Kate’s story chapter 2


data about the samples as they could. Looking around Kate finally located one of the guards that happened to have security duty walking over to him at first he didn’t seem to pay her to much attention having worked there for a while he was use to seeing Kate wonder around. “ Pardon me but would you mind doing me a favor?”

Being use to Kate wondering around though and her stopping to talk to you were two different beast though. So Jeff was actually a little started when Kate began to bend at her knees so that he wouldn’t have to crane his neck up so much to look at her face. “ Do you think you could talk to who ever is in charge right now so that I can take a bath?” Jeff blinked the request actually taking him a bit by surprise as he wondered just who he was suppose to talk to. Still he had been told to help Kate out with anything she needed and to keep her company if she wanted it when he was hired on. All security officers were so that they didn’t have to worry if Kate scooped them up that is unless they had a urgent task to take care of at which time they could be ask to be excused.

“ Umm sure thing just let me go and talk to my commander.” Jeff started to leave but was blocked by Kate’s massive hand landing in his path. Looking up with a curiously he wondered just what the young lady was doing.

“ Just tell me where he is if I have to wait for you to run around I am going to end up going nuts you little people take so long to get anywhere.” The smile on Kate’s face was actually quite amusing to Jeff as he realized the truth of her statement. It would take him a good fifteen minutes at a light run to get back to his commanders station while it would probably only be a few steps for Kate.

“ Sure thing.” Kate grinned as she noticed Jeff’s reaction to her and theorized that thanks to his hours he didn’t get her attention to often. His reaction to her when she lowered her hand for him to climb into it confirmed to her that he wasn’t use to her being within such close range. Jeff fumbled with his shoes for a moment recalling what he had seen others to do when Kate picked them up before climbing into her hand. What he found surprised him as he noted how soft her skin seemed to the touch. Kate only laughed a little as she watched the little fellow explore her hand a bit standing up to her full height quickly putting a stop to his exploration as he felt the air rush by him.

The trip only took a few steps of course but it was enough for Jeff to get a taste of what it is like to be carried by a giantess. It was a feeling that he at least didn’t care for very much as he felt totally helpless while riding within Kate’s massive palm. Being in a open environment wasn’t so bad but he quickly resolved that he didn’t like the feeling of power Kate gave off. As one that was use to having some control of his situation the helplessness was one of the most trouble parts of the trip. The fact that Kate could end his life simply by turning her hand. This was a common reaction for those weren’t use to being around Kate and were use to being in control of their situation or at least feeling they were. This was actually a problem with most of the soldiers who were actually proud of their physical training that the military had put them through.

As any pride of ones strength was often stripped away the moment they found themself in one of Kate’s hands. The fact that even if they worked on their body regularly and intensely all their physical training amounted to basically nothing to this young lady was a disheartening fact and even a little frustrating in some cases. Of course others react far differently in particularly those that came to trust Kate and formed a close friendship with her. As instead of feeling intimidated by her size most of them ended up feeling rather comforted while around her. The feeling that she was looming over them was often replaced with a since that she was watching over them and keeping them safe. This was the emotion Kate preferred to cause in people as it was rather hard to make friends with someone when they were scared to death of you.

“ Here you go.” Kate placed Jeff on the ground instead of allowing him to clime out of her palm. From his demeanor during the trip over she wondered if he would be having trouble with heights now as it didn’t seem that he had enjoyed the trip.

“ Give me a second.” Jeff was quick to head towards the building were his staff officer was. Almost forgetting to put back on his shoes before opening the door and step in. His commanding officer was far more relaxed then Jeff having been around longer then he was and even having helped in Kate’s training the previous day as well as several times before he actually enjoyed being packed around. Of course he mostly like it because of the height having desired to be a paratrooper but his career hadn’t went that way.

“ Sir we have a problem with the young lady out side, she wants to take a shower.” Jeff was a bit surprised how his commander reacted as he didn’t show any surprise when he got the news. Instead he simply picked up his phone without saying a word and put in a phone call.

“ A guard just reported that Kate wants to take a bath think we need to wake up General Steel?……. Alright yeah I guess it would be a waste of time since she would just tell us to anyway probably be a little pissed that we woke her up…. Alright I will take care of it.” Jeff couldn’t help but be a little bit surprised at how quickly the phone call had ended and it was only going one level higher then his superior. Were they just going to tell her to go back to her room or something? The moment his commander picked up the phone again and began to dial the barracks number he knew that wasn’t the case.

“ Alright go on tell the lady that she can head on down to the wash station oh and get yourself down there as well your on station 5 I hope you don’t mind heights.” Jeff nearly fell over it wasn’t like his commander or even his superior had that much authority and yet they were going to have the area closed down a bit.

“ Oh don’t give me that shocked look and do as your told. That young lady out there is this facility primary reason for existing now so you really shouldn’t be surprised when something this little is done to keep her happy now get your ass out of here before I kick you out.” Jeff simply saluted before stepping out the door he had known what Kate wanted had a lot of sway over the day to day activities of the facility but he hadn’t expected that the words, “ Kate wants to” had that much sway over the various officers.

“ So how long before my bath is ready?” Jeff was a bit surprised at how sure Kate was that her request would be granted though only for a moment. He had just see how quickly his commander had worked to meet her request and imagined that it functioned much the same way no matter what time of day it was.

“ Just a few they said you should head on down to the shower station.” Kate nodded realizing that who ever was in charge must not be use to her bath hours. It normally took quite some time to get everyone cleared away though since it was night she imagined it wouldn’t take nearly as long. Jeff didn’t bother telling Kate that he would be one of the people manning the stations after all he really didn’t want to risk her deciding to give him another quick lift. He would just hop a ride with one of the motor patrols if they came across him or he could walk the distance in thirty minutes or at least job the distance.

“ So can I give you a lift back to your normal route.” The ultimate my life sucks looked appeared on Jeff’s face as he realized that even though Kate was just trying to be helpful he really wished she wouldn’t have asked the question. Jeff wouldn’t get the chance to answer though as his superior could easily hear the conversation outside his door. Not wanting to let Jeff delay he simply opened up the door and poked his head out.

“ Sure he does though don’t drop him off at his regular route he is manning one of the stations.” Kate nodded and simply picked Jeff up between her fingers if Jeff had felt helpless while setting within Kate’s palm now as she carried him wrapped in her hand he felt not only helpless but beyond anyone saving if this young lady should get any ideas in her head. Trust was a major issue in this case though as Kate didn’t intentionally make Jeff feel helpless it was simply a side effect of her size. Kate didn’t go as far to put Jeff in his station at least as she set him down near the base of the tower. Jeff once again let out a gasp as he was grateful to be back on solid ground. Looking up at Kate though his mouth went dry as he managed to croak out a request.

“ Would you umm please refrain from picking me up again?” The question actually took Kate back a bit as she was use to people just letting her pick them up. She didn’t feel insulted though after all it was a valid request as she imagined some were afraid of heights while others just didn’t like being held helplessly in her hand. So it was with a rather friendly smile and a nod she responded.

“ Sure thing.” The look of relief that appeared upon Jeff’s face was so extreme that it almost brought a laugh to Kate as it was she only had to stifle a giggle. A moment later Jeff began the task of climbing the stairs to get to his work station. As he began to make his way up the tower he took note that the stations each came in 100 foot intervals which meant at the current time it took 8 people to man the tower in order to give the 790 foot tall Kate a complete washing. They were additional stations at higher points of course however many hoped that they would never have to be used and the thought that the tower might one day be too short was one that many especially Kate didn’t want to face in the least.

Kate chose to go easy on the shower crew that night since they weren’t the usual. Just a quick rinse down and the titanic teen wondered off towards her room. There was of course her normal temptation to have some fun while bathing but that was partly tempered by the fact that her arm still stung her every once in a while and she needed to get back to resting however unlike usual she didn’t bother to change into a full set of clothing after her bath but rather found herself slipping into a pair of panties and bra. The thought that she might accidently shift in her sleep and tear her clothing that was now too small for her was one she didn’t like at all especially since if she accidently went through four outfits she wouldn’t have anything to wear.

The sound of foot steps outside Kate’s door got her attention the next morning. Setting up within her room a odd look appeared on her face as she began to wonder who might be visiting her now. The scientific team was most likely still locked away in their lab and probably would be so for the next few days at the very least. Kate doubted even Michel would be leaving the lab any time soon in order to make sure he got the maxim out put from each member of the research team. The foot steps began to get more familiar though as they grew closer and soon Kate had a pretty good idea of who was coming to visit her.

As Sheila opened the door a wide grin was on her face as she had prepared something special for Kate today. Though it was officially a part of research the event had actually been planned to let Kate have some fun though it would give some valuable information. As she opened the door though she was caught off guard by a massive gust of air that sent her stumbling back to land firmly on her fear. A fit of giggles from inside the room told her that Kate was awake and the little joke assured her that she was in good spirits. “ Haha very funny young lady now I am going to come in so don’t do that again.” Sheila didn’t bother waiting for Kate’s okay as she stepped into the room she found herself almost walking into Kate’s massive lips. Kate having adjusted herself so that she could blow strait through the door was quick to give Sheila another buff though not enough to down her let alone send her back outside.

“ Hi Sheila what brings you here today?” Kate removed her head from the woman’s path and scooted back a bit to give her some room. As Kate looked at Sheila she noted a few things about the woman’s demeanor. The last few days having been rather stressful between Kate’s sudden size increase and the damage done to the facility she hadn’t gotten as much sleep as she would like. Though only the slightest sines of strain were beginning to show they were fairly apparent to Kate though the smile on the woman’s face showed that she was in high spirits today and had probably gotten a pretty good rest last night. In truth had the soldiers woken her up the previous night they would have been reassigned so that guard duty looked pleasant.

“ Well you know we have clocked your general land speed and have a decent idea of how fast you could move if you ran however there is something that we haven’t taken the time to clock yet. I just realized yesterday that it has been quite some time since we tested to see how fast you can swim.” Kate’s eyes lit up the moment these words were said as she wondered just how they were going to test her. With the scientific team busy Kate doubted that today’s activities was far more about play then it was about research.

“ And is anyone going to be joining me today perhaps for some other water sports?” It was nice to see Kate in high spirits even after her sudden size increase. Sheila having not had time to spend as much time with her as she would have liked during the first few hours was glad to see that Kate was still quite lively.

“ Well a few of the soldiers will be joining you after we get a idea of just how fast you can move in the water. Though Kate I just want to let you know we are going to be moving out to even were your feet can’t touch the bottom so you are really going to have to swim this time.” Kate really couldn’t have been happier about the news as she considered how rare it was that she really got to go far away from the island. Even if she hadn’t seen another speck of land since she was a little girl and that she couldn’t remember.

“ Well now you get changed then come on down to the docks a few boats will be waiting for you there. You need to follow them out until you can’t touch the bottom anymore and then they will clock your swimming speed.” Kate didn’t wait for Sheila to leave the room before she began removing her bra and panties as she began to slip on her bikini she began to wonder just what all today activities would have in store. In truth she would be perfectly happy just floating in the water while she was used as a diving platform dunking the occasional swimmer and in general relaxing.

Sheila had a jeep waiting for her the moment she left Kate’s room as she planned on going on today’s little venture she knew that it would take Kate long to get ready or get down to the docks. Sheila did have one advantage on her though having warn her swim wear under neath her clothing she simply stripped it away as the driver headed towards the docks. Hopping out she joined a few of the men whom she could spare in the boats. The first activity would of course be to truly see how fast Kate could swim in the water so she would have something else to add to her report. Everything else after that would mostly be played by ear as it was meant for amusement though she did plan on seeing if Kate was as good at retrieving people from the water as she was at retrieving them from the land.

Sheila grinned as Kate approach as she wondered if she would be able to catch something in the water that was actually built for speed. “ Well lead the way.” Kate was quick to step into the water the moment the ships were far enough away from her. As she began to wade out towards them she actually began to wonder just how far out they would have to go. It was true the ocean was quite deep by Kate wasn’t exactly a shorty. In truth this was one of the reasons Sheila had chosen to take Kate out now. With the girls recent increase in size and the danger of others like it happening Sheila actually worried the day would come when ever Kate wouldn’t be able to find a place deep enough to swim except for perhaps a few of the deepest areas.

“ Okay I can’t touch the bottom anymore.” Kate voice got everyone’s attention as they looked back to make sure that Kate was actually swimming and not just saying that. As Sheila watched the motion of Kate’s body she assured herself that she was telling the truth and thus it was time to begin.

“ Alright Kate we want you to start swimming and we will follow alone side of you.” Kate giggled as she wondered if they would really be able to keep up with her. The thought that their little machines might actually be able to move faster then her in the water didn’t cross her mind as she was pretty sure the only thing that could out run her would have to be able to fly.

The boats were set up far enough so that only a slight swell hit them when ever Kate first hit the water. Kate’s arms and legs moving in unison to move her about for a moment Sheila was surprised that Kate could actually float when she thought about it. Kate body had always been so interested in getting stronger Sheila had figured it would hinder her ability in the water but that didn’t seem to be the case. The fact that Kate’s body seemed to want to leave the facility even more then Kate at that moment worried Sheila a bit. “ Alright get to following.” The boat took off following along side Kate was currently working on increasing her speed by putting more power into her strokes.

Seeing the little boats keeping up with her only pushed Kate to swim even faster as she struggled to prove that the little machines couldn’t keep up with her. As she began to push her body towards its limits though she soon found that wasn’t going to be the case. Kate did prove to be fast in the water by the way her body had developed and refined the minerals that went into it had actually made her heavier then even what her size would show and harder to swim. Thus while she was proving to be extremely fast in the water she was able to out run the boats as she would have hoped. Sheila noted this as they kept up with Kate and in truth the boats had a little extra power that could be put to use though they wouldn’t be able to out run her had they been set up for combat. The bullets and weapons the machines were usually packing tended to slow them down while Sheila had them removed for this exercise.

Kate continued to push herself for some time before finally even she gave out letting herself halt in the water the boats drove past before turning around and heading back in her direction. “ Well fine be that way but I bet I can out last your little toy boats.” Sheila couldn’t help but laugh as Kate revealed one of her more childish sides. No matter how powerful she was Kate was a young lady that was use to getting her way after all so it was to be expected that she wouldn’t take losing to anything to well.

Kate stuck her tongue out at Sheila before taking in a breath of air and falling to her back. The wave it generated lifted the boats slightly but they remained far enough way to not be in any danger of flipping. A moment later Kate leveled out as she began to float in the water. “ So now what are we going to do?”

“ Well are you going to be staying like that for a little while.” Kate nodded her head in the affirmative after all she couldn’t exactly be swimming around if they were going to be a lot of people around her. While she could have fun with one or two people that was entirely out of the question when there was going to be a large group around her. Sheila gave a slight nod and began to rummage around in the boat for a second when she came up with a satchel she grinned up at Kate.

“ Well how about giving this old woman a lift.” Sheila seemed completely relaxed as Kate’s fingers closed around her and lifted her from the ship. Depositing Sheila on her stomach Kate was a little surprised when Sheila laid down and began to apply some sun block to herself.

“ I have been needing some time to relax and this seems like a perfect spot after all not many people can get out here.” Kate burst into a fit of giggles that threatened to cause herself to go under as she realized that Sheila had meant this to be a day off for herself as well. Settling down she grinned at the soldiers and without bothering to ask lifted both the boats from the water and placed them on the massive plain of her stomach as well.

“ Feel free to wonder around but if you want back up you have to use my hair or climb up my arms.” Kate relaxed as she felt the movement on her body and various groups began diving off her and climbing back up while others found a spot to relax though none were bold enough to go near certain areas. This got a grin from Kate as her hands began to lightly move through the water occasionally dunking a trooper that happened to get to close to her massive fingers or retrieve them from the water and let them slide down certain parts of her body including her inner thigh.

As she lay there she began to wonder what would be happening tomorrow since as far as she could figure they had already done all the testing that could be done. She imagined she would have to amuse herself but she was use to that.

End chapter 2: