Kate’s story chapter 2


temperature had been raising until early that morning. The soldiers on guard duty were particularly concerned as they noticed a rather sharp increase in temperature. Now as Jason stepped into the room itself he began fanning himself quite vigorously as he walked across the walk way to look down upon the sleeping Kate. As he did so something caught his eyes. Kate’s close had been some what tight on her the previous day now as he looked at the girls sleeping for he noticed that her tube top barely covered her nipples.

Shaking his head “ Hey Kate I hope you don’t mind but I came to talk to you.” Jason didn’t bother yelling as he knew how easily Kate could hear things, in all truth he wondered why she hadn’t set up when he stepped into the room. The fact that her body producing so much heat might mean she feels sick did occur to him of course. A few moments later when Kate didn’t move in the least he tried again. A third try shortly after and he was quite concerned now. Kate hadn’t truly slept in a very long time and even before hand she seemed to wake up the moment her name was spoken any where within her ear shot. Now she seemed completely out of it. It took Jason a while to find the ladder that lead down to the main area of Kate’s room everyone was so use to just letting Kate get them down. As he grasped the bars with his hand to climb down he quickly released them and stepped back from the opening.

The bars were surprisingly hot and considering how high up they were. The middle aged man quickly dashed across the room to the com, pressing in the call button. The main office was surprised to receive “ Turn the fire extinguishers in Kate’s room on now.” They were use to taking orders of course and the concern in Jason voice caused them to over look the fact that officially he was a civilian. The rush of water that came into the room a few moments later was significant even for some one of Kate’s size as was the rush of steam that came from the giantess over heated body and the various items around her. Jason couldn’t help but think it was strange he knew the reason they hadn’t been turned on earlier Kate’s vital sines had been active but within safe ranges for her through the night.

It was a good ten minutes before the water finally had the desired affect and was cut off. Kate had slowly began to set up though the look in her eyes showed that she wasn’t fully aware just yet. This concerned Jason causing him to take a few steps back before calling out her name. He didn’t know how she might react in her current state he was to use to her being fully aware while talking to her. They had often joked what would happen if Kate did sleep and was not a sound sleeper or if she sleep walked. Now that was exactly what he was afraid of. When Kate rapped her arms around her back though and let out a slight moan as she stretched some Jason went into shock for a moment at least until he noticed that with Kate’s back arched her breast now rose above the walk way something that it hadn’t done the previous day.

The polymers that made up her clothing protested her movement as they struggled to contain her increased size and for a while it seemed they would tear. Finally Kate relaxed enough to notice Jason standing in the room that the entire area was soaked. “ What happened here, I don’t recall the water being turned on.” Jason now had two great concerns one being for Kate’s safety that being the primary worry and the other one for himself as he wondered how Sheila would take learning Kate had grown far faster then expected. “ Well Kate it seems you were asleep and not only asleep but also putting off a lot of heat so we had to in order to cool you down.”

Kate’s massive eyes blinked a few times as she heard this she could more or less get her body to go into a relaxed sleep like state but she hadn’t truly slept for several years now and here Jason was saying that she had spent an entire night unconscious. As she looked around she didn’t bother arguing of course considering the state of the room. They had clearly turned on the extinguisher system full blast and she couldn’t recall it and as she thought about it she couldn’t recall lessening to what went on outside as she normally did during the night. As she shifted a bit something else got her attention as she looked down towards her halter top. “ Umm Jason could you tell me why my close are so tight.” Kate really didn’t need an answer as at first she wanted to think they had shrunk as she looked down at the walk way and used it to gage her height she knew that wasn’t the case of course.

“ Well it seems that you grew more then expected over night, quite a bit more to be honest. We noticed something was strange when you went to bed last night your body started to give off a lot of heat and then you truly went to sleep.” The look of concern on Kate’s face was quite clear she always worried about when she would stop growing but as it was a steady growth she was able to at least keep the fear down. Now with this news it seemed that her comfort zone had been torn away from her and she had to take a moment to compose herself. Finally she composed herself to ask the question, “ How much have I grown.” Jason just shook his head for a moment “ We don’t know I didn’t know you had grown so much until now we only knew something was wrong. We can measure you later though I need to ask you some questions for now if you don’t mind.”

“ Alright so what do you want to know?” Kate had planned on mentioning the energy rush she got when they used the final explosive upon her but thanks to the shock of this mornings new it took the question to bring the memory back. “ While testing you yesterday did you feel anything strange?” Kate nodded her head slowly “ The finale explosive that was used on me, it caused me to feel a rush of energy not unpleasant but I defiantly felt something like the sugar rushes I use to get.” Jason let out a sigh as he considered what the rush of energy could have meant “The other test didn’t cause any such feelings did they.” Kate slowly nodded her head in the negative which set Jason to thinking perhaps the explosive had been just powerful enough to affect her but not enough to hurt her and some how that had lead to her growth. “Well I suppose that could explain it, but there is still the issue of ma…” Jason smacked himself on the forehead a second later as he recalled all of what Kate had eaten the previous day.

Kate had managed to eat more then what even her body would have shown an entire ship load to be precise. So her body defiantly had more building material then it was use too then there was the matter of the rush of energy from the explosive. It had obviously been able to affect her. It not longer seemed surprising that Kate’s body was reacting now as it had the material it needed and a reason though Jason still found it surprising that it could respond so quickly. “ Well thank goodness we don’t have any endurance testing for today your close wouldn’t last. Still why don’t you head on down to the docks again and I am going to head into the main compound and see if I can hurry up some close.” Kate nodded and started to move towards the door begrudging her extra height as it pushed her ever closer to her roof. “ Oh Kate before you take off why don’t you slip on a bikini for today’s exercises?”

“ What would I need to wear a bikini?” Jason grinned as he avoided telling her the first reason that came to his mind but went with the more logical ones. “ Well first of all you are going to be doing some exercises in the water and the bikini should stretch more then what you are wearing right now which looks like it is about to rip.” Kate nodded her head Jason taking this to mean that he should leave though in truth he wouldn’t have minded to watch. As he scooted out the door he was glad self control testing had been planned for the day. They always had to make sure Kate played around with small inanimate objects in order to see if she could keep from crushing them and then if she could handle humans. It seemed very important to test that today as he wondered just how much Kate’s strength had increased along with her sized.

As Kate began to get dressed she looked down towards her stomach giving it a few raps. It had been very well defined with Amy was around but now it seemed even more so. She was one of the few that noticed it very often as most where simply stuck trying to consider her size but it seemed that as her size increased so did her muscle tone. As she looked over her body the best way she found to describe herself was toned as she tapped her thighs and a few other body parts. Her muscle had defiantly toned up faster then normal though she felt no more then what they would have had she grown to her current size the slower way. Wondering why her body insisted on getting so much larger and stronger despite all her current size and strength she couldn’t help but feel that she was working with a animal. Her body was a animal going off instinct and reacting to any threat though in its case it was willing to expend great deals of energy to react to it no matter how much her mind reasoned things out.

She shivered a bit as a wave of fear ran down her spine at the thought of what her body might do if she really felt threatened. Not once in her life could Kate remember her instincts truly over riding her mind and taking over but she always feared it would. With her body able to do so many things completely out of her control losing control of herself was perhaps her greatest fear. What would happen if she felt truly trapped or worse yet what if she felt she wasn’t getting enough food? Would her instincts then over ride her rational mind she really didn’t know if it was possible but she feared it just the same. Shaking her head furiously she would have to burn that bridge when she came to it. She had a bit of a task ahead of her as she considered how much tighter her clothing had become since the previous day. She was going to especially have a hard time removing her tube top since it was already pretty tight. “ Oh what I would do for clothing that was actually baggy.”

Kate couldn’t help but zone out on this thought for a moment as she recalled seeing some tv shows and some of her friends web cams were they would be setting around in a extra extra large shirt and just seemed to vanish into it. Kate couldn’t help but wish she had such a wardrobe though she knew that wouldn’t be coming for a very long time if ever. The only time she could think of such a event coming to pass would be when she stops growing if she ever does and can finally get things made over sized for herself. Finally Kate managed to slip on her bathing suit though like most things it was made just large enough to preserve some since of modesty in the young girl and now with her recent size increase she was glad it stretched more then the wrest of her clothing. The solid white bathing suit was little more then a few strips one that went around her chest and covered her nipples but left most of her breast exposed and the little bit that covered her crotch though all that covered her rear was a little strap that disappeared between her cheeks.

Crawling out and looking towards the beach taking note of the people gathered around. It wasn’t hard for her to guess that was were they wanted to go especially since Jason had already arrived. Striding over she realized that her musing had made her a little late but no one mentioned anything. They knew it was hard enough on her without being scolded and besides she wasn’t all that late. Looking out over the water she noticed a few dummies had already been deployed. She realized what was going to be asked having done this test before but she still waited. “ Alright Kate we released several dummies with life preservers and it is your task to get them from the water without drowning one of them.” Kate nodded as she looked out over the water the exercise was meant to do two things. The first was to help her practice water recuse and the second was general interaction with smaller life forms. Her body was so large that she could easily generate waves or a current that could accidently drown someone.

Slowly the massive girl began to wade out into the water carefully watching the waves she generated and how she moved her legs. Even now the slight waves she created seemed to cause some of the dummies to falter a bit. She really hated those as the reason they behaved in such a manner was to represent someone who had passed out or was on there last leg so to speak. They would be the easiest to sink while others seemed to move along just fine. Still letting one drown would be a mark on her record which she had extremely close too perfect. Thanks to her earlier training exercises her record was actually a 99.3% success rate in such water rescues she really hate the few bloopers she had at the very beginning that kept it from being a 100% success rate. Now as she waded out into the water she had a new problem in that her size had increased so quickly over night.

The waves she new generated were larger then what she had been prepared for thanks to the extra feet she had put on. She didn’t know how much her strength had increased either she had noticed that Jason hadn’t made a request to be carried something that was very odd for him. So it didn’t surprise her in the least that they had chosen to use dummies. As she moved into the water she moved a little to quickly generating a larger wave then intensional. The wave pulling one of the dummies under her first instinct was to dive in and attempt to scoop it out of the water but she held back. If she did that she would pull a lot more under then one thanks to her rapid movement instead she continued to steadily move towards the spot and let out a sigh of relief when it managed to resurface on its own. Finally she reached the spot and managed to scoop the dummy out of the water though she avoided closing her fingers around it. She didn’t want to risk crushing it so simply moving her palm under the water and lift it up was the safest way though it did generate more waves.

A long sigh came from Jason as he watched Kate struggling with her new size and wondered if her record was going to take any damage that day. He knew the test was normally one of the easier ones for the young giantess but with her size increase he didn’t know how she was going to fair at all. Still as he watched her make the first safe he was hopeful that she would get control of her new found size especially since he felt partly to blame for the sudden increase. He was going to catch hell from Michel later on once the head of the project found out what had happened. So it wasn’t exactly for Kate’s sake along that he hoped the young girl would learn to control her new found size quickly as that would at least soften the blow and perhaps keep him from being stuck in the lab crunching numbers.

Getting to work with Kate was considered something of a privilege by the scientist as she truly was a enjoyable person to be around. So being stuck in the lab and all you got to see of her was a bit of her blood or a few bits of hair was actually a very tiring event. Kate for her part was grinning ear to ear as she had managed to retrieve most of the dummies already and was actually thinking on how her larger hands at least let her hold more them without having to worry about dropping them. As she retrieved the last one though and began to make her way back to shore she had forgotten one very important thing. The waves she generated while walking back to land as one of them managed to catch Jason and a few others who had been standing closer to the water then what they should have. None of them were washed out to see of course but all of their thought projects were broken as the wave knocked them down.

Kate giggled a muffle woops coming from her lips as she looked down at the scientist. A few of them including Jason had managed to get some salt water in their mouths and were busy getting it out as they struggled with the taste as well. “ So what do you have planned next?” Kate actually had to wait some time for her answer as Jason had to fight throwing up until the taste had finally passed from his mouth in order to answer Kate.

“ We figured that you would actually work on picking anything up with your actual fingers so we set up a test to see if you can still control your strength.” Kate’s face showed her opinion of that prospect the moment the words left Jason’s lips. He didn’t like putting Kate through such things himself but at the moment he really didn’t have a choice. They had to decide if it was still safe to let Kate pick people up or if she might accidently crush someone. “ Don’t worry Kate we are going to start off with something reasonably strong to see if you can pick that up and move to weaker materials from there it should let you adapt even if you do find it a little hard to control yourself.”

Jason gave a bit of a start when Kate’s index finger came down next to him. “ Yeah you just say that when your hands are this big.” With that Kate began to press her finger into the ground her hand easily sinking into the earth as if it was moving through water once again showing that she was actually far stronger then she looked. Kate sighed as her hand sunk down to her knuckled then with drew her hand. A few whistles came from the scientist not of fear as they had seen Kate perform such acts before they all knew she was only making a point. It was amazing that she had such perfect control of herself as is and now with such a rapid change in height if that had been thrown off even the slightest she might end up crushing everything that she touched.

Jason took a moment to look at the hole that had been made by Kate’s finger. “ Well this is exactly why we must test you to make sure you can still control your strength. After all you don’t want to accidently turn someone into past.” A soft sigh was Kate’s only response everyone knew Kate didn’t like the idea of accidently killing someone but that didn’t mean she was going to enjoy the testing either especially since she knew it would be a length one. Getting the people out of the water had taken a while even with her able to pick hand fulls up now she was going to be using her fingers to move things around. “ Alright Kate we just want you to start moving some crates from a few of the ships. Why don’t you head on down to the harbor and help them unload some supplies start with the steel crates we can try others later on.”

“ Oh I see what you have planned now trying to use me as a crane to save some money?” Jason only rolled his eyes which got a laugh from Kate as she headed over to the harbor. She knew she was going to get a lot of practice picking things up before the day was over. As she looked at the ships and the various items that needed unloading. Her current task was going to take long enough though she liked to think that some of it was food items meant for her. It wasn’t hard to figure out which ships she was meant to unload as the crews had already set themselves up to move the supplies into various storage buildings but were going to leave the unloading to her. As she got a better look at the crates though she felt a bit sick to her stomach. Several of the crates seemed to have been placed force her to be extra careful. It was clear this wasn’t meant to be a simply task but one that would require her to be very careful not to crush anything even before her growth spurt. With it she truly began to wonder if she could unload the ships without crushing anything or if it was going to be ruled to dangerous for her to pick up people for a while.

As the crews waited for Kate to unload the various materials so they could move it into storage. They watched as the colossal figure carefully picked up each crate between her fingers and set them down. Some of them she found herself nudging a bit with her fingernails in order to make enough room between crates to pick them up. Jason joined them a little while later and began to take notes it was clear that Kate was being more cautious then normal as she worked. That was to be expected but he realized he should have given her a time limit. That would have forced her to work quickly and both carefully to help them gather more information that could come later on of course. Right now he just looked on as Kate moved from one ship to the other unloading supplies. Kate for her part was silently cursing herself because of her jitters. She knew she needed to be careful but thanks to the situation that knowledge made her more nervous then usual. Which made it quite a bit harder for her to keep her strength in check while working.

Everyone on the base had learned of Kate’s recent size increase including Greg. Of course this was actually a requirement as he was in charge of preparing Kate’s meals. Now as he looked on at her working he checked the pad of paper he held in his hand and didn’t like what he saw. Having taken in account Kate’s size increase he didn’t think they had enough food to last her until the next shipment came in which meant he was going to have to request that Sheila rush one in. That meant more of a black mark for Sheila as she would no doubt get some of the blame for what happened and a cut into the wrest of the bases budget. Really a good deal of it went to Kate but most people decided that keeping a nearly invulnerable soldier around was worth. As he watched her work though he imagined how she must be feeling. At least one good thing would come of the event though as he shouted back to the wrest of the cooks. They were to put on a few extra sides of beef for Kate. Since they were going to have to order extra food anyway he might as well through on a bit more then is needed to serve as comfort food something that Kate really didn’t get considering the amount it took to comfort her belly.

Nearly 90 minutes later Kate completed moving the last of the crates from the ships however it had clearly take a toll on her. She looked and felt exhausted her body having used up most of what it had eaten the previous day was in part at fault however it was mostly dealing with the amount of caution she had to show while working. Still smiling she looked at her work she hadn’t damaged anything the next test would be harder of course as this one had involved her moving metal containers around meant to take abuse. She didn’t know how she was going to fair when they required her to move more fragile things. “ Alright I think that got them all, so what is next?”

Jason was smiling now as he was glad to see Kate was happy with her work despite her fatigue and he did have good news for her. “ Breakfast time why don’t you head on down to the mess hall.” Jason was a bit surprised we Kate didn’t run off like she normally did but instead slowly stood up and carefully walked away. He didn’t like to see her having to show that level of concern in everything she did. Normally she would have merely trusted in her senses and self control as that had always kept her from stepping on someone or something before but now she was so concerned she walked at half pace. He had hoped she had relaxed a bit at the beach but now he found himself concerned that she was only suppressing her emotions. Of course the only thing they could do is test to see if she could control herself and if she can’t help her to practice so that she can. He hoped Kate wouldn’t rush through her meal so that she would have some time to relax. Her next test would be moving some olden wooden crates about followed by a few of the dummies from her earlier exercise. Then at last some people would have to volunteer to let her pick them up of course he was one of the ones that would after all he held himself partly responsible for what happened and more importantly so did Sheila and Michel.

Kate was plenty happy upon arriving to see what had been prepared for her. Having had her food more or less rationed for her entire life she had grown use to a certain proportion thus was happy to see despite her new size there seemed to be extra laid out for her. A grin formed on her face as she recalled reading a few books about concentration camps and how food was done. She knew it wasn’t fair to compare herself to them after all she had the power to leave whenever she wanted but she never was hungry. Still the amount she was given seemed to small compared to her over all size. It was a matter of economics though her body didn’t need proportionally as much as a normal human so she wasn’t given as much. She still appreciated it though as she set down and picked up a side of beef between her fingers. Realizing that her meal could help her practice a bit she didn’t bother using any utensils to pick up the sides of beef but instead relied upon her own fingers. She lifted them more quickly then the crates of course as she actually felt some what hungry thanks to the previous night and she really needed to test herself. If she accidently broke the bones then she would have to be more careful especially when picking humans up.

As Kate finished the last of her meal she was grinning quite happily. She had managed to finish the sides of beef without completely braking any of the bones at least until it went in her mouth. Though she had felt a few of them fracture she was always more careful with people though then she was with a cook cow. It seemed as if a weight had been lifted from her chest as she switched to the fruits and considered what lie ahead of her. She would be getting some more practice before the day was up thanks to Jacen and she already felt she could handle picking up a person. Her sudden increase in size still had her worried but now she felt reassured that she would at least be able to pick up people even after what had happened. Despite eating more slowly then normal at the start Kate quickly made up for that as she ate the various fruits and vegetables and soon found herself in search of Jacen now eager to get the next test over with.

Jason wasn’t hard to find thanks to the massive pile of crates that had been prepared. As Kate wondered over, he seemed a bit surprise with her feeling down earlier he had thought they would have to go and fetch her. “ So got everything ready for me?” Kate wasn’t frowning anymore as she felt more eager to get the testing over with.

Taking a few steps back so that he could see Kate’s face Jason was very happy to see her smiling. “ Just about we have a few more to get set up then we will be ready.” Jason turned back to what he was doing as Kate nodded for a moment. The crates were quite old and he wondered were most of them were coming from. It was actually taking longer then expected to get the sixty crates they felt they would need and he imagined the ones they had found had simply been locked in a storage building and no one had bothered to dispose of them. Which as far as he was concerned was a lucky turn of events as you never really knew when you might need some disposable item. He couldn’t help but wonder what had caused the extra boost in Kate’s confidence over lunch but simply wrote it off as having a full belly must make her feel better. A glimmer of thought went threw Jason’s head a moment later as he took a glimpse back at Kate who was still wearing her bikini. He had forgotten to tell her that she could put on her every day clothing at least that which still fit her. Grinning he wondered if there would be any harm in having her were the out fit for as long as he could.

“ Alright Kate since these aren’t actually loaded we want you to do something else with them simply then move them around. What we want you to try to do is to actually stack them in a pyramid shape with as little scooting as possible.” Jason had expected this news would be some what discouraging to Kate but as he looked on she still held the same smile. The fact that she was going to have to stack them didn’t seem to discourage her or the fact that she wasn’t allowed to push them very much. This would require her to simply set them down in the proper space despite the narrow confines for her fingers. The goal was to have her concerned with more the one thing other then shattering the crates in order to test her control more carefully. As Jason started to move a shadow fell over him upon Kate’s leaning over. Looking up at her massive form her breast nearly right above him he took a moment to consider and decided that the spot he was standing in would do just fine.

Kate for her part stiffled a giggle she had caught Jason admiring her a few moments earlier and realized why. Even though she respected the scientist as one might a aunt or uncle that didn’t stop her from teasing him just the same as she did most people though it was highly doubtful that she would be willing to go further then that. Of course Jason wasn’t the only one enjoying the view though there were few people standing in front of her as she was still near the water front it also meant that her back was facing most of the structures in the area. Many found themselves treated to a rather nice view of Kate’s firm rear as the bikini bottom seemed to vanish between her well formed buns. The effect was magnified even more upon Kate reaching back and taking hold of her long brown hair, working it over her right shoulder so that it wouldn’t move around too much. She had issues with this in the past as her hair had occasionally brushed against something and considering her size that could be quite damaging.

Jason’s eyes widened a bit as he noticed Kate run her fingers through her hair however his attention wasn’t drawn to her just because of the view. As without Kate noticing a single strand of her hair fell from her head. His eyes widened a bit as they quickly sought out the area that it would land. “KATE.” Cut through the air getting her attention as Jason pointed towards the sky the girls eyes quickly fell in that direction. Her eyes falling upon the strand as her hand quickly shot out to take hold of it. The distance something had to fall from Kate was both a good and a bad thing as even a strand of Kate’s hair and her scale and falling from her full height could do some decent damage especially if it landed upon someone. One thing that wasn’t appreciated about Kate by everyone was the fact that her hair was anything but light and it was very rare that she lost even a strand normally only brought on but a rapid change.

Kate’s hand was able to snatch the hair from the sky before it hit the ground but now it left an odd look upon her face as she noted the strand. Moving it over to Jason she let it down next to the scientist. “ I wonder how that happened.” Came from the girl as she noted that the single strand proved to be larger then Jason as she piled it up.

“ I …” Jason froze up for a moment as he started to say he didn’t know. Kate’s hair was very much alive and hardly ever died unless her body went threw a massive change causing some of her old cells to be purged faster then normal. This is why few new how heavy it really was the simple truth was that it could act some what like a muscle though anything like rapping around someone was far beyond it did seem to support itself though when touching someone else. Her body had went through a rapid change recently though. “ Your recent increase in size.” Was the only words that left his mouth as a sick look appeared upon Kate’s face.

“ Oh great I wonder how many more are going to fall out.” Came from the girl as she finished smoothing out her hair. She wasn’t really worried about losing it after all it grew back it just took longer then a normal human and she doubted she would lose too much her body had a reason for hanging onto it after all. Her reasons were more for the people around her as she imagined what might happen if she felt to catch a hair strand. Particularly if it landed on someone or if it landed on a building that hadn’t been properly reinforced. Of course she knew what the result would be as such a event had happened a while back though she wasn’t nearly as large as she now stood. Only being 300 feet tall at the time one of her hair strands had caught a soldier, the event had nearly driven Kate into a depression at the fact that not only had she accidently killed someone she considered an ally but because it had happened without her noticing. The fact that people could get killed so easily by just being around her had been the worse thought of all as she knew that her body hadn’t stopped growing.

Jason for his part had mixed feelings about the hair strand Kate had just set down next to him. With Kate’s strength and endurance it was very hard to hurt her thus took a lot to get a skin sample or blood sample. Hair was one of the easier things to get from her but even that took time. Now as he looked at the strand he imagined it to be at least 200 feet long as Kate’s hair did go down to her mid back. Pulling out his cell phone and bringing up the front desk he didn’t waste any time in having a few people come out and pick it up. A long sigh coming from him as he recalled what else they had planned for the week and wondered if the hair might avoid them having to have Kate actually remove some of her own skin so they could get some blood and of course the skin sample itself. It was always a real pain to ask her as they all knew how much she hated doing it.

A hummer arrived a short while later and a few soldiers began to load up the strand. Jason normally would have gone back with them to help in the process of braking it down but for now he needed to stay with Kate. Besides in all truth the amount of time it took to brake down just about anything from Kate’s body was quite tedious now he could leave that task up to the others by staying with Kate and he would get to examine the finished results. Waving to Kate to get her attention and get her out of her brooding. “ Well come on you got some crates to move.” A quick rush of air hit him a moment later sending him on his but as Kate gently blew on him.

“ You know you brought all this out why should I have to organize your stuff?” Jason just rolled his eyes and Kate decided to play difficult.

“ Now don’t be fussy young lady we don’t have all the time in the world after all you are already losing your hair.” Jason was able to brace himself for the second rush of air though he still ended up falling back a few steps. He grinned as he looked up to see Kate rolling her eyes she being the youngest person on the entire facility at least most the time had brought up issues before but now most people just enjoyed poking fun at her young age once in a while and a hair falling out was about the best chance anyone could get. Jason had to steady himself against a shock wave a moment later as Kate began to scoot around him a bit. Realizing that he was being punished in part for his comment by Kate not letting him have such a delightful view of her body as it leaned over him anymore he just grinned and took a seat near by to watch.

Kate upon busying herself with the crates was quick to notice their age. “ Something from your time.” Was quickly addressed towards Jason who responded with a snort. Grinning she began to fiddle with the crates trying to avoid scooting them away from one another. Her task was to move them with as little damage as possible after all and that was one way to tear them up rather quickly especially considering their age. Still as she began to move them away from one another and place them together she found the task increasingly simple thanks to the greater space for her massive fingers. Having gotten something of a confidence boost from her practice with the sides of beef she was actually finishing the task in good time far faster then what Jason had expected when it all came crumbling down. As Kate found herself focusing on her fingers she had plum forgotten that she hadn’t finished with her hair before hand meaning a few strands were still hanging over her left shoulder. While this wasn’t a threat to the crates at first a resounding crash happened upon her little pyramid reaching its third level. Looking over she looked sickened as she noticed one of her strands of hair had slammed right into the top row.

While the action might not seem like most to some the rate of speed that Kate’s hair could be swung when she looked around couple with its weight and strength could be quite damaging. Jason let out a sigh as he looked up at the wide eyed Kate realizing what Kate must be thinking he took in the situation for a moment before talking to her. “ Hey don’t worry about it Kate we are testing the control of your hands and limbs which your hair doesn’t count as. Besides there are two more test to go I am sure you will do just fine in them.” Jason watched as Kate seemed to relax a bit as he spoke to her though it was clear that she was still concerned. She hardly ever felled at anything and she had came into this last test with all the confidence in the world.

Looking at the shattered crate still Kate looked at the few she had left to go before she would have been finished. Reaching back and fiddling with her hair she once again began to lay it out. She had never enjoyed having it over one shoulder the look just didn’t appeal to her. “ I guess you are right but blast it I was so close to being finished.”

“ Life can be that way at times still why don’t you go and lie down for a little while. We will come and get you once everything is ready must this time don’t go half way across the island.”

A grin formed on Kate’s face as that had actually become her habit when she didn’t want to do something. As much as she was dreading her next test though she knew it wasn’t the time for such actions. After all if she could prove herself that meant she would have to go into some training to learn to control herself and worse yet until she passed that training none of her friends would be brought over. As she stood up and looked over her shoulder at the boxes though a grin did form on her face. As she began to head towards the beach she left the back of her foot barely touch them though her leg was in full swing. The crates shuttering at the slight touch as she walked away grinning to herself. Jason and the others who had simply planned on storing the crates away were of course giving Kate a frustrated look. They wouldn’t be using that test anymore as with her one action she had managed to shatter the majority of the crates.

Heading to the beach Kate looked out the water and considered her options. She could swim or just float around for a while. Digging her toes into the sand she decided on a different choice as she set down. Digging her hands into the sand she began to smooth out a area for the foundation of her sand castle. She wouldn’t have time to finish her work but it would help her to relax. Looking around she wished she had something to judge the size of her current work against to see if she could get it down to the same size as she had made them when she was only 760 feet tall. She still had a feel for what the size they would have been before her recent increase in size. Slowly she began to work on her sand castle trying to keep the doors smaller then she would have as well as everything else despite the increased size of her hands. Her fingernails actually proved quite useful in this task as she worked. Though it was one of the times she wished they were longer. Of course that just didn’t happen to her it was one of the things that proved both helpful to her but also alienating as it made her feel less like a human. Her hair, fingernails and other aspects of her body never seemed to go beyond a certain point. She didn’t even have any hair on her body something that she was sure quite a lot of women would enjoy. Never having to shave it was helpful to her as she worried about what could actually be used for her to shave but it still seemed odd.

Kate’s concern now showed in her work as her castle took shape she couldn’t help but notice that the doors varied in scale. Some were more along the lines of her previous works while others deviated to what her now larger fingers could more easily craft. A frustrated cry came from the girl as her hand as she slammed her hand into what work she had finished. Pulling her legs up to herself she leaned forward a bit and began to simply sulk. Her entire day had been nothing but one problem after another and now she couldn’t do one of her favorite hobbies how she wanted to. She knew why of course she had always let her sand castles grow with her body so that she always had room to work with. Trying to keep them at a precise size simply wasn’t going to work out.

Jason’s heart had jumped a beat the moment he saw Kate slam her hand into her castle. It was rare indeed that Kate lost her temper and especially rare that she took out her anger on anything even if it wasn’t living. He knew Kate was human but still the thought of her truly losing her temper and acting out on the surrounding the area as she did the castle sent chills down his spine. It would take a lot to bring her down and he doubted that they could do it without a massive loss of human life. Still he steadied himself as he yelled out. “ Hey Kate we are ready over here.” The fact that the massive girl stood up a few moments later was a true testament to her hearing ability. He often wondered if he really needed to yell at all provided the both of them were outside.

Walking over to Jason as Kate looked down at the little dummies her anger was replaced with a sudden urge to simply start crying. Thanks to her previous mistake she was so shaky that she didn’t want to risk felling something else. “ So is it alright if I just fracture a few ribs?” Was the only thing she could manage while still keeping her voice steady.

Jason grinned as Kate set down and began to walk over to the massive girls leg though it deprived him of the view of her face. Standing next to it he gave her massive thigh a few good pats. “ Now don’t worry Kate we all know that you can do this. That last incident was just a fluke, but before we begin this test. Why don’t you pick me up so I can get a bird’s eye view of how you work.” Jason’s entire body tightened up as he said this even his rid cage seemed to cringe in fear as he let these words leave his mouth. Still he felt he had to do something in order to get Kate to relax and show that she can still pick up people. So he steadied himself and put all his effort in hiding his fear as he felt Kate shift away from him. As she did so he simply smiled up at her trying to put on his most trusting look which unfortunately wasn’t very good in the first place thanks to him being a pessimist.

Kate for her part was some what in shock as she looked down at Jason. Didn’t he know just how dangerous it would be for her to pick him up? As she looked down at him she could see what he was trying to do. The fact that he was suppressing his concern was quite clear in his face but so was the trust that he was putting in her. She felt the anger and even a good deal of the sadness she had felt only moments later falling away from her. Lowering her hand down to the scientist to pick him up. Jason’s heart skipped a beat as he felt Kate’s fingers closer in around him. Each one of her fingers being many times his own size he struggled to relax and trust in Kate as she picked him. She needed this experience after all if she was going to rebuild her confidence. He was nervous to the point that only did he realize he was not longing being held was when Kate release him allowing him to drop the few inches to her shoulder.

Kate for her part had been quite nervous while picking up Jason but found once she had him in her fingers it didn’t feel too different from before hand he was just a bit smaller. As she let him down on her shoulder she had to move her finger in order to keep him from taking a couple story plunge. Despite the event helping her to relax a lot she still had no desire to have to catch anyone. Smiling once Jason stopped wobbling she nudged him a few times towards her face. “ See now you can control your strength.” Kate only grinned as Jason spoke he knew how scared he had been while being lifted. As Jason walked over to Kate’s neck though he found a problem that her size had created before but he had forgotten. Kate’s massive breast made it rather hard to see the dummies below but there was no way he was going down now. As he took a hold of one of Kate’s hair strands he marveled as it seemed help in his effort to wrap it around himself.

Kate grinned as she took a moment to debate with herself if they got so close to her neck for safety reasons or for the view. She could normally tell were someone was more easily if they stayed close to her throat though she imagined this was a hold out from when she was normal sized. After all something was more of a threat when near the neck then holding onto the shoulder but this also gave them a wonderful view into her cleavage which Kate suspected was another reason they chose to stand near her neck. So they wouldn’t have to look side ways to get the full view of her massive bust. Turning her attention back to the task at hand all she had to do was pick the dummies up and place them in her open palm to pass though they had actually set up a means for her to get extra points. If she could do a few stunts with the dummies while not using enough force that would be considered damaging she could add to her score in order to make up for the previous event.

“ Oh the price of being big, not only do I get graded for my mental knowledge but you people even give me scores on how easily I can pick things up.” Jason just shook his head as he listened to Kate. She was already acting more like her old self then she had been doing previously this meant additional complaining of course but it worried them when she didn’t complain every once in a while.

“ Snap brake crunch.” Came from Kate’s shoulder as she picked up the first dummy and placed it in her free hand. Jason stood grinning as he made the various sounds that she didn’t want too here. She would have loved to give him a poke for teasing her just after her helped her to relax but her hands were busy at the moment. So she tolerated his joking figuring that she could just get even with him later on. A grin formed on her face as she debated on not letting him down for a while though considering the view he had he might enjoy that she reasoned. She would have to come up with another way to get back at the little smart alack. These thoughts went from her mind as she continued to lie the dummies side by side across her palm. She was still being careful of course but it wasn’t the nervous cation of before hand but a general respect and concern for the fragility of what she was picking up.

Jason finally relaxed and set down despite Kate’s bending down she was good for keeping the slope flat enough that one could remain seated. He of course continued with the various braking noises as Kate worked but he was happy to see she was cheering up. At one time it had bothered him that Kate could be put on such a emotional trip so quickly but they had learned something over time. While Kate’s emotions could change very swiftly they had never known her to lose control and with her body and mind sharing so much information so quickly it didn’t seem all that odd that her emotions could change quickly as well. As he relaxed though he found himself thinking on Kate’s final test of the day when she would finally know if she would have company or not.

He was now fairly sure that she would past though and was wondering on just who they should bring over. Amy to his knowledge wasn’t up for it at the moment as she was currently taking a summer corse. Actually as he let his mind wonder it seemed the only option that would be open would be to have someone brought in. That would probably be the best thing though after all that is the greatest treat they can give her. A sudden since of vertigo went threw Jason as Kate set up from her work. Holding up her hand “ Here they are.” Got Jason’s attention slowly he began to count the dummies that Kate as holding in her hand to make sure she wasn’t cheating. Grinning he leaned over a bit in the direction of her ear.

“ Good job now all you have to do is put them all back.” A sudden humph from Kate got a chuckle from Jason as she went to work placing the dummies on the ground. Soon it would be time for her to trying picking up a large number of actual people. As he imagined enough volunteers had probably been gathered up already especially with Kate in her swim wear. As well as the fact that as human beings most anyone looked for a reason to slack off their work when ever they could. Jason had proven quite guilty of that himself over the day as he now set upon Kate’s shoulder. His thoughts returning to just who they would bring over for Kate to visit. The answer came to him as he looked into the valley of cleavage below and considered how rare it was Kate got to meet one of her male friends. Kate was truly a lovely girl after all and it had been so long since she had met a male that wasn’t either much older then her or just a friend.

As he ran through the list of males in his mind Jason began to wonder which ones Kate might be able to form a relation ship with. They defiantly couldn’t be possessive after all when your girl friend is several thousands or millions times your height it is quite clear were the power lies in the relation ship. Sighing he knew he would end up having to talk this over with the wrest of the team anyway as normally the majority vote decided who came over unless of course Sheila or Michel decided to pull rank on them. “ Done” Once again brought Jason into the real world that and Kate’s fingers coming to retrieve him from her shoulder. A wave of fear ran threw him once again as he took in just how massive Kate’s hand was. She hadn’t destroyed any of the dummies and his trip up there had proven safe enough but now he found himself regretting the sounds he had been making before as he couldn’t get the vision of Kate crushing him to a pulp out of his mind. Still he slowly unraveled Kate’s hair from around himself and waited to be picked up feeling much the same as the child that spends the night telling ghost stories to scare others only to find them coming back to haunt him when he lays down to go to sleep.

Once again his heart skipped a beat when Kate picked him up and once again he found himself on solid ground only a few moments later. “ So you going to go gather everyone up?” Jason took a moment to nod his head as he steadied himself fear or not being picked up and set down by Kate was a trip and it often took people a few moments to recover Jason was no exception to this. At last though he got out his phone and rung up the front desk.

“ Yeah go ahead and send them over… Naa she is ready to get it over with and I think she is ready as well. Okay we can wait a few moments for everyone to gather.” Kate listened to Jason’s conversation as she wondered just who all would be coming to be the test subjects. Jason had actually been the first test subject as he had allowed Kate to pick him up first some thing she would have to thank him for later as his trust had helped her to get a handle on herself. A short while later several soldiers and even a few scientist showed up and began to take up their spots. Kate looked perplexed for a moment until she realized they were spacing themselves together as if there had been an explosion of some kind. The representation was overly complex of course but that was meant to make up for a lack of wreckage for her to sort through. The last person to lie down was Jason who found himself a nice spot all to himself. Clearly having been picked up twice already and having to go for another trip still had him nervous though he hoped that the third time would be more relaxed then the last two.

Kate for her part was far more relaxed then Jason as she began to pick up the people actually starting with the ones that were more bunched together then spread apart. All she had to do is arrange them for medical attention while not moving them a great deal. This meant all she had to do was spread them out in nice neat rolls so that a medical team could get to them. The task was made even simpler since she was working with actual people. Unlike the dummies before she knew at least a human would scream if she began to crush them so long as she didn’t do it too quickly. That at least provided some safety though she strived to make the trip enjoyable instead of a painful one after all she didn’t want to hurt someone every time she picked them up. The victims for their part were mostly male and seemed quite happy to lay back and enjoy the view particularly as Kate would lean over giving them a wonderful view of her breast. This also served to provide a nice view of her rear to those people that were watching her work as they stood behind her.

Jason for once didn’t see any of this though as he kept his eyes shut hoping that if he didn’t seem Kate’s massive fingers reaching for him he wouldn’t feel so panicked. Silently he cursed himself for making those noises while Kate was working and began to wonder if those karma nuts actually had something. In the end though keeping his eyes shut didn’t work as Jason could pretty much since the massive presence of Kate’s hand as it reached towards him. The fact that her hand completely blocked out the sun made it entirely easier. He did manage to keep himself from locking up as bad as Kate lifted him into the air and placed him within her open palm. Then turning around she proceeded to lay the people within her hand back on the sand though this time in a nice even order. Jason relaxed for a moment as it seemed that it would soon be all over until he felt Kate shift back in the direction of the others. She hadn’t finished getting them all yet as he had expected but he had thought she was going to put him down as well. All he could do was sigh and resign himself to his fate as he realized Kate was going to make him ride this out to the end.

Some things people adapt to if they can with stand them long enough others slowly wear them down. Jason for his part and developed a cold sweat as Kate’s massive fingers pass over him again and again. As even though he trusted Kate the simple fact that he knew the power she held in each finger and how easily she could crush him was slowly getting to him. Seeing this Kate grinned to herself as she felt the beads of sweat roll down his face and onto her hand. Finally the sound that Jason had been waiting to here hit his ears as, “ Well that is all of them except one.” Opening his eyes Jason realized that he was the only one left in what would be considered the danger zone as he still remained in Kate’s hand looking up at the massive girls grinning face he sighed.

“Well aren’t you going to put me down then?” Jason let out a slight yelp as Kate began to move him though not towards the ground instead she lifted him up towards her face. As Jason was lifted he kept his eyes on Kate’s face up until the point that he could no longer see her eyes upon which time he had to focus in on only one area that being Kate’s lips. Moments later he found himself pressed against them getting what would be considered a full body kiss. Kate for her part was very happy that she had passed the final test of the day and felt like showing her appreciation to the scientist that had helped her threw much of it. Jason for his part upon being removed from Kate’s lips actually found himself having to catch his breath. The action had been unexpected and even more so the feeling. Despite Kate’s size her lips had proven quite soft and very pleasing to the touch even though they covered nearly his entire body even more so then the scientist would have liked as he hoped Kate wouldn’t notice his reaction.

Giggling Kate was feeling more then a little giddy so her actions weren’t surprising. She had just passed the test she had been fearing all day. With her task now finishing she found another issue coming to mind as she held Jason in her hand. “ Well I hope that does it and now I would like to go have something to eat. You have kept be busy about all day and after last nights little event I am quite hungry.” Jason took a moment to look around as Kate spoke and realized just how much time had indeed passed while she was working with so many people. Fortunately it wasn’t his job to keep Kate feed and he doubted that even with all the commotion Greg would have forgotten to prepare Kate’s meal.

“Alright Kate why don’t you drop me off at the main compound and then head on down to the mess hall I have some things to take care of now that we are done.” Jason felt a rush of air as Kate slowly stood up at least for her a thought quickly jumping into his mind. When Kate was carrying someone about all her actions seemed to be in slow motion as if she moved her arms or legs or even stood at the rate that was truly appropriate to her size it could end up killing them. The fact that she still made this adjustment even at her new size without thinking made him wonder if Kate had really needed any practice at all. It was true she had made a blunder early on but perhaps that was thanks to her being more nervous then usual or perhaps her mind was adapting to cope with her body’s new size. He wasn’t really sure which but as he was carried towards the main compound he let those thoughts leak from his mind and begin to think on other matters.

It was true that things were solved for now but there would be many other issues coming up soon. Kate would need new clothes more quickly then normal thanks to her sudden increase in size and there was the little matter of what was going to be said to the higher ups. At least everything was happening now though as Jason considered how chaotic things will be in a bit over a year. Election years were the absolute worse for the entire team as they always had to wonder how the next president would react to the news of Kate’s existence. A sudden since of movement took all thoughts from Jason’s mind as Kate didn’t bother to announce their arrival at the main compound. “ There you go.” Was only said after Kate had placed Jason upon the ground and had even given him a slight pat on the hand with her finger. As Kate began to walk away Jason started to punch in his security information to get the door to slide open. He didn’t have time however as the door opened and a soldier stood in the door way.

“General Steel wants to speak to you.” Jason grunted as he knew that would be coming. Thanks to the days events he doubted he had to worry about being in for a scolding this time instead he rather expected her to want to speak to him about damage control and just how everything was going to be handled. With these thoughts in mind it wasn’t surprising when he found the wrest of the team already in Sheila’s officer some of them looking quite exhausted already as they normally worked the late shift. Sighing Jason took his seat and the group began to plan out just how they were going to write up the report and keep things as pretty as possible.

With everything that had happened over the previous day Kate felt that she would be allowed a decent amount of time to wrest. The said as she lay within her room she could hear the activity going on outside and had to wonder just what was being planned. Patting her stomach Kate sighed she had at least gotten to eat and quite a bit before heading to her bed room. Greg had actually put on some extra food incase she felled or incase she succeeded either to comfort her or congratulate which Kate was grateful for and even happier that it turned out to be congratulation food. Now with a full belly and having spent the day being tested Kate had hoped to get to lay around for a hour when suddenly the door to her room swung open and Melvin stepped in. “ Well good morning Kate, ready to start today’s test?”

Kate set staring at Melvin for a moment as what he had just sunk in. Looking to her computer screen she saw that it was indeed morning, 3 in the morning to be precise and they were going to start testing now. “ Just what do you have planned for today?”

“ Oh we have had several soldiers hide through out the island. Your jog is to track them all down and bring them back here. We figured that it would be best to start at night when your eye site would be the most hindered.” Kate massive eyes blinked as these words hit her ears having just spent the last few hours having to be careful with every action she did now she was going to have to make sure she didn’t accidently crush anyone.

“ I just spent the entire day being tested and retested and now you are going to make me play hide and seek with I don’t know how many people at night?” Melvin gave a slight grin and a nod.

“ Yes we are you passed all your test with flying colors so we saw no reason to delay today’s test either.” Melvin had to hold in a chuckle at the look on Kate’s face. As if she was laying there hoping that he would laugh and tell her it was a joke. A few moments later though a massive sigh came from the girls lips and she began to move towards the exit. A moment later though she stopped and looked at her clothing scooting back into her room Melvin wondered what Kate was up to when suddenly she began to remove her bikini. Melvin did turn away but not before he was presented with a wonderful view of Kate’s massive chest. Realizing what she was doing the scientist excused himself while Kate got dressed the sound of the massive girls giggles at his reaction trailing him as he left the room.

A short while later the sound of the doors opening and Kate’s massive figure crawling out caused Melvin to turn in her direction. Kate having changed into a skirt and a tube top producing a extremely appealing outline against the night sky one that almost caused Melvin to curse the moonless night and the fact that they had to turn off most the lights to conduct the test. Kate for her part grinned as she heard the slight gasp from below and began to look around the area. She knew they wouldn’t tell her how many soldiers had been hidden across the island or what the boundaries where after all a enemy wouldn’t give her such information. She was just going to have to buckle down and find as many people as she could. Without asking a single question the massive girl simply began to stride off leaving Melvin to watching her departing rear. The scientist for his part grinned as he noted Kate was heading towards the beach. The simple fact that she spent so much time on the beach would most likely make it easy for her to find the few men that hid there then she would have to move inland.

Allen let out a long sigh as he set within one of the boats docked near the beach. Having chosen the spot for comfort he grumbled at the chill in the air. Thanks to the need of extra people to help with the current experiment a few of them had been roused from their sleep and volunteered for the test. He was one of the lucky ones that had received this honor which is exactly why he had chosen to be sent to the beach area. Having been around Kate long enough and even been one of the group she had plain with to see if they could leave or not he knew Kate w