Kate’s story chapter 3


It actually surprised him when he heard some moans and realized that they where not all his as the completely surrounded him. A grin formed on his face as he realized that Kate was enjoying this more then he thought she was. Kate lightly moved her fingers over her nipples moaning lightly to herself once hand began to move down the expanse of her body as her nipples pushed against the fabric of her shirt. Reaching beneath her skirt she began to lightly rub her fingers against the outside of her lips being careful to watch herself to insure she didn’t inhale to sharply. Brian by now had a very good idea of what was going on and realized that he wasn’t the only one becoming aroused by his situation as he was in the perfect spot to hear Kate’s moans. This only lending itself to his excitement as well as Kate played with his little form. Brian’s moans of enjoyment where easily drowned out by Kate’s as his fear shrunk away. The thought of the candy rapping came back to him as he noticed something a bit to late. While Kate had been lightly sucking on him the suction and the movement of her tongue against the inside of her cheeks had been slowly working his swimming trunks down by the time he realized though it was to late. The only reason he even noticed was he felt his now exposed mid section pressing against Kate’s flesh instead of the fabric.

His first thoughts where to try and locate the garment but these where soon lost as he realized that while Kate had been keeping him near the tip of her tongue she had probably not been paying too much attention to the fabric. Considering the force of her sucking on him at times he quickly realized where his swimming trunks had most likely gone and while he did like the pair he wouldn’t have gone after them even if they had been made of platinum. Kate gave a slight start as she felt something sliding down her throat however the presence on her tongue confirmed that it hadn’t been Brian. Actually able to detect the slight bit of wait Kate gave a some what hard draw as she realized what she had just swallowed. The action actually pulling Brian along her tongue, a foot, she let out a suppressed giggle that shook Brian slightly. Feeling the dampness in her crotch Kate was a bit surprised when she tasted something on her tongue other then Brian. Realizing what Brian had just done Kate giggled and gave a few more light draws before opening her mouth and retrieving Brian from her tongue not making mention of his state of undress.

“ Well you look relaxed now. Why don’t you go ahead and go take a nice shower before that dries though.” Brian nodded in agreement as Kate set him down in front of his room. As he headed to take a bath he was fairly pleased with himself after all he had managed to not panic. Though with what Kate had been doing to him he wondered if his fear had simply been over ridden with lust. Either way though he hadn’t panicked and that was a good sign. Kate developed a bright blush on her face as Brian left the room. She hadn’t managed to keep it down until then but now she saw no reason to hide it. She had been finger herself lightly while playing with Brian in her mouth and thanks to that she had ended up swallowing his swimming trunks. The fact that she had stripped him while inside her mouth was actually amusing in many ways but she still wished she hadn’t.

Despite being a tease most the time Kate still didn’t feel she was ready to strip Brian and she hoped this wouldn’t reflect to badly on her after all she was a big tease not a slut. Still as long as Brian didn’t mention it she wasn’t going to mention it. As Brian showered he noted that his muscles did seem less sore then they had though he still didn’t want to do anything physical for the day. The warmth of Kate’s mouth and the sensation of being moved around had actually helped to relax his entire body. In fact he decided that it had relaxed him a little to much considering what had happened while he was in there.

A short while later Brian exited the bathroom to find Kate once again waiting on him. “ Sorry to have kept you waiting.”

“ No problem so do you feel any better now?” Brian grinned and nodded his head not wanting to tell her just how much better. “ Ah that is good so now what should we do today?” Brian’s first though was to ask Kate if what she had just done counted as oral sex or if that had been her version of a French kiss really either one of them would have worked. He decided to write it off as a kiss though.

“ I am not really sure I still don’t feel like running around like yesterday. So how about we play some games or spend some time talking?” Kate seemed to think on the choices for a while they could play computer games for a little while but they could do that online anytime. She couldn’t however speak to Brian about what had happened while he was there even online incase someone read the conversation. Though in truth everyone agreed that the precaution was a silly one as the odds of anyone taking such a conversation seriously where unlikely and even if they did they couldn’t prove anything.

“ I know since you got to questions me Wednesday how about I get to ask you some questions about yourself today?”

“ Umm sure not that I think I am going to be as interesting to you as you where to me but that sounds fair.” Kate grinned for a moment at Brian’s comment.

“ Brian you are talking to someone who has never got to leave this island. Believe me almost anyone can be interesting to me if they even know anything about the area they live in.” This got a grin from Brian though he could understand just where Kate was coming from. “ Ah actually that is a good first question tell me about where you live.”

“ Well first that is a order and not a question.” Kate stuck her tongue out at Brian at this comment. “ But I guess I shouldn’t disobey a order from a 810 feet tall lady.”

“ Darn strait.”

“ Well right now I am living in a apartment in the city and to be honest I don’t like it. I am more use to small town living with lots of forest around. I swear you can tell a difference between city air and country air and it is largely in how breathable it is.”

“ Ah you shouldn’t complain at least you have gotten to go into a city I kind of wonder if I will ever be allowed to walk through a city street.” Brian seemed to think of this for a moment. Considering Kate’s size there would be very few buildings that would be as tall as her in fact most of them wouldn’t even come up to her waste level especially in some of the smaller cities without sky scrapers. The image was actually fairly exciting though he ended up shaking his head.

“ I don’t think you would be able to walk through the one I live in. You are kind of a big girl and well you would probably end up having to destroy a building every few steps or every step in order to find a place for your cute feet and I don’t think the road way could support your weight in the first place. You would probably end up destroying the sewer system or subway with every step you took.” Kate grinned for a moment and nodded her head the only reason she could walk around the compound so freely was it was meant to withstand bomb blast. Any normal paving job would be destroyed with every step she took making the roads and anything under them unusable.

“ Yeah I know I had hoped at one time that I would still be small enough to go into a city when I managed to leave this place. That doesn’t seem like it is ever going to happen now though.”

“ Maybe so but at least there is a lot of country left for you to explore and you could always explore along the beech areas.”

“ Who knows maybe I can come and visit you in the country when ever I get to leave this place.” Brian grinned for a moment wondering what the park service and the land owners would feel about Kate walking through the area leaving huge groups of trees and other things completely crushed with every step.

“ Hmm I can think of a few places that I wouldn’t mind you walking around. Though I think the owners of the property would they are jerks so they don’t matter.” Kate giggled for a moment realizing what Brian was indicating.

“ Brian shame on you.” Trying to get a little payback on someone through me that is just mean.”

“ Well you are going to have to walk some where after all. I suppose when you finally get to come to the main land that you will probably be escorted around on government property most the time. Though I still think the environmentalist are going to take issue with it. I mean they can’t very well have to walking around destroying the roads and bridges which means you are going to have to take some detours through forested areas. Especially if you come across some areas where the road gets narrow.” Kate nodded on her agreement of course she expected there to be a good deal of chaos when she finally got off the island a long time ago. Brian was only stating a minor problem really.

“ That is true but I think the major problem is going to be people panicking. After all you didn’t react very well when you first saw me and most people react even worse. Now lets put that in a crowd situation at which time peoples fear seem to feed of one another’s. Plus unlike with people that are brought here to visit with me they are not enough soldiers to keep that many people under control. Then there are going to be the nut jobs that think I am a alien or a monster and probably try shooting me a bit.”

“ Ah yes the red necks that is going to be a major issue if you ever come to visit me. I suspect that you will have to take quite a few weapons away if you don’t want to be shot.” Kate just grinned for a moment.

“ Naa I could just let them run out of ammo after all if a tank can’t hurt me I doubt there is any chance of a bunch of hill billies with rifles being able to bother me.” Brian grinned and nodded his agreement though he wondered how long it would take them to run out of ammo.

“ Hmm I wonder if any of the local churches would consider you a angel or perhaps a really big demon. Yeah I guess you will have to deal with a mixture of people praising you and others trying to banish you to hell.” Kate giggled for a moment at the thought.

“ Do you think it would help any if I had a cross shaped necklace? Heck I could easily where on and even have it life sized or bigger.”

“ I don’t know about that I mean you are at least in part considered a government weapon. So if you wore a religious symbol wouldn’t that be endorsing a religion?” Kate rolled her eyes for a moment.

“ You little people really have to complicate things for big old me don’t you.” Brian grinned and nodded his head though in truth he regretted that was how things had to be. Still with all this he had to worry that the government would never actually tell Kate she could leave and that it would be up to her to make the first move.

“ I just wonder if there would be more people out thinking you where some kind of divinity or a demon.” Kate tapped the side of her mouth for a moment as if considering the question.

“ I imagine most Christian groups will write me of as a demon considering how much I like flaunting my body also I don’t think the fact that I am female will help out too much with that. I don’t know about other groups though.” Brian grinned for a moment as he imagined preachers lined up denouncing Kate was the anti-chirst, a demon, Satan and just about everything in the bible. As he considered the image he actually found himself lightly shaking with laughter. Kate noticing this a few moments later couldn’t help but wonder.

“ What is so funny?”

“ Well I know you wouldn’t do this and I don’t I shouldn’t find it funny but I just got the image of you in my mind about to step on a bunch of religious zealots.” Kate blinked for a moment and gave Brian a openly questioning look. “ I just think it is funny that some of them might very well try praying instead of doing the most practical thing and running away as quickly as they could.” Kate gave Brian a evil grin.

“ Now just how would that be practical do you think those little legs of yours could carry you fast enough to avoid my foot?” Brian considered this for a moment thinking of the area that he had seen Kate cover with a single step.

“ Hmm well then again I guess praying might be the only thing that they could do.” Brian gave a slight start as Kate lightly blew on him pushing him back a bit a slight demonstration of how helpless a little person is compared to her.

“ Darn strait if I decided to step on them praying would be the only thing they could do. Well they could also try begging or flattering me I had to admit I do enjoy flattery a awful lot. Still you are right I wouldn’t step on someone for simply protesting me well unless it managed to start getting my nerves I don’t know what I would do if anyone drove me to the point that I lost my temper.”

“ And has that ever happened before?”

“ Not really not since I hit the 100 feet mark at least. Sheila and the others where very careful to give me good mental conditioning to allow me to control my anger. I have felt rather angry before but I have never lost my temper. I like to think that I am incapable of losing my temper but I don’t really know since I have spent most of my life here.” Brian recalling some of the past part time jobs he had smiled up at Kate.

“ To bad you could never work as a cashier or selling something else. I think if you can get through that kind of work without losing your temper then you have good control of yourself.”

“ Ah sounds like someone is speaking from experience.” Brian grinned and nodded his head. “ All well I don’t think I ever have to worry about being in customer surface hmm well unless I got licensed out as a living weapon. Then I still don’t think I would have to worry about much.”

“ Hey Kate I was wondering do you know of any of those UFO reports are actually aliens, swamp gas or the government fulling around with some things.” Kate grinned for a moment.

“ Well I can’t confirm from first hand experience you understand after all I have never been to any of those areas. However I have asked Sheila about it and I can say that a few of them have been experimental air crafts well unless she is lying to me which I doubt. Though to the best of my knowledge the vast majority of such things are products of peoples over active imaginations or they are a bunch of layers.”

“ I wonder how many people are going to decide that you are a product of alien research or an alien yourself. After all you are most assuredly not your average human.”

“ That is true enough I am one of a kind at least to my knowledge. I suppose they could be another person that under went the same procedure as me and had the same results but no one is telling me about that one. I suppose some people will decide I am a alien no matter what the government says though after all people tend to believe what they want to believe. You should know that yourself you religious nut.”

“ Hey I might hold Christian believes but that does not make me a over active nut job by itself.” Brian backed up a bit as Kate reached for him but chuckled as she tapped him on the head a few times with her index finger.

“ I know I just like picking on you. To be honest the greatest fear I have about coming to the main land is not what people are going to think I am. Well no that isn’t true that is part of it still my main fear is people panicking. I don’t care if a bunch of crazies want to come out and shoot me so long as they make sure it is me they are shooting. Unless they get their hands on nuclear weapons I doubt there is any real chance of them being able to injure me. If people panic though and try to run away there could be some real problems. After all can you imagine everyone trying to evacuate a city as I approached.”

“ Hmm I suppose the best thing that could be done is to have a pr campaign letting people know what is happening. Though to be honest with you I doubt anyone is going to take it seriously until enough people see you with their own eyes.” Kate chuckled for a moment as she imagined the commercials telling people to stay calm.”

“ Though it does kind of stink that the treatment had to over do it this much. I wasn’t suppose to be nearly this big heck I was only suppose to be around six or seven foot tall at the most when they first gave it to me. The treatment was actually suppose to only make certain alterations however it ended up reacting with my still developing immune system and well here I am.”

“ You mean your size wasn’t actually a planed result?”

“ Hey I thought I was suppose to be learning about you today.” Brian couldn’t help but grin while Kate herself chuckled a bit. “ Ah it is all right though I like being the center of attention. Anyway no my size wasn’t planned especially for me to get this large. Actually the treatment was original meant to simply improve the immune system, give increased strength, speed stamina and allow the body to adapt to hostile situations better. It went a little over board with me though and instead of simply allowing my body to make some slight alterations like toughening up my skin it actually gave me the ability to self evolve and well here I am after several years of self evolution.”

“ Ah cool were you the first one they tested the treatment on?” Kate grinned and shook her head in the negative.

“ The first person that undergo the treatment was actually a man and actually it worked out. However while it did work on his body properly, he himself grew uncooperative for whatever reason and they had to find a new test subject. They chose me since I was going to die anyway with no immune system really and the lack of an immune system and my still growing body actually allowed the treatment to work better on me then it did him. A little to good some would say.”

“ Ah so you where meant to replace him. Still that leaves the question what did they do with the first test subject?”

“ Oh don’t worry they didn’t kill him however his contract does allow them to keep him for testing and does require him to cooperate. Since he violated his contract they simply put him in extended testing and have been keeping him a few floors down for several years now. Though the testing they now perform on him is purely mental in a on going attempt to get his cooperation.”

“ How do they know he isn’t faking?” Kate gave Brian a wide grin.

“ They don’t know and in fact he was able to trick them once or twice. The first time he escaped was actually when I first learned of him. I was 110 foot tall at the time and he had actually managed to sneak past security after deceiving them he might have made his escape in all honest if he hadn’t run into a little girl. I didn’t know who he was at the time I simply saw someone that I hadn’t met at that time and well at that age I was more then a little grabby about anything that got my curiosity. So when I saw him sneaking around I sort of snatched him up.” Brian grinned at a moment as he imagined how young Kate must have been there and how humiliating it must have been.

“ Pfft you say that like you aren’t grabby anymore. Always walking around snatching me up without even asking I think you are still pretty darn grabby.” Brian wasn’t really surprised though he pretended to be a moment later when Kate lifted him into the air.

“ And what are you going to do about it bug boy?” Brian grinned at Kate’s teasing tone and pretended to struggle a bit.

“ Why when I get down here I am going to give you the spanking of your life young lady. I will teach you to respect your elders.” Kate visibly giggled at the thought of such a little person actually trying to spank her then got a rather large grin and brought Brian close to her lips.

“ Maybe later you can give me a spanking but I don’t think we know each other that well just yet.” Brian halted his squirming and got a rather large grin himself as he was moved away from Kate’s mouth.

“ Anyway trust me I am not nearly as grabby now as I was back then. I use to be really bad I would even grab up tanks once I got big enough if it wasn’t a design that I hadn’t seen before. Jets and helicopters to and belief me the test pilots didn’t appreciate it one bit.” Brian grinned at the thought of Kate during her younger years. A titanic child picking up tanks and jet and treating them as if they where toys. Of course this raised the question if she had actually killed anyone while playing around. Kate had said that she never killed anyone however Brian couldn’t help but find that hard to believe considering her scale and if anyone really recalls their child hood. He didn’t think that any of the bases personal would tell her about it considering the effects it might have on her. Brian resolved not to bring this into question just yet after all they were both having a good time no need to spoil it.

“ Hm alright and I guess you will be making that claim 5 years from now?”

“ You will just have to wait and see. I am just glad I haven’t made any of my bigger blunders in a long time. It was especially embarrassing when I would accidently snap the wing of a prototype jet fighter or when I accidently stepped on a vehicle.”

“ Yeah those must have been rather unique experiences. After all most children only end up braking things worth a hundred dollars or so if they can get a hold of some necklaces. You on the other hand got to brake things that where probably worth several million dollars.”

“ Oh shush I never broke anything that was worth over 20 million dollars and besides I was still learning to be careful. Better I brake a really expensive peace of machinery then accidently crush a person.” Brian gave a some what mean grin at that comment.

“ I bet who ever is in charge of planing out the budget or that particular line of research wouldn’t agree with you.” Kate giggled for a moment recalling some of the issues she caused in the past. A good deal of scientist on other research projects would have liked to seen her moved to another location or disposed of that was true.

“ Yeah I didn’t know it back then but my life was in danger a awful lot of the time. Luckily for me Sheila and the others where able to keep me around long enough and let me evolve far enough that now. The fear of me getting killed has decreased by a great deal at least unless they become willing to use a hydrogen bomb on me and then well I don’t think I would be the only person that would have to fear for their life.” Brian gave a slight nod though he still wasn’t sure if he would write Kate of as being that hard to damage. The thought that a bunker buster couldn’t hurt her still seemed far out there considering how much they could go through.

“ Hm you know despite the damage you caused growing up I have to imagine that you where a far better behaved child then most. I mean while you probably did cause some trouble can you imagine what it would been like if you simply refused to behave. I would hate to seen what would have happened if my brat cousin was as big as you when she was your age.” Kate giggled for a moment and leaned close to Brian.

“ Thanks for the complement. Really I don’t think I ever did anything in a attempt to misbehave I was just bored and not thinking about what I was doing. Sheila actually proved to be a extremely patient and an effective mother figure I learned early on that when I was told to do something I needed to do it.”

“ I would worry that with her military back ground she would have been overly strict.” Kate grinned and shook her head.

“ Sheila is a grandmother you know she has lots of experience dealing with small children. Even when I first came around I think she is pretty good at deciding the amount of discipline a child needs after all. I think that I turned out pretty darn well. I kind of feel bad at times though Sheila has to spend so much time here and away from her family partly thanks to me. Still I don’t know what I am going to do when it is time for her to retire to be honest I am a little worried about who might take her position.” Brian gave a slight nod as he recalled Kate mentioning the scientist had been here when she was first brought in. He imagine that most of them where already elderly or middle aged back then and now a few years later they would probably getting near their time to retire.

“ Yeah I guess that would get you worried I imagine they are like family to you.” Kate gave a bit of a sad smile as the subject was clearly depressing to her.

“ They are at least the only family that I have ever known. I am lucky that a few of them are still children at heart after all I don’t think I would be very well adjusted if they where all up tight and I had never had someone to play with while I was still quite young.” Brian couldn’t help but worry about Kate for a moment as he considered what might happen when the control of the facility changed hands. The people that where in control of the facility treated Kate human enough but they had also raised her and probably developed a fairly strong attachment. He had to worry that a new person might not feel the same attachment and instead might try to treat her as a machine.

“ Ah all well this subject is a depressing one though and I don’t feel like being depressed while I have company. So instead how about me and you go on down to the mess hall and get something to eat.”

“ Alright that sounds good then we can continue this conversation later.” Lifting Brian into the air and setting him in her palm as Kate scooted out the door.

“ Not this same one after all I said I don’t want to be depressed.” Brian chuckled and gave a slight nod.

“ Alright we will find something else to talk about when we get back maybe I can tell you about some of the mistakes I made while growing up.” Kate gave a slight nod to the offer deciding it would be fun to hear about some of Brian’s more embarrassing moments in life.


Brian side as he turned his attention towards his bags it was odd but even though he had at first been scared to death after spending a few days with Kate he didn’t really want to leave. It had proven to be a rather enjoyable experience especially getting to spend so much time with such a pretty lady. Now after breakfast he had been told to pack his things though he wouldn’t be leaving until later that day. “ Hey Brian are you done packing yet I don’t want you spending your last few hours hanging out in there.” Grinning as Kate called out to him Brian headed on out into the main area and looked up at the titanic beauty. Even though she was smiling he could see a bit of regret in her eyes of course since she didn’t know how long it would be before she had company again he could understand why she wouldn’t want a guest to leave.

“ Hey Kate you mentioned earlier that you don’t know when I will get to come back but I was wondering. Do you think that I could talk to General Steel and maybe get myself brought back at a earlier date. I enjoyed spending time with you after all.” Kate blinked for a moment as if thinking on Brian’s question then a look of recognition went across her face.

“ Woops I feel silly I almost forgot who you where talking about I am not use to people referring to Sheila as general Steel around me. But are you sure you would want to come back and visit me earlier then what is normal or are you just taking pity on the lonely girl?” Brian grinned for a moment.

“ Well I admit I don’t like the idea of you having to spend so much time with just a bunch of soldiers keeping you company. That isn’t the entire reason though as I really did enjoy spending time with you and I hope to get to know you better.” Kate’s face lit up the moment Brian finished the sentence.

“ I am not sure if it can be done but we can go and talk with Sheila. OH that would be so neat if you could come back earlier then usual and keep me company. Who knows if you are willing to perhaps you could get some online classes and visit with me for a even longer time frame then normal.” Brian chuckled for a moment thinking that he wouldn’t mind to spend some extra time with Kate. He wondered if he would be able to get any of his class work done though if he was to try taking them online while he was visiting with Kate. Lifting Brian from the walk way Kate set him down in the center of her hand opening up the main doors and scooting herself out she headed towards Sheila’s office.

Sheila tapped her finger against her table for a moment of course she had been contacted the moment they began talking about Brian visiting early and informed so she already knew Kate was coming. Not that it was exactly hard to keep track of Kate’s movements even without the security cameras or listening in on the conversations. As the second tallest thing on the entire island it was a extremely simply task to keep tabs on her. Now as she set in her office she wished the two of them had taken time to talk Brian coming back early even longer so that she would have time to think more about the question. A few moments later the sun light coming into Sheila’s office was blocked out my Kate’s massive shadow as Kate set down. “ Hey Sheila we need to talk to you mind coming out.” Grinning and raising from her seat Sheila opened the massive window to her office.

“ Sure thing sweety what do you want to talk about?” Sheila decided to pretend she didn’t already know what Kate was there to ask about. Reaching two fingers through the window Kate lifted Sheila into the air and set her down in the same hand as Brian. Unlike Brian though Sheila had no trouble standing up in Kate’s hand even when she moved. Having had a few years worth the experience had left Sheila with extremely stable legs even on the hand of a Titaness.

Brian at first expected Kate to be the one to ask the question after all from what he knew Kate was something of a daughter to Sheila so he was surprised how Kate responded. “ Well Brian ask her what you wanted to know.” Brian instantly locked up while he had been relaxed at first he had not expected to have to address Sheila himself. Dealing with authority figures having always left him a little nervous still having spent a few days with Kate had taken a good deal of the edge off.

“ Well I was wondering if there was anyway that I could get brought back to see Kate early. I kind of enjoy spending time with her and would like to be able to hang out with her more often then the weekly visit every few months as the case seems to be from what Kate tells me.” Sheila grinned for a moment deciding to give Brian a hard time.

“ So you only kind of enjoy spending time with Kate? Hmm I don’t know if you only kind of enjoy it then you might get tired of her if I bring you back to visit to often.”

“ Oh no I mean I do enjoy spending time with her I enjoy it a lot.” Sheila chuckled a bit then let out a long sigh.

“ We will have to talk about it. Kate set me and Brian down in my office then I want you to go off and play by yourself for a while. I need to talk to him about a few things and then I will need to talk to you as well.” Kate nodded and quickly took Sheila between her fingers placing the woman back in her office followed by Brian. As Kate stood up Brian was a bit surprised with how quickly Kate had responded to Sheila’s request. Then he shook his head that hadn’t been a request that had been an order. It actually made Brian even more nervous to be alone with Sheila then it had been with Kate. As the days had went by he had actually began to regard Kate as something of a protector.

“ Well now young man it seems that you have managed to get quite close to Kate in just a few short days. That isn’t overly surprising of course she is a awfully sweet girl once you get past her size after all.” Brian grinned and nodded in agreement as he watched Sheila take her seat he noticed her motion towards one at the opposite side of the desk. Taking the hint Brian set down across from Sheila. “ So tell me just why are you so eager to get back together with Kate?” Brian seemed to think on this realizing that Sheila was asking for a more detailed reason then simply liking her.

“ Well I can’t help but think that she must feel awfully lonely without anyone around her same age group to hang around with.” Sheila moved her head a bit to the side.

“ Pity is hardly a reason to want to spend time with someone in the end you will just end up stressing each other out as you grow tired of one another. You are going to have to come up with a better reason then that if you want me to brake regulations.” Brian let out a long sigh wondering if Sheila intended on making him tell the main reasons. As he looked at the woman and considered her relationship with Kate he figured that was exactly what she planned on doing.

“ Alright I guess the real reason I want to get together with Kate is that I really like her. As a person and I do consider her a friend. I don’t think it is fair for her only link to the outside world to be her computer console and no offence but I don’t think a bunch of soldiers can provide the best social life for a young woman such as herself. Also I would like to get to know her better.” Sheila grinned at Brian as she finally seemed to be getting to the real reason. As she looked at him though her look changed from that of a general to that of a granny making sure a young man was good enough for her granddaughter Brian wasn’t entirely sure he liked the change.

“ Ah so we have a bit of a personal reason for wanting to see little Kate then. Well then if you really want to get to know Kate better as a person then I might be able to do something. This is going to require some sacrifices on your part as well though if you are serious about spending time with her. We can’t bring you back and forth every day after all and every week might get dangerous as well.”

“ What kind of sacrifices do you have in mind?” Sheila clasped her hands together and seemed to think about the question for a moment.

“ Well first we are going to have to get something done about your classes as well as your family. I don’t want to do anything to extreme just yet but depending on how well you and Kate get along and if we deem it good for her mental health we may ask you to change collages.” Brian got a curious look on his face which Sheila was quick to answer. “ Right now you live a few hours away from your family but they could still decide to stop by and visit you. That isn’t a good thing since it might endanger our little secret here. If you are going to be spending large amounts of time with Kate we need to make sure you can stay here for extended duration two weeks at times perhaps. In order to this we would need to have you officially transfer to another school far enough away to keep interference down and give us time to react in case your family planned a surprise visit. Also from what I know the current institution doesn’t have the type of classes you need online.”

Brian blinked for a moment having forgotten just how much they probably knew about him. “ Dang you got my entire life history don’t you.” Sheila grinned for a moment though she didn’t say the exact amount. “ All well I guess there isn’t really anything I can do about that one.”

“ Don’t worry Mr. Harrington we only have been keeping tabs on you since you started talking to Kate and even then only lightly. We do have to make sure we introduce Kate to the right people though after all she isn’t exactly someone you go around talking about.” Brian instantly felt relaxed as Sheila referred to Kate as someone it was odd but he had worried that it would have been something. At least it seemed to lend to the theory that Sheila thought of Kate as a person and not an object. Curiously Brian wondered how far this conversation could go as he imagined Sheila already knew what he and Kate had been talking about.

“ So when are you going to start telling me what I can and can’t say to Kate.” Brian was surprised when Sheila chuckled for a moment however his heart nearly stopped the moment she looked up at him. The look Sheila gave him nearly froze Brian to the bone as he imagined here was a woman that had ordered the death of some people and probably shot a few herself.

“ While I am sure there are those that would like to insure that you don’t visit Kate ever again I for one have nothing against what you were talking to Kate about. Kate is a good girl but she has been well I won’t say brain washed but she has most assuredly had her personality pushed in certain directions and she is a little naive. In truth a part of me fears what is going to happen when Kate realizes the truth of how the government works at times. Mr. Harrington I do believe in our government as you do after all that is one reason we chose you to meet Kate. However unlike Kate you and I both realize that there are still corruption and flaws in the system while Kate does not. I am afraid when she finds out the truth she will not respond well however that doesn’t mean I don’t want her to know the truth.”

Brian was more then a little nervous as Sheila spoke considering the look she had given him moments earlier. “ You sound like you want me to help you out with something.” Sheila gave a slight nod.

“ Actually I do I want you to be as honest with Kate as you can be and try to undo some of the damage that has been done over the years. At the moment you are a friend to Kate though not a extremely close friend so I doubt she take what you told her to heart just yet. At least not like she would if I told her what I truly though. I can’t do that though thanks to my possession. Still from what I can tell you are already rather attached to Kate. Mr. Harrington do you want to get closer to her?”

“ Well It isn’t like me and Kate don’t know one another we have been talking online for a while now and I trusted her back then. Now that I have met her though and got to know her even better I have to say yeah I would like to get to know Kate better and maybe get closer to her.”

“ And will you be honest with her?” Brian gave Sheila a blank look for a moment as if considering the question. “ It is nice that you see Kate as a normal person at least enough that you don’t consider the consequences of what could happen. If you do agree to be entirely honest with Kate and do so you run the chance of upsetting her and well can you imagine what would happen if Kate gave into her anger even for the briefest of moments? How easily she could crush you with the slightest swap of her hand.” Brian looked more then a little nervous as he wondered if Sheila was simply trying to scare him or if she was trying to warn him if he thought about it though she was trying for both.

“ But Kate seems like such a nice girl…” Sheila cut Brian off before he could finish.

“ That has never had her beliefs truly challenged in anyway. What some people don’t realize or at least fully appreciate is that everyone we have brought in up until this point has be carefully selected so that they would only pushed Kate in the pro government direction. You Mr. Harrington though are something of a fluke while I have no doubt you trust in our government which I am glad you do I would hate to think I had brought a rebel here. You also have your doubts in it and from what I saw with some of your conversations you are willing to argue the point with Kate. The thing if as you grow closer to Kate your words are going to have more impact and you run the risk of hurting her feelings. She may lash out in anger at this point and the consequences would be well dire.”

Brian finally understood what Sheila had been getting at the entire time. The danger that he would be putting himself in by getting closer to Kate. “ Their real lives aren’t the only reason you keep people from visiting Kate to often is it. You keep some of them away to avoid letting them get to close to Kate.” As Sheila nodded her head in the affirmative Brian noticed something though not a smug look but instead she looked like she was in pain. “ You regret having miss lead the person that you view as a granddaughter or even a daughter for so long don’t you.”

“ That is one of the few things in my life I regret and continue to regret as I am still required to continue the act. So Brian can you be honest with Kate and help to undo at least some of the damage despite the danger?”

“ Well I did say that I wanted to get to know her better but are you sure the military won’t intervene.” Sheila grinned and shook her head.

“ I am the head of this facility and the scientific team is on my side. The only danger you have to deal with is upsetting that young lady.” Brian let out a long sigh wondering if he really wanted to endanger his life.

“ Well I don’t like the idea of risking my life but Kate is a friend and what are friends for. Sure I am willing to help besides I am already starting to care for her.” Sheila lost the cold look on her face as Brian spoke and once again returned to her regular demeanor. Brian couldn’t help but be surprised by how easily she seemed to be able to change her demeanor though he imagined she had years of experience scaring people considering the line of work she is in.

“ I am glad to here that after all if you had simply back down then you wouldn’t have had the nerve to argue with Kate. One other advantage of people not spending to much time with Kate is they don’t really have enough time to start arguing with her. Trust me young man you are going to need all the nerves you got to have a real argument with that young lady and not just pee yourself.”

“ Umm I can’t help but ask but where.”

“ Was I trying to scare your shitless? Well of course I was and I am quite pleased that you still found the nerve to talk back. Well now I am not going to start planning anything to drastic after all you don’t know how long your feelings for Kate is going to hold up. Still I am going to take a bit of a chance and be in touch with you. I want you to see if you can clear up another week as soon as possible without having your college work suffer as well as your social life.”

“ Well that last one isn’t a problem believe me I am pretty much lacking in a social life. Well except for my online friends which if Kate wouldn’t mind spending some time online I could keep in contact with them easily.” Sheila grinned and once again opened up the window to her office looking around for a while she finally caught site of Kate’s head.

“HEY KATE YOU CAN COME BACK NOW.” Brian nearly jumped out of his skin as having not expected Sheila to simply shout in order to get Kate’s attention. Walking over to the window though he was surprised to find that Kate had been able to hear Sheila even from such a extreme difference. Though a moments consideration made him realize that Kate could hear him while he was talking normally and standing at her feet so it wasn’t overly surprising that she could hear Sheila from such a range specially considering how loud the woman could yell.