Kate’s story ch 4


Wandering across the island Kate arrived at the mountain she had been working with making sure she used the same path as always through the interior. At least it was a mountain by some standards but it didn’t even come up to Kate’s crotch a fact that got a chuckle from her. Still it provided enough material for her to work with at least. Digging into the stone easily Kate proceeded to tear away more of the land mass piling the rocks into her mass arms. Each handful she took would have put even the best earth movers to shame. The mountain visibly shrinking as she removed more of the materials. As Kate began to proceeded to her work spot she was a bit surprised when she heard a familiar noise moving about her.

Having only heard it a few moments ago before it smacked into her rear end Kate instantly regretted that she had filled her arms so completely. Walking a bit more quickly it turned into something of a game as she began to catch glimpses of the tiny air craft and her ears learned to follow it. She would move to keep the little device from coming too close to her or colliding with her. Absently wondering just how much each one of the little machines actually costed. At last returning to her work spot Kate proceeded to set down safe guard her rear and freeing up her hands. It was the people observing the little machine on their computers turn to be surprised as Kate’s massive hand reached out far faster then they could have predicted.

Kate hadn’t gotten a good look at the little device earlier but now as her fingers caught the machine she could at last look it over. The machine was larger then a human seeming to be the size of a house fly to Kate. Looking the device over she noted it was built along the flying wing concept. The engine ports barely making themselves noticeable to her surprise though she couldn’t make out where any observation devices would be kept imagining that it must be using some time of radar or sonar in order to find its way around. Kate grinned when at last someone had since enough to kill the engines having realized that it wasn’t going to get away from Kate’s fingers. Satisfying her curiosity a grinned Kate leaned back and proceeded place the little aircraft on the top of her right breast. “ Lets see how much of a run way your little trinket needs to take off.”

Kate made no attempt to suppress a giggle as the little aircraft engine’s once again started up and began to make its way down her breast. After all it would need to be able to take off on unstable ground she imagined at least some what unstable. Kate felt a very minimal bit of heat against her skin as the machine took off clearly having been designed to put out as little heat as possible in order to avoid detection. The fact that the little device could take off from her massive chest amused Kate for two reasons. One since it didn’t actually need the full expanse of her breast to achieve lift off and two the fact that her breast where actually that large though no where near large enough for a air liner to land on.

An amused grin appeared on Kate’s face as she absently wondered what it would be like to have a bust large enough for an air liner to use as a run way. Of course the thought of just how large she would have to be in order for that to happen made Kate cringe a bit while she found the though amusing, she had no desire to be that big. “ Oh now what are..” A stunned look appeared on Kate’s face as the little air craft turned around clearly whoever was giving it orders had a since of humor. At first Kate had wondered what they where trying to do until the machine landed right on top of her right breast. While it was one way for the machine to be able to take off from such a position, it was quite another for it to actually land there. Kate couldn’t hide her amusement and found herself shaking with laughter. Having to do her best to keep from unsettling the little device. “ You are going to have to give me a recording of the onboard surveillance.”

Kate address the little machine as she turned it around once again allowing it to take off. She found the rest of her work some what difficult as although the little machine didn’t return she couldn’t help but keep thinking of how it actually landed on one of her breast. She knew the little machine was only a few times the size of a human but she couldn’t help but think of a air liner being able to land on her breast. She found her mind actually going further then that as she wondered what it would be like to be so massive that such a large air craft could land on her nipple. She had no desire to be so large but she couldn’t help but found the thought amusing and some what arousing.” Kate still continued her work until she noticed the sun stretching its fingers over the sky. Standing up she proceeded to dust herself off before making her way towards her room and crawling in.

As she made her way into her room, she was a bit surprise when she noticed a small light flashing on the platform that served as her keyboard. Touching it she knew right away that whoever was controlling the aircraft was someone she knew. As she watched the little feed of the tiny machine landing a slight giggle escaped her lips as she wondered what Brian would think about it. She resolved right away that not only would she have to show him the video when he woke up but she would also have to hold onto the recording incase she ever could put it online.

There was one problem with visiting Kate so often that was Brian was getting use to the bed. Which caused him to sleep for longer and longer time periods each and every time he would visit with Kate. This proved to be the case now as Kate finally grew impatient waiting for Brian to wake up. She hadn’t kept him up for a very long time after all and the sun was fully up by now. Now she found herself looking towards the tiny door tapping her finger on the ground and wondering the best way to wake him up. She could of course simply yell wake up but that wouldn’t probably get the best reaction from anyone. Instead she found herself trying to think of a more pleasant way to be woken up or at least one that wouldn’t cause Brian to lose some or all of his hearing. At last she slid the door open with one of her fingernails. Peeking into the room she lamented that the door was far too small for her to slip one of her fingers into it without tearing out the wall. Taking in a breath of air she leaned forward and gently at least for her blew into the room.

Brian woke up nearly right away as the torrent of air pulled the covers from his body. Fortunately their where precious few materials in the room had been left out and could be so easily disturbed. It further helped matters that Kate was focusing her breath on Brian in particular though had she wanted to she could have not just disturbed his covers and a few small things but destroyed the entire room simply by blowing on it. The effect being very similar to a human blowing on a tiny anthill. Fear being his first response he quickly scanned the area trying to find the source of the disturbance. Until the wind suddenly stopped and he could hear Kate’s giggles coming from outside the room. Realizing what had just happened he scanned his room noting paper had been sent everywhere, the clothing he had left out had been tossed around and in general anything that weighed less then 5 pounds without having some type of shelter had been sent flying.

“ So I suppose you wanted to wake me up?” Was the only response Brian could really think of as he took a few moments to locate a clock. It had of course been sent flying but it had made it through without any real damage despite having been set on the bed thus under the direct effect of Kate’s fun.

“ Yup the sun is up and I have been up all night with only a few people to talk to well that and a little aircraft to amuse me for a little while.” Brian sighed for a moment though he was grateful Kate didn’t toss and turn while she wrested the fact that she never slept at least to his knowledge was some what frustrating. Crawling out of bed he proceeded over to the door sticking his head out he watched as Kate leaned back a bit seeming to give him some room. Much to Kate’s surprise a moment later Brian pulled his head back in and proceeded to shut the door when she heard the door being locked she was visibly stunned. “ One moment while I change some clothing.” Kate didn’t bother responding as she debated on how she was suppose to react to such a situation.

Brian grinned to himself as he got dressed. He knew that the door couldn’t stop Kate if she really wanted to tear it open though it would damage the lock. It was more a show of respect on Kate’s part that she didn’t simply rip doors open tending to show that she respected normal peoples privacy. Though she couldn’t really get much privacy of her own. A few moments later Brian exited dressed in some rather casual clothing having learned long ago it wasn’t a good idea to wear his newer clothing around Kate. She had a way of wearing it out extremely quickly. “ Alright so what have you got planned for today?”

“ Well I can’t say that I really have anything planned. I was just bored and wanted someone to share in my suffering.” It was Brian’s turn to look some what stunned. Leaning over the railing he just grinned noticing that Kate was in her bathing suit.

“ Well you can be bored I think I will just stay here and admire the view.” Kate gave Brian a curious look until she realized what view he was talking about. Even with multiple visits now Kate still wasn’t quite use to another persons teasing. It took her a few moments to catch on most of the time at least. At least she no longer blushed as easily though instead she proceeded to set up strait and wrap her arms around her head. Leaning back Kate lightly flexed the muscles in her arms and stomach making her defined abs stick out even more. Her biceps swelled lightly showing similar muscle tone to a professional swimmer. These where only able to hold Brian’s attention for a brief moment though as Kate’s main feature her massive bust grabbed nearly all of his attention.

Even though Kate war a bra or a bikini most the time he knew that those breast didn’t need any support to stand on their own. Those incredibly firm breast that where so delightful to the touch that he had gotten to explore the previous day. At least explore a extremely small portion of those massive breast he had after all been restricted by the confines of Kate’s bikini. It had been made even more frustrating as Kate refused to allow him to undress himself. She had later pointed out that she had still been wearing her clothing as well though that was little consolation. He tried to remember how lucky he was just to be able to rub his hands along Kate’s massive nipple and to feel her warm flesh when she trapped him in her cleavage. This however only tended to frustrate him even more.

Now as he was able to see even more of Kate’s massive form he wondered what it would be like to explore the rest of her body. Finding the will power to tear his eyes away from Kate’s massive chest he let his gaze travel down to her well-defined stomach her abs so easily visible. Her waste so slim at least in comparison to the rest of her how much he desire to explore that massive body. Drawing his attention back up he looked towards Kate’s massive soft pink lips recalling how many times she had kissed him with those lips. Brian’s gaze didn’t go unnoticed on Kate even if he hadn’t mentioned he was going to admire the view it was plainly obvious what he was doing. Of course Kate didn’t mind that was one reason he would actually do such things.

He had learned early on that Kate quite enjoyed attention especially when it was from someone who found her attractive. Especially if that person was actually attracted to her massive size. “ So I take it you really do like the view.” Brian gave a slight start when Kate leaned forward a bit a sexy smile upon her lips. “ but you know it isn’t really fair that you just get to gock at me. How about I see what is under that shirt of yours little one.” Brian gave a slight nod as Kate picked him up between her fingers. Holding his arms above his head he helped Kate to take off his shirt not because she needed it but he didn’t want it torn in two or more. Kate smiled at what she saw seeing that Brian’s exercise routine had been paying off during the months that they had been seeing one another.

“ Ah that is so adorable your little muscles are becoming quite noticeable before to long perhaps you will have abs as well defined as mine.” Brian gave a slight nod while some might be offended by the fact that their muscles was nothing more then adorable in Kate’s view Brian didn’t mind. Indeed that was the response he expected when dealing with such a massive lady. No matter how muscular a man was to someone as large as Kate they would never be anything but minuscule.

“ Yeah the exercise program Debra has me on has really been paying off. That and the motivation of having a 900 feet tall and growing girl friend.” Kate chuckled for a moment and brought Brian close to her face. Giving him one of her fully bodied kisses she brought him back and proceeded to continue her appraisal.

“ That is sweet of you.” Even if Brian’s strength was entirely inconsequential to someone as massive as Kate. She was still grateful that he was willing to try and better his appearance for her sakes further more it gave him more stamina for playing her games. Kate’s game had actually proven to be one of the best motivators for Brian’s exercise routine as he recalled how easily she tired him out the first time. He had to keep in mind she was use to spending her time around fairly physical active soldiers and thus most of her activities where centered around that concept. Further more Kate was now doing things with him that she wouldn’t have done with other little people. He was fairly certain that he was the first to make it under her top after all.

Kate took her time running her finger over Brian stroking his tiny form. Of course Brian had learned this was Kate’s version of fondling him considering how difficult it would be for her to restrict herself to a single part of his body when the smallest part of her finger could cover so much of his. He was a bit surprised though when Kate began to lean her massive form back. “ You know I think I know what we should spend some of today doing. Now I am not going to get undressed for you but how would you like to get to explore a limited amount of his land scape.” Kate proceeded to brush her hand over some of her massive form. A act that made Brian’s mouth run dry as he felt more then a little nervous.

“ Well I don’t know if I am up to surveying that vast of a area but I am sure willing to give it a try.” A slight giggle came from Kate as she debated just where she wanted Brian to start his exploration at. He had did some light exploration of her massive form before hand but she had always keep him restrained during such times. Of course she planned on restraining him now just her chest and a few other areas of her body where now open for some light exploration. She still wasn’t willing to remove her top for him but at least she was willing to let him slip inside of it.

Brian finally found himself settled down on Kate’s massive stomach set down on one of her abs. Glancing around he look towards Kate’s massive breast and considered which part of her body he truly wanted to explore the most. He had explored her breast before hand but doubted he could ever get tired of those wonderful mountains. He just wished Kate would remove her top and allow him to explore them in their entirety instead of having him restricted to either being under her clothing or able to explore her wonderful cleavage. As his eyes rested on her bikini strap a idea came to mind. Kate watched as Brian walked up her massive form occasionally stopping to plant a kiss on her massive body. She wasn’t quite sure what he intended to do but she had a idea especially when he near her breast and began to make his way along right breast side.

Brian felt some movement as Kate shifted her left arm so that it was now resting on her massive body. It didn’t take much imagination for him to realize she was setting herself up should he fall. She wanted to have a hand that would be in a good position to catch him. It was scary and amusing all at the same time the fact that falling off of Kate even while she was laying down could seriously injure him or even kill him if he should be unlucky. This didn’t deter him though as he finally made it to the strap taking hold of the fabric he marveled at its size. It was hard to fully appreciate how thick the massive band of material was when just looking at Kate but when up close it all came home.

“ You know even though I do wish I was smaller or you where bigger so I could kiss you right now. It almost makes it worth it to see how cute you look trying to climb my titty.” Brian turned his head in the direction of Kate’s face some what surprised to here her say that. The fact that she seemed to be enjoying how little he appeared to her right now actually gave him a slight boost. He didn’t like the idea of Kate wishing he was larger the entire time the fact that she might be able to enjoy their difference in scales gave him a slight boost of confidence. He found himself already enjoying their difference of scales as he had grown to love getting carried around in Kate’s cleavage and was already loving the extra roaming freedom.

“ Well I can’t see a way for you to kiss me right now but I can kiss you.” With that Brian proceeded to place a kiss on Kate’s massive breast. Then he proceeded to move down placing kisses on Kate’s massive breast until he reached the very base. Even though he kissed as far down and as far up as he could reach at least while simply standing he realized he had a long ways to go. Still even it took more time he resolved it would be worth it as he began to climb Kate’s bikini strap. Every time Brian could pull him up even the smallest amount he would lean over and give Kate’s massive breast a kiss. The whole time becoming more and more grateful that Kate’s clothing wasn’t made as perfectly as her skin. As well as becoming more and more aroused as he wondered if any man has ever been able to kiss so much wonderful breast flesh.

Brian wasn’t the only one feeling excited as Kate began to message her left breast lightly. At first Brian’s kisses hadn’t had to much of a effect upon her though she had enjoyed them. Now as she watched his little form climbing her bikini strap constantly placing kisses on her massive tit each kiss seemed to feel better then the last one. Absently Kate began to move her hips lightly feeling the wetness on her lips. Once again she found herself tempted to simply pick Brian up and see how his lips felt on her lower lips but she held back. She didn’t want to move to quickly just incase the novelty of the situation should ever where off on either of them. She had been seeing Brian for weeks now but she still wasn’t sure if she was ready to go that far yet. Also there was the fear of how he would react to such a situation.

She didn’t exactly know of a group that experience with such matters for real after all. Brian for his part was wishing Kate’s bikini strap was narrower as he felt his manhood brush it several times. He felt another rush of pride as he took a moment to look down towards Kate’s hips having noticed some noise. Realizing what was going on the only thing that sobered him up was when he looked down and then up at Kate’s massive breast. Even with several minutes of climbing behind him he wasn’t even half way up that massive mound. Recalling the time he had tried to climb Kate’s knee and how well that had worked out he couldn’t help but wonder if he could even make it up Kate’s massive tit.

Strengthening his resolve he began to climb her breast being sure to deposit a kiss every few inches up. He had been working out for several months now not just on his visits with Kate and he was determined to at least conquer this massive feminine mountain. He wasn’t sure if he could make it all the way up Kate’s leg even now but surely he could at least make it up her massive breast.

Kate wasn’t sure if it was just her senses causing her to react so strongly to Brian’s kisses but rather how much she was enjoying the attention her body was getting. Even when she slipped someone into her cleavage they never gave her breast the type of attention Brian was giving them. The mixture of physical and mental stimulants where by now having a rather strong effect on Kate and she found herself having to resist the urge to slip her fingers into her panties. Of course her fingers weren’t the only thing she found herself wanting inside of herself as she kept wondering what it would be like to have a little person trapped within herself. True she had thought of it many times before and even had trouble holding out then. Now with Brian causing her excitement to build so rapidly she was amazed that she hadn’t given in to the temptation already.

Reaching up Brian felt a bit perplexed for a moment as he looked up and found much to his surprise the slope of Kate’s generous endowments had lessened. Continuing his climb he didn’t let his excitement make him forget to place a kiss every few inches. Having long ago noticed Kate’s breathing slowly becoming more shallows as well as the movement of her hips. He absently wondered if this was really a good idea getting her so worked up but pushed such thoughts to the back of his mind. As he made it to the top of her breast though he could let out a sigh of relief as he finally finished his climb a climb that had required him to scale over 70 feet of Kate’s massive tit. Now looking across the plain of her body he noticed just how excited Kate was.

Kate was intentionally keeping her hands away from Brian from fear of what she might do. Realizing Brian had finished scaling her breast Kate lifted her bikini top in order to allow Brian to slip under it. Her nipples having already became pert before he had even made it half way up her massive tit. Taking the cue he quickly ducked under the fabric and made his way over to Kate’s massive nipple. Running his hands along her areola as her journeyed towards Kate’s nipple a thought came to mind. Getting on his hands and knees he proceeded to place a kiss on the very edge of Kate’s areola then he began to work his way around her massive nipple. In much the same way he had done her massive breast but unlike her breast he could take his time in kissing each little bit of that delightful circle.

The moment Brian was out of site Kate’s fingers slipped under the straps of her bikini bottom. Slipping the garment down her massive form she didn’t lose a moment before inserting her own massive fingers into her body. A sharp cry coming from her lips as her body responded to the stimulation. Even with those she found herself still longing to remove the little tease from her nipple and place him inside of her body. As even while under her bra Brian seemed intent on dragging this out and teasing her all the more. While his assumption that she would enjoy his little kisses had been accurate it only frustrated Kate more that he hadn’t went strait to her nipple.

As Kate fingered herself she found it harder and harder to constantly remind herself that she wanted to hold back. She wanted to wait until she had Brian had been together for a while longer before she found out what it was like to have a little person inside of herself. Just why she wanted to wait was becoming harder to remember by the moment as her excitement grew. Of course Kate wasn’t the only one having to struggle with their inner desires as Brian had to constantly recall this was simply meant to be fondling and she could keep some of his clothes on. Controlling themselves was made even worse of course by Kate’s pheromones permeating the air and the fact that they where in an inclosed environment not on the ocean.

The task of covering Kate’s massive areola proved to be far more time consuming then Brian had figured even though he only worked the outer most regions. Still he finally finished the task and finally approached Kate’s massive nipple now quite a bit taller then him. Wrapping his arms around as much of her flesh as he could he didn’t have long to message the mass of flesh before he heard a slight scream from Kate and felt the ground quake beneath him. At the same time he could swear her heard concrete being shattered. Kate having lost herself in the moment had actually struck out with one of her legs as her orgasm rushed throughout her entire being for a moment blinding her mind to anything else but her own pleasure and the delightful little being on her nipple.

As Kate shuttered Brian realized wasn’t going on and found himself convulsing as well though against Kate’s massive nipple. At last the two of them relaxed Brian long before Kate both laying there panting. Kate considered trying to urge Brian on however as she felt his little body laying against her nipple she doubted he had the energy. She was of course correct as Brian had expended a good deal of his energy climbing Kate’s massive breast but between playing with her nipple and his own orgasm he was spent. Kate for her part still had plenty of energy only requiring a moment for her body to recover. Still she understood that even if Brian was exercising his body couldn’t really compete with her own. Absently she debated on pulling him out of her bra before she looked down at her own legs. A blush forming on her face as she wondered just how she was going to talk about this to Sheila to get the mess cleaned up.

Even if it was just a little puddle to Kate, the fluids that had come from inside of her had still formed a fairly impressive little pool by human standards. Pulling up her bikini bottom there was also the matter of the little person trapped under her top. A grin formed on Kate’s face as she gave Brian’s little form a few pats. “ I am going to stand up little one.” Brian was a bit surprised by the news and braced himself against Kate’s nipple. As she stood up, he found himself gripping as much of her flesh as he could until finally she had finished the act. His position was changed against as Kate got herself turned around so she could crawl out of her room. Brian was instantly grateful for the fact that gravity seemed to have very little effect on Kate’s massive breast as she crawled on her hands and knees.

He imagined how easily he could have been crushed between her massive tit and the fabric of her swim suit. Of course the indent her nipple made in the fabric helped in this as well as it gave him room to move around. Though as Kate’s excitement decreased the space was shrinking he knew from previous exercise that it wouldn’t go away entirely. As Kate pulled herself outside, she glanced into her room and at last noticed the gaping whole in the wall where her food had struck. Blushing she realized she would have to talk to Sheila about getting something else fixed. “ My my Brian you made me make quite the mess of my room. I think you need to do something to make up for that.” Brian felt a bit surprised wondering what Kate was talking about when he suddenly recalled the crash. A few moments later he found Kate’s massive fingers reaching into her top and lifting him up though not out.

“ I think rubbing my nipple a bit would be a good way to make up for the little bit of damage. Don’t you?” Brian could only grin and begin working on Kate’s massive nipple though fairly slowly. He didn’t want to excite her to much and he was already quite exhausted. Absently he began to wonder if he could ever grow tired of such games. He didn’t think that he could and he already enjoyed spending time with Kate as a person. For a moment he actually worried that Kate might grow tired of him and then he looked around. Even if he was 8 feet tall and a mountain of muscle it would make little difference then Kate at least as far as strength and height went. What one truly needed to spend time with her seemed to be all out stamina though from the sound of her voice he doubted that anyone could wear her down. It made him feel a little sad as he considered that there probably wasn’t a person alive that could truly satisfy Kate.

Though it did help Brian’s situation a bit as he knew Kate already liked him thanks to previous conversations. Now he just had to continue what he was doing and work on his stamina he would also need to take some time out and try to think of new ways to pleasure Kate. He already knew that he was going to have to find a method that would give Kate the most enjoyment while requiring him to expend the least amount of energy. He could never be able to out last her but he could draw things out as much as he could. He knew that placing kisses all along her breast at her areola worked effectively but climbing that massive tit which was still growing was simply to draining on him. Placing kisses around her areola on the other hand didn’t require nearly as much energy and seemed to have as much effect as climbing her breast did. He made a mental note to take this into account the next time he got to explore Kate’s extensive form and to try and find other area that she enjoyed while not requiring a great deal of energy on his part.

Sheila absently tapped her pin against her desk already regretting taking the cameras out of Kate’s room. A fact that she hadn’t expected as she had previously avoided peeking in on Kate while she was taking care of her needs. Still when Kate’s moans had becoming slightly noticeable outside of her room and then a massive crash had been heard she had become concerned. As she noticed Kate walking towards her office and what she had done with Brian she had picked up on what had happened and already despatched a clean up crew. As well as a group to get a look at just how big of a whole Kate had managed to leave in her room. They knew one thing what ever Kate had managed to destroy had been below ground level.

Assuming it had been a limb that had struck one of the walls Sheila knew that if it had been her arm or especially Kate’s leg it would have shot strait through the walls. So however her leg had hit it must have been below the walk way and hopefully at an angle. Sheila knew Kate was coming to talk about this and she shuddered a bit as she looked at those incredibly long legs and arms. The thought of just how massive and deep a whole would be that was created by either one of those limbs made Sheila glad that the installation didn’t extend beneath Kate’s room.

Kate was trying to compose herself as she approached Sheila’s office. There where three things she wanted to get done. The first was she wanted to get cleaned off herself a quick dip into the sea and a quick wash would take care of that. She would have to be careful to insure Brian didn’t take a direct hit from the water or he might be seriously injured though. The second was to get her little bit of excitement cleaned up and the final was to see about getting the whole she had created with her foot. Luckily it had only sent in up to her ankle but that still meant there was a sizable opening in one of her walls now.

Sheila leaned against the window seal as she watched Kate approach wondering just how she should handle the situation. She wasn’t made at Kate rather she wondered if she should take the time to tease Kate or not. A some what mean grin spread across her lips as Kate approached her and set down having made her choice. “ So Kate what brings you here?” Of course the moment Kate looked upon Sheila she realized what Sheila was doing. The only problem was there was no way she was going to get anything fixed if she didn’t tell her. A blush began to run across her face as she suddenly regretted trapping Brian under her bikini top. A moment later Brian found himself consumed in darkness as despite the small openings in Kate’s bikini top she had used her massive hand to cover him up in order to block out the sound.

Of course Kate wished that she could block everyone’s hearing from what she was about to say. “ Well you see I accidently kicked a whole in the side of my room and I was wondering if I could get that filled. Also would you mind getting things ready so I can get a quickie shower.” Kate paused for a moment as she considered the little puddle of her cum in her room and how she wanted to get that cleaned up. Of course any thought of just picking up a wash cloth and cleaning it up was out of the question thanks to Kate’s huge scale. No matter what a few people where going to find out what they had been doing in there of course from Sheila’s demeanor Kate realized quite a few probably already did. The only problem was bringing herself to say it.

Sheila wasn’t going to relent just yet though. “ Well we are a little busy so how about I just have them put some concrete and water outside of your room. I bet you could feel it in much more quickly then we could.” Kate blushed even redder realizing what Sheila was trying to make her do. If they had just agreed to have the soldiers fix the hole the clean up would have simply been part of the work. Now Kate was going to have to actually mention needing something to clean up the mess with. Despite Kate’s flustered state though she wasn’t exactly a dits.

“ OH all right but would you mind giving me something to clean up the dust with?” Sheila grinned for a moment and then let out a sigh realizing what Kate had done. She had hoped in Kate’s current state she would be able to get her to reveal more.

“ Okay well then you go ahead and get yourself cleaned off from that little bit of fun between your legs and when you get back I will try and have everything set up.” Kate’s blushed covered her entire body as even though she was the only one that could hear Sheila speaking she could hardly believe the woman had said that. Sheila of course grinned she had previously hoped to get Kate to admit to what she was doing but that didn’t seem like it was going to work out. Also she wasn’t trying to embarrass Kate too much. She just wanted to let her know that she needed to be more quiet and careful while playing with her little boyfriend. Of course Sheila didn’t know if Brian had actually been inside of Kate or not but considering the reports of low moans and the fact that Kate had clearly been thrashing around Sheila had a good idea of what had been going on.

Kate’s behavior didn’t help matters either as her speech and demeanor showed that she had been trying to hide something at least a little. It was kind of amusing as far as Sheila was concerned she only got her privacy recently and she was already trying to keep secrets. “ Well then why don’t you go and get yourself cleaned up. We can give you a bit of a shower after words.” Kate nodded not bothering to respond to Sheila. Rather, she swiftly walked towards the ocean.


Kate looked towards the wall where her foot had struck through the previous day. Even without her enhanced senses this would have been quite easy. The new concrete stood out sharply against the older material. A fact that Kate didn’t really care for as she wondered if she would be allowed to paint her entire room so that one spot would match the older darker walls. The patch up had taken several handfuls of concrete these being Kate’s handfuls meaning it was several hundred yards. Quite a bit more then Kate has expected though it hadn’t required to much detail and the mixing hadn’t been do difficult. They had Kate mix and put the concrete in after all as well as take care of the clean up work.

The other day had been playing through Kate’s mind most of the night she had even taken a brake from her little project outside. She had managed to keep herself from going to far despite her own desires. Overall she was proud of herself for being able to exercise such self control but a part of her mind was kicking her for not going further. The sound of movement within Brian’s room took her mind from these thoughts as she wondered what they could find to do today. One problem with having Brian over for company so often was Kate had trouble finding new things to do. Of course Brian wouldn’t be up for doing much physical activity considering the climb he had done the previous day.

Brian’s whole body protested his every movement as he set up in bed. He had come a long way since his first visit with Kate but he still felt he had a long way to go if he was ever going to be able to scale her legs. The way his body was currently hurting him he felt quite confident that was still beyond his reach. As he set up in bed he felt his foot brush against something. A moment later he shivered as he caught site of his book bag and recalled the assignments he needed to get done. He still had every intention of finishing college though thanks to meeting Kate he really couldn’t be sure what the future was going to hold for him. Unzipping the back he brought out a few heavy books. Walking over to the desk he cleared off a spot moving the keyboard away and then began to examine them.

Kate couldn’t help but wonder what was going on she could normally tell when Brian was going to come out to wish her a good morning. It was taken him far longer then usual and she could clearly hear the sound of paper turning and a few frustrated huffs from Brian. At last Kate gave the door to his room a few taps with her finger in order to get his attention. Speaking up so that her voice could carry through the concrete and steel. “ Hey little one what is going on in there?”

Brian jumped a bit as he heard Kate’s finger tapping against the door frame. He had gotten a little engrossed in his work. He could never be sure if Kate was resting, in the room or not so he had finally just started letting her let him know. Now he knew Kate was in the room, quite awake and wanting to know what he was doing. He took a moment to consider just what he was going to do. He really needed to get his work done but still he was about to turn down the attention of an incredibly lovely and playful young lady so that he could do some math. “ Modern man is one messed up species.” Was the only thing he muttered to himself before walking to the door and opening it up.

“ How so?” A curious look appeared on Brian’s face for a moment as he wondered what Kate was talking about. He then recalled that unlike him she could easily hear what was said from behind the concrete walls.

“ Mostly because of what I am about to say. I to need to get some work done. So I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind taking a rain check on whatever you had planned.” Kate blinked her eyes for a moment she didn’t mind Brian taking some time to get his work done. In truth she was use to it though one might not expect her to be. Having spent a few years of her life with only military employees and scientific teams she was use to amusing herself. This was something Brian didn’t seem to understand just yet.

“ Oh that is fine I was actually wondering what we could do today so I don’t have anything planned. Hey you know I never got to go to a normal college or see what kind of work you really do. Would you mind if I gave you something of a helping hand well if I can.” Brian considered this for a moment he really had no idea of what level of schooling Kate had achieved. They had given her some standard lessons such as English skills but he had never really seen what kind of math she was use to doing or history studies.

“ Well I can’t say that I want you trying to write on my paper but sure thing. Do you have some place that I could work though.”

“ Let me check.” Taking a few moments to look around a grin formed on Kate’s face. “ Give me a few I am going to go and get some things.” Brian nodded and watched as Kate made her way out of her room. Turning back to the guest room, he proceeded to gather up his book bag as well as the items he was going to need. Kate returned only a few moments later carrying a table and a chair within her massive hand. Setting the items out Brian wondered just where Kate had retrieved the items. Had he seen the shocked look on Sheila’s face he would have at least known where the chair had come from. A little revenge for what Sheila had put Kate through the previous day.

The table for its part was clearly from the mess hall most likely the one Brian was use to eating at. Setting the items down Kate didn’t bother waiting for Brian to climb down the ladder but instead lifted him from the walk way and placed him upon the seat. As Brian got himself settled down Kate proceeded to lie down so that she could look over him. This meant Brian fell into her massive shadow and could even feel her breath on him when she exhaled. He didn’t really mind Kate’s breathing though as he quickly realized the greatest distractions to his work was going to be the massive globes of flesh that where now behind him. Absently he wondered if he could force himself to scale those massive breast once again only a day later. As he bent his arm to pick up his pencil and a sharp pain ran through out it his body gave him a very clearly no.

Kate noticed how slow Brian’s movements where and grinned a bit. She wasn’t happy about him being in pain but she was glad he had put that much effort into pleasing her. Also there was a side of her that did find it amusing that she could wear out a human with so little effort upon her part. Her demeanor changed a bit as Brian actually opened up his book and she got her first view of the problems he was going to be working with.

Trying to focus at the problem at hand Brian began to work his math problems though it didn’t prove an easy task for him. He kept having to look back at his notes in order to get a idea of what he was suppose to do. Having not noticed the look of confusion that appeared on Kate’s face he looked up to her. “ Hey Kate any idea of how to work this?” When no reply came he tried to get a look at Kate’s face. Finding that task impossible thanks to her proximity he had to wait until she answered him in order to move on.

“ I think I am going to browse the internet while you do your math.” Brian grinned as he watched Kate set up and move over to her keyboard. Turning the machine on the screen projected against one of the walls. Brian was quite sure that whatever level of math Kate had received it didn’t require working with derivatives. He was of course correct as Kate had never really been required to learn calculus of any type having been considered a useless field of information for one such as herself. As Brian began his math problems he groaned inwardly as he actually wished Kate had learned such things.

It would be two hours before he had managed to get the last three days work finished up. Kate for her part chose to ignore Brian while he was doing his math figuring she could help him out with other things later on. Unlike Brian she was regretting the greater length of her current skirt as it kept her from teasing him in the least. Still it was some what beneficial that Kate had backed away as it allowed him to focus on his work on not Kate’s massive breast.


“ My heard hurts.” Kate turned her head in Brian’s direction watching as he closed his book and proceeded to place both hands on his head. Grinning Kate scooted back over to him and lay down upon her side.

“ So did you get all of your work done?” Brian took a moment to look at Kate’s computer screen checking the clock to see what time it was he lightly banged his head against the table.

“ Nope I still have some reading to get done and then I need to do some US history.” Kate giggled for a moment as she tapped the side of her cheek.

“ Let me see your literature book maybe I can help you with that.” Curiously Brian brought out the book and allowed Kate to see it though he didn’t hand it to her.

“ Open it up if you don’t mind I would probably end up tearing it apart.” Nodding his head Brian wondered what Kate had in mind until he opened up the book and Kate began to read it. At first it was actually quite shocking for Brian to realize that despite Kate’s size she was able to read such small print. She had told him several time how good her senses where but it was still quite surprising to notice. Of course if he would have considered the fact that she can pick up a single face within a huge crowd of people and several of her steps away he would not have been as surprised. “ Alright that is pretty easy to read so long as you hold it right there. Now how about you turn to the pages you need to get done and I will read them to you.”

Brian couldn’t help but chuckle as he took a moment to liken his situation to having a mother read to her child. Though Brian was actually a little older then Kate and the only time a child was as small to its mother as he was to Kate was when it was just being formed in the womb it was still a amusing thought. He knew that he wouldn’t remember the material as good as if he had read it himself but he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have Kate read to him. “ Sure thing.” Grinning Kate proceeded to lift Brian into the air and cradle him in her massive hand so that she could still read the book.

Flipping to the correct pages Brian settled down as he prepared to have a story read to him. Oddly enough as Kate began to read he found himself remembering the material quite well making him wonder if Kate’s size had a physiological effect on him. The fact that she seemed to be enjoying herself helped things as well as it lead Kate to alter her voice when it came to a female role as well as a males to fit the character as she felt it. It was extremely humerus to him when she came to a god of any type as she would raise her voice ever so slightly and project a far more powerful tone. A tone that he imagined a god may very well have.

Kate for her part was enjoying reading to Brian though she didn’t much care for the ancient view of women. “ Hmm you know little one I bet those little hero’s would have done a double take if they had saw someone like me. I wonder if I would be a match for there version of a titan.” Brian rolled this over in his mind as Kate gave a bit of commentary on the ancient plays. At first he would have said no she probably wouldn’t be but then he recalled that lightning was absolutely no threat to Kate what so ever. She had also been out simply playing in hurricane force winds and didn’t show the least bit of fatigue. Further more there was the little matter of Kate being the size of some smaller mountains.

“ Hmm I am going to have to say that you would most assuredly fall into the godly class in nearly in ancient mythology. Why thinking of starting your own religion?” Kate chuckled for a moment taking some time to shake her massive chest.

“ Naa but what do you think I would be the goddess of?”

“ Sex.” The words shot out of Brian’s mouth before he could even think of what he was saying. With Kate’s massive chest swaying so near him it was pretty much the only response that came to his mind. Kate giggled slightly at Brian’s response it was of course the effect she was trying to have on her little one. Bringing him close to her lips she gave him a slight kiss.

“ Oh and anything else?” Kate just grinned as Brian seemed to fumble around his words for a moment. Moving him closer to her chest she once again began reading resolving that she shouldn’t make him struggle to much. Brian just grinned wishing that Kate had brought him a little closer to her massive chest though that would have meant she wouldn’t be able to see the book. A small price to pay as far as he was concerned in order to get to spend some more time with those wonderful globes of hers. Brian actually managed to get so locked into the situation that it was a good ten pages past the planned stopping point that he realized how far they where.