Kate’s story ch 4


“ I suppose you are right it isn’t very fair of them to always pick games that I know I am going too win. Really I have been wondering how we are going to make tomorrow’s game any fun. You know I suppose I could talk to Sheila about changing things and see if I could be playing the defender even if I don’t really like playing that roll.” Debra considered telling Kate to keep things how they had been planned by quickly changed her mind. If they simply tried to defend the area then there really wasn’t any chance Kate could simply walk through the area with their weapons completely unable to affect her. While if they had her trying to defend the area they could simply focus their fire on the actual target and have a chance of winning.

“ The only problem I see with that is I don’t know how we could have Brian involved in the little game of yours. He isn’t exactly the type to fire a weapon at you after all and there is no way we could risk having him be on your side. He might actually end up being injured or killed if you where to slip up.” Kate gave a slight nod not that risk wasn’t always there. It would just be greatly increased or she would be greatly hindered. She could just hold Brian in her closed hand and there wouldn’t be anything that could get to him. This would be a huge handicap though as she wouldn’t be able to move nearly as fast as she is capable of doing.

“ I suppose I will just have to dwell on this a little while.” Debra just nodded her head and crossed her fingers hoping that Kate would go along with her intentions to put herself on the defensive. It would give them an actual chance of winning after all and it would be good for Kate. She might have had plenty of practice being on the offensive but her defending skills needed some work as far as Debra was concerned. After all even if Kate was nearly indestructible herself that didn’t apply to the normal people that she was trying to protect. The major issue for Kate wasn’t actually being on the defending side sure she didn’t like doing it but she didn’t exactly like how quickly she would be ending the game if she was the attacker. All she would end up doing would be walking through the hell of gun fire digging through the structure for a little while retrieving her target and leaving not really a challenge.

If she was defending though she would have to worry about going out too far, how much was coming at her and how best to stop it. It would actually be a challenge to her which was the main reason she didn’t like the activity. Brian was still the major issue though even then she wanted him to be able to play along in the game but not to be at any real risk. She had confidence in her abilities to avoid hurting people if she was the attacker well and so long as they didn’t do anything too extreme. Kate as well as everyone else knew that had it been an actual military issue any such actions on her part would undoubtably end up killing a great many people. A long sigh came from Kate who turned her gaze back to the tiny woman who had moved over to her atv and laid down upon the seat.

“ I swear this is one of the times that I wish I was normal sized the most. If that was the case then me and Brian could just wrestle. Whenever I wanted to attack something.”

“ Not that he would have much of a chance even then considering your over all strength or is that something even you forget.” Kate gave a slight nod of her head indeed it was hard for even her to remember that even on a normal scale she would be remarkably strong. It was just so easy to contribute everything to her massive scale and not realize other such details. Kate let out a bit of a sigh as she finally reached the main facility having truly walked to find Debra before hand she didn’t realize how much longer it took her to get about when she delayed her steps in order to light the force of the impact at least she didn’t fully appreciate it until she had to go some where. Debra didn’t bother saying anything as she was placed on the ground though she heard a slight gag from Kate the moment she set down the four wheeler. Kate had been so caught up in gloating at having captured the tiny women she had once again forgotten that she could have simply drove back to the facility.

Kate gave herself a smack to the forehead as she walked away from Debra realizing that she had let herself been delayed once again. As she made her way back to the original position she began to walk about once again following the same path she had to find the others.

Brian was a bit surprised when Jacob put on the brakes and brought his machine to a stop. Taking a bit to make a turn Brian came up beside him. “ What we stopping for?”

“ Well to be honest we don’t have any reason to go much further since well if memory serves me this is the furthest point from the facility.” Brian took a moment to look around at first wondering how they kept people away from the nice little beach when he noticed the rocks off shore he would have to ask about those later on but he had more pressing questions.

“ So what else do we do to prepare for Kate?” Jacob just shrugged his shoulders.

“ Well to be honest I didn’t expect it to take her this long to catch up with us. I suppose we should split up right about now so the other can last even longer but in all honesty I don’t think that is a good idea. Kate said one of us should keep a eye on you make sure you don’t get lost.” Brian grumbled a bit irritated by the comment it was alright when it came from Kate but he didn’t like another guy pointing it out.

“ I can take care of myself so long as I stay near the edge I shouldn’t get lost should I.” The firmness in Jacob’s voice surprised Brian.

“ Wrong beside what Kate said I can’t risk you getting lost or stumbling onto something else. It wouldn’t look good if you didn’t have a supervisor even if you are Kate’s guest this is still a military facility.”

“ But I am not supervised when Kate is with me.” The moment Jacob began to laugh Brian knew that wasn’t the case.

“ Oh yes you are you are being supervised by Kate. You may not have realized it but she is considered part of the military though she has her own special rank.” Brian was a little surprised by the news though he realized he shouldn’t have been. Considering how Kate would simply pick up anyone she wanted to spend time with seemingly little concern if any for their rank and that they where suppose to spend that time with her. It made even more since when he considered the fact that they wouldn’t want just any soldier being able to tell Kate what to do and she sure as heck wasn’t a civilian. Now all he had to wonder was just what rank Kate really held.

“ Well I guess I see your point then. So I suppose we should just set here and wait?” Jacob gave a slight nod climbing off his vehicle for a moment he proceeded to lay back upon the seat. The act struck Brian as some what strange as he figured they would both want to get moving as quick as possible but then considered the odds of Kate being able to sneak up on them. Even if they had their eyes shut Kate’s steps where simply too loud for anyone to ignore even if they where half asleep. Brian simply followed Jacob’s lead and wondered just how long it would take Kate to locate them.

Kate for her part was having issues having made her way around the island and back to the facility she had confirmed that Brian and Jacob had not traveled with the pack. She had considered searching the interior of the island but couldn’t help but feel that would be useless. If they had attempted such an act they still wouldn’t have made it too far inside. The vegetation was more suited then being on foot or some animal then riding a machine through. This left very little options so she had proceeded to walk around the island each time widening the diameter of her search having to constantly remind herself not to run. The risk of missing something she truly ran was a little too extreme for her to bother with she didn’t like the idea of running right past a clue because she was in a hurry. This all changed though when she came to where the ground began to turn into sand and noticed the tire marks.

This was actually a shock to her as she quickly began to consider the possibilities. The guys had been on the beach area for who knows how long. If they had wanted to really cheat they would have had plenty of time to find a good hiding spot or even worse borrow a boat. Kate shook her head in the negative she trusted them not to go to the extremes of taking a ship out. That would require some doing the momentary relief was quickly replaced as she realized Sheila might have permitted it. Looking out towards the sea Kate imagined having to swim around the island each time widening her search. Shaking her head in the negative and crossing her fingers that they hadn’t went that far Kate began to follow the tire marks.

A wave of relief went through her when she crossed where the boats where stored and noticed they went right past it. Of course that didn’t mean the boys hadn’t simply hopped of or gotten a hold of someone else to take the vehicles out. All the ways Kate’s game could be made more difficult began to come to her and the thought that she might lose actually made her pout. This Kate to an even higher level as she came to the little structure she had been working on previously once again she was glad to see they had driven strait past. Continuing along with the path Kate quickly realized they had made no real attempt to cover up their tracks this wasn’t comforting at all. It seemed more likely that they had handed off the machines to someone else and simply continued in another direction. It was quite clear that they would have had plenty of time to pull of such a stunt which meant Kate might have to give the hunt up if they had gotten far enough away.

Jacob actually felt the tremors running through out the ground before he actually saw or truly heard Kate. Years of working with her could do that to someone so he was getting ready to take off before Brian was. It didn’t take Brian long to follow suit though as he noticed his partner’s actions. He was glad he didn’t as Kate came into view though he was a bit surprised when a look of relief flashed across her face for just a moment. Kate was of course relieved to see that the men had decided to play along though they had plenty of time to go even further out. She had spent so much time capturing the previous three and returning them to the compound that they had plenty of time to put even more distances between themselves and her. She was a little curious though as to why they had stopped moving and indeed seemed to be relaxing a little while. “ You know it isn’t a good idea to just set around when you are being hunted.”

Jacob didn’t bother responding neither did Brian the spot they where on gave a fairly wide range after all with no major obstacles. Their silence was just as unsuspected by Kate who at least expected them to smart off. “ Oh fine then if you want to play it that way.” Kate didn’t really blame them for giving up after all they didn’t have much of a chance considering they had played by her rules which meant they didn’t really have a chance. They had also spent quite a while out and she imagined they where getting ready for lunch. Walking over to them she moved more slowly then she should have expecting them both to simply let her pick them up. This wasn’t to be as the two little vehicles darted from under her fingers before she could snatch them up. “ Now come on guys you know you can’t get away from me after I have located you and gotten this close.”

Brian didn’t answer though he felt his heart skip a beat the moment he shot out from beneath Kate’s massive hands. The fact that he was truly intending on trying to delay her did indeed add some extra excitement to the game and some real fear. This was a good thing though as it kept his common sense down and allowed him to press down on the gas more then he usually would have felt comfortable doing. As the vehicles traveled outside the reach of her arms Kate found herself facing a problem as she reached for Brian stopping just in time. If she was to suddenly lift up the vehicle it would indeed stop but thanks to his inertia Brian would not. She could end up seriously injuring him if she did that something she didn’t want to do. The same went for Jacob whom she suddenly suspected of putting the idea in his head.

Standing up to her full height Kate was at least glad to see they couldn’t escape her she would just have to wait until they made it to a less level area so they would be delayed. Following along Kate intended to simply keep an eye on them until they made the mistake of slowing down. This might have worked had not the two of them simply planned on remaining in the same area and avoiding Kate by keeping up their speed until they ran out of gas. As Kate followed the two of them she folded her arms behind her back thus was quite surprised when instead of heading on Jacob snapped his vehicle around and drove right towards her. Brian followed suit rather quickly at first simply focusing on following the leader. As Jacob shot between Kate’s legs though Brian couldn’t help but look up only to curse slightly there still wasn’t enough light to see up there.

The task was made even easier by the fact that it had stunned Kate they where suppose to be running away from her not towards after all. What had just happened hit Kate the moment she heard a whistle and realized it had come from one of the fellows. The whistle had come from Jacob who truly hadn’t gotten a good view but was at least going to try and make Kate think he did. The action had the desired effect as Kate blushed a bright red and folded and put her legs together. This act was made even more amusing by the fact of how Kate usually acted. Brian didn’t find this surprising at all though as he had learned while Kate was a tease she wasn’t used to being teased in the least.

Brian didn’t bother following suit as he didn’t want to risk taking his attention from driving unlike Jacob he wasn’t so confident in his abilities. As the shock wore off Kate once again found herself in a frustrating situation as she wondered just what method she could use to catch the little rascals a grin formed on her face as she resolved if they wanted to be between her legs that was fine. Taking a few steps Kate placed her foot down directly in the path of the two vehicles. Brian reacting quickly swerved to the side causing him to lose speed as Kate had hoped however Jacob continued right along his path. This had the desired effect of Kate quickly lifting her foot when she realized he wasn’t going to swerve. Though this event had more consequences then Jacob had planned as Kate actually over reacted.

As Kate quickly raised her foot she jerked back slightly the action causing her to loose her balance. As her arms began to swing trying to help her regain her balance Kate grumbled a bit as she realized that she wasn’t going to regain control of her body. Brian was instantly grateful that he wasn’t behind her though he found the entire scene to be quite interesting. Kate’s massive body didn’t hit the ground instantly as a humans would have as indeed gravity effected it at the same rate as anyone else’s. Had she not so completely thrown off her balance by jerking backwards she probably would have had the time to regain control of herself. As things where though Brian and Jacob watched as Kate seemingly in slow motion feel backwards. The fact that they had managed to get Kate to trip herself was a short-lived victory though as over 900 feet of giantess slammed into the ground.

The force of the impact served to send a shockwave throughout the area far worse then any building toppling over as while they where indeed structures taller then Kate none where nearly as dense as her. The shockwave sent a cloud of dust shooting over the area and sent Brian and Jacob clean off their vehicles. Brian being the least shaken of the men was the first to drag himself up from the ground. Looking at Kate’s massive form he wondered if she had actually been injured this was a short-lived concern though as she quickly set up immediately surveying the area for the two people she had been in pursuit of. Brian was the first one to catch her eye and she was sure to scoop him up before he had a chance to get any ideas in his head. This wasn’t the time for playing considering how seriously injured one of them might have been.

Kate didn’t need to worry about this as even though Brian as the least shaken up he still had taken quite a fall and was confident he didn’t want to repeat it. Jacob was found moments later laying on his back clearing having had the wind knocked out of him. Kate was instantly grateful that he had kept moving after she had lifted her foot up other wise he might have been seriously injured. Even now she couldn’t be sure of it though. “ Are you little guys okay is anything sore?”

Brian started to reply and attempted to stand when he let out a sharp cry of pain. Jacob for his part couldn’t talk just yet as he continued to take in gasp of air. “ Never mind that is enough of an answer.” Standing up Kate began to walk rather swiftly back to the installation her massive fingers holding up to shield her tiny cargo. It was a rare event but everyone knew what had happened when Kate made a strait line for the infirmary and seemed to be carrying people. The medics where buzzed and rushing to the doors before Kate had even said what had happened. As the people crowded out Kate gently set Brian down and then Jacob. Brian whom had kept quiet during the trip trying to keep from showing his pain wondered when it had happened. He had been pretty dazed when he had first stood up and even then he hadn’t really gone that far.

Looking down at his leg he wondered what had happened to it. Of course he was wondering about Jacob as well before he was carted into the building he did take care to say something to Kate though. “ See you later Kate today was fun.” Kate was a bit surprised when she heard Brian and simply waved her hand as she watched him being carted into the building. Despite his appearance though Brian did have to force down his anger and rationalize it. Kate hadn’t meant to hurt him after all neither did Jacob they had simply been playing a game. He had realized such events could happen before hand considering Kate’s scale. He couldn’t be angry with Jacob since after all he had agreed that it was a good plan. Anyway he could at least think they had helped teach Kate something of a lesson.

Kate for her part felt horrible having hurt her little one as well as Jacob. Setting down she simply decided to wait by the door for any news that might come her way. She didn’t have anything else to do after all. No one bothered asking Kate just what had happened figuring they could get it from Brian and Jacob easier then they could her. It didn’t tend to be a good idea to ask Kate to many questions when she was feeling bad about something. She could get over emotional at times.

Sheila for her part had already taken measures to clean up the mass sending out a photography crew as well as a clean up crew. Their job was to photograph the damage a simply miss step could cause as well as to even out the area if they could without Kate’s help. The retrieval of the machine was a minor issue. Leaving her desk she began to make her way through the facility rather then walking on ground level where she would probably end up comforting Kate.

Kate for her part was keeping quiet as she waited for any news that might come her way. She didn’t know how badly the two of then had been injured but at least they where still breathing. She hoped she hadn’t broken anything this wouldn’t have normally played so strongly on her if one of her little friends hadn’t been there and the fact that it was Brian made things even worse. Still for the moment she was able to console herself with the fact that they didn’t seem to be to seriously injured she would keep her grieving down until she knew for sure the extent of the damage.

“ Does this hurt?” Brian let out a grown of pain as the doctor touched his ankle and moved it a bit. Instantly he wanted to smack the man with the nearest blunt object.

“ Of course it hurts you dumb ass quack can’t you see it swelling.” Was the dominant thought in his head but as was he managed to keep those to himself and just speak. “ Yes it hurts.” Brian continued to hold in his resentment of the rather redundant questions he was being asked wondering if Jacob was getting the same treatment. At least he was getting medical treatment though he wondered how bad it was. He hoped he hadn’t broken his ankle but couldn’t be sure.

Kate turned her head towards the door as one of the doctors came out a short while later. The medic didn’t even give Kate time to ask what was wrong but rather began answering the questions she felt Kate would want to know. “ Brian doesn’t have anything broken however his ankle is damaged slightly and he has some pretty bad bruises. He isn’t going to be able to do much of anything for a while. Jacob on the other hand managed to actually fracture a few of his ribs. How either of them escaped more serious injury we don’t know it is speculated that it was do to the fact that your feet didn’t actually go air born you simply stumbled backwards.” Kate blinked for a moment wondering just how they would know all of that. She didn’t have to ask though as she realized they must have already checked out the area she fell at.

Still Kate felt relieved that at least the two of them where alright. “ How long do you think it will be before I can see Brian?”

“ Shouldn’t take long we are getting him bandaged up right now. Sheila is probably going to want to talk to him for a while and then we will bring him on over most likely.” Kate gave a slight nod and stood to her full height. Walking back to her room the only thing she had to worry about now was that Brian might be upset. That and the fact that she doubted she would be playing any games the next day. With Brian being laid up she didn’t think it would be much fun and most likely he would need to rest.

Brian grumbled as he lay in his room the doctors had given him a shot of painkillers and patched him up already. Actually they had worked quite quickly despite the questions they had been asking him. As the door opened he tried to glimpse around it but didn’t have to wait long as Debra and Sheila walked into the room. “ So Brian how are you feeling?” Brian’s first instinct was to of course smart off but he kept it in. Really things could have been a lot worse then what they had been. If he had been any closer to Kate, it might not have been a injured ankle that would have been his main concern.

“ Drugged.” This got a chuckle from both of the women as Sheila imagined that was indeed the case.

“ Can’t feel a darn thing can you?” Brian watched as Debra approached the bed and looked at his ankle.

“ Can’t say that I do.” He fully expected Debra to start poking the injury the moment he finished speaking but it seemed Sheila had a bit of a effect on Debra. The woman simply grinned and took her place in one of the seats. Sheila for her part took a seat near Brian.

“ So it seems that you had a miss hap while playing with Kate. The doctor tells me nothing is broken or permanently injured so I was wondering just what you wanted to do about this.” Brian gave Sheila a curious look.

“ Not sure what you mean but I suppose I want to spend the rest of my time with Kate. Go home a day or two later set myself up on my couch and prop my leg up on a few pillows.”

“ You mean you want to go back to Kate after seeing how easily you could be injured? If she had just been a little closer to you or if you had been on either side of her body you would have probably turned up dead.”

“ Yeah but I dealt with that reality a while back when I saw what her hands could do to stone. No point in worrying about something like that though I trust Kate.” Sheila simply grinned and gave Brian’s ankle a light flick with her finger. This got a bit out of a yelp out of him and he actually found himself glaring at Sheila. A fact that surprised even him as normally he would have avoided challenging authority figures. This actually got a laugh out of Sheila who stood up.

“ My having a girlfriend as large as Kate must really take the edge off of dealing with authority figures if you can look at me like that. Debra once the doctors are finished take Brian on out to Kate.” Brian’s glare faded and he found himself chuckling himself it was quite true what Sheila had said. Since he had begun visiting Kate and working out people and things that use to intimidate him didn’t bother him nearly as much. Even looking into the eyes of a 500 foot titan probably wouldn’t have bothered him as much any more after all he regularly looked into the eyes of a 900 feet plus Titaness.

Kate ran her hand along her arm as she waited for some news to be brought to her. She had been told they would be bringing Brian to see her though she knew that might change if she had scared him too badly. When she heard the sound of a vehicle pulling up she resisted the urge to go out and meet them though she was quite glad to see the sound of a heavy object being lowered. A short while later the door to her room was opened and Brian was willed into the room. Brian noticing the look of concern on Kate’s face would have loved to jump up and show that he was okay but until the swelling went down he wasn’t going to be doing that. Despite the painkillers he had been given his ankle still hurt when struck or he put any weight on it. Sheila had proven that striking it still hurt. “ Hey there don’t worry nothings broken just bruised up a bit and hurt my ankle. Good thing my helmet protected my head huh?”

Kate looked at Brian curiously which lead him to roll up his pants leg followed by one of his sleeves. Indeed he was sporting more bruises then he had ever before in his entire life. This got a sharp gasp from Kate. “ Hey don’t worry about it they gave me some pretty good drugs.”

“ And we will send you home with some to.” Brian turned his head around a bit to see Debra who produced a bottle of painkillers from her pocket and handed them to Brian. “ These should last you long enough. Actually those should work better then what the doctors first gave you just keep off your leg. Since even if you can’t feel the pain your body is still injured.” Brian gave a slight nod and didn’t even grumble when Debra patted him on his head as she made her way out of the room.

As they where left alone Kate seemed to take a moment to respond before she finally reached out. Picking Brian and his chair up she set him upon her palm being careful to keep her hand flat so he wouldn’t roll any. “ Oh Brian I am so sorry I managed to turn a perfectly fun day into well. I guess we won’t be doing anything tomorrow.” Brian just found himself smiling happy to see that Kate was concerned for him though it was true they wouldn’t be doing anything the next day.

“ Well I can’t argue with the not going to be doing anything well anything physical but that doesn’t mean we can’t hang out. Besides it was still quite a enjoyable day if the conclusion was a little painful. Anyway it isn’t your fault that happened Jacob and I where the ones that decided how to best avoid you. We where going to simply keep going at high speeds until our vehicles ran out of gas and drag things out as much as possible.” Kate blinked, grinned and then found herself laughing as Brian told her their plan.

“ That is one way of dragging things out and that does explain why Jacob didn’t slow down. You two where going to take advantage of my kindness.” Kate proceeded to bring Brian up to her mouth gently brushing him against her lips. “ That is a naughty little one.” Brian grinned enjoying the attention he debated on seeing if he could milk his injuries but resolved Kate gave him enough attention anyway. Right now he would rather focus on simply talking to her and making sure she didn’t feel guilty though there was one more pressing concern.

“ Hey Kate I hope you don’t mind but could we go and eat? We spent a awful long time running around and I am rather hungry.” Kate gave a slight nod and proceeded to work her way out of her room. Brian was a bit surprised when his chair didn’t move in the least as steady as Kate was able to keep her hand. “ Oh and I wanted to apologize as well I think because of today’s events you are going to have to get some extra training in dealing with quick movie vehicles.”

“ All well it is better we find out that I need it now then later on.” Brian nodded his head in agreement as he imagined what would have happened if Kate had fallen down in a urban area or even a city. Her massive weight slamming into the ground would have easily tore through the streets, into the subways and sewer systems if she was lucky. The shock wave would send debris flying everything and probably collapse a few buildings if she didn’t land on them. The fact that Kate could cause such destruction simply by falling down was more then a little intimidating. Though at the same time Brian found the thought some what exciting as he was carried by this massive young lady. “ Anyway at least it won’t take away from the time that you and I get to spend together. It will take Sheila a while to get everything ready after all.” Brian turned his attention back to Kate who was now lowering him down to the ground. Looking to either side of him he didn’t like the fact that he was in the chair much at all.

It prevented Kate’s fingers from actually touching him as she held onto the sides of the wheel chair. He missed the warmth of her fingers surrounding him but settled for leaning over the side and kissing her massive thumb. Kate noticed this react and her face lit up the moment she felt Brian’s lips on her finger. Even after spending several visits with him she enjoyed it when she got some extra attention especially unexpected such as the kiss. Brian realized that his action had a effect on Kate as at first it seemed she intended on setting him a bit of a distance away from herself. This change instantly though as he found himself place right in front of her legs.

His general dislike of Kate’s skirt instantly turned to burning hatred. It had blocked out enough light to deprive him of several wonderful views and now it covered enough of her legs so that he couldn’t sneak a peek. Truly he now felt long skirts where the work of the devil especially when ladies as attractive as Kate wore them. Kate didn’t notice this as simply decided she wanted to keep Brian closer to herself.


Brian tapped his fingers against the side of his chair as he was carried back to Kate’s room. Unsure of just how he wanted to address the current situation. A thought had occurred to him during dinner about his relationship with Kate. While she could be very direct in what she wanted whether it is for him to explore her body or not he had been rather limited in that issue. He couldn’t simply walk up to Kate and give her a kiss on the lips after all. Indeed if he was on the ground and she was setting the only thing he could kiss would be part of her legs. This didn’t seem like such a bad thing though and he resolved he would have to try it once he could walk up to her at the moment he wasn’t even about to try applying pressure to his ankle.

“ Hey Kate would it be alright if I slept with you tonight?” Kate stopped for a moment taking a moment to register what Brian had said to her. A moment later she continued on her path a thoughtful look crossing her face. She had been wanting to play around with Brian some but now with him being injured she knew that wouldn’t be a good idea. The only reason he wasn’t groaning in pain was the painkillers and his ankle still hurt him if he put any pressure on it. She had been planning on finishing up her sand castle during the night but that was a bust now with Brian being hurt there was no way that was going to happen. She wanted to play with him after all.

“ Sure thing but I get to decide where you are going to sleep at. Is that a deal?” Brian gave Kate a curious look the condition of him getting to sleep with her surprised him a little not that Kate didn’t get to decide where he slept in the first place. All she had to do was trap him under a peace of her clothing and there really wasn’t anything he could do about it. Anyway he trusted Kate enough that she would chose a pleasant spot for him to rest.

“ Alright that seems fair enough thought just where do you have in mind?” A giggle came from Kate who brought Brian up to her lips and gave him a kiss.

“ You are going to just have to wait a little while and find out for yourself. Though I don’t suppose you are going to have to wait that long.” Brian nodded his head in agreement the sky was darkening already. In truth he figured he would be ready for bed the moment he had gotten himself cleaned up. As Kate placed Brian down upon the walk way he took the chance to once again kiss her massive thumb. Starting to head into his room he smiled up at Kate.

“ You know I really hate that skirt.” The look that appeared on Kate’s face actually sent him into a fit of laughter as she looked herself over.

“ Hey what is wrong with my skirt? We giantess don’t exactly get a lot of options you know.” Brian took a few moments to calm down and stop his laughter.

“ Ah well I preferred your shorter skirt after that thing you are wearing right now makes sneaking a peak a pain.” A wide grin formed on Kate’s face as she leaned closer to her little boyfriend.

“ Well in a few months that won’t be a real issue. That or if this waste band proves that it can’t adapt with my body quickly enough it will be solved extremely quickly.” Brian nodded his head as Kate placed a finger behind his chair and pushed him on into his room. Waiting for the door to slide shut Kate proceeded to take a few of her clothing items out and make her way out of her room. She needed to get cleaned off herself after all. As she made her way towards Sheila office to ask for some people to be called together she looked down at her skirt. It was one of the few times she had ever worn a skirt that went down past her ankles. A chuckle came from her lips as she realized she missed her ability to tease Brian as easily as well.

The shower crew noted as they washed Kate over she seemed to be paying more attention to her own assets then normal. No teasing on her part rather she continually played her fingers over her massive form. Hefting her breast and seeming to test how tone her body was including her rump. Oddly enough the crew found this not only a nice show but easier to deal with then normal. With Kate occupied with her own body it meant she wasn’t openly teasing them. Even if they didn’t say anything when she brushed up against the tower it was a fairly frightening site. Kate did take longer to get herself cleaned up then normal knowing good and well that Brian was going to take longer then normal. Such as is often the case when one must keep pressure off a particular leg and find themselves resorting to hopping on one foot to move about.

As Kate finished her shower and let herself dry off she made her way over to her clothing. Looking at the outfit she had brought with her. Slipping on her bra and panties Kate slowed down as she slept her shirt on then lifting up her skirt she gave her panty clad rear a slight shake. Everyone was a little shocked when Kate didn’t bother slipping on her skirt but made her way back to her room and slid the doors shut. If Brian didn’t like seeing her in her skirt then she could do without it for the night. Besides it wasn’t really worse then going around her bikini the bottoms where all made of the same material after all. One was simply designed to be a little more revealing then the other and with more intricate designs.

Kate’s judgement as far as time proved accurate as she heard Brian willing himself out of his room shortly after she entered. Grinning she quickly positioned herself so that her back was facing the walk way. Bending over and pointing her rear strait up into the air Brian was greeted with the wonderful site of Kate’s firm peach-shaped rump the moment he opened his door. “ Is that better little one?” Brian could only stare for a moment looking upon Kate wonderfully formed rear. When his brain began to work again, he gave his head a slight nod this got a immediate giggle from Kate who proceeded to turn around depriving Brian of the site for a moment. Reaching out Kate tilted Brian’s chair slightly getting a bit of a yelp from him.

Carefully dumping Brian out upon her fingers, Kate lifted his tiny form up to her face giving him a kiss that engulfed his entire body. “ I am glad to see that you like it since that is where you are going to be sleeping.” Laying down upon her stomach Kate moved Brian over to her rear. Lowering his tiny form upon her right cheek. Brian didn’t know what to think as he was placed her Kate firm rear. Indeed he hadn’t given this part of her body much attention though that was more of a matter of lacking the strength to explore her entire form. For the most part by the time he had finished exploring her breast and some of her upper body he found himself to exhausted to explore any other areas.

Taking a moment to look around Brian was instantly grateful the pair of panties Kate had chosen to wear where little more then a thong as he settled himself down. Enjoying the feeling of her warm skin he however regretted his injuries all the more for this experience. Kate looked over her shoulder seeing if Brian seemed to be enjoying his new position. Hearing no protest and noting that he seemed to be enjoying the view Kate took a few moments to kill the power in the area. No longer able to regret that the security office do it since they had taken out the observation devices. Brian for his part simply snuggled up to Kate’s rear rather enjoying the feel of her warm tush. “ Hey Kate would this be considered fondling of groping?”

“ You know I am not really sure little one but I like you there. I think we should work out some new sleeping arrangements perhaps we could alternate between where you slept. My nice firm but, my tits or within my cleavage.” Brian grinned quite happily at that prospect turning over on his side a bit he proceeded to give Kate’s rear a few kisses. This actually managed to enlist a low moan from Kate who proceeded to reach back and gently press Brian more firmly against herself.

“ Sounds like a good idea to me. Well since I am clearly taking a back seat for tonight perhaps we could figure out a plan of action tomorrow.” Grinning to himself Brian couldn’t help himself as he acted upon an impulse. Giving Kate’s cheek a love bite though when dealing with Kate this meant he bit down as hard as he possibly could. This didn’t hurt Kate in the least though it did catch her by surprise enlisting a slight yelp from her and even a bit of a jerk. The motion shook Brian a bit but her hand came back to settle him down. As Kate’s shock wore down she found herself shaking with laughter at Brian’s behavior. Brian for his part was stunned at what he had just done though just as amused as Kate especially considering her reaction.

“ Frisky little one aren’t you Brian? Well that is just going to have to wait for a later date you are injured right now and I don’t want to make things any worse. So you should just settle down and get to sleep.” Brian only smiled and proceeded to give Kate a few more bites before settling down. He truly was tired after all and only had the energy to molest Kate for so long. Also he didn’t really want to risk her deciding to molest him at the moment. Kate for her part couldn’t hide her amusement as she found herself shaking with laughter. Laying in the dark with no fear of anyone watching them, Kate found her desire to play with her little one all the greater.

At last Brian’s energy began to fade and he settled for simply chatting with Kate as his eyes grew heavier. The warmth of Kate’s skin, his own fatigue and quite possibly the pain killers where all working to lore him to sleep. Kate of course didn’t mind the chatter and waited patiently for Brian to drift off. Seeing her little boyfriend fast asleep Kate simply folded her arms under her head and waited for him to wake up.


As Brian woke up he felt notably better his eyes slowly drifting open he noted Kate was already awake. As he could hear her humming a song slowly he wasn’t quite sure what it was though he did like the tune. Curiously he wondered the best way to get her attention recalling the previous day he turned his head a bit and gave her a kiss. This of course got her attention right away though she had known the moment he had woken up. Turning her head towards him Brian was grateful there was enough light in the room so that he could make out her features as he looked upon her lovely smile. “ Well good morning little one and how are you feeling?”

“ Bett…” Brian stopped mid sentence as he began to raise upon feeling pain run through out his entire body. The warmth of Kate’s skin had relaxed his muscles during the night and let him sleep longer as well as numbed the pain. The moment he tried to move however it came back full force and without the pain killers blocking it. “Ouch.” Brian slowly settled back reaching into his pants pocket he was grateful he had brought the pills along with him. Taking one out he didn’t ask for any water not wanting to move anymore then he had to. Taking a moment to swallow the pill he slept the container back in his pocket. Kate watched this with a concerned look upon her face. Reaching back she was careful to cause as little motion as possible as she lifted Brian.

“ Poor little one you are still sore.” Brian sighed and nodded his head wondering how long it was going to take that pill to work its way through his system. Setting up Kate smiled at Brian but figured he wouldn’t be up for much for most of the day. “ Well don’t you worry we can just relax for the next few days. Hopefully by the time you need to leave you won’t be feeling to badly.”

“ Yeah but I don’t think today and tomorrow is going to be long enough still it is worth it if I get to spend time with you.” Kate grinned though she figured Brian had just included that last part to butter her up a bit. It had worked though as was clear when Kate reached into her shirt and parted some of her massive breast flesh with two of her fingers. Settling Brian down into the gasp she removed her fingers and let her warm flesh engulf Brian holding him rather snugly. “ Does that feel okay?”

“ Of course.” Brian grinned up at Kate as he snuggled into her cleavage the warmth of her breast’s embrace moving throughout his entire body and seeming to ease the pain. Kate grinned and petted Brian’s head a few times pretty much the only portion of his body that was engulfed into her skin. Setting up and slipping her skirt on she considered her options.

“ Hey Brian since you shouldn’t be moving around a whole lot how about I just keep you there most of today? Of course I will let you out for bathroom brakes and lunch but let s see if a constant full body message helps you any.”

“ Sounds good to me. So today I just get to be a little ornament for your breast?” Kate seemed to think about this for a moment before letting out a slight giggle.

“ I suppose it does you can just stay right there for most of the day and look cute.” Brian could just grin as he snuggled into the warmth of Kate’s breast. Considering his options he would rather spend his time between Kate’s endowments anyway. After all he could either set in his room watching tv alone or he could spend his time with Kate in a rather pleasant spot. Since he couldn’t exactly be moving around with his ankle and other injuries neither did he want to try. Kate for her part was quite pleased where she had decided to place Brian both enjoying the feeling of his body between her breast as well as the company in general. Though now she wondered just what he and she could spend the day doing.

She couldn’t exactly take Brian to do anything physical after all he could hardly walk around and while the pain killers would eventually kick in and deal with the rest of his body she still didn’t want to push things. A slight chuckle came from Kate as she realized that indeed Brian would have to spend the majority of the day as little more then an adornment of her breast. He didn’t seem to mind as she noticed him seeming to snuggle deeper into her cleavage and indeed as she looked down at him he seemed to be quite content with his current situation. “ Well Brian I am going to go take a walk. You let me know if you want to go somewhere else.”

“ Huh well I can’t exactly see where we are right now anyway.” A giggle from Kate shook Brian ever so slightly.

“ I didn’t mean as far as where I am going to be walking to you don’t have a choice in that. I meant as far as where you are riding on me if you come up with any places you think would be fun let me know and I will see what I can do.” Brian blushed at Kate’s offer and indeed was tempted to make one suggestion but decided against it. He knew Kate was okay with her version of fondling however he doubted she was ready to go further then that just now. Also there was the matter of his own physical condition he didn’t want to accidently injure himself worse and turn something that would normally require only a week or two to heal into a month’s effort to recover.

“ Well alright then. Hmm you know that gives me an idea do you think there might be a way some of your clothing could be made see through from the inside?” A curious glance from Kate told Brian that he needed to elaborate on his request. “ Well I was just wondering if say some of the fabric of your shirt say right near your cleavage could be made see through so that I could look around. Well you would have to move be down a bit or perhaps you could even have a cut out in your shirt such as a heart shape.” Kate didn’t answer right away as indeed she seemed to be seriously thinking about Brian’s idea.

“ You know it might be kind of fun to have some clothing meant to make little people transportation more convenient and more amusing. I will have to talk it over with Sheila and I don’t want to get your hopes up but we might be able to get something done. Perhaps have some strips cut out around that area so that you couldn’t slip through but you could still look around. I think that the see through material would be going a little to far but I bet I could get some cut outs.” Brian nodded his head in agreement though he was close enough to Kate that she couldn’t see him without looking strait down.

Kate continued on her walk figuring to take a while before they headed back and would eat some breakfast. As she came across the structure, she had been working on a long sigh came from her. Bending down she noted the stone that she had used instead of sand trying to make it even more sturdy then usual. Now that would matter in the least though with Brian injured they wouldn’t be playing any games. Absently she gave the structure a little nudge with her toe the walls easily caving in under the slightest amount of force. The stones that where high enough up slamming down on Kate’s foot and shattering. Grinning for a moment Kate stepped into her handy work the basement floors having no where near the strength to support her massive weight soon gave way and she slowly sunk down. Kate couldn’t help but imagine it was a city street she was standing on realizing what she had built would be much stronger then a standard city street.

This got another sigh from her as she imagined what would happen if she tried to walk through a city or any area with a road system really. The amount of damage she would do to a road way would be quite extensive. Brian of course noticed this sudden decline in elevation though it did little to shake him up the cushioning that engulfed him as well as the fact that Kate’s legs absorb basically all the energy kept him safe. Though he did move enough that he was curious to just what Kate was doing. Wondering if perhaps she was bending down. “ Hey Kate what is going on up there?”

“ Oh nothing much I am just demolishing my little castle since we won’t be needing it today. Kind of frustrating though I went through all the trouble of using actual stone this time and now it will never see use. All well at least I can use the remains for other things.”

“ Hey mind if I take a look.” Kate turned her head down at Brian looking at him she slowly swayed herself from side to side as if thinking. Finally a giggle escaped her lips giving her chest a slight shake she proceeded to stick her tongue out at her little captive.

“ No way I like you more just where you are. You’re going to have to wait until lunch time to get out of there.” At first Brian was a little stunned then that shock turned to amusement a grin forming on his face.

“ Hey wait a minute didn’t you say that I could request to be moved somewhere else?” Kate giggled for a moment nodding her head.

“ Request and getting to go there is to separate things though. Nope you are going to stay right where you are at least for a little while longer.” Smiling Brian began to place several kisses along the breast flesh that he could actually reach. With his movements restrained by being held in place by Kate’s cleavage that was a truly small portion of Kate’s wonderful endowments. This enlisted a low moan from Kate who proceeded to rub one of her fingers over Brian’s head.

“ Please let me see what your doing.”