Kate’s story chapter 2


Warning this story is one of a giantess and will eventually have adult themes. This story was done with input from Blar and Tabris and of course written by me. If you want to leave some feed back or talk about giantess you can either message me with yahoo messenger or msn or email me. Yahoo: [email protected] MSN: [email protected]

A long sigh escape Kate’s lips as she set up within her room. It had been four months now since she had any company and she had tacked on another eight one feet or so something that she didn’t feel too happy about. Of course at the moment there was nothing anyone could do about it except try to adapt to the new situation. It disappointed her a great deal though as she looked towards the walk way that her friend Amy had once stood on. While Amy was on it they were about eye to eye back then provided Kate was setting down. Now she was looking way down at the structure and found her head getting ever closer to the sealing. The fact that she might have to move out of the structure and into another was unsettling to say the least. The underground dock had been made for nuclear subs and thus was one of the largest structures on the base.

It was without a doubt the largest open structure that had been made. If she out grew it meant a entirely new structure would have to be constructed something that even she didn’t want to see happen. The facility did have a limited budget after all and bringing in that much material would be something else. She didn’t want to give her care takers. Of course the simple truth of the matter was that there was nothing she could do about it if her body chose to keep growing that was just how things were going to be. Kate’s hand pressed to the sealing a moment later as she tested if she could fully extend her arm. She was somewhat relieved when she found that only the tip of her fingers were able to touch the sealing that wouldn’t last for to long though as she considered her rate of growth. She easily put on twenty feet a month which meant while many people hope they would continue growing for just a little longer Kate desperately wanted to stop.

“ It is a nice day outside.” Got Kate’s attention as her head turned around to find Michel standing on the walk way. She still wondered how some people could sneak up on her but she would notice them the moment they got to close to her and put themselves at risk. Michel had once explained it had something to do with her subconscious and who she felt safe around. Kate wasn’t sure herself but if it was the case she felt that her subconscious must be particularly faulty if it is afraid of anything. “ Hey grandpa got something for me to do today I am awfully bored.” Michel grinned for a second and pointed towards her computer screen. Her eyes followed his finger to a certain folder that read homework. She instantly snapped her head around to look at the old man “ I don’t think so. I meant something fun to do.” Michel chuckled it wasn’t like they had to be strict with her when it came to homework Kate always caught on fast and besides some of the material she was learning was useless considering her life style.

Kate took Michel between her fingers a moment later setting him down in the open palm of her free hand. As she set him down without giving him time to take off his shoes, she quickly noticed the sand upon them and even on his close. This of course meant he had been outside and most likely wondering around the beach. “ Oh something to do on the beach.” A shocked look formed on Michel face until he looked at his lab shoes the conditions inside the lab itself were so clean that not a spec of dirt could get in. At least when it came to his research department, which often found themselves working with biological agents some of which he shuddered at the thought of ever getting out. These were not intentional biological weapons but when you work with biological agents that leads to such things as creating a giantess you inevitably come up with a few bloopers some worse then others.

Kate only grinned as she didn’t bother waiting for the old man’s response but simply opened the main door and stepped outside. Looking towards the beach what she saw was the normal set up though this time there was a large chunk of metal on a platform. The people milling around it didn’t seem to give Kate much mind until she approached a few of them looked up. Several scientist she hadn’t seen before were smiling proudly at their handy work. Though she hadn’t seen them before Kate was able to figure out what was going on as she looked at the metal. The material was solid black much like iron though it had a much bright shine to it. Looking at Michel with her standard “What do I do look?” She grinned as the old man simply stood upon. Figuring what they wanted Kate walked over to the metal blocked and promptly stamped on it completely covering it with her massive foot.

A few of the people clearly weren’t use to Kate’s behavior though their arrogance and belief of their own importance kept them from showing any fear. Kate was amazed though that even now they didn’t show any reaction over then as if they were gloating. Normally when she flattened someone’s handy work even if it was just a slab of metal she got a reaction out of them. Curiously moving her foot around she felt sand and something smooth of about the same width of the metal block. Finally she removed her foot to find that the slab of metal had been driven several feet into the ground but hadn’t been deformed in the very least. The reason they seemed so prideful was made clear to her as she realized they were testing not only some new armor but her strength as well.

Never one to be out done Kate’s once again placed her foot upon the metal slab and proceeded to lift her left leg leaving all her weight now wresting upon the material. She felt it slip further into the ground but it didn’t seem to widen even now. Quite amazed by this point Michel found himself pressed to Kate’s skin just over the massive girls heart. Her hands seemed to get a good grip upon him as Kate was careful to make sure the little human was stable. A moment later everyone within the area that happened to be standing found themselves on the ground as Kate proceeded to hop on one foot. Some of the workers that happened to be further off found themselves admiring the view as with each hop Kate’s breast one bounce appealingly. The fabric of her tube top straining to contain her massive breast. The only males on the base that really felt any disappointment being those in supply as they had to provide Kate with her clothing which as far as they were concerned she went through fast enough. After all her clothing was expensive and she had actually been through more then one wardrobe over the past four months.

Kate grinned when she stopped jumping until she shifted her foot a bit. The same flat surface remained under her as she stepped off it she was amazed to see the metal slab had remained in shape despite her pounding. “ Impressive.” Rose up to her ears as she noticed Sheila standing up once again the woman having been standing off to the side lines as Kate tested the strength of the metal. The researchers seemed more then a little prideful now Kate for her part didn’t begrudge them their accomplishment after all they should be proud of it but the whispers that reached up to her ears made her feel they were just a little too proud. “ The sound of someone softly snoring got Kate’s attention as she looked towards her chest to find Michel putting on his rip van winkle act.

Kate knew all to well he was faking in order to show disdain for the other scientist the old man having a pretty big ego himself. “ Kate dear we are testing your strength now your weight use your hand.” Came from the old man Kate getting a massive smile upon her face as she reached down and retrieved the metal slab from the sand. “ Not bad work shrimps but lets see how it stands up to something that doesn’t give way so easily.” Michel turned managed to get his head turned around so that he could watch the show Kate still pressing him to her skin. He debated on asking Kate to set him down or hold him away from herself but it felt quite nice and considering his age he didn’t really feel like giving up his position.

The scream of metal deforming went through out the air as unlike the sand Kate’s hand only gave so much and then the metal began to mold in her hand. Really Kate didn’t feel much more resistance from the metal then she did while picking up people she knew she was exerting more force then when she held a human of course but the metal and humans both required such little effort on her part that she could hardly tell the difference. Michel for his part was beaming from pride as Kate easily molded the metal with her free hand. Feeling himself being removed from his comfortable position he sighed as Kate set down placing him next to the other spectators as she proceeded to treat the metal as if it was doe. Looking towards the other scientist Michel was the only one that held a some what prideful smile now. “ Nice work there fellows but Kate is a lot stronger then she looks.”

Kate continued to amuse herself working the material into various shapes while all the shocked scientist could do was stutter as they watched their work be treated as a child’s toy by this massive girl. The metal having been designed to be used as tank armor had already been put through several test all of which it passed with flying colors they were forced to consent defeat however as Kate showed that it was nothing more then a toy in her massive hands. “ There is some real weight to the stuff but it seems a lot stronger then steel though not enough to matter.” got everyone’s attention as Kate bounced the material lightly in her hand as if weighing it. “ How much more does it weigh?” No one answered for a few moments which got a humph from Michel as he decided to answer Kate’s question despite not being one of the developers.

“ Don’t mind them dear they are still in shock. Anyway I was told before hand that metal is roughly 8.3 times stronger then steel however it is more like nighty five times stronger.” Looking at the material for a moment Kate let out a sigh “ I wish it was more easily shaped and softer be nice to have a new material to make some close out. The polymers that are being used are starting to have trouble holding these monsters up.” With that Kate proceeded to wrap her arms around herself and heft her massive chest for a moment. Kate grinned as most of the scientist seemed to enjoy the view though a few of the more polite ones turned their heads. Giggling for a moment Kate set the lump of metal down on the walk way and picked up Michel once again. “ So were you want me to drop you off?”

“ Oh no you don’t your testing isn’t done yet that was only the start.” Kate gave Michel a surprised look after all she had just proven herself strong enough to handle their newest material like a toy but then again she also knew Michel loved his research and loved watching her show off. “ Okay then were too next?” “ Just take us down to the dock area though if you pass this last test as easily as you did the first then well I guess there won’t be any point in spending anymore of the day testing and you can start your school work.” There was a slight pause before Michel mentioned school work this naturally getting a reaction from Kate. Even if she finished since even if she finished early now she would have to do something that her massive size didn’t help her with all that much. It did all her to eliminate certain topics from her list as they were deemed useless by one of her scale plus some such as a lab would have just been to costly considering the amount of chemicals that would be needed.

Upon arriving at the dock Kate looked around for a few moments not noticing anything out of the ordinary she looked towards Michel. “ Now what am I suppose to do.” Pointing at one of the supply ships that had been docked he grinned. “ That ship is loaded down with repair material and other things your task is to lift it.” Kate gave the old man an odd look as she took in the site of the ship one of the few things that was bigger then her. She had to wonder if it was really needed to bring the materials they needed. Sighing Kate set Michel down and begin to strip off her clothing. Removing her shoes, skirt and tube top. She really didn’t need to as all her clothing was made of pretty much the same material it simply felt odd to her to walk out into the sea wearing a skirt and her tube top. Wading out into the water upon coming to the ship Kate was met with a dilemma. She didn’t know exactly were to place her hands in order to lift it without damaging the ship.

“ How am I suppose to lift this thing without damaging it.” As she looked back she noticed a few extra people had gathered to watch though she imaged it was more because she took of her clothes then anything else most knew how capable she was after all. As no one answered it became clear that it was something she was going to have to figure out on her own. Slowly she began to run her arms around the hull finally settling on what she imagined to be the strongest points. Kate had an awkward time lifting the ship as it was actually slightly longer then her though the weight didn’t seem to affect her. She also had trouble keeping her balance as the weight caused her feet to sink more deeply into the sea bed. Some clapping came from the shore as Kate grinned still having to adjust the ship so that she didn’t damage it.

Michel for his part was clapping quite enthusiastically at Kate’s show he had expected her to be able to lift it easily enough after all the methods that had been used on her had not only made her big but it had also made her far stronger then her size would actually reveal. Kate’s smile faded a bit as a woops escaped her lips, lowering the ship back into the water she seemed glad to see that it still floated looking back towards the shore she blushed a bit. “ I felt the hull bind a bit.” The captain of the ship would have been waiting on shore only grunted a bit. It was owned by the military after all and it had been there testing that had warped the hull a bit so they could be the ones to fix it.

“ We will let Sheila know still looks like you are done with your testing I guess we have to put another unknown down on your report.” Kate grinned quite proud of herself as more and more unknowns began showing up on the reports describing her. They had lost the ability to really check inside of her a few years ago as her body began to absorb more forms of radiation and became too dense for sound waves to work. They had tried other things but that hadn’t worked out as her immune system had proven quite the obstacle. It had proven powerful enough to destroy anything that they managed to get in her blood dream while her stomach acid had actually made short work of some carefully constructed probes what made things even worse was that since her body seemed to absorb any form of radiation or electronic energy that hit it. It meant that any signal that they might have gotten back before the device was eaten away didn’t get out no one even knew how long the devices really lasted once Kate swallowed them.

Wading back to shore Kate once again slipped on her clothing as she noticed a few men coming on the seen seeming to be getting ready to check the ship. Bending down Kate began to pick up Michel before stopping herself. Grinning she quickly took off away from the scientist living a shocked look upon his face he was use to Kate giving him a lift when he needed to go somewhere on base and they were testing her. He realized what was going on soon enough as he recalled he had planned on having her start her school work. Kate for her part grinned she knew it wouldn’t take long for Michel to hitch a ride there was no way he was going to walk all the way back to were she made her home. Still the shocked look on his face had been funny enough almost as funny as the workers who had scrambled out of her way even though she would have simply stepped over them.

Kate slowed down to a walk as she neared her room before shaking her head. If they wanted to put her to work after testing her despite the test being easy she was going to make them come and get her. Placing her hands behind her head and strolling off she was soon off the base grounds and making her way through the testing area for various mine detection systems and ammo tests. The area having been torn up by various explosion she stopped for a moment and removed her shoes. While the material they were made from was strong enough to support her weight walking across land mines that might be waiting was not something, she wanted to do the explosions wouldn’t have damaged them much but it still would have shortened their life span. It was kind of funny when she thought about it most people wore shoes to protect their feet the only reason she wore any is that it made her feel more normal then what she really was.

As Kate made her way across the baron area she made it a point to step on any peace of ground that had not been torn up by a explosion. This meant she hit several land mines that had not been detonated or dug up yet. This destroying any flat area that there might have been in order to force any pursuers to go around her giant foot steps. The thought that they could just use a helicopter to come after her had occurred to the young giantess but she figured that it wouldn’t be cost efficient enough to chase her down in such a way and besides they were pretty good about taking their time during such occasions and letting her relax.

Only a few states later Kate was strolling through the vegetation on the island lightly swaying her head from side to side. She stopped before getting to the shore line since that would make circling around the island the easiest way to get to her and she wanted some time to set around. Light vegetation covered the entire area though that didn’t really prevent her from simply setting down . Looking around the area Kate let out a long sigh at the lack of animals within the area. The years of testing weapons and other things had ended up in the death of most species upon the island plus some of the more annoying ones had been hunted down. In all Kate’s life the only place she had seen a deer was on tv something that she regretted not getting to do. She hardly got to see any animals though their had been the occasional lab animal that had been retired. One of the more amusing times being when she was given a rabbit that Michel had decided to retire from experiments.

The rabbit had been given to Kate as a sort of reprieve from being a test subject after it had escaped from its cage five times. The team had decided that any animal that could out wit them that many times in a row deserved to live so they had given it to Kate. Something that had been quite a bit as Kate had proven so large at the time the animal didn’t see her as a threat in the least she was simply too large and unreal to the tiny creature for its instincts to kick in. Those events were rare however as most testing animals couldn’t be done in such a way and very few actually got a reprieve. These thoughts got a sigh from Kate as her hand absently brushed down a few small trees she probably couldn’t even take care of such a animal now she mused. She required training in order to handle herself around people which meant a small animal was completely out of the question.

Leaning back she wondered if she could get Sheila to have a large dog brought in for her she doubted it but it wouldn’t hurt to ask. At least so long as she didn’t ask any time soon considering that she had just walked out on them. It was true she didn’t have to worry about punishment but such behavior also meant she should avoid asking for such favors for a while. Grinning the young giantess finally let her eyes drift shut as she took on a relaxed state. It was well after sun down that Kate finally let her eyes opened and realized something was up. There was no were on the entire island that couldn’t be gotten to in a few hours with the proper vehicle if they wanted to which meant they had let her spend the entire day away for some reason. Standing up and dusting herself off Kate’s stomach told her that she had laid around to long even though she didn’t have to eat much she did need to eat after all.

Walking back towards the compound she planned on stopping by the mess hall hoping that they hadn’t decided to make her wait for her food for sneaking off. Food had never been with held from her but she knew it would be her fault if she hadn’t showed up around chow time the same went for any soldiers. Fortunately she also knew that the mess hall was running around the clock since research went on around the clock she might just have to wait longer then normal. The compound was quiet on top as Kate neared at least on the surface she did see a few guards wondering around several three man teems it was a regulation that no guard could be off on his own just incase he got jumped. Some of the groups slowed to look at her for a few moments Kate could tell the ones that were new to their job as they tended to look longer then normal.

Amy’s response to Kate wasn’t isolated after all even soldiers tended to respond to being around her in much the same way eventually. That was another reason for having two experienced soldiers of course in case the new comer actually tried to run off. They could hold him down long enough to let him calm down. Of course there had been a few incidents that Kate wished wouldn’t happen. The occasional guard had opened fire on her not that the little bullets had ever managed to hurt her still it did annoy her. Arriving at the mess hall Kate was surprised to see her food already laid out for her. Setting down and tossing a few sides of beef into her mouth a loud sigh came from her as she considered how everything looked smaller now. Her thoughts returning to her room as she recalled looking down at the walk way this morning.

They had checked her height earlier and found that Kate now stood 760 feet tall which was 60 feet taller then what she had been when Amy arrived. It was going to make meeting new people even more difficult then before as she thought about the comforting affect of at least being able to look her in the eye while on the walk way. Even if people knew how big she was having something that helped them look her in the eyes seemed to relax them now as she considered the situation Kate imagined the only way they could look her in the eyes now is if she set them on top of her room and then talked to them. Finishing off the beef Kate simply poured the fruits and vegetables in her mouth it was true that she could pick them up but that meant either crushing them to a paste or being very careful in either case it slowed down her eating process.

Managing to finish her meal even quicker then normal Kate stood up. She didn’t like this one bit she felt lonely without anyone around even when she didn’t have a friend over they were normally a few soldiers to talk to or the cooks. With it being late though things would slow down of course even if some things continued and even if something was being tested it was often a stealth device which meant things would be quiet in the first place. Finally Kate returned to her room flipping on her computer the folly of her little skipped lectured show itself to Kate the moment she did so for on the screen the first thing she encountered was her lesson assignment. Shrugging her shoulder her initial react was to try to shut down the program and do something fun. This proved to be impossible with her level of skill getting a loud humph from her as she figured Michel had Jason program it so that if she didn’t finish her work she couldn’t do anything else.

She could just be stubborn of course and refuse to do it arguing that it was late but that wouldn’t work. She didn’t need sleep like humans doing it more to pass the time then anything else. So it was with a bit of lamentation that Kate finally began to work on her assignment. A aggravated look appearing on her face as she found herself reading one of Hawthorn’s works now truly feeling that the lesson had been chosen for the express reason of annoying her. Everyone knew the young girl hated depressing works or ones that happened to be focused on religion and his works were both of these in the young girls eyes.

Being a living experiment had given Kate even trouble in her life time as she had to conquer her own demons that as far as she knew was unique to her. After all she didn’t know many people who had the same amount of power as she did and yet followed the rules still. This had caused her to view anything she considered trying to force a religion as offensive. There was also the fact that over the years Kate had turned into quite the exhibitionist meaning she didn’t like the idea of any religion that would jump her case for not wearing much. She didn’t really have a choice in the matter after all there was no way she was going to get anything that covered her from head to toe and in all truth she was quite proud of her body. Having had the feeling nurtured by both Sheila the scientist and nearly every admiring look she got. She might be huge but at least she was a huge beauty.

Kate’s finale reason for her feelings towards religion was of course her power itself. It was common knowledge that she didn’t see things as normal people did. She didn’t have the same fear of death of even disease that most had to deal with every day. This cause her to feel a great since of independence then what humans did. She didn’t even have the same instincts as a human anymore after all when she couldn’t think of anything that might harm her what did she had to worry about? Even walking through a mind field had only slowed her down as she stopped to remove her shoes that had been her only consideration in the entire event. Kate’s eyes flared open as she wiggled her toes. Looking back towards the door “ Woops” and a giggle escaped her lips as she realized she had forgotten to put her shoes back on or even pick them up.

While Kate’s entrance hadn’t got much of a reaction upon her opening her door and dashing out nearly every guard that was awake and patrolling at the time was sent scrambling for cover. One of the rarest things that ever happened while any of them were on duty was to witness Kate running unless she was doing some test. Now as the giantess dashed to go pick up her foot wear the rapid impacts had given them quite a shock. Those of the maintenance crew that happened to be awake at the time were very glad the entire facility had been designed to within stand a nuclear blast other wise they would have quite a bit of repair work to take care of. Kate for her part was grinning as she watched the few people that were awake and on patrol scramble for cover as well as a few security guards come rushing out from the main facility to see what was going on.

All knew where the sound had came from as they watched the young giantess bounding away. Kate gave a slight smirk upon picking up her shoes hoping that she had woken everyone up she knew it was immature but she still wanted to get a little pay back. As Kate returned she grinned as quite a few of the guards now looked at her some laughing while a few tried to look upset “ Sorry forgot my shoes.” Was her only excuse before she ducked back into her room and began to read.

The door that lead strait to the walk way got Kate’s attention as she turned to see who was entering she noticed the day light streaming through. Letting out a bit of a groan that she had spent the entire night working “ You know if I was a normal person I would really have a reason to complain about you people expecting me to finish this over night.” “ Oh it is all part of the testing.” Came Jason’s voice as he stepped into the room “ Hope you don’t mind but they sent me to help conduct the test today. Michel wanted to be the one but in his old age he wouldn’t really be suited for it.” Kate’s eye browse raised a bit at Jason’s words she considered him a uncle in most respects so she trusted him still she wondered what was going on. “ Ookay but just what do you have in mind?” “ Endurance testing of course what others are there that Michel couldn’t stand to watch.” A classic I am angry with you pout appeared on Kate’s face as this was some of the testing she hated.

“ Oh great now just what do you have planned this time? You are not going to end up tearing up my clothes again.” Jason looked to the side for a moment “ Noo we won’t be damaging your clothes those are a bit hard to repair after all so you won’t be wearing them through the entire testing.” That was exactly the reason Kate hated the testing even though she enjoyed showing off her body she still felt a bit nervous about being completely nude around other people and this pretty much required she do just that. “ I swear one of these days I am going to take every scientist on this base, undress him and then leave you all standing on the beach.” Jason only grinned at the young girls threat though he knew good and well that she could carry through with the threat if she truly wanted to. He didn’t grin because he didn’t think she could of course quite the contrary most personality test and showed that given the proper moment of frustration she could indeed carry through with the threat. His reason for grinning was simply that as far as he was concerned he was the best looking mad man on the island thus had no reason to worry.

“ Well I guess I shall just have to chance that now come on.” Kate rolled her eyes before picking Jason up and crawling out the main door. Looking around for a moment she didn’t have to ask were to go as she walked over to one of the buildings a large machine having been brought out. A few of the team that had created Kate were busy prepping the device upon Kate’s arrival. The machine was one that Kate recognized from earlier years in truth it had been a very long time since her physical endurance was tested completely. The device had been used while she was still much smaller to take her blood. Though the one she now looked at had been built to her knew scale and would probably serve a new purpose though she knew everyone there would secretly love it if they finally had a device that could take some of her blood. It was so hard to do any proper testing on Kate.

As Kate looked at the device she could swear she remembered the metal it was made from. “ Hey is this the same junk from yesterday.” Jason grinned “ Yep and this junk is called test alloy 679.” A few moments passed before Jason explained the name “ Several alloy’s were made during its development 679 is how many tries it took before they finally got on the right track if you were to count every test batch made though you might need to add a zero or two.” Kate chuckled a bit though she felt a bit concerned now she had played around with the metal yesterday and found it easily moldable in her massive hands but it was still very strong and she didn’t doubt the point could be made remarkable sharp thanks to the metal’s strength. So it was with a bit of reluctance that she inserted her finger under the needle that resembled a drill far too much in Kate’s opinion.

As Jason began to punch in a few last commands for what the device should do Kate couldn’t help but wonder. “ Just how did you come up with this stuff?” Jason grinned as he looked up at the massive girl. “ We didn’t come up with it you did.” The curious look on Kate’s face told him that he needed to continue. “ Around four years ago when we managed to get a sample of your skin and blood we found what would become the alloy in your skin. Took us a long while as first we had to get your skin to start braking down but then we found it as well as quite a few other things. It just took us a very long time to make are own version of it which I admit isn’t as organic as what we found in your skin of course but we tried to make it stronger. “

Kate let out a sigh as she realized how why they hoped it could get a sample of her blood. It was made from a part of her after all and probably strengthened so that it would have a better chance of piercing her skin. The pressure of the machine got Kate’s attention as she watched the device slowly press down upon her finger. At first her skin gave way though it didn’t actually get cut however as the device pressed down more it soon found it could go no further. Kate’s body having adapted so that her skin felt soft even to a human touched this changed however when any real pressure was applied to it or she squeezed something. The machine coming to a complete stop after a few moments.

While keeping her finger within the machine Kate began to move herself backwards to lay down on her stomach. Leaning her head to the side a few of the scientist looked towards the giantess including Jason who wondered if she had any knowledge of how her body looked at the moment. Kate’s massive chest now pressed to the ground being a very pleasing site Jason had trouble turning his attention away from the young lady to watch the numbers of the machine. It had increased pressure by several times since it started but Kate’s skin had allowed it to go no further then what it already had. Kate for her part wasn’t thinking of how she must look at the moment as she curiously watched the device try to get through her skin. Pain being something Kate rarely felt she had been worried that the drill might be able to prick her which meant they would want more then one blood sample.

As the device continued to apply pressure though the young giantess was just becoming more reassured that it wouldn’t be able to brake her skin. A short while later the device reached its limit and Jason shut the machine down. As the drill began to raise everyone around could see to the metals credit it had not been deformed which meant to quite a few of them there it wasn’t the material but rather getting enough power behind it. “ You just have to be difficult don’t you young lady. Can’t even give up a few drops of blood.” Jason gave a slight start as he turned to look at Kate her tongue sticking out at him. One of Kate’s arms out stretched to her side while her other arm remained folded under her, what would have been a DD cup had she been a normal sized one pressed to the ground with her lovely rump slightly into the air and toned body laid proved to be quite a site by themselves. The fact that she looked so cute and innocent at the moment was quite shocking as he looked the other direction to avoid an erection still wondering if Kate did that intentionally.

Once the machine had lifted enough Kate set up stretching her massive arms above her head. “ I guess I have strengthened over these last few years.” Came from the massive girl who for her part couldn’t hide the fact that she was very happy the test had proven a negative as far as getting a blood sample from her. “ Yeah we figured you had we just don’t know how much of course we can’t really predict how your body is going to change. Though I can’t speak for every government lab as far as I know you are the first completely self evolving life form we have ever dealt with.” Kate grinned more then a little happy with how her body had worked out today though Jason’s words did bring up an old fear within her. They couldn’t be sure how her body might change and the fears that she might one day begin to lose her human form was something that bothered Kate to no end.

“ So what are we going to do next?” Jumping jacks nearly escaped Jason’s lips but he managed to catch himself. The thought that they would have to test Kate’s pheromones later in order to see if they were just really effective or if he needed to get away from the island for a while and get some women drunk. “ Why don’t you head on out and get yourself something to eat they started cooking early this morning so your meal should be ready.” “ What is special about today’s dinner?” “Oh nothing much but they are going to try to get an idea of what you can eat. You remember that cargo ship that was here yesterday well it was bringing supplies for this weeks….” A shock wave went through the ground that nearly sent Jason to the ground while everyone else in the area did end up on their tails.

Kate having figured out what he was going to say beforehand had hopped up and bounded towards the kitchen area. She got to eat and never felt hungry that was true but she never felt really full either. At least they were testing to see how the amount she lived on stacked up to the amount she could eat. They already knew that Kate ate far less then she should have required and seemed to do fine all the time but they wondered just how much she could eat. The research did seem silly to some of course however during such testing projects it was common practice for them to get as much information as they could even if it did seem useless. While Kate made it to the mess hall within a few minutes Jason found himself calling the main compound to send a someone to give him a lift.

Fortunately Greg was already their having been the one who supervised the food preparation. “ So I see someone is ready to make a glutton of herself.” A collective laugh could be heard as Kate quickly nodded her head. She was so use to being seen by everyone around she didn’t mind people watching her eat it was just another part of her life she had gotten use to. If she always felt like people were watching her she knew she would never feel relaxed after all there really wasn’t a place she could go to be truly alone. Even when she left the main compound and wondered into the forested areas she could still be seen easily enough. Greg not seeing Jason let out a sigh and quickly took up a clipboard in order to record some information. He was no scientist of course but he knew they would want some info. The moment Kate’s water was brought to her the young Titaness quickly dug into her food though far from simply forcing it all down as fast as she can. Even while eating slowly her meals didn’t last long and now that they were going to try to over feed her she was going to enjoy herself.

Greg for his part just recorded mostly every little detail not knowing what to put down. This of course included a few of his personal opinions such as “ We should do this more often.”, “ I don’t think this is enough to feel her up.”, “ I should get a bonus for helping with the research.” While he didn’t think some of the data was important he did enjoy righting down what food Kate seemed to focus on realizing this was most likely her favorite and he would have to look into getting it more often.

Jason arrived half way into Kate’s meal and was glad to see that Greg had recorded the data. The whole point of the exercise was to test just how much Kate could eat if given the chance to fell herself up. He knew the data wouldn’t be completely accurate though considering the corrosive nature of Kate’s stomach acid. It could eat through steel and any other metal they had ever tried to coat a device with in order to explore Kate’s insides. So he doubted that the food items lasted very long at all once within Kate’s digestive system. Kate for her part was enjoying herself as one that never really got to just wonder around and snack actually getting to over eat was quite a rare and fun experience in her opinion.

At last when the last of the various items vanished into Kate’s mouth Jason let out a long sigh. They hadn’t manage to over feed her despite there effort still he could at least question her. “ Alright Kate on a scale of one to ten how full to you fill?” “ I would have to say a seven.” Jason nodded for a moment they would have to factor in Kate’s growth rate and a few other things the next time they tried to feed her though at least with the current data they might be able to find just how much she can eat and how powerful the acids within her stomach are. If they could get her to eat enough so that she couldn’t just digest it all they could probably use the rate of corrosion to get a idea of the exact ph level of her stomach acids. At the moment though he knew of a few other test they could put through Kate which got a grin on his face. Kate noticing the grin let out a long sigh as she wondered just what was up next.

“Well young lady I am glad that you enjoyed your meal or at least the fact that you ate a entire ship’s worth should mean you enjoyed it. Now it is time for some other test so if you would please head towards weapons storage we can begin.” Rolling her eyes Kate picked Jason up this time though instead of carrying him in her open palm as she did most people the scientist found himself held to Kate’s side. Realizing what Kate had in mind he didn’t bother struggling instead resolving that he would just have to try and enjoy the ride. It wasn’t like he could brake free of the massive girls grasp after all. As Kate began to walk she began to swing her arm while holding Jason the motion was steady enough just enough speed and alteration to make sure he became motion sick. While she didn’t mind the first test and the meal was quite a pleasant surprise the up coming test she didn’t care much for at least what would eventually come from them.

When at last Kate arrived next to the storage area and placed Jason upon the ground the scientist was to the point of losing his footing. The ride had been kind of fun for the first few moments but by the end he found himself struggling to keep his foot. He didn’t bother trying to talk as considering how dizzy he was at the time he didn’t know how it would sound. The various soldiers that had gathered to help with the text just watched him for a few moments. “ So you are the ones that are going to be helping them with today’s research. Is this pure curiosity on your parts or do you just want to try and hurt me?” Kate made a pouting look as she addressed the soldiers around the building. Some of them grinned having worked with Kate before while a few others blushed. In truth most of them were there since they would get to use some weapons they normally didn’t get to and knew that Kate wouldn’t be in any real danger if any danger at all.

Jason finally regained the footing some what to Kate’s dismay. “ Well I guess it is time to begin so do I need to take off my clothes?” “ No not just yet just set down and stretched out your legs.” Doing as she was told Kate watched as Jason approached and with drew something from his pocket. Holding the lighter up to Kate’s leg he held the flame to her skin for a few moments before with drawing it. “ Oh your trying to burn me are you, what am I a witch now?” Looking up Jason found that he couldn’t see Kate’s face as she learned over her massive chest blocking his view. Slowly stepping back he laughed when he finally saw Kate’s face a massive grin upon it. Really she appreciated the fact that they always started small to insure she didn’t get injured.

The next thing to come in contact with her skin was a flame thrower the trooper that happened to be using it seeming to enjoy playing around with the device. Kate noticing that the flames were coming closer and closer to her skirt was quick to block it. “ Naughty naughty you just keep that focused on my lower leg and leave my skirt alone.” A loud sigh of disappointment seemed to come from all around which for once got a blush from Kate. This didn’t go unnoticed by Jason who found himself chuckling slightly as Kate showed some modesty. The wielding torch that came next was actually meant to be used under water making the flame remarkably hot however as most things it had no effect on Kate’s skin except to make it hot to the touch. This didn’t really surprise Jason though as they had often wondered just how hot it much be within Kate’s body itself.

Her body was so well insulated and generated so much energy he couldn’t help but thing the heat must be inhuman once you get past her skin. Kate for her part was wondering what was next when a soldier came out carrying what seemed to be another flame throwing but there were clear modifications upon the device. “ You ready for this one Kate?” Slowly nodding her head Kate watched as a dark red liquid came from the device and sprayed onto her skin then proceeded to simply roll off. A odd look appeared on her face as she noticed Jason writing down notes very quickly now. A moment later the liquid erupted into flames as it reacted with the air. “ Just what is this stuff delayed reaction fire jell?” Jason chuckled for a moment “ No normally it isn’t delayed at all that is a chemical compound that reacts with the water or more precisely the hydrogen in the water in human skin. I can only assume the reason it didn’t ignite upon contact with your skin is that yours is to well protected or not even normal molecules.”

“ Oh trying to attack me on the atomic level are you? Still shouldn’t it have done something I mean I have to drink water like anyone else so surely I am partly made from it.” Jason looked at the fire still dancing on Kate’s skin before responding “ Kate every time we get a sample of your blood or skin we find something else about you that seems to defy every biological system we currently know if you could get arrested for braking the laws of nature then you would be in jail for the next million years.” Kate actually began to laugh at Jason response pulling her legs in towards herself she watched the flames down on her knee actually leaning her head against them. “ Well aren’t I special.” The comment got Jason’s attention immediately it had been said innocently enough but it could have meant Kate was feeling alienated from humanity something that couldn’t be allowed.

“Kate you are special in far more ways then your body. I couldn’t think of a sweeter more moral girl then yourself.” While Jason’s words were meant to comfort Kate about her mental state and make her feel more relaxed about her body he could honestly say them as he considered how powerful Kate had revealed herself to be. She still remained a carrying young lady loyal to what she considered her family and her country. Still as Kate had passed the basic test to see how she react to heat and pure force it meant it was time to begin work on other things. “ Already Kate we got all the information we needed from this test so I guess it is time for the finale experiment of today. We will need to head over to Sheila’s office first though to get the grounds cleared away.”

Jason as happy that Kate didn’t fell vengeful this time as she carried him towards the main compound. Sheila for her part had figured what was going on after all she was having the progress of the test reported to her and had already issued the order for the grounds to be cleared. Jason would only be stopping by for procedure in all truth besides Sheila wanted a moment to talk to Kate. Kate’s presence outside of her window was all too easy to notice as she opened it and looked up at the massive girl despite Kate now setting on her knees. “ Well hello sweety you been enjoying yourself today?” Kate grinned as she used her free hand to retrieve Sheila from the window. Thankfully it had been made wide enough for her to get the tips of her finger nails in and the woman had been leaning out a bit.

Sheila didn’t complain as Kate set her down on top of the main structure to make her closer to eye level though she wasn’t quite. “ Yup I think today has been kind of fun though I don’t think I am going to enjoy this next test as much.” “ Well don’t worry we will clear off as many people as we can to give you as much privacy as possible but we really need this data.” Kate nodded her understanding though she still didn’t like it. Sheila noticing the some what downed look on Kate’s face she could understand why it had been quite some time since Kate had any guest and now she was having all these test done on her. She imagined that Jason would be wanting to talk to her about Kate’s mental health once this was all over. “ Kate once this over why don’t I stop by your room and me can you can talk for a while.” Kate brightened up the moment the words left Sheila’s lips. “ Alright see you later.”

Sheila felt a little funny the moment Kate retrieved from the building the look of innocents on the girls face the moment Sheila had offered to visit had made her forget for a moment the young lady was over seven hundred feet tall. How she could forget that she didn’t know but she had come to view Kate as something of a grand daughter over the years. Of course she knew that while visiting Kate it be more of a story telling then anything else as Kate always had questions about the outside world. This had proved helpful in its own right since it meant that many of Kate’s perceptions had been taught to her through Sheila though the woman didn’t mean any harm by it she simply answered Kate’s questions to the best of her ability. They were just some things that Sheila couldn’t help but teach her when she explained her view to her.

Once back in her office Sheila shook her head as Kate stood up and she inevitably ended up looking up the girls skirt. Sighing the woman shook her head slowly the fact that Kate enjoyed wearing skirts so much happened to be Sheila fault one of the lessons Kate had learned from her as Sheila had told Kate about her school years and how in her younger days she had been quite the tease herself though a rather athletic one. Even now thanks to her regular training the woman didn’t look nearly her age and did indeed sport a very healthy and athletic form.

Kate didn’t really think of people looking up her skirt much anymore considering she couldn’t really do anything about it. The fabric had to be limited thanks to her growth and even when they skirts were made long for her they never stayed that way for very long. Being completed naked though was an entirely different story though as even she wasn’t used to stripping down especially with as big an audience as the entire facility could make. She was grateful that Sheila was nice enough to restrict activity when it was required she stripped down. It did inconvenience some of the staff but they had to simply learn to deal with it. “Alright Kate set me down over there and then you need to move on out to the firing range for the heavy artillery.” Cut into Kate’s line of thought as she looked down at Jason sighing she walked over and set the scientist down on the platform.

Everyone on the platform looked away to give Kate a since of privacy as she stripped away her clothing. As Kate removed her clothing she had to be careful while setting her skirt and bra down thanks to the clasp. While the other materials were heavy enough to crush someone thanks to their volume the bra and skirt both had something the others didn’t. Namely the clasp as thanks to the weigh they had to support these had always been made of steel or some other kind of alloy and were all of decent size. Simply dropping them near a group of people would have been a bit insensitive then thanks in part to the noise it would make and someone might get hurt. Finally stripped down Kate’s breast showed no sines of sagging but remained pert though her skin color did seem to say through out her body as she blushed.

Teasing was one thing but being completely naked was another. Walking towards the testing ground and setting down Kate use her arms and legs to cover herself as best she could for a moment wishing that she wasn’t by her standards at least a DD cup as she covered as much of her breast as she could. “ Alright I am ready.” The crew finally looked in her direction some of them chuckling a bit as the normally teasing Kate showed a bit of a shier side then she normally did. “ Alright Kate now you just set there and tell us if any of these hurts and we will stop right there.” Kate nodded as even from such a range she could hear them speaking. As the team got ready unlike the other test they wouldn’t be started light this time as Kate had already been tested for what pressure she could with stand and heat. So it was with a rather loud boom that the test began as one of the tanks stationed on the base fired a shell.

The impact came before the sound reached Kate as the round slammed into her. Kate let out a slight sigh as another one was fired this one some what more powerful as they worked their way up to anti tank rounds. Each one slammed into Kate’s leg as despite Kate’s strength the order had to be issued that no vital areas should be hit. They didn’t know what was really vital on Kate though as they didn’t know her true make up all they could assume was it was the same for her as it is for a human. The team for their part didn’t right now very much as Kate show no reaction but boredom as reach round slammed into her body. The only thing they noted for some time is when the tanks began to coordinate their fire all at once so that six and nine rounds were slamming into her. Looking towards the scientist a grin formed on her face “ Nine? Is that the most your can coordinate at the same time.”

The researchers didn’t get a chance to answer as the tank crews heard her and the shells promptly jumped to 13 colliding with her at the same time. Kate just laughed as the shelling continued until the crews had exhausted all the firing options they could think of. “ Well Kate we just have one more test so we want you to stay there.” Nodding her head Kate wondered what was going on until she saw two trucks heading her way. As the vehicles drove up they parked side by side next to take as a few soldiers got out and detached the trailers and began to run a hose from one tanker to the other.

Kate gave a some what annoyed look to the scientist as she read the compounds on either vehicle. Each compound was extremely dangerous by itself requiring the drivers to be very careful while transporting it but together the explosive power was quite devastating. The compounds had proven too unstable for any military use and most commercials uses wouldn’t require such a explosive however for the current test everyone felt it was the best thing short of surrounding Kate with weaker explosives. A timer was set to allow the chemicals to mix as the trucks drove away with a great deal of haste. Kate just watched the timer count down as at last the pumps can to life and the chemicals began to mix.

A moment later Kate was engulfed in a fire ball but far from felling pain she felt a slight rush of energy. Kate’s body able to absorb quite a few different types of energy in order to sustain itself this had been discovered earlier when trying to use radiation and other forms of energy to scan Kate. Though the energy Kate got from the explosion was comparable to a sugar rush it was indeed powerful enough to force her body to take in some energy or allow her to get injured as menial as the damage would have been. Kate could hear the applause a few moments later as the flames vanished as the scientist applauded her. Grinning Kate blushed once again though this time was thanks to the applause. Something about the unexpected praise made her feel good about herself if a shy.

The entire crew busied themselves analyzing the data as Kate came in and retrieved her clothing. “ The shower should already be ready.” Kate looked towards Jason who had his nose buried in the report. Grinning she lifted him up for a moment giving him a kiss that covered his entire body before setting him down. “ Thanks I need to get cleaned up after that.” Jason just grinned as he listened to Kate’s foot falls. The crew that was running the fire hoses for the day began to spray Kate down even before she was within the usual spot joining in with the tank crews and going for long range. Kate just rolled her eyes as she stepped into the range the tanks fire and the fire hoses having no real chance of harming her at their current level of ability. As she thought back though the fact that she had felt a rush of energy when the finale explosive had been used. She would have to tell Jason and the others about that later on and see if they knew just how it might have caused it.

The exact working of Kate’s body was actually quite foreign to the girl herself after all one can hardly be expected to know how their own bodies work if it can’t be studied. As Kate was washed of she couldn’t help but notice something peculiar as the water rushed over her skin. It was evaporating rather quickly. Thinking about the possible causes the slight energy rush and how powerful the explosion had been it quickly became clear what had happened. Her body had soaked up some extra energy so it may be try to get rid of it as quickly as it can to get her back to her normal state. What this meant wasn’t lost on the young giantess as she considered that a larger explosion might have actually been able to hurt her a thought that hadn’t manifested itself in her head for many years.

The look of concern that had appeared on her face vanished before the cleaning crew could even notice it. She had seen how unstable the chemicals had been and the substantial amount that had been used on her. Considering the weight of the bomb they would have to use and the odds of them trying to get it to her without it exploding she didn’t worry so much after a few moments. She had looked the trucks over after all before they had exploded and as she thought about it realized they both had a substantial amount of cooling devices and other items probably to keep the reaction from taking place before the chemicals could even be mixed. With all these factors she doubted she had much to worry about though she never allowed the thought of nuclear weapons to enter her mind.

Unknown to Kate her body was not intentionally releasing energy at such a rapid rate. The explosion had affected it a rare happening indeed and it was now adjusting to make sure it didn’t happen again. Cells throughout her body had began to go a change as her body struggled to find out how to strengthen her even further. Deep inside her body within an organ unique to her new cell structures were being developed to replace the old ones. These cells would slowly cannibalize and make use of new material to strengthen her entire body. Such changes were truly going on within her nearly all the time though it didn’t always require a complete redesign. The testing had prompted her body to feel that it was in danger however and it was already striving to insure Kate’s survival whether she felt it was necessary or not.

Sheila smiled as she leaned back against the guard rail waiting for Kate to arrive. She had looked over the test reports that had already been sent in. Even with all the data she really wasn’t turning in anything new as they had seen these events coming for a long time. What did surprise her was how Kate looked upon her arrival. The reports had stated that none of the test had been able to hurt her in the least but what Sheila saw arrive was simply an exhausted Kate. The changes going on inside of her body was simply put making her feel sick. “ Kate sweety what happened did they try a biological weapon on you or something?” Sheila hadn’t authorized such actions if they had so the woman had more then a little anger in her voice as this was the only answer she could think of. “ No but I do feel tired all a sudden.”

Sheila’s face could only be described as shock as she hadn’t seen Kate behave in such a way in a couple of years. The girl was never tired and defiantly never looked this sick. Thanks to the drain on Kate’s body her skin tone had went down quiet a bit. Something else got Sheila’s attention as she noticed how hot the room was beginning to feel. Kate did give of a lot of heat of course but never this much. Calming herself Sheila set down on the walk way as she watched Kate lay down seeming to not even think of picking her up. This had the woman really concerned but she didn’t want to worry Kate about it. She would have to include this in her report of course but first she was going to have a few words with Jason and try to figure out what is going on.

It wasn’t long before Sheila left the old woman moving far faster then most would have expected she could. The last thing she had seen before she left was Kate falling asleep as in truly asleep. She could hardly believe it had happened since Kate never did such things. The main desk got a call from Sheila a few moments later call Jason to her office and cool Kate’s room down as much as they could. The climate control in the building was limited thanks to its size but Sheila didn’t want to risk Kate over heating. Kate for her part was for the first time in a long time completely unaware of the outside world. The energy drain her body was putting on itself to speed up her evolution was taking most of her brains mental ability and physical energy as well to complete the changes as quickly as it could. The heat was a byproduct of all the changes going on throughout her system. Leaving no real energy to keep her awake as her body chose to shut down in order to conserve its energy for the task at hand.

As Jason set at Sheila’s desk he was truly shocked at what he saw on the monitor. Kate seemed to be truly asleep and the climate control in the room simply wasn’t effective enough to keep it at regular temperatures thanks to the massive about of heat her body was generating. As he looked over the data the scientist slowly looked up at Sheila. “ Well going by the data of what happened earlier today I can only say I have no idea what caused this.” Sheila raised an eye brow as she looked at the scientist. She didn’t expect him to be able to give her an exact reason why it happened but she at least wanted a theory. “ Now why can’t you tell me anything even though you have spent the entire day running test on her.” A gulp could be heard from Jason as he wondered how he was going to explain this. It was rare that the scientist was asked a question that he couldn’t answer in some form at least.

“ That was only data to try and get her to respond which she never did. The only thing that I can think of that wasn’t a conventual weapon was the explosives.” Jason face seemed to light up a moment later as he realized they hadn’t got Kate to say if she had felt anything during the testing. “ Of course we still need to get Kate’s feed back on the experience maybe that will tell us something.” Sheila blinked for the moment at the change in Jason’s demeanor the moment he seemed to be able to explain something. The jump from nervous skittish too relaxed and border like arrogant was quite swift. “ Very well.. I think I will hold off on righting my report until you have questioned her. While the other unknowns are fine we really need to get a idea of just what caused this sudden change in Kate.”

Jason nodded as he made for the door not waiting to be excused. As he slipped from the room a long sigh came from him. He was grateful that Kate had fallen asleep in once since as it meant Sheila couldn’t expect him to rush down to Kate’s room and start questioning her right away. As Jason headed to his room to get some wrest Sheila was biting her lower lip. The fact t