of having only explored a extremely small amount of Kate’s massive form. He hoped that he would get a chance to explore her body more closely eventually he just hoped that he would have the stamina.

He would have felt better if he had know that Kate had debated on allowing him to explore more of her body she had however held back on this. She rather enjoyed the attention he was giving her nipple and the fact that they where in the middle of the ocean meant he couldn’t really explore all of her body. Also if she had allowed him free roam, she would have had to keep herself more in check when it came to pleasuring herself. Now as Kate neared her room she was ready to go and get herself washed off while Brian did the same that or took a nap. Taking a moment to look around she noticed Sheila walking away from the site. Assuming that they had finished with whatever was going on Kate bent down and proceeded to open the doors to her room.

The moment she did she could feel that something that indeed been changed about her living area though she wasn’t sure what. Glancing around Kate checked to see if everything was in its usual spot and wasn’t really surprised when it was. After all most of the things she owned where a little to large to be moved without the help of some rather large machinery well unless she was the one moving it. Sheila had been working with a group of people but they hadn’t been nearly that many and they hadn’t had any heavy machinery except for a bucket truck. While Kate was looking around Brian began to stir noticing the difference in air temperature as they entered the structure. Trying to set up he found Kate had buried him to deeply into her cleavage for him to get up under his own power. Instead of asking for Kate to help him out instead he decided to try and snuggle more deeply into her flesh.

Kate naturally noticed and couldn’t help but giggle. “ My you are have gotten a lot more bold haven’t you little one?” Brian got a rather large grin on his face considering what Kate had him doing earlier on he didn’t think what he was doing was all that bold.

“ Well you did say fondling was okay and I thought this was considered your version of fondling.”

“ That is true. Still I think we need to get cleaned up. Though have you noticed anything strange in here? I can’t shake this odd feeling I have.” Brian proceeded to look around for a moment at least at what he could see with Kate’s massive breast hugging him his field of vision was fairly limited.

“ Everything looks the same to me.” Kate gave a slight nod and removed Brian from her cleavage. Setting him down on the walk way, she left the room some what reluctantly. She didn’t feel threatened or that whatever had changed posed a threat but she still felt strange. Actually the entire area seemed more inviting then what it had before. Resolving that she would just have to hurry back Kate proceeded out of her room. Considering the fact that she was in a rush she began to look around for people to help with her shower. Snatching up a few personnel that didn’t seem to be doing anything Kate only bothered getting three of them planning on just getting herself washed off.

“ Hey do you think you three could rinse me off real quick?” The group of people that Kate had snatched up had actually been a bit shocked when she had done it. So shocked in fact that it took them a moment to respond to her question. They of course knew that if Kate snatched them up they where to drop their current activities and help the young Titaness with what ever she needed.

“ Uh sure thing.”

“ Great.” Kate gave a slight nod and proceeded to go to the tower. Instead of allowing the people to climb up the walk way as usual Kate proceeded to place them each in the desired station. This was clearly a first time experience with the people as it took them a moment to get everything going. In due time though they were washing Kate’s impressive form off. Kate didn’t bother playing around as she normally would have she had done her playing on the water with Brian. Now she just wanted to get the salt water cleaned off her form and change into some fresh clothing. Even hurrying the process still took a good 20 minutes before they finally got Kate’s massive form cleaned off. Her hair proving to be the most significant issue despite Kate setting down and allowing all three jets of water to wash it off.

As Kate began to walk away she stopped herself just in time to consider the tiny people she had commissioned to clean her off. Deciding not to make them walk down the rather lengthy stairwell she proceeded to lift them from their stands. Of course this meant she soaked them upon touching them with her damp fingers however this didn’t quite register with her. She was still curious to why her room felt different all of a sudden and oddly enough the more time she had spent with Brian the more she wanted to spend with him. This emotion had only been heightened by their decision to at last call themselves a couple. The crew for their part didn’t know what to think as Kate set them down and proceeded to walk off.

Brian heard Kate returning to her room but didn’t make any move to leave just yet. He found it kind of amusing but he still felt he should give Kate her privacy even after she had trapped him under her bikini top. If Brian had left just then he still wouldn’t have scene anything as while Kate had intended on witching to another outfit she had changed her mind upon entering her room. Her bikini was comfortable enough after all and the high powered hoses had done a good job of cleaning them off. Considering that they could easily strip the bark from a tree this wasn’t surprising in the least. Instead she found herself searching around her room trying to locate just what had changed while she and Brian were gone.

Sheila had mentioned they where going to be doing something earlier. So she had known something was going to be changed but in truth she had expected to see what it was. She had thought that perhaps they where bringing in a new device or some new equipment. She knew this couldn’t be the case though unless it was concealed of course. As Kate’s thoughts began to change and she switched from looking for a large alteration she felt she was on the right track as she began to look at the smaller details.

Hearing Brian moving around in his room Kate’s mind was temporarily taken from her search as she realized he might be waiting for her to give him the okay. “ You can come on out Bria…” A slight giggle came from Kate as she stopped herself. “ You can come on out little one.” Brian was perplexed for a moment when Kate had paused then when she had called out the adjustment he grinned. Stepping on out he had expected her to be wearing her regular clothing but instead found her still in her bikini. He didn’t mind this though since her new clothing tended to cover up more of her form. The fact that she was still in her swim wear simply meant there was more of her to admire on show. Kate only grinned at Brian for a moment before she continued her search of the area though determined to find out what had changed.

“ So what are you looking for?” Brian had of course noticed Kate seemed to be searching for something. He had no idea exactly what that was though thanks to Kate’s habit of pulling little pranks on him.

“ I am not really sure to be honest with you, something is different though and I am going to find out. After all Sheila did say that she was going to have some things changed.” Brian gave a slight nod as he had forgotten that event at least until Kate had mentioned it to him. There had been a few workers in there after all and thanks to them Kate had decided to go ahead and go for a swim. At least it had been something of a swim for her he had spent his entire time on her massive body and a good deal of it under her bikini top. Glancing around he began to help Kate search the area wondering if his perspective would help in the process. Brian soon found himself having a harder time with the search then Kate of course. As her greater size allowed her to not only move things around easier but she didn’t take nearly as long to cross the room as he did. Further more he found his attention constantly straying as he would find himself looking at Kate’s back side.

He hadn’t really gotten to appreciate it before but he noticed that her bikini bottom was little more then a thong on her massive form almost vanishing between her massive cheeks. If he hadn’t expended so much of his energy before hand while under her top he might have had to call off the search all together and return to the privacy of his own room. Brian actually enjoyed the show enough to not realize that Kate was doing this intentionally. Kate quite enjoyed the effect her body had on Brian and the fact that he seemed to not only find her general shape appealing but her size seemed to enhance how he felt about her. In most cases she knew her size was a turn off especially where she found herself. While the people tended to find her attractive over all the majority of the people around her didn’t seem to like the idea of just how easily she could over power them.

A slight gasp from Kate got Brian’s attention and actually took his thoughts from her wonderful rump. Looking towards her face now he tried to see just what expression it wore but couldn’t make it out. “ What is it Kate, did you find out what they changed?” Kate didn’t respond right away as she checked the spot at least three times to ensure what she noticed was correct. She then proceeded to check several other areas where she knew that cameras and other observation devices had been located. She would normally keep her focus away form these areas unless she wanted to address someone directly. As even with her living at the compound for so many years looking strait into a security camera had still felt strange to her.

“ They took them out.” The words barely made it past Kate’s lips still being in a stunned state. Curiously Brian began to make his way over to the ladder that would lead to the main floor.

“ Took what out?” Brian began to make his way down the ladder wondering just what Kate was talking about. At least now they knew why there hadn’t been anything new something had been removed instead. He couldn’t help but wonder if Kate was happy or annoyed with the change though. Having no idea of just what she was talking about.

“ The security cameras they took them out, that or they hid them so well I can’t even find them.” It was Brian’s turned to be shocked now as he hadn’t expected such news. Though the cautious side of his mind told him they where probably better hidden the optimist in him couldn’t help but speak out. True removing the cameras were no where near as good as giving Kate her freedom it still was a major step in what Brian thought was the right direction. Brian didn’t get much time to think anymore as at last a delighted giggle came from Kate and he found himself scooped up into the air and pressed against Kate’s lips. “ They took them out, they took them out ohh it is really my little room now. I don’t have to think about people watching me or listening in on my conversations because they took them out.”

Brian couldn’t help but be shocked by all this. He had figured Kate would like the changes giving her more privacy and something along the lines of more freedom at least within her own room now. He still hadn’t expected her to react so strongly though. He would later wonder just how long Kate had been suppressing such feelings of desiring to at least have that little bit of freedom. Though at the moment he couldn’t really think about anything as Kate’s fully body kisses kept his mind off anything else. When at last the kisses stopped Brian’s first thought was Kate was finished when she suddenly leaned forward and slid open the massive doors to her room. As Kate crawled out of her room Brian realized she was a little more emotionally charged then normal as she stood up more quickly then what he was use to.

While the feeling of Kate standing up to her full height while riding in her hand was normally a trip, this time it would have put most theme park rides to shame. Brian didn’t get time to catch his breath though as Kate bounded off towards Sheila’s office. Though it wasn’t really Kate’s walking speed considering that at 900+ feet tall Kate’s true walking speed would have been rather hard for Brian to stand, not to mention the effects of Kate’s foot falls would have on the facility. It was still a brisk enough pace to make Brian grateful that Kate chose to shield him with her fingers. Kate foot steps still made quite the racket though as she approached Sheila office.

Sheila stood at her window having opened it all the way. Watching Kate approach the building she was grateful it had been made sturdy. Though only a few of the structures above ground had been made to withstand a bomb blast they had been designed to survive an earth quake and with the force of Kate’s foot steps that was what Sheila felt she was in. At least when Kate came within the final three steps of the building and especially when the massive girl feel to her knees a act that was not only unexpected but sent a massive shock wave through out the area. As Sheila considered Kate’s behavior she couldn’t help but be surprised. She had expected Kate to like the changes but she hadn’t expected her to like them this much. Which in truth worried her despite being glad Kate was happy. She had no idea Kate resented being watched that much and it worried her how Kate truly felt about being confined to such a limited space at least for someone so large.

Going from Kate’s reaction she wondered if Kate even realized how much she had resented the near constant observation. She didn’t have to much time to dwell on this though as her decision to open up her window the moment she heard Kate coming proved to be a good one. Two of Kate’s massive fingers came into the room and retrieved Sheila. The woman soon found herself pressed against Kate’s lips and giving Kate’s version of a friendly kiss. This of course meant she was only lightly pressed to them and Kate only inhaled ever so slightly. It still felt nice but it really wasn’t anything compared to being held against her lips and actually moved about. It was one of the ways one could tell just what kind of kiss Kate was giving you apart from others. Sheila was then pressed against Kate’s massive cheek as Kate’s fingers closed around her.

Chuckling a bit herself Sheila pushed aside her fears and leaned against Kate’s cheek. Giving her the closest thing to a hug she was capable of, at last she was pulled away and allowed some breathing room. “ OH thank you I never expected you to take them out.” Sheila simply continued to grin and was instantly grateful Kate hadn’t said exactly what had been taken out. After all only the workers and a few others knew exactly what had happened and they already knew how to keep quiet. She was also grateful that Kate still had enough sense to keep her voice down as too not make her and anyone else near by deaf.

“ You are quite welcome sweety, though you are going to have to use the com system like everyone else now. No more talking to the walls when ever you want something.” Kate showed her agreement by giving a enthusiastic nod. Still smiling Sheila was about to request being put down when suddenly Kate stood up to her full height. “ Uhh sweety just where are you taking us.”

“ Oh I figured we could watch a few movies and relax for a while to celebrate. After all you did make it a rule that if I snatch someone up they get a brake from their current assignment.” Sheila instantly got a stern look on her face.

“ Now Kate you know that doesn’t apply to the commanding officer, I have some work I need to get done.” Sheila was a bit surprised when Kate looked down at her and simply stuck out her tongue.

“ Oh you always say you have some work to get done. You need to learn from the story of the boy who cried wolf. We are going to watch some movies together oh wait I wonder where Michel is maybe he can join us.” Sheila blinked for a moment stunned by Kate’s response her shock quickly faded away and turned to a smile once again. At first she had worried Kate had already become defiant even when working with her but she resolved that as a silly notion. Kate wasn’t hurting her or doing anything she wasn’t actually looking forward to. Actually having someone pull her away from her work for a while seemed like a rather good thing. Also considering how excited Kate was it didn’t seem surprising that she wouldn’t take no for an answer.


Kate sighed as she set on the beach working on the structure in front of her. It was still quite dark Brian having only went to sleep a hour ago but Kate’s eyes had no trouble dealing with the decrease in light. Rather she enjoyed the time as except for a few guards and night test things where fairly quiet. Of course even with the test going on things tended to be quiet as most machines meant for night activities where stealth. Even Kate’s inhuman senses had a hard time detecting a few of them in particularly the aircraft. Still she chose to focus on the task at hand, recalling some games that Brian had mentioned to her. She hoped that she would get to test them out during this visit but that meant she had to finish what she was working on now.

Her current work was meant to be the accumulation of all her practice with such little construction projects. Actually she was trying to make it stronger then what she originally had a task that was proving difficult as she reached out for another boulder only to grab thin air. Looking over her shoulder Kate found that the pile of boulders she had brought with her had already been used up. Chuckling a moment Kate looked at the structure as it was taking shape. Already her work had surpassed some of her older ones and she was still no where done. Still she wasn’t going to use simply sand in this construction process as she needed this structure to be sturdier then normal in order to allow for the greater size.

Standing up Kate began to head towards the mountains in order to retrieve some more rocks when she suddenly felt a slight impact on her rear. Jumping a bit she quickly scanned the area wondering what had hit her the fact that something could hit her was actually a little surprising especially since she hadn’t heard any explosions until the actual impact. Slowly her gaze traveled towards the ground when much to her surprise she saw the flaming wreck of a tiny aircraft. She only worried that it had been manned for a moment when she realized just how small the aircraft actually was. Bending down in order to confirm her suspicions she proceeded to dust the aircraft with some sand in order to suppress some of the flames.

“ Haha very funny.” Kate gave a slight snort as she realized she had been hit by a robotic bomb no doubt intentionally. Digging her fingers into the sand under the device Kate proceeded to lift the wreck from the ground. Curiously she looked the device over she already knew it was stealth of course. Considering she would have noticed it coming if it had been anything else. Rolling her eyes Kate proceeded to carry the flaming wreck and deposit it in front of one of the hangers for crews to pick it up no doubt they would want to look it over and see how things had worked out. Of course even with Kate’s hearing she couldn’t make out the sound of some of the lab workers who had been controlling the device. A slight giggle actually came from her though as she set the machine down. In truth she was a little curious how long the little thing had been buzzing around her unnoticed before she had given them a chance to strike.

“ Hmm well if you are going to shoot me with this little thing, how about one of you come up here and let me know just how powerful of a explosive you hit me with?” Kate grinned wondering if someone would actually tell her though from the force of the impact she guessed she had been hit with enough force to blow up a tank. A entirely negligible amount by her standards but still she found it amusing. They had tested things on her before though this had normally been done during her official testing.

“ Well that one had about the same destructive ability as an anti-tank missel. Though to be honest that really wasn’t the main point of the experiment. Where you able to see it coming?” Kate turned her attention in the direction of the voice half expecting to see one of the scientist but she wasn’t overly surprised when she found a soldier instead. Chuckling for a moment Kate set down on her knees and leaned towards the little figure a bit.

“ Nope I can’t say that I saw it coming well I did notice a little buzzing around but I didn’t expect you to send a little guided bomb into my rump. Hmm you don’t look like one of the scientific teams don’t tell me. They where a little nervous about coming up here so they sent one of you fellas to tell me.” Kate was a bit surprised when the figure didn’t back away from her after she set down. She was even more surprised when she realized whom it was and why he wasn’t backing away. Andrew just grinned up at the massive girl having been through so many of her games he was pretty much immune to her size at least so long as she didn’t try to scare him.

“ Yeah they are still down below actually they phoned me the details.” A slight giggle came from Kate as she extended a hand for the little figure to climb in to. Andrew taking the hint began to climb into Kate’s massive hand but much to her surprise chose to set down on the tip of her index finger. “ Anyway how is the preparations for our little training exercise coming?” Kate gave a glance over her shoulder back towards the beach.

“ It is going well enough but I swear I keep having to go and get more stone to work with. I think I have enough but it always seems like so much more before I begin compressing it.” Andrew waited until Kate had lifted him up to her eyes level before he spoke up.

“ Well you could try not squeezing so hard. Being perfectly honest though I do think it is a little unfair that you are building the structure. I mean you are going to know everything little detail about it.” Kate gave a slight giggle.

“ Well that may be true but that is in part for your safety besides this training exercise will be good for me and probably a lot of fun. Anyway it isn’t like I can’t let you little people bield it you simply take too long. Hey wait a minute if you are suppose to be helping out with the exercise shouldn’t you have a day shift?”

“ Naa they’re waiting for the last possible second to switch me to day shift. I will be going over to it just after today though that is going to play chaos on my sleeping habits.”

“ Ah poor little fellow but that is to my advantage as well.” Grinning Kate set Andrew back on the ground before standing back up to her full height.

“Well I need to get back to work as you do little guy.” As Kate began to walk away she glanced over her shoulder watching as a few members of the fire crew hosed off the remains of the flying bomb. Kate was still a bit surprised that the little device had managed to get the drop on her despite her focusing entirely on her construction project. She didn’t bother mentioning that she was trying to focus to Andrew as she doubted it would make much of a difference. Also she wasn’t sure if she liked the idea of a machine that could truly sneak up on her like the tiny aircraft had. Biting her lower lip she was grateful the upcoming exercise would help her to develop her senses a little better or at least encourage them to develop more.