Kate’s story chapter 2


the process had left nothing of it standing as she carefully moved her hands threw it. Now some what frustrated she had destroyed her work for no reason at all she stood up and began to dust herself off. Allen’s heart almost instantly speed up as he worried that Kate would be leaving and dread began to well up inside of him not fear as he was not in any danger but dread that he might be stuck waiting some time. This was exactly what would get him found though as the sudden increase in heart rate and general changes in body function did manage to get Kate’s attention at last. Instinctively turning in his direction she began to walk towards him. Allen now hopeful that Kate had noticed him suddenly made an observation himself and realized he now had another reason to hate the night. As normally Kate standing above someone would give them a wonderful view now with the low visibility and the distance between himself and her skirt all he could see was darkness.

At least as Kate’s face neared he was able to make out some features especially her bright blue eyes that seemed to have a light of their own at times. “ Found you.” Went threw out the area as Kate’s face was suddenly blocked from his view her massive hand reaching into the boat and retrieving him. The difference in temperatures between Kate’s massive finger and the cold air was quite pleasant and Allen found himself wanting to nod off even more. It didn’t take long for Kate to realize who she was holding in her hand as she new about everyone who had been stationed there for any length of time and indeed had forced Allen and his friends into a game of hide and seek a few months earlier and many times since then as well. “ Hmm well I would have figured you would do better with all that time you spent playing hide and seek with me. Not putting all your energy into it Allen?”

“ Well it is kind of hard to put your best effort into something when you hate the cold.” Allen grinned as he spoke to Kate rather thankful for the warmth of her fingers and even more so still hoping for a quick trip back to his barracks. He began to become concerned however as he noticed a playful grin spreading across face which despite the darkness was very visible especially as close as he was to her face. “ Now Kate what is that grin for?”

“ So you are cold are you I bet you were hoping that I would carry you back weren’t you.” A giggle came from Kate as Allen gave a slight nod and a worried looked appeared on his face. “ Well I don’t feel like walking all the way back but I think I can help you with your cold problem.” Allen only had a blank looked upon his face until he looked at Kate’s free hand and noticed what she was doing. Before he could protest however he found himself lowered into Kate’s cleavage up until only his head was showing. A moment later he found himself unable to move in the least but held in place to two massive mounds of flesh. Struggling for a moment as Kate giggle the shock waves shook his entire body. Allen hadn’t planned on Kate being in one of her more playful moods but that did seem to be the case the time as he struggled to get free he knew it wasn’t happening though. Of course the situations more logical aspects were not lost on him as he marveled that not only wasn’t he crushed by the two massive weights but it actually felt quite good, actually it felt a little too good as he struggled to keep Kate from noticing the growth in his pants.

Kate for her part couldn’t help but chuckle as Allen struggled within her cleavage a grin forming on her face as she recalled the testing she had done a while back. Of course she hadn’t simply shoved Allen into her cleavage without knowing if he would be alright. It was still quite a mystery to her but she had learned that her body seemed to respond to what she wanted it to do. Grinning she recalled the first time she wanted to see if it would be okay to put someone between her breast. She had gotten the idea from a gts website and wanted to test it out. She hadn’t tried it on a person of course but rather she had slipped a barrel between her breast and promptly crushed it flat defiantly not the intended results. This had actually lead her to experiment with various items to see if she could keep from crushing them within the grip of her mighty breast. What she hadn’t know is that her body would respond to her mind and was actually adapting so that such mistakes wouldn’t be made.

Sheila had actually helped in this process as she noticed Kate experimenting with her body. She had helped in getting the materials of various strength for Kate to play around with. It seemed odd at first at least to Kate as she viewed Sheila as a mother figure but she had learned long ago Sheila was not the average mother figure and Sheila had recognized that Kate could not be raised as the average child. Also there was the fact that Sheila had been fairly wild in her younger days and it seemed to have been passed on to Kate some how. Neither of them saw any real harm in general body exploration though of course there was one area that was completely off limits as far as Kate was concerned though she didn’t know for sure about Sheila. Luckily for Allen the breast region was not off limits as he found himself buried up to his chin in Kate’s flesh.

“ Hey now young lady I am a little old for this.” Was the only response Allen could really think of as he continued to struggle within the embrace of Kate’s breast. Though in truth he didn’t really want help out of his current situation rather he had a idea that Kate enjoyed the sensation as he wasn’t the first soldier to end up spending some time within her cleavage. It of course was one of the moments that he wished Kate was closer to his rage range and a normal sized female. As even though he enjoyed the situation he really couldn’t view himself in a relation ship with a female that toward not only over him but nearly everything in site.

“ Ah you like it there and you know it. Now I guess I should get back on the search I have a bit of a ways to go.” Grinning at having made her first catch Kate once again began to scan the area though as she did she hoped that the others wouldn’t want to be caught as well as that would make finding them much harder then if they didn’t want too be. Allen heard a splash of water a few moments later as Kate stepped into the sea and began to move her feat along it. Wanting to make sure she gave every were a thorough search before she moved on the next there was a chance that some of the people would be hiding out in the water. As she moved her feet along her body began to guide her mind more then the mind guided her body her instincts seeming to kick in as Kate had learned to just follow them. It was really the only way that she could avoid accidently crushing someone as well as have any chance of finding her targets.

A feeling between her toes got a grin from Kate as she lifted her foot from the water, having caught a diver between her toes the figure seemed to be a bit shocked at the method she had used to pick him up. Giggling Kate quickly retrieved him from her foot. “ Well that makes two of you now, I wonder how many more I have to go.” As Kevin set within Kate’s hand he began to look around wondering just wear the second person was. It was clear Kate didn’t have him in her hand though be following her eyes he soon realized were he must be. Slowly he peeked over the side of Kate’s massive hand spotting Allen down below there was a slight sputter from him. Allen for his part looked up to see his friend flipping him off though he couldn’t make out exactly who it was thanks to the wet suit.

“ Oh yeah why don’t you come down here and try that.” Was Allen’s only remark though the tone of his voice showed that he was joking.

“ Believe me I would love to.” This told Allen who it was as he recognized his friends voice the conversation couldn’t be continued however as Kate burst into a fit of giggles at the interaction between the two males. Still Kevin would have to wait for his turn to be held captive by Kate’s massive chest. Letting out a long sigh Kate once again began to wonder around the beach in search of more soldiers. Sheila for her part set at her desk with a rather large cup of coffee reading through various files. She had been up for quite a few hours now ever since Kate’s massive increase in size getting everything organized. With Kate’s successful test the previous day she saw no reason not to bring in one of Kate’s friends or even a new friend though that would require some extra doing.

It would be good for taking Kate’s mind off her sudden increase in size and help to further stabilize her mental state back into more predictable parameters. There was one problem though as she read through the files she found that the people that had already met Kate where all busy with other activities that she really didn’t want to pull them from. Also a part of her wanted to bring in someone else that Kate had yet to meet. These were some of the best stress relievers Kate could get provided they went over well. To this effect Sheila had managed to narrow down the list of people to bring in down to a select few. All of these people Kate had spoken to online and had been checked out so Sheila had a pretty good idea if it would be safe or not to bring them in. Now she just had to decide which one it was going to be a task that Michel would normally help with.

Sheila wanted to take care of this on her own though and any choice to bring someone in was after all her decision in the end after all. Finally Sheila settled on a young man looking at the picture for a moment she grinned. His profile showed him as the shy type and at least partly submissive. That would be good when working with Kate as it was a extremely rare case that someone who was use to being in to much control could get along with Kate. As the simple truth was that at her current state most choices Kate made were of her own choosing even when they had to put her into lock down. It was common knowledge that if Kate wanted to rip threw the bunker and served as her home there wasn’t a lot anyone could do about it. Except perhaps nuke the entire island a plan that everyone worker there didn’t like in the least.

Andrew set relaxed when the phone rang before he could greet the caller though he was cut off by Sheila. “ I want you to start getting ready to go and fetch someone. I will send the detail down in a little while, you are to use the standard employment ruse to bring them in.”

“ Yes commander Steele.” Was all Andrew could say as the phone hung up. Looking at a monitor he took a moment to check up on Kate seeing that the young girl had already managed to catch some 20 soldiers and wasn’t showing sines of slowing down. She would have to bring them in soon enough of course after all even her massive hands could only hold so many people and she needed one hand to be free I order to capture them. Finally he shut down the green and began to print out the contracts that were used for the pick ups. It was the same thing every time a promise not to tell anyone where you had been or what you had seen, job insurance and general care. It was a funny thing but they did require people to agree to a medical plan incase they got injured while visiting with Kate. It basically gave the base staff permission to treat any injuries that one might receive while visiting though as far as Andrew knew that had never happened to a guest but instead to a few soldiers when Kate was still very young.

Kate for her part was making her way back to the main base her right hand completely full of troops while Allen remained trapped within her cleavage. He had to wonder now if he was going to be let lose or if he was going to be in this for the long wall. It didn’t take him long to get his answer as Kate emptied her hand and once again began to walk off with him still trapped. Realizing that he wasn’t going to be getting out of this any time soon he looked up at Kate. “ Umm Kate if your not going to let me go, would you mind at least putting me in a reclined position.” A slight hum came from Kate as she looked down at Allen and then began to remove him from her chest. Allen took this time to do some stretching as he prepared himself to once again find his movement restrained.

Instead of completely trapping him as before though she instead simply placed him slightly within her breast grip allowing him to lay back and limited movement. Now able to move some and even free himself if he really wanted to Allen actually began to relax thanks to the slight movement of Kate breast as well as the warmth. As he leaned his head against her chest he could hear the sound of Kate’s heart beating or at least he assumed it was her heart. Her body was so different from a normal humans though he wasn’t sure what organs she really had or if only her outward appearance was the only thing human about her now. He did know that if that beating her heard was Kate’s heart it must be incredibly powerful in order to pump her blood through out her body. Kate grinned as she noticed Allen nodding off she would give him a hard time about that later on but not at the moment. Instead her fingers began to lightly glide over him an act which was really the closest thing to petting Kate was capable of doing.

A feeling of safety seemed to wash over Allen as he relaxed in Kate’s care. A moment later Kate simply let him sleep as he dosed off. Looking around Kate mused for a moment on how she would like to take a little brake herself but unlike Allen she still had work to do. With that in mind she once again began to head towards the beach. “ Well hello there you little sneaks.” Greeted the ears of several troops that had moved to the beach after Kate had searched it. Figuring that she wouldn’t head strait back to the area Kate knew right away that these were the beginners who thought they were being smart. Having played this game many times Kate had been fooled by this stunt before and thus had learned to give each area a thorough search when ever she left it for any extended time frame. A few swears reached Kate’s ears as the men didn’t bother running as they really didn’t have any chance of getting away from Kate’s massive reach thus being found in the open was considered being caught.

Kate simply lowered her hand and dug it into the sand a bit to make it easier for the people to climb into it. A soft giggle went through out her body as she felt the boots of the soldiers as they marched across her hand. The number of the impacts on her skin actually served to tickle her quite a bit as the group marched across her palm. As Kate walked back to the base she could hear the mutters of a few of the soldiers that had come at a friends suggestion and even a few that seemed to have gotten advice by the troops that had competed in the game before. This was perhaps the most amusing part of the game in Kate’s opinion as even professionals tended to have fun when they could.

Melvin wasn’t to surprised when Kate came back with the second group of soldiers at least they wouldn’t make the same mistake again and now Kate probably had most of the beginners which meant that the others would take longer. Of course they wouldn’t be taking as long as the first group thanks to the quiet conversation’s Kate had been listening in on. The groups having talked about the others Kate had heard every word despite the mass of people in her hand and now had a better idea of were to look. In truth the only person that she hadn’t gotten any information from was the one that had been with her the longest and was now sleeping peacefully despite Kate’s movements. Of course Allen’s presence did slow down Kate’s return trips as she really couldn’t walk at full pace or he might end up being injured. Though how slowly Kate moved compared to her size could only really be appreciated if viewed from a distance.

Kate’s return trip to the beach felled to turn up any more soldiers meaning the wrest had dug themselves in else were. Going on the conversations she had heard amongst the troops the young giantess began to delve into the forested areas being careful with each placement of her feet. Really out of anywhere Kate hated having to search the forest above all else. It was more likely she would end up stepping on someone and there was the little matter of other objects. Of course the thing that mostly concerned Kate as the crushed vegetation stuck to her foot. If she was close enough to someone she could pretty much since their presence but if she didn’t notice them and something should fall from her foot while stepping over them someone might end up getting killed. It was thanks to this danger though that it made the forest a idea hiding spot as Kate would not risk taking full steps. Rather her feet where always closer together as she took tiny steps to help insure she didn’t get anyone killed.

Of course if it was an actual combat situation Kate would not be required to play by the same rules as when being tested. This was one thing that made the soldiers hiding very grateful that it was just a game as the watched trees vanish beneath Kate’s every step. Kate for her part had yet another reason to hate the fact that the soldiers hid in the forest as she went threw it. As she couldn’t take large steps other wise she would be risking killing someone she had to take more small steps to keep them safe and make sure she found them. This had the effect of destroying more of the forest area then anything else. It was one of the few times that made Kate actually grateful most of the wild life had been removed from the island and instead the forested areas actually had to be maintained to keep appearance and make them useful. The soldiers that had to repair the damage and maintain the large wooded areas hated the event even more then Kate of course as they carefully watched from afar as they would be the ones repairing the damage they never actually hid in the forest in an attempt to limit the destruction to as little as possible.

Kate stopped her movement a moment later as she felt something under her foot. A slight sound of relieved breathing reached her ear as she moved her foot away from the ground. Bending down she inserted her fingernail just under the ground and gave it a slight flick. What she found as a large group of rather relieved looking soldiers staring up at her. “ Ah you did a good camo job this time didn’t you. Of course I nearly stepped on you thanks to that perhaps you will think differently before trying too hard again.” A small amount of nervous laughter came from the men as Kate slowly nudged them into her hand. Finally standing up the small fox whole was completely crushed under Kate’s foot a moment later as she continued her shuffling walk through the area.

The forest actually proved to be easier then the beach thanks to the lack of wild life something that actually concerned Melvin as he watched Kate wonder through out it. It was true that Kate was good at finding living things in such areas but he wondered if her senses would prove so effective in a area with a great deal of animals or if they would throw her off. It was true that in any other situation though Kate probably wouldn’t have to worry about crushing anyone that proved to be another issue though as he wondered if Kate really had it in her to be used as a weapon. The team had avoided turning her into a monster intentionally as it was decided that was a foolish and dangerous plan instead they had worked on her devotion to her country so that she could act despite of her feelings.

“ Hey I was wondering if I could get a bite to eat.” Melvin gave a slight jump as he noticed Kate standing rather close to him. He had been so lost in this own thoughts that he didn’t notice someone as massive as Kate walking up to him. Still a grin formed on his face as he waved his hand slightly.

“ Yeah sure just drop of those men and stop by the mess hall.” The men actually found Kate being more pushy then normal as she nudge them out of her hand and headed down to the mess hall. Upon her arrival though she found a new problem as she began to look around. Nothing had been placed out for her and nothing was being brought out as she set around finally she gave the roof of the building a few taps.

“ Hey is anyone in there.” A few seconds later she was shocked when one of the cooks came out but it wasn’t Greg. “ Hey what is taking so long with my breakfast normally it is already ready.” Kate slowly turned her head as she noticed the guy scratch his head for a moment as if thinking of what to say.

“ Sorry miss but Greg hasn’t come back yet so we really couldn’t get started on your meal until he gets back.” Kate blinked her massive eyes for a moment before a wave of realization rushed over her. Greg was one of the soldiers that was hiding the fact that they found a way to keep her from slacking off on the search was quite a surprise to the massive girl. They weren’t intentionally with holding food from her in this case it was simply the fact that she had to find Greg. The cook that had stepped out to talk to Kate gave a slight start as she noticed her reach into her cleavage. He realized what was going on when she pulled a sleeping Kevin from her cleavage and gave him a few slight pokes.

“ I am going to put you down now I don’t want to be slowed down when I don’t have to be.” Kevin was still a little groggy when Kate set him down and the impact of her step nearly sent him flying on his back. Melvin gave a slight start as Kate began to walk as fast as her size truly allowed her to. This also meant that her feet impacted the ground as heavily as they normally would have which actually proved to be a far more powerful impact then even he had expected. It was truly rare that Kate really tried to rush herself but if they were going to play this way she wasn’t going to waste time. The troops that still remained in the forest actually felt a wave of sickness rush threw them as Kate began her search again. This was actually Kate’s intention though as their body began to react allowed her to find them more rapidly.

Kevin just looked on as he watched Kate and noted she only slowed down to the speeds that he was use to when she began to carry people in her hands. As he did this he also noticed something that Melvin didn’t notice. Even though the remaining people were those that had worked with Kate before thus had a large amount of trust in her they seemed to be moving to actually make themselves easy to find as if surrendering in a since. Even though Kate didn’t seem to be showing any anger and acted only as a person who was trying to hurry threw a task the fear that the increase aggression of her actions affected those that had even worked with her before. Kevin took a moment to check himself though to see if such emotions were going threw him, while he didn’t feel any different he had to wonder if that was because he wasn’t one of the ones being hunted.

These notions were pushed aside as Kevin began to walk back towards his barracks. He had no idea how much time had passed but if there was a way to get some extra sleep in then he was going to take advantage of it. Several of the repair crew that had chosen to work in the forest looked even more sick then what they had when Kate first began to search it. The increased power of her foot steps had done more to tear up the forest then the lighter ones and Kate still wasn’t searching she still had the hill areas and she would need to check the shore line once again to make sure she got everyone. Greg for his part was looking at a few of the men who would be repairing the forested area later on and it was all he could do not to let a huge grin form on his face.

The fact that even if she didn’t need food nearly as much as most would think Kate’s actions still seemed easily guided by her stomach was actually quite amusing to the chef. It was also some what good news in his opinion as in all truth he really hadn’t gotten to eat much either as he had been one of the people who had been volunteered for the job. Melvin wasn’t actually able to keep note of Kate’s actions as much as he would have liked as he went to one of the areas to check on some damage Kate had left behind. The entire facility had been made to withstand a nuclear blast that was one reason Kate was able to walk around so freely plus they had taken steps to strength it as it became a more active place. Now though with Kate spending at least some time walking at her normal pace he found that her massive feet were leaving rather large indents in the ground.

The force was actually proving great enough that it was causing the people working in the lower facility something of a scare as they could clearly hear Kate moving around above them. Some had actually thought they were under attack as it had been quite some time since Kate had truly walked especially for a extended time frame. The event had not gone unnoticed by Sheila as she stood watching Kate. A long sigh came from the woman as she began to dwell on the other items she would now have to order. They would need extra materials to repair the extra damage Kate was causing but perhaps it could be a good thing. It would give them a reason to bring in some stronger metals perhaps even the same material that had been developed from Kate. Sheila continued watching Kate until she noticed the girl heading towards the mountainous areas.

Kate began to slow her pace as she approached the area so that the loser rocks wouldn’t be shaken to much. She still didn’t want to get anyone killed despite wanting to hurry on threw her current task. A moment later Melvin noticed something rather strange Kate quickly passed over three groups of soldiers without even giving them a second glance. Instead it seemed that the massive girl was drew strait to her target. Greg and several others actually gave a slight scream as the roar of Kate’s hand forcing its way threw the rock got their attention. A moment later they found themselves trapped in darkness with Kate’s massive fist. “Found you.” Hit their ears as soon as Kate’s hand open up though it was clear she was talking to Greg.

“ Now after all the trouble I had finding you I have better get a large meal today.” Greg was pale as a sheet as were several of the others despite the tone of Kate’s voice being quite playful. Kate for her part didn’t seem to notice the shock of being suddenly scooped up within her massive hand had caused the group of people. Several of them actually required a little help as Kate removed them from her hand and placed them on the ground. Greg was at least able to make it to the kitchen and begin food preparation his hunger temporarily sated by the massive start Kate had given them. One of the more notable reactions though as how Greg and even some of the others had reacted to Kate’s request. Despite her tone being friendly between the display of power Kate had recently shown and her over whelming presence even those more use to telling her what to do felt compelled to listen to her Sheila included.

The only person that really seemed immune was Michel who had by now woken up and been watching Kate in her search effort from a safe distance away. The finale people that remained on the mountain actually moved from the more concealed areas as if in a effort to be found quickly as even though that trusted her seemed urged by instinct not risk aggravating someone as powerful as Kate. Melvin let out a long sigh as he noticed Kate heading back to the main compound. The entire days hunt had only taken the girl 8 hours and had actually be greatly accelerated by them pushing her to work harder. This had actually come at more of a price then they expected though as the number of craters left by Kate’s massive strides were being counted up and the amount of concrete that would be needed to feel them was figured up. It did yield some information though that hadn’t been expected. The test had been set up in order to test Kate and how she would react to certain things as well as her ability to locate people.

Thanks to how things had went though Melvin not only have information to report on Kate but also to report on various soldiers and how they reacted towards her. The over all statement though was quite obvious when he stopped to consider it. When someone over seven hundred feet tall tails you to do something then in most cases, people are very quick to respond. Kate for her part was setting at her usual spot in front of the mess hall and seemed intent on draining as many tanks of water as she could. In all truth this had been what her body had been after during her previous visit to the mess hall. As Kate had eaten a extremely large amount of food just a few days earlier even for her she hadn’t taken the time to drink as much water as her body considered safe. Now though as she set waiting for her meal to be prepared the only thing that seemed to be running through her mind was just how thirsty she was. The fact that she only seemed to be dying of thirst was actually a bit of a relief to the cooks as they began to bring out some fruit for her to snack on.

Only a few of the water melons that were laid out for her actually went into her mouth before Kate found herself right back to draining as many cups of water as she could. Of course several people were grateful for the fact that Kate rarely had to use the wrest room though it was one of her odder traits her body seemed to always wait to the exact same time before waste disposal and compared to how much she had eaten it always seemed like very little. Of course the fact that her body was always growing and using so much material as well as how little she ate compared to her size all had something to do with her bodies need to dispose of waste. Melvin grimaced as Kate ate and considered the issues they would have if all that would be coming back as waste product within a few hours he almost felt sick as he imagined what it would be like if Kate did develop a regular need to dispose of waste at a much larger size.

Kate didn’t seem to notice the attention she was getting while she ate and soon she really wasn’t getting any as people began to busy themselves with other things. Melvin found himself now wondering of towards the supply buildings. Thanks to their encouraging of Kate she had actually managed to finish her task far more quickly then they had expected. As he checked his watch and saw that it was only 11 he couldn’t really see a better time to finish up one last test while the soldiers Kate had found were checked for injuries. It seemed silly as one would assume people would report their own injuries but they had to be tested for the least bit of damage to see how much control Kate had shown. The thought took Melvin back to previous hunts when various soldiers had actually come back with broken bones thanks to Kate lacking control of her new found strength.

Melvin blinked a bit as he arrived at the building and found that the power was out and the entire structure was surrounded by armed guards. As he approached one of them walked out to meet him, “ Sorry sir but we are going to have to check you thanks to the security being out in this building. Please let me see your id.” Melvin didn’t argue as he handed over his id and showed the guard his security pass. “ Please state your password.”

Melvin nearly fell over at the request as the entire time he truly hated to say his pass code. “ May I write it down for you?” The guard blinked for a moment but nodded slowly really he knew Melvin and wouldn’t have put him through the check if it wasn’t for procedure. Melvin quickly tore a peace of paper from his pad and scribbled down the password for the guard to see. A moment later the strip of paper was lit aflame as the guard tried to hold in this laughter. Everyone’s passwords were reassigned regularly and they often ended up related to their project other then this though the passwords were often something of a joke as the goal was meant to make them hard to guess. Melvin had wanted to strangle Michel upon being issued his most recent one it wasn’t that he minded his password being related to the project but he didn’t understand why the words Kate’s fluffy pet had to be included in his password.

Michel had reason for choosing Melvin’s password of course that being he was a old man that felt like being obnoxious at the time. These thoughts were pushed aside though as the guard typed a few things into a small hand held computer. “ Okay ID confirmed and what brings you down here today?”

“ Well I was just coming down here to pick up a gps unit but what happened here?” Melvin took a moment to indicate the building as power outages within the facility was truly a rare event.

“Kate’s moving around earlier seems to have shaken a few things lose and power is out in a few areas. It is good that it happened now though as we can at least find out what needs to be strengthened and take care of it better it be Kate’s giant steps shaking things up then bombs after all.” Melvin gave a slight nod as he was escorted to the structure. The statement might have been withdrawn of course if he had known just how many systems was out. As a figure setting within a cell began to work on some of the electronics having sensed something is up a figure that had been trying to get away from the facility for the past 18 years. As he began to work on the bonds that held him he did so slowly and patiently it wasn’t like he was in any hurry he had all the time he needed 18 years and he didn’t look a day different from when the procedure had been first tested on him.

“ Umm that is enough.” Greg blinked for a moment as the words hit his ears then grinned as he looked up at Kate who had just spend nearly a hour draining one container full of water after the other. It actually shocked him and just about everyone who heard her for a moment as it was rare that Kate decided she had enough food. Now though as she started to actually eat she found herself wanting to stick with her regular amounts as her body had all that it needed. It was true she would probably regret the statement later but she didn’t feel like making a pig of herself at the moment. The statement was enough though to get Michel from his at first he had began to walk towards Kate but at a second thought he began to wonder towards her room. It was actually closer to his current position and Kate would end up coming by there eventually until then he could just relax and wait around for her besides he didn’t really want to speak to her out in the open.

“ Full already?” Kate looked down to see Melvin approaching with a black hand held computer. The scientist stopped a little ways from her and began to punch a few numbers into the device getting his exact position as well as elevation before looking up at Kate. “ You ready to find out just how much you have grown?”

Kate suddenly felt like returning to her food but lamented she would have to find out eventually after all. Melvin began to remove his shoes as Kate stood up though much to his surprise she didn’t offer her hand for him to climb in as usual but simply picked him up. He could tell by the look on Kate’s face though that she was fairly nervous to find out just how much height she had put on over night. Kate took a moment to part her hair to an extent before placing Melvin on top of her head who took a moment to note a odd feature. At first her hair seemed to begin moving back in place however upon him being set down it actually seemed to slow. Reaching down Melvin found himself running his hand over a few of Kate’s strands of hair. “ Hey just what are you doing up there, petting me?”

Melvin grinned “ No just checking something.” It really was no wonder Kate hated to remove one of her hair strands as it seemed to be bar more connected with the rest of her body which meant it could feel as well as the rest of her. This was common knowledge amongst the team of course but it still was a site to see. Finally Melvin began to fiddle with the gps unit while trying to hold it at the same level he had before. A few moments later the results came back.

“ Well Kate it seems that you are now 790 feet tall.” Kate set Melvin down in the palm of her hand before letting it drop a bit a long sigh coming from her lips. Melvin could only hope that it was a sigh of relief and not one of defection. “ Come on don’t worry it is like you put on 2 and a half extra inches.” The look Kate gave Melvin a second later was actually quite humerus as the girl seemed to pout while sticking her tongue out at him.

“ Two and a half inches over night is nothing to laugh about if you ask me, besides I am still growing. Also do you realize what just a few extra inches can do to your clothing?” As Kate spoke she began to lower Melvin back to the ground allowing the scientist to set on the side of her hand while he put back on his shoes. The moment the scientist was on the ground she proceeded to give her skirt’s him a slight yank showing the increased strain her sudden increase in size had put on it as the material had not had time to be stretched out as it normally was.

“ Oh I am sure no one will mind if your clothing was a little tighter then normal.” A slight yelp escaped Melvin as Kate’s hand moved behind him and gave his button a slight flick.

“Well I think I am going to go back to my room and lay around for a while.” Melvin nodded as he watched the massive girl stride off grinning as she seemed to put a little more sway in her massive hips then usual. Finally he began to head back towards the main compound wishing that he would have thought to have Kate give him a lift.

Kate’s smile actually began to fade as she took a moment to figure up just how many times larger then a normal person she was. Previously she was only 152 times the height of a normal five foot tall woman now she stood 158 times. As little of a difference as it might seem to some it was truly a terrible change in Kate’s mind as she felt herself slipping even further away from what anyone could consider a normal life. Some of the water Kate had drunk earlier hit the ground only a few moments later as the massive girl began to crawl into her room for a moment she was happy that no one had seen it at least she thought no one until a familiar voice reached her ears. “ What is the matter little lady?”

Kate gave a slight start to see that she hadn’t noticed Michel as he set upon the walk way looking at her. The elderly scientist had a smile on his face though it was tempered with concern. “ Well I was.”

“ Hush hush shut the door first no need for everyone to hear what you want to keep secret.” The security officer was actually surprised when a moment later Michel turned to where he knew one of the camera’s were hidden and began to sine for them to turn off all camera’s and listening devices. Michel couldn’t be sure the devices were actually off but he could check later on to see if the conversation had been recorded so he would know if he should complain or not. Kate for her part had shut the doors and moved over to Michel. Her massive finger encircled the scientist before he could say a word and she leaned herself against one of the walls while out stretching her leg. Michel found himself wresting on one of Kate’s massive thighs with her hand behind him as he looked up towards her face he could see the worry in it and sines that she wanted to cry.

Michel didn’t really have to ask what the problem was he had been around Kate long enough and seen her reaction to her growth after all. So it didn’t take much effort on his part to figure out just why Kate was depressed. “Something has been taken from you that you really can’t get back hasn’t it?” Kate only nodded her head at the question as that was truly how she felt a few more strips of normality had been taken from her not that she wasn’t use to that but it was simply the rate that it had all happened. “ I thought as much so tell me Kate just what has changed?”

Kate looked up shocked at the question she had just asked and began to come up with a retort but as she did so there was only one thing that came to her mind. “ My close don’t fit and…” Kate stopped herself as she looked at Michel’s smiling face she was about to say everything looks smaller to her now but in truth her eye site had improved just as quickly as her size had increased thus things still came in as easily as they always had. She could hear simple words still and she could even perform the same actions as she always could. Kate bit her lower lip as she tried to think of something that had really changed over that night and over then her close it seemed that she was still in control of herself and thus could live as she always had. Michel grinned a bit as he felt Kate’s finger begin to move against his back feeling the same way as it always had when she petted on him.

“ Having trouble thinking of something?” Kate only blushed as she began to feel like a child who had been crying over something without really realizing what had happened. She had put on some extra size but it seemed that her body always kept up with that and she couldn’t really complain about being able to go strolling down the side walk in a city as she had lost that ability years ago before she even had the chance. Though she lamented this at times she was grateful for the fact that she never really got to experience what she now had no chance of enjoying.

“ I guess I have been wining over nothing.” Kate smiled sheepishly as she looked at the elderly man who was by now grinning quite widely at how easy Kate was to cheer up. He knew that it wasn’t all his doing though Kate’s body really didn’t allow her to stay depressed for very long or it risk her doing something to herself Kate’s own survival mechanism made her very easy to keep happy and adapt to new situations even when dealing with mental stress.

“ Naa it is okay for you to be a little down after last night we would be worried if you weren’t. People often have trouble dealing with changes in their bodies though it does get easier as you get older.” Kate grinned realizing that she was indeed talking to someone who had adapted to changes in their body considering Michel’s age. Though for all that the scientist seemed to get around quite well something Kate contributed both to the man’s out look on life as well as the medical plan.

“ I suppose your right no point in crying over what has been done is there?”

“ Only if you think it will make you feel better then cry all you want but only for so long after all we can’t sulk about the past when we have so much in the future.” Michel was engulfed in darkness as Kate picked him up within her hand only a few moments later he expected to see were he was a few moments later but instead was met with only darkness when Kate’s hand opened. The warmth of what he found himself pressed against though and the general feel told him it was Kate’s cheek. Michel leaned into the hug and returned it as best he could though his arms could only cover a small portion of Kate’s entire face.

“ Thanks for coming to cheer me up.” A grin formed on Kate’s face a moment later that seemed to tell Michel he wouldn’t be leaving her side for a while. “ Hey I bet since you had the time to come and talk to me that must mean your not doing anything right now. Which means you can spend some time with me at the beach.” Michel only grinned as he looked at Kate it wasn’t really surprising that she wanted people to spend time with her though considering how rare it was she had visitors normally she would have just borrowed a few of the troops that didn’t seem like they were busy but now it looked like it was Michel’s turn.

“ Now Kate you know I am a old man, how about we just stay inside and watch some tv?” Kate puffed out her cheeks for a moment as Michel tried to keep himself inside of course Kate wasn’t about to give up without a fight of her own. As she started to argue with him a grin formed on her face and he found himself locked in darkness again. Despite this though he could tell Kate was moving around especially when she stood up thanks to the vertical motion. Normally he would have just out argued her but it seemed that this time Kate was resorting to force. Of course there were worse thing he could be stuck doing and it wasn’t like Kate would let him drown. He was sure of Kate’s intentions when he was set down near the living quarters reserved for the scientist.

“ I take it I can’t talk you out of this?”

“ I am going to head back to my room and get dressed you need to be out here then.” Michel chuckled as he headed on into the building while listening to Kate’s massive foot falls behind him. It seemed that the young lady really wanted to spend some time on the beach with company and it was his turn to be the company. It didn’t bother him of course after all he had come by her room to spend time with her he just didn’t expect to have to do anything physical. As Michel was going to his room Kate had already made it back to hers and was slipping out of her clothing and into a swim suit. As she went threw the various ones she took a moment to consider her options. Finally she located the same swim suit she had been wearing during the previous day and slipped it on. She had forgotten to drop the garment off which meant it felt a little strange to her skin but she could take care of that later on. Crawling back out of her room Kate headed towards the drop off spot for her clothing and set down the skirt, blouse, bra, panties and socks she had been wearing around before heading over to the main building.

Michel took a while to make his appearance but was quickly scooped up with Kate’s hand. The giantess actually giggled a bit as she felt Michel and noticed just how much sun block he had put on it was clear that the scientist wasn’t into getting sun burns. A moment later he found himself stripped of the towel and a few other items he had brought along with himself. “ We can just leave this on the beach not like you have to worry about what is in the water with me.” Michel actually looked a little concerned now as he wondered if Kate actually expected him to do any swimming though he did need to do some exercise he much preferred to do it within a sterile environment then the open ocean. There wasn’t much he could really do about it of course as Kate headed towards the beach and left his items on the shore. Kate had made it clear he was going to spend some time with her and unless he was willing to pull rank on her there wasn’t anything he could do.

Pulling rank of course was always an option for him when dealing with Kate but it was truly something he hated to do. Being an authoritative figure was something he didn’t enjoy when dealing with Kate and it wasn’t like she was torturing him. The splashing of Kate’s feet in the water got his attention though it wasn’t because of how far she had went out but rather how quickly she had stopped. Kate had only began walking out into the water leaving it only slightly higher then her ankles a moment later she set down and proceeded to form a circle with her legs were she placed Michel. “ I figure you wouldn’t want to go out do deep and besides this makes for a good sun bathing spot for me and I can even generate you a little wave pool.” Kate’s attention turned to the sky for a moment before she began to shift herself around Michel.

Kate’s movements did generate some waves of course but the depth was just about right for such actions allowing him to ride them out. As soon as Kate had finished moving he realized what she had done as the sun was now against her back shielding Michel from the light as he was cast in her massive shadow. “ That feels nice and you don’t have to worry about a sun burn now lets get some waves going.” What hit Michel a few moments later was actually easily handled as he proceeded to relax and let himself be tossed around by the light waves generated by Kate’s hands he soon forgot any notion of protesting as he let the waves rock him. Kate for her part was actually enjoying seeing what she could do as far as controlling were the waves went and how they pushed Michel. This was how Kate had learned to interact with people of course as she couldn’t exactly set down and let someone braid her hair or really have a pillow fight of any kind. Rather most things were treated as a yo-yo a simple repetitive action that she could easily perform while still playing around some.

“ Oh did I mention Sheila is planning on bringing in another one of your friends later.” The delighted squeal from Kate told Michel he had made a mistake by choosing that moment to tell Kate as he got a mouth full of salt water as he broke Kate’s focus causing her to generate a bigger wave then intended before the scientist could come up to spit it out under his own power Kate’s fingers had already retrieved him allowing him to spit out the mouth full of foul tasting water. Though as soon as the water was out of his mouth and he was able to breath again the scientist actually found himself laughing as he looked up at Kate from between her fingers. The look of concern for having accidently dunked him quickly fading from her face as she saw that he was alright and replaced by a huge grin at the news. “ That is the last time I am going to tell you anything while I am in the water with you.”

A slight giggle came from Kate as she held Michel between her fingers “ Sorry about that I guess I forgot myself when you mentioned someone was being brought back in.” Kate’s face sunk a moment later as she noticed Michel shaking his head in the negative direction. Amy having only recently been brought in would have normally meant that she wouldn’t get to meet someone else knew for quite some time so she didn’t pick up on what Michel was meaning right away.

“ I didn’t say we were bringing someone back in I said we are bringing someone new in at least Sheila is bringing them in she didn’t even consult me. You younger generation these days not even thinking to consult your elders.” A look of concern crossed Michel’s face as he considered that Kate had dunked him only seconds earlier when she found out she was going to have company now that she knew it was some one entirely new Michel actually began to worry what she might do. Instead he looked up to see a huge smile on what appeared to be a perfectly calm though immobile Kate. Kate’s first instinct was to jump for joy but luckily the presence of someone actually between her fingers had kept her calm. Instead the young Titaness found herself taking in rather long breaths of air to help relax herself.

Michel found himself flying threw the air seconds later as Kate burst into a fit of giggles normally a very scary even though thanks to the time it actually took him to begin falling again he realized Kate was quite in control of herself. As her hand remained with him most of the time and actually took him from the air once his upward momentum had worn off and he began to fall again. The feeling of something very farm and wet pressing against him was the real shocker though as he felt himself pressed against soft lips. Michel’s first instinct was of course to remain and enjoy the kiss however he found himself struggling against Kate’s lips the second his more rational mind had caught up with him.

As he pressed his hands against Kate’s soft lips they would sink in so far into the soft skin until finally being halted. Kate’s flesh actually giving a good deal of give making it feel soft and pleasing to the touch but it would push back more and more as one pushed harder this was actually the way Kate’s skin seemed soft to the touch though remained strong enough to withstand tank fire and more. As Michel was currently pressed against her lips though he finally resolved to quit struggling and just enjoy the sensation. He had first reacted in such a way after all thanks to the age difference and he couldn’t help but feel over whelmed by the fact that Kate’s lips engulfed nearly his entire body now that he had calmed down though he quickly realized that it was like anyone else giving their grandfather a peck on the cheek just in Kate’s case she couldn’t really help but get his entire body.

Finally he found himself pulled away and allowed to catch his breath as Kate continued to giggle happily. “ Hey wait a second what did you mean by younger generations not listening to the older that is about all I do.” As Kate looked at the grin on Michel’s face and considered his words she quickly realized he had been talking about Sheila. Kate’s grin turned some what sheepish as she realized she had been regarding the two as the same age in most cases though in truth Michel had several years on the woman. “ You certainly have a strange idea of young old man.”

“ When you get to be my age little lady almost everything seems like young.” Michel now relaxed as Kate finally set him within her open palm. With things settled down he actually began to hope he would get to just relax now as Kate seemed to be lost in thought on something. A short while later though he found himself lowered back into the water and once again riding the waves. “ Hey I figured you would be rushing off to get ready for your friends arrival.”

“ Oh I am not that silly you have done this to me before only for me to find out that it would be a few weeks later. You are not getting out of spending time with me this time though is there something else you would rather be doing?” Kate stopped making the waves for a moment as she leaned closer to Michel this of course giving him and most everyone on shore a wonderful view of her cleavage.

Michel only took a moment to think before he looked up at Kate and grinned. “ I would like to go get this salt water cleaned off me and eat some lunch.” Kate took a moment before she looked up at the sky and start laughing. A few moments later Michel was scooped up within Kate’s hand once again and she began to trudge back to land stopping only to pick up Michel’s belongings and return them to him.

“ Sorry I didn’t realize how late it was getting.”

“ Don’t worry about it but you know your habit of missing meals is really giving those in the mess hall to easy of a time. You need to start showing up more regularly to get your food.” Kate couldn’t help but laugh as Michel seemed suddenly intent on giving others a hard time. It was true that Kate only ate when she felt hungry or at least felt a desire to eat which did give those in the mess hall a bit of a brake when ever she decided to skip a meal. As Michel was being lowered to the ground he noticed a slight slow down in Kate’s movements as she took a moment to consider something.

“ Hmm I guess I can’t shower before I eat would you mind asking Sheila to get things cleared out for me so I can bath after I eat?”

“ Of course.” With that Michel was lowered to the ground and began to head on inside though as he did he took a moment to consider the fact that a major military installation would soon be basically locked down so that a young girl could take a bath in at least semi privacy. It was a notion that the scientist found some what humerus as he considered all the changes the facility had went threw since Kate’s arrival and out growing the interior of the base. People defiantly were willing to put up with a lot and make quite a few changes in order to accommodate what was most likely the most powerful weapon on the planet. A proud grin formed on Michel’s face as he considered this. The scientist who had created the atom bomb seemed to have regretted their actions he on the other hand couldn’t be more proud of what his research had helped to bring about.

Kate for her part was to busy eating to think of any moral issues or weather someone should be trusted with as much power as she held. The crates of oranges she found laid out before her held much more interest to the young girl then moral debates especially once that she couldn’t do anything about. The oranges were unpilled as most things she ate considering how long it would take to pill that many oranges. The skin didn’t give Kate any trouble anyway as she easily grinded what ever went into her mouth into a fine paste. The cooks for their part were happy that Kate held such a liking for raw fruits and vegetables as that truly cut back on the amount of cooking they had to do. This actually bothered Greg a bit though as despite being a military cook he liked to take a little pride in his work and regretted that he couldn’t give Kate what he would consider a true meal every once in a while.

Kate for her part was perfectly content with her diet though she regretted she couldn’t eat berries more easily. Full sized fruit often proved a problem as she had to lick her fingers clean to get what was inevitably ground to a pulp against her massive fingers. As Kate sat eating she was surprised though when a group of soldiers came out carrying a pick nick table and set it down opposite her right side. A few moments later Michel as well as a few soldiers who had decided to give her company came out and took their seats near Kate. “ Ah have you come out to keep me company.”

Michel grinned as he took a sip of his tea, “ Yes we have I have been meaning to get Sheila to put some tables out here permanently it isn’t good to have to set by yourself while you eat.”

“ Well then you should all hold on to your drinks and plates.” A look of confusion went threw the ground until they saw Kate’s hand descending upon them. As they quickly took hold of their various items Kate picked up the entire table and move it closer to her knee actually putting them within a few yards of herself. “ If you are going to set with me then you really shouldn’t be so far away now should you?” A few of the soldier’s grinned at this casual display of power from the massive girl though some did find it unnerving. It still didn’t take them very long to return to their eating and the conversation to begin.

“ So what do you think of the recent bombings?” A few of the group looked up from their food though most of them just kept eating knowing that the question had been directed towards Kate. The event having happened nearly two weeks ago a serious of oil tankers had been blown up while still in port. The damage from which had been extreme as gas prices had shot up almost nearly the next day as a major port was badly damaged and great deals of crude oil had been lost. Repairs had already started but they had been complicated and adding to the problem was the oil that had been spilled out into the ocean. Clean up efforts were under way as well however it was proving difficult thanks to the large amounts of damage. All this of course was still taking a back seat to the number of people who had ended up killing in the explosions.

“ I think we need to hurry up and find out what country the little best are room them go and root them out.” No one was really surprised when Kate responded in a defensive manor however the one thing the scientist and a few others found trouble some is the eagerness in her voice. While the average person going off on a half conceived notion wasn’t too dangerous someone like Kate acting on the same instinct could lead to a disaster.

“ Now it is that hurried attitude that has lead to past mistakes young lady we need to be careful about who we attack.” A shock wave went threw the entire area as both of Kate’s hands landed near the table Michel currently found himself setting.

“ But we can’t just let them get away with what they have done think of all the people who died. We need to track them down and deal with them so that it doesn’t happen again.” Michel only let out a sigh as he looked up at Kate.

“ Kate you really need to learn to relax a bit here let me give a example of the current situation.” Michel took a moment to take a drink of water before turning his attention completely to Kate who was still leaning over the table. “ Lets take your current position and actions into account. Kate where you trying to scare us into seeing things your way?”

Kate blinked for a moment as she looked down at the tiny group and noticed that indeed most of the soldiers looked a bit shocked. Of course with Kate impacting her hands to both sides of them and the rather emotional look upon her face it would have been easy to assume she was attempting to force her opinion on them threw the use of her size and intimidation. Looking a bit sheepish now Kate began to with draw her hands and scoot back a bit in a attempt to make herself appear smaller then what she was. “ Sorry about that, still that is to different situations I mean I didn’t hurt anyone and you all know me… I wouldn’t ever hurt you.”

“ I know but still you need to be careful about jumping to conclusion and especially watch your actions. After all when a normal person yells people get annoyed if you ever yelled people would go depth.” A long sigh came from Kate as she leaned back on her legs and looked at her food. She still didn’t see how that little demonstration had anything to do with the recent attacks. This was exactly what Michel worried most about though Kate’s trust in her government was so strong to the point that she never had any doubt as to what they told her was the absolute truth. Even when later things were learned it seemed that Kate was blind to these events and could only accept the positive side. This was the one thing in how Kate had been raised that chilled the scientist to his bones. They could protect Kate from the truth so long as they kept her locked away but as soon as she came to realize the truth he also knew she would have to deal with it some way.

Denial and out right violence being the ways that he most feared though he hoped she would simply accept that no government is truly perfect and she would just move on. The sound of several pounds of fruit being ground to a pulp took Michel’s mind away from such thoughts though as he turned to watch Kate. It seemed that Kate responded similar to some other teens he knew and sought comfort in food when ever she could. This wouldn’t last long though as now Kate was truly feeling her mouth before she started chewing which meant that her meal wouldn’t last much longer. With this in mind the old man also set to finishing off his meal once Kate was done eating she would want to bath after all. Though before anyone left the table the soldier that happened to mention the event received a sharp kick from under the table from who he didn’t know.

Kate for her part found herself looking around and wondering were everyone had went for only a moment when she remembered the request she had put in with Sheila. Of course they were the usual people wondering around those that had to stay on guard duty and those that had task that simply couldn’t wait. It was something of a compromise that she had grown use to over the years. If she wanted to bath when she felt the notion then she had to deal with a few people seeing her in the nude