Kate’s story ch 4


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Brian horridly rushed about his apartment reading box after box. It had been fourth months since he had began visiting Kate regularly well at least once a month and he was adapting well to the situation. While he was registered at a knew college he was able to take most of his classes online and actually took some of them at the facility. That had been one of the coolest things that he had ever been through as Michel and a few other scientists had allowed him to conduct his lab experiments in their facility. Of course they also took the time to show him some more interesting experiments. Now he was getting ready once again to go and visit with Kate and see how much she had grown.

Looking at a graph he had made out earlier he followed the slope and ran his finger out. Whistling lightly he realized that Kate would be around 900 feet tall now. That is provided nothing had caused her to have another sudden growth spurt. Brian was especially excited to be going to see Kate this time though having spent the last several hours in front a oven actually had spent several days in front of a oven. A sudden nock on the door got his attention rushing to see who it was he wasn’t shocked to find Debra though as he looked at the clock and realized it was eight. “ Well Mr. Harrington shall….we be off.” Debra slowly walked into the room seeing the twenty boxes that Brian had stacked up. “ And just what is in those?”

“ Oh a gift for Kate.” A grin instantly formed on Debra’s face as she walked towards Brian.

“ And just what is the occasion?” Brian blushed as Debra neared him the physically intimidating woman not having as much of a effect as she first did but still able to. Being with Kate tended to take the edge off being with normal people though.

“ No special occasion I just though I would get Kate something nice. Then I realized that I don’t have a few million dollars to spend on her or even 30,000 so I decided to try and make her something.” Taking a sniff of the air Debra chuckled for a moment then rubbed her head.

“ I wish I had taken the hummer but I think we can fit all this into the back seat. I am sure the helicopter will be able to take it.” Reaching down Debra picked up as many of the boxes as she could carry though it wasn’t due to the weight just her arms weren’t large enough. As the two made several trips out to Debra’s car Brian hoped that he had made enough. He had been afraid to start to early other wise they would have brown stale now as he watched Debra pile up the boxes in the back of her car and remembered that Kate could easily cover such a vehicle with just one hand he worried. Debra had the same though as well knowing good and well that even with twenty of them it would be no trouble for Kate to simply pop the lot of them into her mouth and swallow she wouldn’t even have to chew.


Kate paced around excitedly as she waited for Brian to arrive. Currently wearing a new outfit the skirt was actually long even on her massive form while the top was a little loose. The outfit had just arrived a few days ago and she was eager to let Brian see it as well as too just have someone to spend time with. Several of the air crew where near by most of them staying well away from the helicopters landing pad as they watched Kate’s massive feet moving around it. They had been around long enough to learn to trust in Kate at least most the time however as she paced around they thought it best not to tempt fate. After all one slip up from her and one of them or a whole group of them could easily end up being crushed flat. At last Kate stopped her pacing as the sound of the helicopter approaching reached her ears. Looking off in the distance she knew she could see the helicopter a good deal before it arrived still she could at least watch it getting closer now.

Brian wasn’t to surprising when he finally looked out the window and saw Kate waiting for them. As the helicopter approached he half expected Kate’s hair to fly back with the wind but recalled just how heavy each little part of Kate was. So it was with a bit of disappointment that there was no dramatic movement. What did surprise him though was when the helicopter suddenly seemed to touch down before it had even become level with Kate’s face. Looking down he quickly realized what had happened. Even though the helicopter was over 1100 feet in the air that only put it 200 feet above Kate’s head leaving it within range of her arm. The impatient Kate had simply reached up and snatched the aircraft out of the air. The pilot let out a slight chuckle as he looked at Debra and Brian. “ I think she is tiring of waiting for me to land.” Proceeded to kill the engine Brian marveled as Kate easily held the aircraft using both hands to make sure her fingers didn’t accidently touch the blades since she would have torn them off.

Bending down to one knee Kate slowly lowered the helicopter down though even as gently as she placed it down for the people inside it was quite a rapid trip far more swift then the helicopter would have normally been able to make on its own at least safely. Taking a moment to look back at the boxes Brian let out a long sigh Kate had held the entire helicopter in one had with ease. Which included every single cake that he had baked for her Debra of course noticed his look. Giving Brian a good pat on the shoulder. “ Don’t worry believe it or not that is one of the more thoughtful things that anyone has ever done for Kate.” Brian nodded Kate wasn’t exactly the easier person to shop for after all and he had wanted to bring her something else. Picking up four of the boxes he stacked one on top of the other before hopping out of the helicopter.

Kate was a bit surprised when Brian hopped out of the helicopter carrying the four boxes. Wondering just what was in them she placed her hand behind Brian’s back the moment he was clear of the blades to shield them from the wind. “ What is in the boxes?” Brian grinned as he looked up at Kate.

“ A gift but give me a second that isn’t all of them.” Brian started to return to retrieve the rest of the boxes when he was suddenly picked up between Kate’s fingers having not expected her to react so strongly. Kate didn’t exactly know what was in them but she was delighted that Brian had actually brought her something. A delighted squeal escaping her lips as she suddenly pressed Brian to them as if she hadn’t heard a word that he said.

“ A gift for me? What is in them can I go ahead and open them? I hardly ever get a present. Can I open them now? That is just sweet of you.” Brian was placed against Kate’s lips several time and felt for her what must be the slightest suction as she used the air to pull him more firmly to her fleshly soft pink lips. Brian for his part didn’t get a chance to answer her though he did get a idea of just how excited Kate was. Debra and the pilot seeing what had happened knew that Kate wouldn’t be putting Brian down any time soon. This was pretty much the first time someone had brought Kate something that wasn’t military personnel. Even the most thoughtful of friends never seemed to grasp just what they could do for Kate a few had but not many. So they found themselves unloading the twenty boxes as well as Brian’s luggage. Debra and the pilot where tempted to keep one of the confections for themselves but knew good and well Kate would be asking about it.

It was one thing to prank Brian but if one of her gifts had went missing well Debra didn’t fancy the idea of Kate actually spanking her. Even if they where twenty of the boxes they where all Kate’s gifts and Debra had no doubt she would be quite angry if someone made off with one. Brian for his part was simply enjoying the ride having realized that Kate was a little to excited to listen to what he had tried to say. Every time he attempted to respond to one of her questions he found himself once again pressed against her lips. One thing he felt for certain was that he had scored quite a few points with Kate he just hoped she would like what he had done for her. He only wished that he hadn’t ruined four of the cakes he had started with. He had meant to bake two dozen for her but had managed to either mess up with the mix or burn them.

At last he found himself pulled away from Kate’s lips though still held in front of her grinning face. Taking a moment to clear his throat. “ Yes they are for you and yes you may open them. Though I would prefer if we went back to your room first.” Nodding Kate picked Brian up between her fingernails and held him over the boxes. Grinning Brian lifted them up while Kate moved him back to the center of her palm. Brian couldn’t help but compare himself to a extremely tiny pair of tweezers as he loaded the items up. Looking up at Kate Brian felt a little embarrassed as he spoke not wanting to disappoint Kate. “ I hope you don’t mind there not much but I could only make so many.”

“ You made them yourself? I wonder what they are. Don’t worry I am sure I will love it.” Brian nodded his head and hoped she would be as Kate placed him down with the rest of the items. Standing up slowly as too not unsettle the boxes or give Brian was surprised however when Kate closed her fingers around him and the boxes. Now held within Kate’s fist he realized she must be in a hurry as she moved some what quickly. Her massive fingers stopping the wind from unsettling the boxes. It was lucky that when Kate had closed her hand that she had trapped some air with Brian as he didn’t even hear the massive doors to her little room area being opened up. Kate being in something of a rush had actually formed a air tight seal with her fingers. Settling herself down within her room Kate shut the door and settled herself down before opening her hand. Looking down at the little man setting within it she lifted his luggage with her free hand and set it near his room.

Picking Brian up between her fingers Kate set him down before placing the boxes down. Looking at them for a few moments she made no attempt to smell of them not wanting to ruin the surprise. Absently she noticed that her enthusiasm seemed to have made Brian rather nervous. She couldn’t help it though it was simply so rare that anyone brought her anything at least anyone other then the military. As Kate reached down Brian marveled at how Kate lifted a single box making use of her fingernails. The fact that she didn’t simply crush the little container between them was quite amazing soon the box was out of his site though as Kate settled it within her palm and flicked the top open. Brian didn’t know what to think as he was too close to Kate to see her face however the gasp made him worry for a second. Retrieving Brian from the ground his worry went away the moment he noticed the massive grin on her face. “ Ah thank you Brian and you made twenty of them? That must have taken quite a bit of effort.” Once again Brian found himself pressed against Kate’s lips though this time he was held there for some time instead of the quick eager kisses from before.

Brian couldn’t help but smile as Kate finally set him down within her palm though she still held him close to her face. “ So how about you feed those to me?” As Kate spoke her breath rushed passed Brian. Kate having intentionally exhaled more then normal the action nearly blew Brian over thanks to the proximity to her mouth. Standing up for a moment Brian couldn’t help but find it amusing how little the cake seemed while on Kate’s massive palm. He had considered it a large birthday cake when he had baked it but after previous visits with Kate he knew that nothing truly seemed large when compared to her.

“ Alright now open your mouth.” Walking over to the box Brian lifted up the Kate and walked back to the edge of her mouth. Kate watched Brian walk across her hand and pick up the cake licking her lips for a moment she tried to recall the last time she had gotten to eat a cake. They where baked for her every once in a while but not very often though Greg with the help of the other cooks could make more then twenty Kate was still delighted with her little treat. Brian knew from Kate’s reaction that he had scored some major points with her but he had no idea how many. As Kate opened her mouth though and he looked into a void many times his size he was instantly glad that he was indeed on Kate’s good side. Her massive tongue snaking out from that void the very tip of it came within a few inches of him.

Chuckling Brian placed the cake on the very tip of Kate’s tongue. Noting how strange the cake looked simply setting there it didn’t seem like she would even be able to taste it. “ Can you even taste that?” Brian was surprised when Kate held up her free hand holding up a finger to signal she needed a minute. He watched as Kate pulled her tongue back within her mouth only a few feet at a time the effect was thus rather drawn out since her tongue seemed the size of some buildings. Kate tastes the confection the moment it rested upon her tongue. Drawing it into her mouth, she began to flip it around her various taste bugs working the icing of her little treat. Then she proceeded to lightly crush the cake in order to taste the actual cake itself and the insides of it. The entire process had to be done with her exercising a good deal of control so she could actually savor the taste. She knew with something so small that the moment she swallowed the flavor would completely vanish. At last satisfied she took one light swallow the suction actually stripping the icing that had been smeared against her tongue away and the cake itself.

Brian watched as Kate’s mouth moved every so slightly realizing that she must be moving the cake about within that cavern. He realized that this must be necessary in order for her to taste something so small but what got him excited was when he remembered being in Kate’s mouth. The fact that she had moved him around much the same way was actually some what exciting though he was grateful she hadn’t did the last part. As much as he liked spending time with Kate he had no desire to end up in her stomach.

Kate ran her tongue over her lips lightly putting on something of a show for Brian. Though not a drop of the icing could have gotten on her actual lips considering that it had come no where near them. “ That was sweet next please.” Once Brian found himself lifted up and used to actually retrieve the cake from the box. This time however Kate didn’t set Brian down upon her palm but instead a playful grin formed on her face. Opening her mouth wider then before she moved Brian within the dark void and allowed him to set the cake down upon her tongue before pulling him out. The experience proved to be something else for Brian as he recalled the last time he had been in Kate’s mouth he had trouble seeing. She had closed her mouth a little too quickly to allow him to look around. This time however she moved him in slowly and had her mouth opened some what wider then before. This allowed more light into the dark cavern allowing Brian to see more.

Once thing that startled him more then expected is when he could actually see Kate’s throat. At first he had been worried since he knew she could swallow him and knew that it was there. Now as he looked back at the void and was able to appreciate just how big Kate really was he full comprehended that not only could she swallow him alive but she wouldn’t have to swallow. He could easily have simply feel down into that void without any real effort from Kate at all. Despite the slightly unnerving experience Brian had come to trust Kate more and more and was actually able to enjoy the site and more full appreciate the power this young lady had. In truth it was quite a torn on for him. He imagined Kate knew this by now having spend so much time with him. As he was pulled out Brian kept his eyes glued to Kate’s lips and imagined she was playing with the second Kate as she did the first. “ You know I bet a dentist would have no trouble looking your teeth over.”

Kate giggled a bit at the thought starting to move her tongue around she gave Brian a playful look. “ Hey you just made me swallow my little treat early.” Brian grinned as he looked up at Kate then realized what might happen. Holding up his arms defensively even though he knew they wouldn’t him any good if Kate chose to go through with what he feared.

“ Hold on there I have my good close on right now and all do respect I don’t want them covered in saliva.” Kate giggled for a moment looking at Brian she let out a sigh.

“ Fine fine though don’t think that excuse will help you every time.” Brian nodded for a moment it wasn’t that he minded going into Kate’s mouth actually he tended to enjoy the experience. It was just that his outfits didn’t normally come out of it to well. Though he hadn’t been naked since that second time a fact that he truly regretted. He had enjoyed that experience greatly it seemed that Kate had been extremely playful that day though and hadn’t been quite up to doing it sense. The ruined outfits would have normally been a problem but not only was he getting free college thanks to his involvement with Kate but he got a decent pay check as well. He had been someone reluctant to take the money at first he didn’t want Kate to think that he was spending time with her just because he was paid to. Sheila had managed to get him to take the check without too much trouble when she explained she didn’t want to risk a job getting in the way. Plus taking off from work a week at a time at least one time every month would draw attention.

Despite the increased income Brian still felt grateful that Kate had let him off the hook. Buying several new outfits after visiting Kate would have still gotten quite expensive and he hated clothes shopping. Though Kate continued to use him as a pair of tweezers to place the cakes on her massive tongue. Each time making sure Brian got a good view of her throat as well as her lips. Brian was quite grateful that Kate hadn’t simply picked up all twenty of the cakes threw them into her mouth and swallowed without so much as chewing once. As each trip into her mouth reminded him she was capable of doing. Despite this though each cake only lasted for around two minutes within Kate’s mouth despite her efforts to draw as much flavor out of them as possible. Thus Brian was a bit disappointed when it seemed only a short while later that Kate had him deposit the last cake in her massive mouth and finished it off.

Licking her lips one last time Kate finally pressed Brian to them once again giving him a long drawn out kiss. “ Thanks those where quite delicious.” Brian gave a slight nod quite happy that Kate had appreciated her gift though it seemed that taking the time to eat them all had helped her to relax. Now she held Brian in her open palm her arm slightly extended so that he could see her entire body. “ Though now I wish I had you something I hadn’t expected you to bring me a gift though.” Brian chuckled for a moment as he rubbed the back of his head.

“ Well I wanted to get you a gift of some kind and I didn’t feel like waiting for any holidays or your birthday. I didn’t really think flowers would be a appropriate gift for you since well I don’t think they are any flowers big enough to compliment you so I decided to make you some treats.” Kate gave a slight nod and just grinned as she noticed Brian seemed to be looking her over. Brian having noticed Kate was wearing a new outfit was actually a bit surprised he had never scene Kate in a skirt that went down to her knees or a shirt that didn’t show any of her cleavage in all the times he had come to visit her. Finally returning his gaze to her face after a few moments of lingering at her chest. “ So why the change in clothing style don’t you normally like to show more skin?”

Looking at herself for a moment Kate giggled realizing that she had never informed Brian of how her clothes normally show up. “ Well I do usually show more skin but you need to keep in mind how quickly I am growing Brian. In a few months this is going to be a miniskirt on me and my cleavage will be quite visible when I am wearing this shirt. Everything is made large for me whenever I first get it that way I can grow into it. It is less expensive then having to make me a new outfit every month the only thing that isn’t every large on me is my panties or bra since well if they where made too big for me they would fall off.”

Brian gave an understanding nod. “ But blast it I am going to miss seeing the twins every time I set near you or you hold me above your chest level or when I see you from a distance.” Brian was a bit surprised when a blush formed on Kate’s face at his teasing. She always teased him though so he felt it was fair play. Kate for her part was a little surprised though she didn’t mind the attention Brian gave her bust. The blush grew a bit brighter despite Kate’s previous actions as she decided to be playful with Brian as well.

“ Well if you miss them that much.” Brian was a bit surprised when Kate proceeded to pull her shirt open a bit then move him over them. Looking down he wasn’t quite sure what she had in mind until Kate began to lower him down into her cleavage. The change in temperature was quite noticeable to Brian as he was lowered past her neck line. What surprised him though was that instead of just showing him her cleavage Kate proceeded to place a few fingers in it forcing the flesh apart before placing him between them. At first he was worried that he would be crushed when ever Kate’s flesh came back together. However as Kate settled him down and withdrew her fingers he found the embrace to be quite pleasant though restricting. Letting her shirt move back into place Kate giggled a bit and pushed up on her breast shaking Brian slightly and making sure that he was settled in.

Kate couldn’t quite explain why she had blushed while doing this to Brian she had done it to other people before and not thought anything about it. Still as she felt his little form between her breast she couldn’t help but feel aroused. Her nipples swelling slightly made indents in her bra that even the specially made material couldn’t hide. Brian for his part was more then a little surprised at where Kate had put him having no knowledge of her previous behavior. Looking around for a moment, he debated on just what he should do about his current situation. Of course he thought about requesting that Kate take him out however he pushed that aside. He wasn’t gay after all and he was actually quite content where he was for the moment.

The only thing that he found himself unsure of was just how far he really wanted to take this. He was fairly certain that despite his situation this was probably Kate’s version of fondling. He had as of yet been allowed to actually touch her nipples after all still making it this far he felt was pretty nice. “ Hey Kate would you mind freeing my arms?” Thinking about this for a second Kate knew Brian wouldn’t be able to escape the embrace of her breast even with his arms free. So reaching into her cleavage she forced the flesh walls apart just long enough for Brian to raise his shoulders above her flesh line and settle his arms on top. Once again trapping him there Kate smiled down at him.

“ Ah you look so cute right there and now you can the twins and get to know each other a little better. Though I don’t think they are ready to reveal all their secrets to you.” Brain grinned up at Kate until her shirt once again blocked his view. Now with his hands free he decided to see and see if Kate’s breast where as sensitive as the rest of her. Pressing his hands into her flesh he imaged it was about as firm as any other athletic female as Kate’s build suggested she was. The only different was that there was a lot more of it. One thing he did note though was that Kate’s breast would only give so much. That was to be expected of course however the amount they gave seemed fairly little compared to their size. Pushing with all of his strength he imagined her breast would only allow his hands to sink in only slightly further then what a normal woman would find comfortable. Shrugging this fact off they where still a delight to the touch and he wasn’t going to miss this chance incase Kate decided he would have to wait for a second visit.

Kate wasn’t really surprised when she felt Brian’s hands press against her flesh however she was surprised at what happened a moment later. Instead of struggling Brian began to focus on messaging her breast though this did involve pushing down with all his strength and weight he tried get something of a flow going. While at first Kate though Brian was simply struggling despite knowing that he couldn’t escape the moment Kate realized that he was actually messaging her massive tits as best she could the experience took on a entirely different feel. Kate had always thought it felt good to have a little person trapped between her massive breast and even better to feel their helpless struggles. Now though with Brian not just trying to escape but trying to actually message her breast Kate couldn’t suppress the slight moan that escaped her lips. She wasn’t sure she should regret this action though as the moment she did Brian paused then redoubled his efforts as if realizing what had just happened.

Kate could normally suppress such shows of enjoyment when someone was simply struggling their efforts often tired them out quickly and where simply too chaotic. Brian was different though as he was actually pacing himself and focusing on a certain area rather then just pushing down with his hands. His hands would press down and actually move across her soft skin. As Brian did this Kate absently began to rub her lips through her panties not quite noticing where her hand was as she struggled to deal with a new sensation. Brian of course had even less of an idea that Kate was even lightly fingering herself while he was doing this however since Kate hadn’t stopped him he imagined she was enjoying it. He wasn’t exactly feeling left out himself though as Kate’s breast squeezed him from either side and would say every so slightly every time Kate would move. The only regret that he had about the experience was that he was wearing clothes which meant he could only feel Kate’s flesh against his hands and arms.

A grin formed on his face as he leaned down realizing that there was another part of himself that he could make use of. Running his tongue along Kate’s skin for a moment a sly grin formed on his face as he gave Kate’s the small portion of flesh that his lips could cover a quick kiss, then a lick then an all out bite. The sigh that came from Kate told him that she was enjoying herself much to his delight. The feeling of his erection poking into her soft walls was quite pleasant in and of itself though once again he detested the fact that he had clothes on at the moment.

Marvin blinked for a moment watching the show on the monitor as the current soldier in charge of keeping an eye on Kate he didn’t know what to think of the current going ons. While he couldn’t see Brian thanks to Kate’s shirt he could clearly make out the young lady as she lightly rubbed her pussy lips through her panties while her other hand squeezed one of her breasts. He doubted that the young man was underneath that hand considering the amount of force Kate must have been exerting at the current moment. Rubbing his head for a moment, he finally typed in a few commands on his keyboard rerouting the computer feed to Sheila’s desk. He really didn’t know what to make of the situation though he was enjoying the show.

As Brian heard Kate’s moan increase in volume he wondered if it was all him or if Kate was doing something else. A odd thought came to his mind though if he simply considered what they where doing as Kate’s version of fondling. Would he rather have Kate normal sized and actually be able to explore more of her body with his hands or did he prefer his current situation. Brian never got to finish the thought as he felt a sudden jerk Kate having realized just what she was doing. She had actually debated on finishing herself off but resolved not do though she used her left hand instead of her right to fish Brian out of her cleavage. As Kate’s hand retrieved him from her cleavage Brian couldn’t help but smiled up at her face. “ Oh you naughty little stinker you where suppose to try and escape now enjoy yourself.”

“ Ah but I said I missed seeing them. Why would I want to escape from such wonderful ladies.” Kate chuckled for a moment setting Brian down on the walk way she also handed his luggage to him before picking up the little boxes within her massive hand.

“ Well I am going to go and throw these away. You should get yourself settled down.” Brian gave a slight nod and picked up his suit cases watching as Kate made her way out of the increasingly confining area. Though her clothes had gotten larger Brian regretted that they hadn’t increased the size of Kate’s living quarters. Starting to move Brian was only able to keep his mind on serious thoughts for a moment before he dashed into his room realizing that he needed to change pants and underwear. Kate for her part could have simply set the boxes aside but as she stepped outside she was trying to get herself to calm down. Being a teenager though with a over responsive body though had given her quite a few problems as well as her lack of experience with such relations ships.

She didn’t want to go to fast but she had actually wanted to have Brian play around some more of her body. She didn’t feel quite ready for that just yet though thus she stepped out to try and calm down actually taking a bit of a stroll. Neither of them had even thought about the video devices Kate having gotten use to them over the years and Brian having been to distracted.

Sheila blinked as she looked at the recording though she wasn’t really surprised. Kate had behaved in such ways before after all. She had actually gotten herself off while Brian was in her mouth and she clearly enjoyed the feeling of a little person between her breast. The thing that actually had Sheila interested was the fact that Kate had stopped. Marvin had been right to bring this to her attention though he had done it for the wrong reason. He had thought the behavior was irregular for Kate a sign that he was new to the job.

The irregular behavior wasn’t what she had been enjoying herself after all she was a young lady and they could only guess at her hormone levels. The odd behavior was that she had actually stopped and seemed a little unnerved by the whole experience. The blush that had appeared on Kate’s face was another rare happening. Picking up her telephone she phoned down to the labs. “ Hello can I speak to Michel…. Hello there would you mind coming up to my office in a few…. I want to talk to you about taking the cameras out of Kate’s room…okay I will see you then.” Hanging up the phone Sheila tapped her fingers against her desk for a moment.

She could have done this on her own and had thought about it for several years however she had deemed it too risky. Not because of Kate but because of what her superiors might think. Now she simply wanted to talk to Michel about the possible risk and ways they might be able to keep this as quiet as possible.

Kate took her time returning having cleaned off her scent from her fingers she was grateful for a long skirt for the first time in a long time. As she crawled into her room she noticed that Brian returning wearing a different pair of pants. Giggling to herself Kate decided not to make any mention of the event as she extended her hand to the walk way. Brian immediately climbed into Kate’s massive palm having removed his shoes while in his room. He had grown so accustomed to being carried around by Kate that he no longer wore shoes while spending time with her. As he climbed into Kate’s hand he couldn’t help but notice a slight scent in the air one that he actually found quite pleasant. He hadn’t noticed it before having been trapped under Kate’s shirt and having his mind else where. Now as he stood in her hand he couldn’t help but wonder where the scent was coming from. As he noticed the scent though he found that his manhood was responding to it quickly he set down in Kate’s palm in order to hide this happening.

Kate had noticed Brian’s reaction and thanks to her enhanced senses could easily detect the sent. Though unlike Brian she knew exactly where the sent was coming from and wished that she could have washed her panties as well. Kate’s pheromones tending to have rather strong effects on people she couldn’t even begin to guess the effect it had in an inclosed area. “ You know I think we could use some fresh air.” Brian nodded as he watched Kate once again open the doors after only just returned. Stepping out into the free flowing wind as pleasant as the scent had been he was grateful when his erection went away. While Brian had managed to keep himself under control his stimulation would have just gotten worse if he had remained in such a inclosed environment. Kate knowing this simply chose to set atop the structure that served as her room.

Looking up at Kate Brian grinned. “ So Big one I see that you have put on a little extra height.” Kate giggled for a moment giving her head a slight nod.

“ I sure did little one though I don’t think anyone would notice unless they where use to looking up at me.” Brian gave a slight nod he couldn’t actually tell Kate’s size just by looking at her however he could always think back to how far he had come up to her while standing on the walk way. Today he could clearly see that he didn’t come up as far as his last visit and that Kate’s head was growing ever closer to the roof of her room. Feeling his thoughts wanting to turn to the subject of Kate’s current situation Brian forced such thoughts away. He and Kate had talked about such things plenty over the internet and while meeting which each other he had finally resolved to just enjoy his time with Kate. Looking down at Brian for a moment Kate tapped her foot lightly on the concrete trying to think of something to talk to him about. Drawing a bit plan Kate finally shrugged and set Brian down on top of her skirt.

Leaning back on the structure having been built to withstand being bombed or shelled from a battle ship Kate let her eyes drift shut. Brian looking over his shoulders began to walk towards Kate’s massive chest. The ground shook a bit as Kate giggled as she felt Brian’s little form making its way across her stomach. A short while later he stopped at the base of her breast mountain and set down making use of the impressive shade provided by Kate’s chest. Laying down himself the two of them simply relaxed enjoying the warmth of the day and each other’s company.


Michel waved his hands at a few passing people as he made his way down the sterile hallways. His pace as slow as ever though he could actually move more quickly if he wanted to. He simply hated to rush things though and his frail old man get up always seemed to work out. Though he was old he wasn’t quite as frail as everyone seemed to think though the pain in his knee told him he was getting there. He had gotten a message from Sheila the previous day but had been in the middle of research. Well in truth the team had been in the middle of research he had been looking over some old photos of when Kate had first arrived. Of what a tiny little thing she had been he could recall quite well when he could pack her around. Now it was quite the opposite situation though it was still wonderful fun.

At last he came to Sheila’s office placing his security card in the door and punching in his code. The door slid open letting him make his way into the room. Sheila waited for Michel to take his seat across from her before she began to speak. “ I think we should take the camera’s out of Kate’s room.” Michel simply nodded his head not quite seeing what that had to do with him it was Sheila’s call after all. Of course Sheila didn’t need his permission to do this but she wanted to get a second opinion on her plan thus grew some what impatient when Michel didn’t responds. Michel picked up on the look on Sheila’s face and quickly decided to respond.

“ Err well yes I imagine Kate would appreciate that but you know the higher ups won’t like that if they ever hear about it.” Sheila smiled and gave a slight nod.

“ I know that and that is why I want to talk to you. I want you to make sure the scientific team knows not to mention anything about the cameras being taken out in their report. Kate has already been influenced enough and I think we no longer need to invade her privacy.” A grin formed on Michel’s face as it was his turn to give Sheila a funny look though it wasn’t anger.

“ Now you know young lady you don’t need to lie to me about such things. You are simply tired of spying on the young lady especially since you view her was something of a daughter. Really it kind of surprised me when you didn’t take the cameras out sooner.” She got a some what shocked look on her face at being called young then recalled just who she was talking to.

“ To be honest I have been wanting to for some time now but I never had the nerve plus I guess I was looking out for Kate. If they had worried about Kate turning against us at any time I have no doubt they would have killed her.” A soft chuckle came from Michel as he understood what Sheila was meaning.

“ But now it is too late for them to do that at least as far as we know.” Sheila gave a slight nod. “ Though you did mention the nerve as well so what suddenly gave you this extra resignation?” Tapping her pin against her desk for a moment Sheila seemed to think on this before letting out a slight laugh.

“ I guess I am getting kind of tired of this work to be honest with you. It leaves me with so little free time that I am beginning to desire retirement I just can’t bring myself to put pin to paper though. Also I worry about what would happen to Kate if I was to retire.” Michel gave a slight nod despite all of Kate’s strength she was a little too trusting. Slowly he began to get a better idea of just what Sheila was trying.

“ Alright well I don’t have any issues with your plan though if you are ultimately planning what I think you are. I do feel sorry for whoever is going to take over your position.” Sheila gave a slight laugh.

“ I would have to agree with you there but hey who knows they could spoil all my careful planning. All they would have to do is treat Kate like a human being.” Michel rolled his eyes knowing good and well that most of the higher ups tended to view Kate as a weapon. Rubbing his chin for a moment he finally stood up and excused himself. He would need to talk this over with the rest of the scientific team of course. Make sure that none of their reports would include the camera’s being mentioned. It was a rare happening anyway mostly when someone pointed out that they didn’t feel the surveillance was good for Kate’s mental health.


Kate set focused on the projection coming from the device that served as her keyboard. Browsing through a few web sites she had been playing around on the computer all night while Brian slept having not felt like simply laying around all night. As she typed on the keyboard she turned her head curiously when her screen flickered for a moment. Shrugging her shoulders she continued her typing until she heard the door to her room opening. The door for little people that was turning in the its direction she grinned a bit as Sheila walked into the room. “ Hey Sheila what brings you down here?” Grinning for a moment Sheila took a moment to look at Kate while her clothes her clothes could actually be considered concealing on her massive form.

“ Oh nothing much I came to see how your new outfit fit you and I wanted to ask you to stay out of your room for the day. We want to get some things taken care of.” Kate blinked for a moment before giving her head a slight nod.

“ Alright but what are you planning on doing?” Looking around for a moment Sheila thought where some of the surveillance devices where. They could easily see everything that went on inside of Kate’ s portion of her room.

“ Oh you are going to have to weight and see.” A pouting look appeared on Kate’s face almost instantly as she was told she would have to wait.

“ Ah fine then I guess me and Brian can spend some time playing around outside.” Sheila gave a slight nod as she remembered the young man.

“ Well don’t be too hard on him you can really tire people out.” Kate giggled for a moment and watched Sheila leave before she turned to the storage containers. Opening them up she began to dig through her few swim suits wondering which one she would prefer to wear today. It really wasn’t a hard choice for her to make though considering how few she had to choose from. Removing her shirt Kate placed it along the walk way to block Brian if he tried to simply exit his room. Oh how she wished she could have some more privacy around here and room to move in as she slipped on the solid white bathing suit. She hadn’t minded the confined environment all that much at least previously but as her body continued to expand it became more and more frustrating. Where they just going to keep her here until her head went strait through the roof? She knew the time wasn’t to far away just another year or two of growing and her head would go strait through the structures roof the moment she set up.

At least then they would have to build her a new place to stay at or she hoped they would. Brian was awoken from his sleep by the sound of Kate shifting around. Figuring that she was getting dressed he wasn’t surprised when he looked through the small window of his room to find Kate’s shirt was blocking his path. Realizing that Kate was probably planning on going out for a while he switched over to his swimming trunks and a rather large t-shirt. Upon Kate’s shirt being lifted away Brian proceeded out the door already fully clothed for beach activity. Having spent so much time with Kate he had learned that was where she spent a lot of her time doing one thing or the other. “ Oh I see you are already ready.” Brian grinned up at Kate who seemed a bit surprised that he was already dressed for the beach.

“ Well yeah I sort of figured this it what you had in mind. Should be nice right about now anyway with the sun not quite up yet.” Kate gave a slight nod and picked Brian up before making her way out of her room. Thinking for a moment she wished she had asked Sheila if she needed to leave her doors open or not. Shrugging her shoulders she closed the doors figuring they would just make use of the old engines if they really wanted to open them. Brian yawned a bit still not quite fully awake having set up to around twelve speaking with Kate the previous day. Now as he road in her hand he imagined she would have him fully awake before too long. “ So Kate what are we up for today.”

“ To be honest I am not really sure Sheila came by earlier and asked that we clear out of my room for a little while. Apparently they are doing something that they don’t want me to know about.” A curious looked appeared on Brian’s face as at first he started to protest then took a moment to consider that. The already had cameras keeping a almost constant eye on Kate as well as recording devices they really couldn’t have intruded into her personal space more completely. So just what could they be up too?

“ Huh I wonder what they are doing.” Kate chuckled for a moment.

“ So do I but all well I figure we can find something to do on our own.” Brian nodded and simply enjoyed the ride at least until they arrived at the beach and Kate set down. Placing Brian next to her thigh she looked out over the water for a few moments.

“ Hey Kate can you see all the way to the states? I mean your eye sight is awfully good.” Grinning Kate looked way down at Brian lifting him into the air once again she proceeded to lay down and placed Brian next to her head. The action making it so he didn’t have to look so high up to her and allowing them to feel closer to one another.

“ Well while my eye site is indeed good, I can’t actually see that far. Hehe though I suppose it is a good thing that I can’t see nearly that far other wise the site of the land might tempt me to leave.” Brian nodded his head though he actually wished Kate would simply get up and leave. Clapping his hands together Brian considered his options without them having anything planned for the day he was a bit at a loss for what to do. He couldn’t exactly ask Kate if she would like to play volleyball well he could but he would lose quite badly. The idea of Kate simply putting her hand over the net and not allowing any of his shots to get through didn’t seem like much fun. Kate didn’t really have any ideas of what she wanted to at the moment either though she was more use to just setting around then Brian was.

Kate had planned some things for beach activity but that would have to wait for another day or two when she would be able to borrow some more the soldiers. She couldn’t really wrestle Brian either after all even his best struggles would mean nothing to her so dunking him under water would seem more like bullying to her. A fact that Brian and no doubt several other people where grateful for. Kate tended to avoid activities that she viewed as bullying though there was the occasional playful streak every once in a while. Absently Kate began to run her index finger through the sand easily forming a massive rift. Brian watched for a few moments as Kate’s finger finally made it to the seat and water began to rush into the opening. Feeling the letters that Kate had carved out having spelt her own name in the sand.

Kate was a bit surprised when Brian walked over tot he little opening noticing that he could fit in the space Kate had created with her finger he hopped in at the top of the K being careful to keep his arms on the side as he realized how deep the opening must be. Grinning Brian called up to Kate. “ Well I can’t exactly swim around but at least I don’t have to worry about any waves dunking me.” A slight chuckle came from Kate who proceeded to retrieve Brian from the opening then dug her hand easily into the ground. Lifting two handfuls, she took a few moments to pack the dirt she had dug up into the sides. At last she started to extend her hand into the salt water of the sea before changing her mind. Moving on her hands and sees so she was facing the sea Kate lowered her lips down to the water and drained a bit until her mouth was fully. Turning back to the little crater she had dug she let the water flow from between her lips.

Brian gave Kate a amused look having been in her mouth before he didn’t really mind her means of transporting it. What got his attention though was Kate didn’t seem to mind the salt content. “ Doesn’t all that salt bother you?”

“ Nope I have a bit different taste then you and other people after all and besides I could digest dynamite if I felt like eating it. Heck I bet I could digest just about anything on this planet.” Brian chuckled for a moment.

“ How about the planet.”

“ Well I am not that big now come on give your little pool a try. This way you can have plenty of room to swim around and not worry about getting dunked plus I will know where to find you.” Brian nodded and walked over to the salt water looking at it for a moment he dove in and proceeded to swim around a little bit. The word pool didn’t really begin to describe what Kate had managed to dig with just a few scoops of her hand. The thought that it was more of a pond then anything else seemed to fit the situation far better. Kate watched as Brian swam around noticing the size of it herself she resolved that she would have to stick to using one or two fingers next time she tried to dig someone a swimming area.