Kate’s story chapter 2


not entirely. So instead she had developed into something of a tease that liked to show off her body at times more then others.

As Kate stepped out to the tower she let out a sigh as she felt the water turn on and rush over her body. Wrapping her arms around herself she proceeded to push up upon her breast, “ What do you think fellas are they too big.” Kate chuckled a second as she noticed the various reactions from the people. There was a bit of laughter of course and some tried to be polite and divert their gaze away from her despite the fact that they turned their attention back to her only moments later to finish washing her.

A rush of water went right over Kate’s eyes a moment later bringing her attention to the highest most station. “ Of course not there are plenty of women who would love to have breast and even a figure proportional to yours.” Kate grinned at the little fellow who decided to speak up only taking a moment to recognize him as the one she had given a closer view of her back side a while back. The complement was a nice one but Kate couldn’t help but lament the very last part of that sentence. Proportional was how she was use to having things viewed around her if only she had a smaller body it was one of the most frustrating parts of her life and it always ended in her having more concerns then she did previously.

Turning around Kate proceeded to move her hands above her head and stretch her back while looking over her shoulder. “ Why thank you perhaps I will give you a closer look later.” A grin formed on the fellows face a moment later after all he had already had up close and personal encounter with her rear so he could at least hope for another area eventually. The rest of the shower actually turned out to be quiet as Kate found herself thinking on other things. Having spent a decent portion of the day with a little fellow struggling between her breast Kate found herself feeling more sexually charged then usual and there was the fact that she hadn’t taken care of that particular need of her body for some time now.

As the crew finished off Kate’s back they were surprised when she actually hurried threw getting her sides washing off. Normally Kate rather enjoyed shower time so she was prone to stay longer then what was needed now she seemed some what eager to get away. It wasn’t because she wasn’t enjoying the shower though rather Kate found her body wanted attention more then she thought it did. “Thanks for the wash down people.” A few people watched the water run of Kate’s body as unlike when a normal person showered there was no water droplets that could really be seen running off her arms. The speed at which Kate moved and her size made what little water that remained on her fall away quickly all except what her hair retained. That didn’t seem to last very long either making drying a very simple process of just walking back to her room.

As Kate opened the doors to her room and slept in she normally would have went for her close right away but instead she leaned in close to the area she had noticed Michel looking at earlier. “ A little privacy please.” This surprised the security officer as even Kate knew that she was being watched most the time but she hardly ever requested that. Flipping off the screens he picked up the phone a few moments later Sheila getting a call.

“ General Steele Kate is saying she wants some privacy what should I do?” Sheila only took a moment to consider what Kate had just been doing and the reports she had gotten from the test.

“ Is her computer registering as being used?”

“ Yes Mam she is currently going to some of her favorites web sites.” Sheila couldn’t help but chuckle as she felt amusement and pitty for Kate at the same time. The poor girl couldn’t even get privacy for such actions without requesting them.

“ Alright I want you to turn off all video feeds and audio feeds for a while also only monitor anything that goes out of her computer for the next hour and a half.” Sheila hung up her phone as she headed towards her window and opened it up. “ I wonder if those walls are going to be thick enough.” Was the only thing the woman really wondered now or if they would be hearing Kate’s voice for the next hour.

Kate for her part was leaning over the computer screen going to various giantess web sites. It amused her at times especially when she got to put various images of herself upon the web site. The praise she got for her collaging skills was extremely amusing to the young girl as in truth she had no skill with a picture editor at all. It was simply old images of herself that she had gotten permission to put on the internet. The reason for her interest in giantess wasn’t just because she was one but because she didn’t really care for normal images of males. Having been a giantess for as far as she could recall she had lost interest in pictures that made the male look bigger than the female or big in general. No one was large compared to her and these images only seemed to frustrate her and make her jealous of the women within them.

She had then found the giantess gender while searching and had her interest peeked. Now she preferred to locate pictures of other giantess playing with a little person then simply imagine herself in that position. As she searched the various web sites though a sigh escaped her lips and she began thinking she would have to turn to her favorite images that had been saved over the years. Being stubborn Kate finally brought up the giantess depot. The web site did have near material often enough which had caused Kate to develop it into her trump card for new things.

As she browsed threw the various materials she was delighted to see that a few new peases of art work had appeared since she last visited. As she browsed through them certain images began to catch her eye and were quick to be added to her folder. One particular one had the gts holding the little fellow clearly about to place him within her cleavage. As she looked at the image and focused on the little fellow Kate’s hand began to move up towards her chest and rub across her breast as she considered having Kevin there just a few hours earlier. Slowly Kate turned from the screen and let her eyes drift shuts as her fingers play across her sensitive nipples as she lightly touched then imagining what it would be like to have a little man walking across them.

A loan moan escaped her lips as her right hand pinched her nipple her left traveling down her stomach to press against her abs. One thing that Kate would hardly ever admit to but also enjoyed and was even turned on by at times was the power her own body showed. Even if she had been normal sized there was no doubt in her mind that she would have been a very fit woman. Kate’s ab muscles gave only slightly as the slight layer of skin that allowed someone to touch her and still feel soft flesh was pushed the truth of just how strong her skin became known. As the more one pushed against it the more it pushed back even to the point that Kate’s fingers which could run through steel as if it was water only made the slightest dent against her stomach no matter how hard she pushed.

Pressing up on her chest and leaning her head forward a bit Kate’s tongue came out to lick over the very top of her breast as her hand traveled past her stomach and made its way to her crotch. Her fingers slowly began to pet her outer lips as moans began to escape from her lips the sound was indeed halted by the thick walls that surrounded her partly because Kate hardly ever raised her voice above a certain point her body instinctively kept it to such levels. Kate’s right hand finally left her breast and actually began to move over her left arm feeling as the slight motions within it made the muscles under her skin move a slight biceps making itself known when ever Kate tensed up her arm a bit the feeling of her own bodies strength being a immense turn on for the girl as well as the thoughts of a little one playing across her body.

At last Kate’s finger began to push its way into her only needing one to get herself off. If anything it was almost to much for the girl as Kate’s entire body had developed to be incredibly sensitive also meant that her sexual areas would respond in such a way so that every cell within Kate’s vagina responded so that the feeling was more over whelming then what a normal sized woman could deal with as if a normal woman had millions of cells responding Kate had hundreds of billions all responding equally strongly flooding into her mind. Kate’s entire body tensed up as she pulled her legs up towards herself and her free arm went around her chest just under her massive breast.

Kate’s breathing became steadily faster as she moved her finger within herself her mind focusing on what it would be like to have an entire person inside of her body. While she had indeed experience little people upon her breast and even had a few against her rear Kate had resolved long ago that she would wait for a true relation ship before she would actually try such a act as it was the closest thing to sex as the young girl could experience. So she could only imagine what it would be like to have a little person actually trapped and moving around within her body the thought soon was the only thing in her head as her finger continued to move against the inside of her pussy walls. Her moans turning into short gasp as Kate struggled to keep her body movements down to the bare minium.

Finally a release as Kate’s entire body shuddered the giantess finally relaxed her legs and arms uncurling from her body as a clear liquid dripped from her fingers. Long slow gasp came from her as the experience tended to leave even her tired for a while. This could be mostly traced to the fact that she really couldn’t let herself go in such restrained areas or she would end up tearing her entire room apart. Trying to keep her body as still as possible during such times was extremely draining on her and she regretted she didn’t have the same freedom as when she was smaller though she imagined the repair crew were grateful that they no longer had to make random trips to repair the damage her thrashing body caused Kate longed for the days when she could move around and not worry about busting out the wall.

Looking at her soaked finger an odd notion came to Kate as she lifted them up to her lips. Her tongue flicked out and lightly glided over her fingers. A giggle coming from the girl as she wondered if the camera’s had really been turned off or if the security guard had enjoyed the show. As Kate tasted herself she knew that her body didn’t function like a normal woman’s and had even learned long ago that even her fluids didn’t behave like a normal persons. Kate’s nectar actually had a very pleasing taste and smell to it something that the girl had been rather surprised to find out when ever she was fifteen and playing around. She hadn’t thought much of it at that time but as she wondered about it the only conclusion she could find is that her body had adapted to her desires.

Kate knew that she couldn’t enjoy sex like a normal woman but she at least wanted to have something similar to it and like in most cases it seemed that Kate’s body did its best to accommodate her desires. From her increased sensitivity to her cum itself her body seemed to have adjusted itself to make sure the event would be as enjoyable to her and her mate as possible. Three concerns still worried her though one being if she would ever find someone to share her body with. The second was if someone could actually survive inside of her or if she might end up killing them her body always adapted to make sure she could interact with normal people but even with this knowledge Kate had to worry at least a little. The finale concern was a darker one if she got over excited would she really care about the danger she was putting someone else in or would she not be able to control herself.

The final concern never made it very far in Kate’s mind as she let out a yawn. Her body felt wonderful however she still felt mentally drained as she let her eyes drift shut. She knew she needed to get some close on but the will power to get up and get dressed escaped her for the moment. As Kate lie there her perception of time began to lesson as she turned her back on her computer scream and just began to hum to herself. Her body felt content and alive while her mind felt tired so she simply did what was natural during such times Kate rested.

As the security officer turned back on the camera’s his first notion was to call Sheila as he looked at Kate’s eyes that and noticed that she was nude. A few moments later though and he realized she was simply resting and hadn’t fallen asleep again. Though he thought it was still strange for Kate to simply lay around in the buff it wasn’t exactly something that he needed to inform Sheila of. Kate was simply allowed to rest in this state until the next day.

“DING….DING You alive?” Came the annoying sound of Kate’s messenger as she recalled leaving the computer on. Rolling back to her side Kate shot up right the moment she saw what time it was. Her head nearly slamming into the roof as she went to stand up but remembered herself just in time. Setting back down Kate also couldn’t help but notice that she wasn’t wearing any close as she typed on her keyboard.

“ Yeah I guess I was a bit out of it how are things going Amy?” Amy’s response didn’t come write away which meant she probably had a lot to say or was about to go into a rant. A giggle came from Kate as she took this to mean she had time to get some clothing on. Crawling over to the containers that served as her dresses Kate began to dig around laying out a pair of panties as well as a bra before deciding on the shirt she wanted to wear. Pulling the garment out Kate grinned as she looked it over. It was one of her biggest shirts which meant it wasn’t a simple tube top or some other garment but it fully covered from her stomach to her shoulder well except for the neck line which still left a good deal of her cleavage to be seen. She had normally saved the outfit for when a high ranking official was coming but and she wanted to look respectful as possible.

“ I am doing horrible my lab instructor won’t help you for anything and my Lit teacher keeps assigning the most boring and depressing stories I have ever read. Though I guess considering where you are you get assigned plenty of boring things to do.” As the message appeared the ding brought Kate back over to the screen a grin spreading over her face as she responded.

“ Actually Michel argued quite patiently since no one has ever been in my situation that I should get to read what I want to. Also I have a lot less class hours then you ever will since there are several things that simply don’t apply to my life.” This was one of the times that Kate was glad she wasn’t normal as she didn’t have to deal with as much in college though really she had never had a normal class. Quite a few lessons had been cut out as Kate grew larger and larger and it was realized that it wouldn’t serve any purpose to teach her such things as chemistry especially considering the cost of the supplies. Kate’s education had actually stopped in the most part long ago as she had learned the basics and in all truth it made more since to have her out interacting with people and developing a feel for what she was doing.

“ Whaaa alright that just isn’t fair, fine if you want to be that way I will just give you a assignment. I Ms. Williams do here by assign you all the works of Nathaniel Hawthorn.” A snort came from Kate the moment she realized this as well as a giggle. While Kate did enjoy a good story she knew enough about those to know she didn’t want to read them. Religion had always been a odd issue to Kate after all how does one decide on a religion when some would actually consider that person a goddess.

“ Oh and just what are you going to do to make me shorty?” Kate grinned as she turned away from the screen and began to slip on her panties. The material stretched a bit more then usual as she pulled it up her legs and she couldn’t help but wonder how long it would be before her new close arrived. The basics probably had went into production the moment they had learned of her size increase but manufacturing material strong enough for her often took a little time even with the current technology. This of course meant Kate might actually be in the buff for a while. Looking at herself she actually began to wonder if she would mind walking around in such a state for a while.

“ *spanks you* Now do as your told young lady.” Popped up on the screen a few moments later as Kate turned and read the message she couldn’t help but chuckle. Even after finding out the size difference between Amy and herself Amy still behaved much the same way she always had. It was a relief to Kate though she now enjoyed the fact that she didn’t have to cover up details of her life while talking to Amy.

“ Ah that is so cute you want to play on my hiney. Alright but that means I get to play with yours as well you cute little play thing.” Kate grinned as she began to slip on her bra wondering how Amy would respond to that now that she knew Kate could literally treat her as a little toy their size difference was so great.

“ Surely you wouldn’t do that to me would you 🙁 .” Kate giggled as she finished fastening her bra a thought coming to mind as she returned to typing.

“ Of course not even though you are a little cutey. How about next time you come over to visit I borrow a few of the younger troops that don’t have anything better to do and maybe play a game with them. Perhaps I can even let you give them a spanking.” Kate’s face took on a overly playful look for a moment as she actually considered how she would get some of the men to play along in such a game. Of course there was always the option of black mail after all she knew were that crate of disinfectant had disappeared as well as a few things of paint. Despite the facility being a high security facility it was common that little things would occasionally vanish after all no matter how strict the soldiers tried to act they were all still human and since they had to adapt to Kate being around things had actually relaxed a little over the years. At least on the outside of the facility and within the large storage buildings as soon as one went below the 5th basement though things changed drastically. This had never actually been a problem for Kate though as she couldn’t remember the last time she had been down that far or lower and now the only way she would ever see those floors is if she ripped the ones above them out.

“ Really and just how would you get them to play along with this?” Amy who was setting at her computer screen in her college dorm was grateful that her room mate was out. Having not had much of a chance to get online over the last few days she hadn’t spoken to Kate in some time. Now as she set there she still had trouble accepting everything that had happened but she was pretty sure she had never had a dream that long or detailed. One thing bothered her though ever sense she had left the island she had felt like she was being watched. In truth her feeling was pretty much correct though she wasn’t under constant surveillance it had been her first time visiting Kate though so it was common practice to check up on her every once in a while.

“ Oh I am sure they would love to keep two pretty girls company and if not I can always black mail them.” Amy grinned at this and wondered if Kate didn’t have some secrets of her own. These thoughts were pushed aside though as she considered the fact that Kate was over 700 feet tall when she had met her and had probably grown even more since. The odds of Kate keeping a secret on such a facility was pretty low.

“ I just wish it wasn’t going to be such a long time before I could come and visit again.” Kate shook her head the odds of Amy being brought back while she should be the busiest was pretty low after all and Amy probably wouldn’t want to stay around that long any way. After all even Kate got tired of company and had to do her own thing every once in a while.

“ Ah well maybe you can stay longer when ever your vacation time rolls around again.” Kate had managed to get her skirt on by now and was busy slipping her shirt over her head. At first the garment seemed like it was going to go on okay but that lasted only until it made its way to Kate’s massive chest. Now as Kate worked the tight garment down her body she found that a good deal of her stomach was still exposed. Grumbling to herself now she could do much of a job of covering up even if she wanted to and with her recent size increase she had to wonder if a higher up would be coming down to visit and check up on how things are going.

“ Well Amy I am going to step out for a few and get something to eat take care.” As Kate typed this she switched her status message too away.

“ Alright take care of yourself shorty.” A grin formed on Kate’s face as she read the message realizing that it might become her nick name now that Amy knew just how big she was. Kate had long since gotten use to such names though as various people did insist on calling her little or short though mostly it was Michel who mostly insisted on calling her little lady. It didn’t bother her and when it came from friends Kate had actually come to consider it a term of affection. Thinking of the others for a moment Kate wondered what would be happening today when a sick look appeared on her face. Testing weeks about always went the same which meant she had a good idea of what would be happening today. It meant she would be getting a big meal of course but she hated what she would be required to do.

Suddenly she wished she hadn’t just said good bye to Amy. “ Might as well go ahead and go eat.” Kate lamented as she pushed the doors open and began to crawl out. Actually hoping that there would be a normal portion of food waiting for her breakfast as she inhaled the air and smelt the large amounts of beef and other meats being cooked she knew that was going to happen. “ Going to need my protein for this.” Greg looked on as Kate approached her regular eating away normally she seemed happy to set down for a meal but right now she walked slowly at least slowly for her size. Setting down Kate looked at the numerous sides of beef as well as fish that had already been prepared for her and she could smell more of it being cooked.

Reaching down Kate picked up a side of beef the size of some people and took a bite out of it though being careful to only take half of it. Her teeth moved slowly grinding the meat and bone into a paste before finally swallowing and finishing off the last half. As Kate ate Jason was busy getting various materials together that would be needed for today’s event. He knew Kate would eat rather slowly this morning in order to delay what was going to happen as much as possible. A part of Jason and even the entire team felt bad about what was going to happen today considering how much Kate truly hated it. Yet another part of them was excited and curious as it was one of the most important times for their search of exactly how Kate’s body worked.

Kate for her part could hear the supplies being brought out. Special containers being placed out one for a particular chemical and the other for actual solids. Despite her size Kate soon found the ability to only take one fourth of the beef with each bite. Jason sighed as he drug out his suit and just waited. This was a lot easier with normal people that was for sure with a normal person that weren’t required to inflict damage upon themself’s like Kate was. There tended to be a lot less pain when working with normal people as well. There were other issues that had to be address though as the special containers were readied. Touching Kate’s skin and inside of her mouth was safe enough as well as a few other regions but once you really began to get inside of her things tended to get dangerous.

A dejected look appeared on Kate’s face as her hand reached down for another helping and all she found was air. She had been letting her thoughts wonder and dreading what was coming so soon that she didn’t realize that even with little bites she was going through her food very rapidly. The sound of a soot rustling got Kate’s attention as she turned to Jason and a few others who were getting everything ready. This was a truly rare and hated event for Kate as normally when she had to do something she didn’t like she would wonder off. The event however was the best chance of them finding a way to stop her growth but it was also the most painful she had ever had to deal with. Slowly standing up she proceeded to walk over towards the group and set down near them. “ I take it by the fact that you are already prepared that I can’t talk you out of this can I?”

“ Well you could always wonder off if you really don’t want to go through it, but if we are going to get some real good information on just how you work we are going to have to put you through this.” Kate’s cheeks pouted out as she took a sharp in take of air a grin formed on Jason’s face as a odd thought came to his head.

“ I swear we are going to have to see if it is your muscles giving in that let you do that or if you take in that much air.” Kate blinked for a moment before realizing what she had just done. Normally nothing could move her unless she wanted it to or move her body herself so it was a rather strange thought of just how much air pressure it took her to push out her cheeks or if her muscles were doing most the work.

“ How much longer until everything will be ready?” Kate had no intention of letting the subject be changed now. After all she would be experiencing something that she very rarely ever felt, pain.

“ It will take a little while longer we want to make sure we have a big enough bandage for you then we can begin.” Kate closed her eyes and began to run her fingernails over her right arm since she had grown so much recently it only figured that they would be taking extra steps to insure everyone’s safety. Even with the delay it didn’t take very long before Kate heard a latent down vehicle heading their way. As the truck approach Kate looked at the heavy band of metal that had with it. Picking up the band Kate unrolled it and set it upon the ground the metal having been treated to withstand great amounts of heat was pretty much idea for what Kate would be needing it to do as normal materials would just burn especially a normal over sized cloth bandage.

“ Alright Kate we are ready.” Kate sighed and took in a rather deep breath as she turned her attention to the containers and noticed as the people stepped back from them. Holding her left arm out over the container Kate began to dig her fingernails into her own skin. A visible look of anguish shown on Kate’s face for someone who felt pain so little in their life even a slight amount was horrific and removing ones own living skin defiantly wasn’t like a pin prick. As Kate began to tear away her skin the first thing that was noted was a sharp increase in the air temperature. Kate’s skin normally kept the heat largely within her body however as it was removed the truth of just how much heat was being generated by her became known.

The strength of and insulating ability of Kate’s skin hardly ever let any heat escape, her enormous size also meant that her body put out tremendous amounts of energy even when she moved only a little this tending to produce heat as well and the final problem was the amount of activity that went inside of Kate’s body. This problem had of course been solved by Kate’s body itself as over the years it had adapted to handle the heat it produced regularly just as a normal persons body handles what they do easily. Now though with Kate removing even a small portion of her skin it became quite apparent. As Kate’s blood flowed from her self inflicted wound she was careful to make sure it landed in the container meant for her blood. She didn’t want to risk losing any of it for fear of having to perform such a act again.

Kate was quick to place the removed skin and muscle in the second container while snatching up the metal band and began wrapping it around her arm. Kate easily bent the metal around her arm as tears began to well up in her eyes despite her fighting to keep them back. Even though she didn’t want to seem weak pain truly was something she hadn’t had time or reason to adapt to. As such events were rare the only thing she had learned to do over the years was buckle down and get them over with. Now as she watched the crews rushing in to cap the containers she found her entire body had just locked up as she let herself fall to her side lightly sobbing. The scientist for their parts worked quickly but were especially careful to avoid contact with Kate’s blood itself past mistakes had taught them about that.

Kate’s immune system being particularly dangerous even her blood could dissolve most metals a fact they had learned when trying to place various devices inside her body to get a idea of how it worked. They had finally given up when they came to the conclusion that anything that went inside Kate was either used by her body or came out the other end in its own time. Jason for his part was ecstatic as his scientific curiosity over whelmed him at what they might be able to find within such a small portion of Kate’s flesh and blood for a moment actually regretting that he couldn’t get a bone sample before looking at Kate herself and feeling like a total ass.

They couldn’t make a clean cut to remove the materials quickly and with less pain as they didn’t have anything strong enough and even worse they couldn’t give Kate anything to numb the pain. All they could do was give her something to bandage the wound though in truth he doubted she bleed for very long considering how effective her body did everything else. Approaching Kate Jason didn’t really know what to say though it was roughly only once or twice a year that Kate had to put herself threw an extraction and then she wouldn’t feel pain for quite some time after that. Nothing not even the slightest bit of pain would enter into her life which meant she had no way of really adapting to it.

What made things worse is he doubted Kate’s body tried to numb her from the pain. Pain being the way the body lets one know it is hurting and doesn’t wish to go through that again and considering how evolved Kate’s body was Jason couldn’t help but wonder if it made it even worse when ever she intentionally hurt herself. Kate blinked as she felt something press against her arm looking down through her teary eyes she saw Jason still in his suit lightly rubbing the arm that rested upon the ground. Her fingers wrapped him around him a moment later and he found himself pressed against Kate’s cheek. A few of her tears hitting his suit resulted in a loud hiss as he had been near her blood only moments ago and had indeed soaked up some heat energy.

It was a wonder that she could even cry though he imagined her body had kept this human feature to better show what it was feeling. Body language could be rather important in communication and tears are one of the best ways to show that you are in pain. “ It’s alright Kate don’t worry you won’t have to do that to yourself for quite some time.” Kate didn’t respond as she simply continued to hold Jason to her cheek while a child seeking comfort from a pet. Kate for her part detested how she was behaving especially after hearing what some of the soldiers had endured but she simply couldn’t stop her crying or how her body was reacting.

Looking down at the other lab techs Jason signaled for them to go on ahead he knew he wouldn’t be getting down for quite some time. Only after Kate’s body stopped hurting would be able to relax enough to calm down and even then he doubted she would be feeling good. The thought of telling Kate that it was the most extreme injury that she would have to worry about for the rest of her life did cross Jason’s mind of course. He doubted that would do anything to console the girl though so instead he opted for the only thing he could do. As he was held against Kate’s skin he lightly ran his gloved hand against her cheek. “ Now now Kate it will be alright. You are a big girl and that wound won’t last long at all.” Despite Kate being well into her teens Jason couldn’t help but feel that he was consoling a child at the moment. No notion of scolding her ever crossed into his mind at least not for very long though. After all how could one adjust to something if they felt it so rarely and there was the little fact that if Kate some how became angered while she was injured he may very well suffer an injury that he would not recover from.

As Kate continued to hold Jason to her cheek her breaths finally began to slow as she the pain began to die down. Jason continued to rub and reassure Kate even after her tears finally stopped flowing. Despite his desire to get back to the lab he didn’t want to risk Kate having her feelings hurt. It was an odd notion but even the rare times Kate was disappointed or was hurt emotionally they had mostly been planned in order to push Kate into the desired mental state. Thus this was actually one of the few times that Jason really felt like he was trying to comfort Kate and not playing along with some plan. It was a pain when they had to intentionally hurt Kate emotionally as well but without some disappointment in her life they couldn’t help but worry about her mental development. At last Kate’s body stopped shaking and she began to lower Jason to the ground. “ Thanks and sorry about that I didn’t mean to keep you so long.”

Jason removed the helmet of his suit having been held for some time now the heat had time to pass and the others were long gone. Instead of going inside though he returned to Kate’s side and gave her arm a few good pats. “ It is alright do you want me to stay longer?” Kate smiled and lightly shook her head. She knew everyone had a job to do and this was one of the busiest days of them all. Jason did stick around very long after getting the go ahead to leave but rather headed strait towards the lab. A giggle came from Kate as she watched him head off Jason as well as about everyone in the facility truly loved their work it seemed.

Standing up Kate felt weak in her knees as she usually did her body devoting itself to repairing the damage she had given herself. It wasn’t like the wound was fatal or really all that damaging but no matter how little damage it seemed Kate’s body always wanted to repair it as quickly as possible. Everyone was sure to move out of the way as they watched Kate walking back to her room the drained look on her face and the unsteady steps made it so no one wanted to take any chances. Even if Kate didn’t mean to if she fell on someone that would simply be the end of them even a slight tap from one of her fingers or a nick from her massive body could and most likely would be fatal after all.

Andrew set leaning against one of the walls as he watched Kate heading back towards her room. Being one of the soldiers that had early been stuck playing hide and seek with Kate he didn’t like to see her looking as she did. It would be a few hours though before he could go and check up on her since he doubted anyone else would at the moment. The scientific team would be locked in their lab and Sheila would probably be busy herself. Shrugging he pushed himself from his relaxed position and continued to making his rounds. The power was out in certain sections of the facility after Kate’s running around the previous day despite their best efforts to repair the damage as quickly as possible. This meant that it was up to the soldiers themselves to take up the slack while repairs were made which of course meant even more areas had to be shut down so the electricians wouldn’t get a nasty shock.

Kate didn’t known anything else about this of course it wasn’t like she could do anything to help speed up the repairs and the entire area was suppose to be able to handle her stomping around. Keeping Kate around was costly though and that was common knowledge amongst everyone who was attached to the project right down to the politicians. They were those who naturally felt she wasn’t worth it but they couldn’t say much now. The years were Kate could have easily been killed by a tank round had passed long ago and no one knew exactly how much it would take to kill her.

Kate was glad she had forgotten to shut the doors to her room as she slipped back in. Sliding the massive doors shut she laid upon her undamaged arm her hand covering the band that concealed the wound. “ Could you cool it down in here please.” Kate’s voice was shaky causing the security tech to worry a bit but he did as he was asked. He had seen this happen before though so he wasn’t surprised that as he turned up the climate control the temperature did show much change at all. Kate body working even harder then normal to repair the damage that it had been dealt was producing enough heat to raise the temperature within such a area considerably. So it was a struggle for the air conditioning units to maintain the low temperature that Kate desired at the moment.

As Kate lay within her room her entire form seemed to go limp as she let her body relax and focus on the task at hand. Her eyes slowly drifted shut though she didn’t go to sleep as she had when her body had grown. Even though her body was working quite quickly at the moment it wasn’t requiring so much energy that it required her to actually go to sleep. This did however have the effect of her losing track of time as she rested.

The sound of foot steps approaching her door got Kate’s attention as she listened to them she noticed they were heavier then anyone she heard regularly. As the door opened she looked to see who was entering. Andrew had finally finished up his shift and thus had the rest of the day to himself normally he would have taken this time to go relax with the other troops that had some time but today he had chosen to stop by and see how Kate was doing. A wave of fear ran through out his entire being as he opened the door though and actually looked upon Kate’s face. Even though he had known Kate for a while and been volunteered and even volunteered a few times himself to play some games with her it had always been with a group and he hadn’t had many personal words with her. Which meant Kate didn’t truly know him as she knew little of his personal life and didn’t get to talk to him very oftem.

That coupled with the fact that she was injured and resting meant that she was far more defensive then usual. So the face that Andrew found himself looking into wasn’t the normally smiling playful young lady but rather a giantess on her guard. Andrew automatically felt like a tiny insect that had came into a young lady’s personal space. All it would require is for him to come a little to close and his life could be ended in a moment. It wasn’t because Kate was showing anger rather there was a clearly protective look upon her face. A stranger had entered into her space without thinking to ask first and she had just put herself through quite a bit of pain. This all melted away though the moment she recognized Andrew and realized even though it wasn’t someone she knew well she did at least know him and trusted him in general. “ Andrew what brings you here?”

Andrew still felt like running out of the door way as quickly as possible but as he noticed Kate’s face turn from defensive to curiosity and a bit of concern he began to relax. “ Well I figured you could use some company after your little donation to science and I doubted anyone else would have the time to stop by so I figured I would.” Andrew actually took a step back as Kate began to shift and set up still having the image of how she had been looking at him at first in mind. Kate for her part quickly felt any since of distrust fading away and instead a rather large smile was forming on her face. The fact that Andrew actually seemed concerned about her had just won him a good deal of points as far as being considered a friend by Kate. Still she noticed Andrew step back and quickly realized she hadn’t given him the warmest greeting.

While this would have been accepted in most cases the fact that the one giving him a angry look was 790 feet tall meant it had far more of a effect. Andrew noticed as Kate held her hand out towards him and motioned with her fingers to go ahead and come closer similar to how one would a pet but it beet her grabbing him up. “ Thanks for coming to check up on me. Do you want to stay and talk for a bit or do you have to go?”

Andrew sighed with relief as Kate seemed to now be welcoming him he was so use to dealing with the other troops that he had forgotten to use the com system to let Kate know he was coming in. This had put her on the defensive for only a moment but now as she relaxed and returned to her usual demeanor he began to relax as well though not as quickly as Kate. The fact that she had left him a way out didn’t escape him as he realized Kate knew she had scared him and thus was giving him the option to leave if he didn’t feel safe with her. “ Naa I don’t have anything to do.” With that Andrew finished stepping into the room and shut the door. As Andrew walked across the walk way Kate lowered her hand to her side.

This helped Andrew to relax as the relaxed position Kate adopted at least made her some what less threatening. “ So are you feeling alright?”

“ Well my arm still stings a bit but yeah I am doing fine now I sure wish there was a easier way for them to get a blood and tissue sample from me.”

“ I imagine so but if I recall correctly we haven’t been able to get anything from you for a few years now.” Kate gave a slight nod as she recalled the day when they were last able to get a tissue sample from her using a machine. The device was basically an over sized drill except it made a clean cut. It had hurt but at least it wasn’t the same as having to tear her flesh away and back then they could also give her effective enough pain killers. The last time they had used it though the blade had been dulled while cutting through her skin so it was with little surprise when they next tried it that her skin completely stopped the blade. They had tried several options since then but none had really been practical as it was finally decided that Kate would have to remove the tissue herself and allow some blood to flow.

“ Well I am sure you don’t want to think of that right now, so I was wondering if you would like to go swimming or do something else to take your mind off it.” Kate’s eyes lit up the moment the words left his mouth as someone was actually volunteering to keep her company. Though Andrew did give something of a jump back as Kate excitement got the better of her for a second and she quickly scooted closer.

“ You really mean….oh I don’t feel so good.” A slight laugh came from Kate as she put her hand to her forehead. Slowly she once again returned to her laying position as Andrew gave her a worried look his head look over the side of the walk way. Kate just grinned and waved her hand. “ Don’t worry I am fine I just moved a bit too much while my body is still trying to heal. It is pretty good at letting me know when it wants me to settle down.”

“ I guess it sort of panics when you take any damage doesn’t it?” Kate blinked for a moment as she looked to her arm and thought about it. Her body did react very quickly to any stimulus but Kate had never thought of it as panicking of course she didn’t think of it to often either as most people don’t think of how their body heals every time they get a cut. It did respond quite strongly to the lease little threat though. After all it wasn’t like the explosives they had used on her earlier had really hurt her and yet because it was able to effect her about as much as a hot day does a normal person her body had decided to add on thirty extra feet in one night.

“ I suppose it does strange that I never thought of it like that. Though my body is something like a animal all to itself I can’t always control everything I do. Kind of makes me wonder if I really have more control of myself then a regular person or if my body has more control of me.” This was a odd notion to Kate but as she considered it she really didn’t know how she would react if she truly felt threatened. She couldn’t say if she would keep a cool head or if she would react by lashing out at everything in her path. It was actually a scary thought to the young girl especially considering how desperate humans can react since she might react even worse then that.

“ Hey may I come down there?” The question actually surprised Kate as her attention returned to her tiny guest who was now setting at the ladder that leads down into the main area were she herself set. It was quite a odd notion as he had been scared half to death only a few moments later just by looking at her. Andrew for his part had already gotten over the initial scare and thus was returning to his easy going ways. He had gotten over just how big Kate was long ago after participating in so many of her training exercises he had gotten over his fear of her and now only held a healthy amount of respect for what the young lady could do.

“ Sure if you want to don’t mind me though I need to let my head stop spinning.” Andrew chuckled as he noticed Kate’s eyes close. Climbing down the ladder he looked towards the far wall were he knew a ventilation fan was something had gotten his attention ever since had stepped into the room. The moment he hit the ground though he noticed a problem Kate had various items set up around the room. Though they were organized it still blocked his path also there was the fact that the building had been chosen since it was large enough to hold Kate for some time. Shaking his head Andrew thought about requesting a lift from Kate but as he checked on her he noticed she had grown quiet again and didn’t seem like she wanted to move much at all.

“ Guess I am walking.” A slight hum came from Kate but nothing more as Andrew spoke causing him to grin as she remembered his own daughter back at home. Really the fact that Andrew had a family of his own was perhaps the reason he had decided to check up on Kate in the first place. As he began to walk towards the wall it didn’t shock him that he began comparing his own daughter to Kate. After all he did spend three weeks away from home each month for 8 months out of the year. It was the price of his job though it had made him wonder if he would be happier requesting a transfer the money was better at the labs though and his family had adapted to the long periods of time that he spent away.

Navigating around Kate’s room proved to be some what difficult thanks to Kate’s habit of trying to set up as many thing in as small a space as possible. However upon finally making it to the vent Andrew confirmed what he had been thinking. He had felt the difference in air temperature as he had gotten further away from Kate but now as he stood in front of the vent he guessed the machine was near its limit. The room still felt comfortable though which gave him a idea of just how much heat Kate’s body was actually putting out. “ No wonder she feels sick.” Andrew’s words reached Kate’s ears of course but she didn’t bother to respond figuring that he was simply talking to himself. She had heard his foot steps getting further away and thus guessed what he was checking on.

Kate listened as Andrew made his way back over to her though he didn’t return to the walk way instead he made his way closer to her face. “ Hey Kate would you let me feel your forehead?” Kate grinned as she turned her head towards him a few moments later she felt Andrew’s hands press to what little bit of her skin he could reach.

“ Well you are warm that is for sure I guess with as big as you are that little temperature change can mean a lot.”

“ Well at 790 feet tall I guess I make a good heater.” A low whistle came from Andrew as Kate stated her height. Kate gave a slight chuckle a few moments later.

“ You know it is kind of funny normally I have to catch people if I want someone to keep me company but now that I actually have someone I am to tired to move around much.” Andrew only grinned as he recalled the reason Kate had to volunteer people. While it was alright for people to drop by and visit her provided they had the proper clearance it was not okay to do such things while they were working and after work they didn’t feel like visiting her often. The way around that though was if Kate herself decided to pick someone up to keep her company it was perfectly alright. A lonely giantess wasn’t what they wanted since they were always concerning themselves with Kate mental well being.

“ Well do you have anything on that you can do.” Kate eyes followed were Andrew was pointing to look at her computer. Kate reached up with her bandaged arm a moment later and began to type at the keyboard. What she brought up actually surprised Andrew as he didn’t imagine Kate to be the type to enjoy risk.

“ Get in here and get yourself a laptop.” Kate’s finger tapped the side of her keyboard walking over Andrew was a bit surprised to find a drawer built into it. What he found was two laptops waiting for him which upon opening and turning on he noticed it had the same screen as Kate’s computer.

“ Sheila had them built a while back for when I have company and we want to play a game on the computer.” Andrew nodded biting his lower lip he knew risk was rather lengthy game but he hated to take off just because of that so it was with a sigh that he resolved himself to play.

“ Well now young lady lets see how you do at a game were your size doesn’t help you out… HEY now what are you doing.” Kate only giggled as she toggled a special option on having had Jason make a special addition for the game. Andrew grumbled a bit as he noticed the option added a very special card though he didn’t have time to read what it said he did notice it had Kate’s image on the card. Andrew sighed under his breath realizing what the card probably meant but still resolved to do his best.

Two hours later Kate had a clear look of frustration on her face while all Andrew could do was grin. Use to winning everything she did Kate was truly frustrated that by the time she drew her favorite card she couldn’t use it. The card did have certain requirements built in and one was the amount of land that was required to make use of it. Kate didn’t have any where near the requirements and Andrew was proving himself to be better at planning his actions out then she was. There was also the fact that Andrew seemed to be on a lucky streak giving him a advantage when the dice were rolled. “ Well blast it hey you know I am feeling a little bit better now and kind of hungry how about we go get something to eat?” Andrew grinned up at Kate as she tried to end the game before she was actually beaten. She did have a point though as it was about time to eat.

“ Alright but save the game I want to finish this later for once I think I am going to beat you at a game.” Kate just stuck out her tongue as she saved the data and began shutting down the program Andrew returned the laptop to its storage area while Kate was taking care of this.

“ So do you want me to give you a lift to the mess hall.” Kate’s hand came to rest near Andrew who seemed to think about the offer for a moment. Placing his hand on hers he felt of Kate’s skin noticing that she was cooling down which meant she should be feeling better and thus steadier then she was before. He set down on the side of her hand taking a moment to remove his shoes before crawling the rest of the way into her palm.

“ Sure thing.” Kate only chuckled as she opened the doors to head outside. Crawling out she remember to shut the doors behind her this time since she had requested the cooling turned all the way up. Andrew was careful not to look over the side of Kate’s hand as she stood up to her full height. While he was use to being in helicopters and jets being carried by a giantess was a entirely different experience and even though he had helped in Kate’s test and other games he still had not adapted to looking down while being carried by her. Instead he chose to focus his attention on her palms.

“ One of these days we are going to have to get a fortune teller to try and read your palm. Hmm that kind of makes me wonder if they would say the life line is a proportional thing or not.” Kate blinked and turned her attention to her hand looking over her smooth skin she chuckled a bit.

“ You mean if they can find which one is exactly my life line.” It was Andrews turn to grin. It was a odd thing but for all Kate’s size her finger prints and other skin markings were hardly noticeable. Such things as Kate’s finger prints or skin pores were actually no larger then that of a normal human’s this actually was determined to be a result of her cells being no larger then human’s rather she just had a whole lot of them.

Greg was actually a bit surprised when upon taking her seat Kate placed Andrew down near the entrance. “ Decide to keep the young lady company?” Andrew nodded to Greg as the cook gave him a pat on the shoulder. Kate wasn’t paying attention to this though as she focused on draining her container of water.

“ Lets talk later I think the young lady is hungry.” Kate only giggled at this comment as she wondered just how much material her body really needed in order to repair the damage. It was true that it was minor but her skin was made of so many elements that at times she wondered if she would be better off eating metal then she would be eating normal food. In all truth this had actually be considered by the scientific team as they had no doubt that her body could handle the substances. The notion was brushed aside by Sheila though who resolved they would only resort to such measures if it was a last choice to keep Kate from starving.

As Kate set around she was actually surprised when instead of the usual sides of beef being brought out she found herself being provided fish. Reaching down and taking up what might be considered a spoon for her she begin to eat her meal. As she bit into the fish the greater number of the fish bones coupled with how much easier they were to grind up actually made for a interesting texture. One that she wasn’t sure if she preferred over the tougher cattle bones or if she liked how delicate the fish bones were. It would be something that she would have to talk over with Amy later on. Since Amy had learned the truth about Kate she had taken some pleasure in telling Amy about the world from her point of view.

One of the most amusing things of course was to tell Amy just what she thought of certain foods. The fact that Kate never worried about bones or the skins of what she ate seemed to always surprise Amy even after having seen her eat. It couldn’t really be helped though after all the bones weren’t really a danger to Kate and they did provide a important source of nutrients for her though at times Kate did wonder what it would be like not to have the material mixed in with what she ate.

The cooks for their part were hoping that Kate would decide she liked fish more then beef though they had feed her various foods beef was about always one of the main dishes. Now they had hopes of replacing that with fish as it was not only easier to come by but also thanks to them not having to worry about the bones it was easier to prepare. All it required was simply to be turned into a soup which really it didn’t have to be cooked all the way through. In truth though nothing Kate ate had to actually be cooked her body could digest it just as easily the fact that they prepared her food through cooking was more of a matter of show to make her feel more human.

“ Hey did you give me more then usual today?” Kate raised her voice a little to make sure Greg heard her after he had went inside the building. A few moments later Greg came out a large grin on his face.

“ Sure did do you like it.” Kate nodded her head as she finished chewing before speaking.

“ Yup but I was wondering what is the occasion you normally only give me extra in the morning so that my body can already have what it needs for the extraction.” Greg itched the side of his nose as he prepared himself for the sell. He didn’t want to just come out and ask Kate if she would like to have fish or beef. After all he knew what the end result would be Kate would want to know which one was cheaper and then chose it regardless of which she liked more. The willingness to sacrifice what she wanted to better help the base as a whole was one of the reasons Kate had become something of the bases mascot many just hoped for the day that she would be publicly known.

“ Well it is easier to get fish then beef so we can fix you up more.” Kate seemed to actually stop and thinking for a moment as she bit into another mouth full of fish. Her first instinct was to ask which one is cheaper after all easier to get didn’t always mean cheaper but she doubted Greg would be giving her that information. Kate wasn’t so naive that she couldn’t see what Greg was wanting to ask her.

“ Do you think you could make it for me more often. The texture is a little strange but I think I like it and it has a nice flavor.” Several of the cooks nearly jumped for joy at the realizing that their jobs had just gotten a lot easier by Kate’s statement. Even though Kate did mean what she said she did realize what was going on though and thus gave a slight giggle. If she did tire of fish she could always request a change back to beef sadly she knew these would remain about her only two options for quite some time. So she was thankful that she didn’t tire of food other wise she might have a real problem with getting enough to eat.

“ I think we can manage.” Even Greg was happy when he went back into the building despite wanting to make sure Kate was well feed even he regretted the amount of effort it took to prepare Kate’s food. By the time Kate was done eating she was quite surprised to find that she could count ten mouth fulls worth the food. Actually quite a rare treat for her as most bites she took she made deliberately small so that her meals would last longer. So that a bite was no wear near a mouth full for her. Stretching for a moment Kate didn’t bother waiting around for Andrew to finish his meal before she wondered off. Deciding she wouldn’t be going back to her room until it was time for the soldiers to turn in. As must as she hated to admit it she was truly a sore looser and thus couldn’t stand the thought of going back to her room only to have Andrew finish kicking her tail at risk.

Setting down near the water Kate set down folding her legs under her to keep her skirt and other clothing from getting to dirty. Having demolished her sand castle during the search the previous day Kate found herself once again rebuilding her work. As Kate began to work though she found herself doing something some what strange. She actually found herself digging a basement for the sand castle.

Andrew had heard Kate leaving the mess hall earlier so he wasn’t surprised to find her missing when ever he stepped outside. Grinning he resolved that if Kate is feeling good enough to wonder off just to avoid losing to him at a game then she must be feeling better. With this in mind he made his way back to the barracks in hopes that he could catch a few of the other soldier playing cards.

Kate found herself focusing on her work more then normal as she wanted to get the basement area built before the tide would come in other wise the basement area would be flooded. As long as she got the walls up thought she felt assured that she would be able to work on her castle the next time she had any free time. After all it wasn’t that easy for the tide to wash away a castle that had been compressed by a giantess strength.

Jason set at a computer monitor focusing on the results of the screen as he monitored the changes Kate’s flesh was going through once it was removed from her body. It was a odd thing but for all Kate’s endurance once her skin was removed from her it proceeded to die at a incredibly fast rate. This was actually a necessary step though if they wanted to study it more in-depth as when the skin samples were first brought in they often proved to strong to damage. It was only a few hours after the cells had time to begin to die that they could actually began cutting it up and seeing just how it worked. The needed time for this had actually passed while Kate was cuddling Jason so he had missed out on the first few steps however he was at least able to help with the additional ones.

At the moment Jason found himself studding a sample of Kate’s flesh roughly the size of a human finger. Exposing the sample to various forms of radiation he noted how it absorbed various amounts of the radiation and how the skin cells reacted to them. What made the process interesting for him was the fact that unlike a humans Kate’s skin wasn’t harmed by radiation but instead it helped it to live longer once removed from her. The fact that Kate’s body could feed off various forms of radiation helped to explain her lower energy needs. Jason only regretted that they couldn’t keep the skin sample alive to study it over several more days.

It wouldn’t be discarded even after its death though as that was when the material extraction began to see just what material Kate’s body had been able to produce. The next step after finding these new materials was to find out just what elements they happened to be made of this task however was left up to other departments and had lead to such developments as alloy 679. Such finds only had marginal interest though to the team as a whole as the true secret they wished to uncover was just how Kate’s body converted so many things into energy as they imagined what it could lead to if they were able to find this out.

Melvin on the other hand was in a entirely different part of the lab looking at a sample of Kate’s blood through a glass window and on a computer monitor. A robotic limb within the chamber proceeded to drop various viruses and other materials such as animal and human blood into the sample. What Melvin saw on the screen showed just how dangerous Kate’s immune system could be as no matter what ended up in her blood was actually consumed by Kate’s cells themselves. The closes thing that Kate even had to a red blood sell made the human white blood cell and other disease fighting agents look pathetic. The only thing that worried Melvin though was what happened when he added a tiny drop of Kate’s blood to a large amount of human.

In such a enviro