Kate’s story chapter 3


“ Dang for a old woman you have a heck of a set of lunges.” Brian felt a sharp pain at the back of his head a moment later. As Sheila’s hand shot out more quickly then he could react to and smacked him upside the head.

“ Now young man while I may be many years older then Kate or you put together I would still appreciate it if you refrained from calling me old.”

“ Sure thing ol..” Another sharp smack cut Brian’s word short though he noticed the grin tugging at the side of Sheila’s face.

“ Oh wow you already got Sheila smiling and smacking you. I hope you realize that means she likes you.” Brian looked up at Kate who had by now reached them and was bending down to look in through the window.

“ I hate to see what she does to someone she doesn’t like.” Kate giggled for a moment.

“ She has me smack them.” Brian grinned as the two women laughed Brian beginning to see the similarities. He wondered if Kate’s behavior might have resembled Sheila’s at a younger age.

“ Alright Kate I want you to take Brian here back to his room for a few moments and then I need you to come back so I can have a talk with you. I would say in private but we both know the only person who won’t be able to hear us is those inside the installation and well Brian here.”

“ I feel so neglected.” Kate and Sheila actually gave Brian a grin as Kate reached into the room and picked Brian up between her fingers. Brian was a bit surprised when Kate didn’t ask him anything about the conversation he and Sheila had. He wondered if she had been able to listen to them but he doubted that. Despite the fact that Kate had been able to hear Sheila yelling even rom such a distance they hadn’t been yelling while talking and the windows in Sheila’s office had looked pretty solid. Kate didn’t bother going all the way into the room with Brian wanting to get back to speak with Sheila she set him down in front of the main doors. Opening them up for him she shut them just after Brian had entered. While she normally would have put him down at the normal entrance without a keycard and knowledge of the code there was no way he could open it.

Taking a moment to look around the massive area Brian located the ladder that would lead up to the walk way. As he climbed it he wondered just what type of conversation Sheila and Kate would be having. He doubted that Sheila would be speaking to Kate the same way that she had spoken to him.

Sheila leaned out the window a bit upon Kate’s return allowing her to pick her up more easily. Kate then proceeded to set Sheila on top of the building that her office was in before setting down herself. This actually requiring Kate to look up at Sheila a rather rare event. Walking to the edge of the building and setting down herself Kate let out a sigh. “ Before to long even like this I won’t be able to look up at you. I swear it feels like I am out growing everything even this entire island.” Sheila sighed and nodded her head in agreement with Kate her little girl was growing up that was for sure.

“ You’re a big girl alright and now lets get down to business. Kate you know that we make adjustments for you especially when you have company so that they don’t see to much however we also make adjustments as far as your schedule goes as well. Now if we are going to bringing Brian over more often then you are going to have to start keeping your normal routines even when you have him as company. Do you think you can do that?” Kate grinned and gave her head a slight nod. “ Kate I want you to say it no giving mixed signals and leaving me to assume you agree.” Kate giggled for a moment.

“ I promise that even when I have Brian over for company that I will do my regular routines.” Sheila grinned and gave a slight nod unlike Brian she didn’t have to really about Kate but she liked to make sure she didn’t try to sneak out of her regular task. “ But Sheila just how soon do you think you can have Brian back to visit with me.” Sheila leaned back a bit as if thinking.

“ Well that partly depends on the adjustments he can make to his schedule at the moment. I think we should be able to have him back here within three weeks though that is everything goes easy enough.” Kate grinned and nodded her head it was rare she got to see someone once every three months let alone twice in the same month.” Depending on how well you two get along together we will make more permanent plans in order for him visit you at least once or maybe even twice a month.” Sheila was suddenly swept from the top of the tower as Kate let out a delight squeal and pressed Sheila against her cheek. It was so rare that Kate got to see someone that often just the prospect of getting to see a friend that regularly delighted her far more then Sheila had expected. “ Woe their sweety we don’t know for sure yet.” Kate moved Sheila away from her cheek before speaking.

“ Oh I know that but this is the first time that there has even been a chance of me getting to see someone so often.” Sheila chuckled for a moment and gave Kate a slight pat on the finger.

“ Now don’t I count you can see me every day if you want too.”

“ Oh I know but your like my mother or my granny so it is hard to count you as a pure friend.” Sheila gave Kate a mock hurt look which got a quick response. “ You are a friend but oh quit making this difficult.”

“ Oh alright if that is what you meant. Well I think that is all I need to talk to you about why don’t you put me back in my office so I can get to work on the paper work this is going to require. I am also going to need to make arrangements for someone to go and meet with Brian in order to plan this out on his end as well.” Kate gave a nod and placed Sheila back within her office. Standing up she gave Sheila a little way as she happily trotted back towards her room. Sheila sighed as she brought up a few documents and began to fill them out they weren’t for Brian’s return trip just yet. First she had to document Brian’s planned time of departure and who went with him. Picking up her phone she assigned Debra the task of making sure he got home safely considering that she was the one that brought him there.

Considering her options she pulled out another list of papers and went ahead and wrote in Debra’s name as the one that would be going to get in touch with Brian. Figuring that the two of them could discuss his plans on the trip over and since Debra would be in the area she could stay around and help Brian with his schedule. Soon Sheila was lost in a mountain of paper as she quietly lamented the fact that with each year the stacks of papers she had to file seemed to get thicker and thicker. It was some what amusing though when she considered if anyone ever found out about the facility that the files would most likely have to be destroyed.

End Chapter 3