Kate’s story chapter 3


Jack finally heard Kate finishing up her exercise a good thirty five minutes later Kate having made use of a decent amount of the machines available grinned as her entire body was fully pumped. To her surprise though Jack hadn’t returned but instead had spent some extra time in the shower. A huge grin covered Kate’s face as she realized what was most likely going on. The first thought after that being that she should go and join him but she refrained from such a act. She wanted to give the relationship a little more time before they would actually start taking such actions as bathing together. Instead Kate made her way into her own rest room and was surprised with what she saw. The shower was a solid cylinder that reached all the way up to the roof further more there were vents in the bottom of it. A curious looked form on Kate’s face as she wondered what was going on.

Stripping out of her work out clothes she knew it must be one of her fathers additions. A excited glint came to her eyes as she located the latch and unlocked the door sliding it open she climbed in and slid it shut. Though she wished he had thought to put in a shower curtain for the outside she didn’t mind to much. Turning to the controls a giggle came from her lips as she noticed it was to buttons as well as a nod. A third button out of the corner of her eye got her attention. The label reading. “ Heat limiter push to turn off.” Quickly realizing that it was probably there to keep normal people safe Kate pressed the button to shut the device off. Then began to play with the controls. Turning the large nob she found controlled the flow of water which at first started at room temperature. The bottom button she quickly found made the water colder almost to the point of being a slush.

Which meant Kate could only hope what the other button did. Pressing it the water began to warm up quite rapidly. Kate assumed that either her father had a extremely large hot water heater or each bath had its own separate one. She was soon sure that each bath had its own separate one as the water reaching the boiling point. Letting off the bottom for a second Kate wondered if it was the max deciding to test it though she pressed the button again. It did take a few moments but soon no more liquid water was pouring into the room. Instead a jet of steam began to feel the area as the heat exceeded the boiling point and the water vaporized. Kate couldn’t help but let out a delighted squeal truly adoring her new shower. She had expected it would allow for a nice hot bath but nothing like this. The steam was so thick it actually soaked her hair strait through. Kate could feel it moving over her entire body the warmth and pressure creating a quite pleasant experience at least for her.

Had she been a normal human it would have been a most painful way to die literally steamed to death. Kate now knew what the shower walls had been so thick and had locked into plate. Kate actually had the water up to such a temperature that she even began to feel the effects and had to turn it down. Still as she poured the shampoo into her hair and began to work it in she quickly decided she liked being steamed more then she liked being washed by far. She lamented for a moment that she couldn’t share the experience with Jack but there would be no way that he could survive within the environment. The extremely moist and hot air provided no problem for Kate’s lunges but she doubted Jack would be able to breath. Actually considering the temperature she imagined that he would literally end up being cooked alive in this over sized pressure cooker.

Kate rather liked the way the soap tended to just run off her skin though it wasn’t nearly as quickly as when she was standing in the directly line of water the slow steady pace felt delightful. As Kate finished cleaning herself off she found her desire to get out of the shower to be extremely weak instead she found herself setting down. Leaning her back against the hot panel which she realized by now wasn’t glass. The size of the shower also finally registered with her as it gave her plenty of room to lay down if she wanted to. Pressing her rear against one of the vents the hot steam came through Kate found her hands gently messaging her breast. Letting out a low moan she wondered if the walls of her show where thick enough to block out the sounds of her moaning. Having already been quite aroused before hand the delightful heat now engulfing her body fully clouded her mind and she wasn’t sure if she cared if anyone heard her.

Squeezing the under side of her breast lightly Kate crossed her legs for a moment and tightened her inner muscles as she resisted the urge to finger herself. Rather she continued to caress her breast with her right hand while her left began to explore her body. Her fully pumped muscles felt rock hard even to her the thought of how much weight they had been support earlier further exciting her. Placing her fingers on each of her abs she recalled cuddling with Jack on previous occasions and imaged that his lips where kissing her abs once again. The feeling of his lips on her legs seemed to return to her as well as she continued to massage her breast. She wondered if she would be willing to let Jack do that for her. While she knew he wouldn’t be able to apply as much pressure to her breast as she could herself she wondered what it would feel like to have his hands massage her flesh.

She had allowed him to explore some of her body but kept him away from that region so far. Her mind turned from the kisses and wondered what his hands and lips would feel like on her firm breast. Playing with her nipples Kate finally began to lose herself and uncrossed her legs. Inserting a finger into herself she gasped at how sensitive her body had become. She hadn’t mentioned it to anyone yet but even her sexual organs and grown more sensitive with the rest of her body so she had no doubt she would be able to enjoy the feeling of Jack’s hands messaging her breast. The thought that he could use his full strength though and not even hurt her seemed even better then her own hands. The feeling of power her ever increasing strength being the greatest turn on when she was with him. Knowing that he delighted in her showing off her power and she loved showing it off for him.

Kate’s fingers began to massage her pussy lips more quickly as these thoughts ran through her head. Her body starting to buck slightly as she struggled to remain still while full feeling her needs. The heat of the shower actually seemed to increase as Kate began to squirm and moan in pleasure. Luckily the walls of her shower had been built to withstand great outward pressure allowing them to withstand Kate’s movements as she moaned and heaved. A loud moan coming from her lips almost making its way through the thick walls as Kate finally found the release she had been seeking. Taking in a few deep breaths Kate was only tired for a few moments though as her stamina would allow for many such releases. The thought of doing it again did cross her mind but for the moment she felt the need to get out. It was late and she wanted to do some cuddling with Jack. She had told herself earlier that she would wait before moving any further but after that she resolved it wouldn’t hurt to go just a little further then they had been.

A long yawn came from Jack as he lay on the couch wondering if Kate would be finishing up her bath any time soon. He normally would have went to bed by now however the prospect of getting to cuddle with Kate had kept him awake though he wasn’t sure for how much longer. Especially since he didn’t even know if Kate would feel like cuddling or if she had already went to bed. The sound of her bedroom door opening told him that she was at least awake. Looking up for a moment he was delighted to see Kate wearing a over sized t-shirt. Having learned on their trip that this could at times mean she wasn’t wearing any shorts. A situation which made kissing her legs all the more pleasant though some what a torturous event as well as he knew Kate wouldn’t allow him to pull down her lacy white panties. Oh how he had longed to be permitted to slip them down her thighs and give her lips a gentle kiss. He would have been delighted to just be permitted that much however Kate had stopped him before he got that far and he had respected her wishes.

Not that he really had a choice in the matter if Kate felt like it she could easily snap him in half and there would be nothing he could do about it. As Kate walked towards him though he noticed her demeanor seemed a bit different. She walked more slowly and actually had a bit of a blush on her face as if she had something planned. Jack immediately found himself getting some what nervous and blushing himself. A fact that he was insanely grateful for having learned that Kate has kept virginity for so long. He had no idea of how many suitors she had been forced to turn down but he could only guess. Heck he would have been delighted to simply have her wraps those remarkably powerful legs around his head and allow him to pleasure her. The fact that he still got nervous during sexual encounters also served to show his lack of experience with such matters so he didn’t feel completely alone. Also he couldn’t imagine Kate the type to be simply swept off her feat and lead to a bed room no she preferred to do the sweeping and leading for that matter.

All these thoughts where pushed aside though as Kate bent over the couch and lifted him from it. At least for a moment Jack thought that she might even take him into her room but instead Kate climbed over the couch and laid down herself. Setting Jack on top of her she pulled his face down to hers and gave him a deep kiss. Once again Jack attempted to keep Kate’s tongue from entering into his mouth and once again he found himself completely helpless before her. As they began to kiss Jack’s hands once again moved to the areas that he knew they where allowed. Taking hold of Kate’s arm he felt the biceps that only a hour or so ago he had seen bench pressing several tons of pressure. Pressure enough to crush a entire man into a paste and indeed smash most vehicles. Despite having spent a good deal of his sexual energy in the shower he found his man hood once again trying to raise to the occasion.

Moving his hands along those inhumanly strong arms he began to trace his hands over her chest moving them around her breast but never quite touching them. At least until he felt Kate take hold of one of his hand’s. Having learned this meant she was going to simply move his hands where she wanted them he made know effort to fight them and was delighted when he felt his hand pressed against Kate’s right breast. Jack almost feinted dead away as he felt Kate’s seemingly perfect breast. Her breast proving to be firmer then he would have guessed it was still wonderfully pleasant to the touch. Messaging her breast ever so gently he was surprised when Kate let up the kiss. “ Squeeze harder.” Where the only words Kate spoke before she once again pressed her lips to his.

As Jack began to apply more pressure to Kate’s firm right breast he wondered if the way they felt at first had been her natural texture. Kate had been the most athletic girl he had ever known even before the change after all. Still as he applied enough pressure to cause a normal woman nothing but pain he was quite sure that what he felt now was do to her increased strength. His hands could only indent her breast ever so slightly no matter how much of his strength he used. From the way Kate reacted he imagined that to her all his strength felt like a gentle massage. As Jack squeezed Kate’s breast with his right hand he found his left being guided down her body and placed on her rear. While Kate’s hand’s began to explore his body as well. As he squeezed her firm fear and breast he could tell Kate was enjoying herself as when she would allow him up for air she would at times let out a slight moan before locking her lips down on his again.

Curiously Jack began to move his hand from Kate’s rear only to have one of her hands quickly take hold of it and return it to its previous place. Jack soon realized that while Kate had allowed him to explore more of her body she rather enjoyed where his hands where at the moment and thus that was wear they were going to stay. Kate’s hands for their part where busy exploring all of Jack. Kate couldn’t help but delight in the fact that despite his physical improvements his muscles where still so weak to hers and would continue seeming weaker. As while Jack could work on remaining toned he could never actually push into the super human range. Further more while Kate’s strength continued to increase at a remarkable rapid rate his strength would take longer and longer times to increase.

As Jack massaged Kate’s rear he was quite delighted by the fact that she had chosen to wear a thong. Still curiously he began to pull her thong down only to have her stop him. “ Not yet I don’t want to go that far just yet.” Jack gave Kate a mock sad look though in truth he was quite delighted that she had decided to go as far as she had. He had expected her to make him wait even longer then what she had. Still curious though he wondered if Kate would allow his lips to go where his hands had. With his head free he took the time to give the top of Kate’s breast a firm kiss though Kate was still wearing her shirt. He was surprised when as he kissed her breast Kate reached down and tore a massive whole in her shirt allowing him access to her breast. Even though Kate was wearing a bra this gave him the chance to nuzzle his face against some of her breast flesh.

As he did this there was the thought that Kate could probably kill him with just the two globes of flesh he currently buried his head in. Licking and kissing her breast he traced his tongue along Kate’s cleavage. The whole time his right hand continuing to work her right breast while his left squeezed her firm rear. He regretted that Kate hadn’t torn away her bra along with the shirt though he hoped that way could come. Reluctantly he worked his way away from her breast being certain to place a kiss on each one of Kate’s abs. Running his tongue along her inner thigh he looked up at Kate’s smiling face. “ Roll over please.” Obliging him Kate gave a bit of a start when Jack kissed, licked and then bit her right but cheek. Though from her moans she was clearly enjoying herself. Even permitting Jack to cover her inner thighs with kisses before finally pulling him back up to her and locking their lips together once again.

The excitement actually proving a bit much for both of them Jack came the moment he felt Kate shudders and realized what had happened. Neither of them had the best orgasm of their lives but both where quite content when they finally nodded off. Jack contented himself with the knowledge that even if he hadn’t managed to go all the way with her he had probably made it further then anyone else. To Kate’s surprise Jack had actually managed to tire her out a bit despite her greater stamina the fact that he had put her pleasure before his own had helped to push her over the edge before him.


Kate grinned as she walked into the police station and headed over to the front desk. The receptionist focused on going through a massive stack of papers didn’t notice Kate until she gave the bell on the desk a slight tap. The man looking up wasn’t a face that Kate recalled most likely a new guy. Looking around the area Kate actually noticed that she couldn’t see any familiar faces but reasoned they must be in the back. “ Hi there I would like a job application.” The man blinked for a moment looking Kate up and down. Clearly he wasn’t expecting someone looking like her to be asking for a application. He didn’t take to long to hand her the application though actually once he got over his shock he almost seemed eager to give it to her.

“ Thank goodness it has been hard to get new recruits lately.” Kate gave the man a curious look having been away for a year she hadn’t exactly been paying attention to the news.

“ Now what is that?”

“ Well you know with the recent escapes and not of normal criminals either. A lot of good cops lost their lives and well most people are getting a little scared to try out for this profession. I don’t exactly know what I was thinking when ever I signed up I guess spending so much time chasing after a dream makes you a little blind to the danger.” Kate gave her head a slight nod wanting to ask more to find out about some of her old colleges but not wanting to hear the news. Instead she took a seat near the main entrance and began to feel out the various forms that he had given to her. It only took her a little while having done it before returning to the desk and handing him the papers.

“ Hmm well don’t think I am going to get scared off. Would you mind handing me a regulations book I imagine I have a lot of studying to do.” The officer grinned and handed Kate the book which much to her surprise seemed thinner then the old one she had to deal with. This was a surprise for her since it was her experience that such books got thicker and never thinner. She didn’t bother to ask why the book had been shrunk though with what she had been told she had a good guess as to why. If people where getting scared away from the job and the rate at which cops where killed had went up since she was away she imagined they would take almost anyone. The man looked over Kate’s paper work for a second making sure she had everything filled in. He then took out another form and handed it to her. Kate only glanced over it seeing that a doctor had to feel it out she could guess why.

“ Everything seems to be in order just get that filled out by a doctor saying you are drug free then bring it back to us. We can get everything else set up after that.” Kate gave a nod and a wave as she headed out the door. The entire process had been much quicker then she recalled it being as well. She wasn’t sure if it was from previous experience or if they had cut back on the paper work just to get extra police officers. Reaching down Kate picked up a pebble looking to make sure no one was watching she gave the rock a slight squeeze. It shattered in her fingers living a bit of white powder on them. If what the officer had told her was true, she wondered if her new found abilities would help to correct that mistake. It really was hard for the cops though seeing how they where expected to deal with normal crooks and super powers maniacs all on the same budget with the same equipment.

The problem was they couldn’t use the equipment they needed to take down anything with any real power. Since the normal criminals would sue the crap out of them the moment they where hit by something more then the standard issue weapons or pepper spray even then they would try to sue at times. Kate chuckled a bit at the thought of equipment and wondered how they would like it when the equipment she used was her own two hands. Kate had strengthened a decent amount since they had arrived back in the city. Jack had managed to convince her to wait a extra month before returning to the police force. He had said it was to make sure the change in environment wouldn’t have any negative effects on her abilities however she felt more certain that he was just worried about her safety and wanted her to put on a little extra muscle so to speak.

Kate hadn’t minded the extra time of course after all it had given her more time to build up her strength and she did need to get back to city life. One thing she did enjoy about her extra strength though was her ability to push through the thickest crowd like they weren’t even there. Of course she had to move at a reasonable speed to avoid knocking to many people over and she liked to make sure Jack stayed close to her. He wasn’t a kid but if she had to wait for him to push through a large group of people she felt she must lose her mind. As she looked around at the current moment she was glad she had chosen this hour to leave though. Normally this part of town would have been quite a bit more crowded by now. Looking at the paper for a moment Kate recalled the last time she had gotten checked out of the hospital and had to get such a form field out.

Tapping her cheek for a moment she resolved that she would go there and get her physical though she would have to turn down any blood work. She was immediately glad for the regulation change she had been worried that they would have gotten stricter in the time that she was away. At least now she felt confident that she could go without having any blood work done and have a few standard drug test. Considering if she wanted to take a buss or call for a taxi for only a moment she soon resolved that walking would be more fun. After all she didn’t have to be any where at the moment and her legs sure weren’t going to tire out moving at such a slow pace. Of course had she been able to run at full speed she would have made it to the doctor’s far faster then any taxi could have taken her.


Setting in the hospitals waiting area Kate wondered why she hadn’t bothered to call ahead and set up a appointment the previous day. She had known it would take to long to get the forms and could have picked out a hospital to go to then. It has been a over site on her part but she wasn’t to worried. The place seemed as if it wasn’t busy so she doubted she would have to wait very long. She was a bit surprised tough when her name was called only twenty minutes after she had finished feeling out the form. Following the nurse back towards the rear of the hospital Kate looked around the room she was placed in instantly grateful it wasn’t for the same reason as a year and a month ago.

Setting down Kate began to look around the area reading the various panels on the wall. Her heart nearly skipped a beat when her eyes caught site of a heart diagram and she recalled what Jack had told her previously. The beat of her heart had become stronger and fairly quicker then that of a normal human. Even though she wasn’t sure just how far it had gone she suddenly had to worry that her heart rate was so abnormal that the doctor wouldn’t give her a clean bill of health. Biting down her lower lip she considered leaving right there especially since her fear was causing her heart rate to speed up even more. She never got her chance though as the door was opened and the doctor entered the room nearly jumping out of his skin as he finally matched the name to the face.

Kate had been a fairly high priority case though there hadn’t been anything they could really do for her with their equipment. Her father had still paid for her to have extremely good care though in her case that had simply meant extremely powerful drugs to keep the pain away as much as possible. Now he found himself looking at the young woman who just over a year ago he could recall walking out of his office after a illness that should have proved fatal. “ Ah good to see you again doctor. So surprised to see your little cancer patient back again?” The doctor gave a slight nod not quite thinking about what he was doing. Kate’s words having confirmed his thoughts that this indeed was the same woman as a year ago.

“ Oops I mean no I mean it is very good to see you again Ms. Stonecutter.” Kate giggled and gave her head a slight nod.

“ It is good to see you as well doctor. I imagine you have been busy with the recent brake outs.” The doctor got a some what saddened look on his face. Kate realized that he might have gotten his fair share of those that had been injured in the escapes and crimes.

“ Yes we lost a fair amount of people the police force suffered heavily as well even the Justice league can’t be every where at once.” Kate instantly wondered just how many villains had escaped if it had been that many. Once again she held back her desire to ask though she resolved she would be checking on old news papers later on to see just what had happened. “ Ah well enough of this depressing stuff. It says that you are here for a physical so let us begin.” Kate shuddered as the first thing the doctor did was place his stethoscope in his ears as if he had been reading Kate’s fears. As he walked over to her Kate tried to decide on what to do deciding she needed a little more thing to think everything around her seemed to slow down. As Kate induced her senses to begin reacting at their accelerated rate. The doctor’s movements went to a snail’s pace as Kate’s reaction time jumped to a good 15 times its normal rate.

Considering her options at least in her current state she felt she could think for a minute. Since to her it was going to take the doctor about that long in order to cross the room. Realizing that in her panicked state her heart would be going even more wild Kate soon found herself focusing on calming herself down while keeping her senses full active. Choosing to not look at the doctor but focus on the task at hand. Even with her enhanced rate of thinking Kate only had so much time until she felt the cold metal press against her skin. Struggling to keep relaxed and her hearts rate under control she finally looked at the doctor. As the doctor listened to Kate’s heart beat, he placed the stethoscope just over her heart around it and finally on her back. He did notice her heart had an odd beat to it though he couldn’t find anything overly strange.

Kate wished she could have relaxed as much as she did when the doctor pulled away and didn’t say anything. Realizing that she would need to stay relaxed through out the procedure she was at least glad he was getting most of the work over with as quickly as possible including checking her blood pressure. Once again having to remain as calm as possible during the activity to keep her heart rate down. Her toughened skin and muscles provided a problem in this it seemed as they didn’t want to yield to the device. In fact the pressure Kate felt on her arm was completely insignificant it didn’t bother her in the least.

Once again the doctor seemed to feel this was strange but didn’t say anything. In do order the exam was finished Kate having declined to have herself checked for breast cancer. She didn’t want them to end up braking the machine trying to compress her tits. “ Well there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with you exactly. Though your heart is beating a little fast and we really couldn’t check your blood pressure strange but I don’t think it is a danger to your health. I mean your blood is clearly flowing well. The only thing we need to do now is a drug test.” Kate chuckled as she took the cup and was instructed where to find the rest room. Kate sighed as she left the hospital wondering just what she should do at the moment. There was the thought of returning home however Jack and managed to transform himself ever so slightly upon returning to the city.

With her going back to work it seemed that he went into work mode himself. She figured this was to combat boredom since we wouldn’t be spending as much time with her as usual very soon. He still gave her plenty of attention of course but it meant he expected her to give him at least 4 to 5 hours every day working in the lab. Four to five solid hours studying her DNA and looking for any negative side effects. He was extremely careful now since they where back in the city and he had to catch any negative changes before they happened. She did like the fact that he showed this much concern for her well being though she didn’t like the fact that he would lock his door. At first she had wondered if he was doing something else but the only thing she could ever hear was the sound of the machines, Jack’s mumbling various details, and the scratching of his pencil and pins as he took down various notes.

She knew that he would still be at work for another two hours at least meaning she didn’t really have a reason to go on home. With her visit to the police station and doctor having been taken care of as well she now found herself having to think of something to do. There wasn’t anything she could do to speed up the process she would have to wait for the doctor to send the police her medical reports and that wouldn’t come until they where done testing. At last Kate resolved to go and get something to snack on. Checking her purse Kate fidgeted around for a moment only to find a problem. Having left the house rather quickly she had forgotten to grab any cash. “ Well crap.”

A moment later she was able to find her credit card at least. A new problem arose as Kate scanned the area and realized that she would need to find an atm. Figuring that she could come across a few before she made it to any diners she once again slipped the card into her purse and began to walk along. At least she knew her card was good having used it to pay for her medical check up and it didn’t take her long to find an atm. Actually she managed to locate to fairly close together looking at the machines for a moment she instantly went with the more secluded machine. Having a natural dislike of crowded areas as she wondered over to the comparatively quiet spot at least far more quiet then the city side walks he brought out her card once again.

Kate had been use to how crowded a city was at least before she had went on her little vacation. Now a year later she was having trouble getting use to the shier number of people that crowded the streets. She hoped that it would be another year before she could get use to the crowds. Kate was so wrapped up in her thoughts that she didn’t notice the figure approach her until she felt something press into her back. “ Alright lady don’t turn around and don’t make a sound. Just go ahead and withdraw your money then hand it over.” A long drawn out sigh came from Kate as she went ahead and defied the man glancing over her shoulder at him.

“ I swear if you leave a hole in my new sweater I am going to brake your fucking trigger finger. Now get that damn thing out of my back.” The man was actually quite surprised at the protest of this woman didn’t she know her life was in danger. Angered by her words he proceeded to shove the weapon more firmly in her back only to be surprised when her skin wouldn’t yield anymore and the woman showed no sign of pain.

“ Hm touch bitch are you well I don’t care if you think you are. This bullet will go through you just as good as anyone else. Now do as I say and give me the money.” Kate grinned knowing full well that the gun would do little more then damage her shirt but in truth she did like the shirt. Which meant she didn’t care for the fact that it was currently press in to it.

“ Screw you.” The man had enough by now he wasn’t going to take this from anyone. Pulling the trigger of the weapon he was surprised when he didn’t hear the sound of a bullet being fired or even a click. Looking down he saw the problem Kate had spun around quickly enough to get her finger between the hammer and the bullet of the gun. With her thumb blocking the hammer the weapon had been unable to fire. Wrapping her other fingers around the weapon she proceeded to wrench it from the man’s grasp and then proceeded to give him a solid smack across the face knocking him flat on his tail.

“ What the fuck.” Had been his first though as Kate had blocked the hammer of the gun the fact that she had shown no pain was even more surprising. Then she had back struck him across the face after taking the gun from him the blow had felt like she had hit him with a peace of steel. Looking up from his dazed position he was finally able to take Kate in and noticed how well defined her arms and legs where. The way she removed her finger from the hand gun and slowly let the hammer down so it wouldn’t fire was another surprise. His first thought being that he had ran into some kind of special forces soldiers or a martial arts expert seemed like a good guess. As he imagined she had just hit him with his own weapon not realizing that it had actually been the back of Kate’s hand. He would have been even more worried if he realized that Kate had been pulling her punch.

“ Well now what I am I going to do with you. I suppose even though I am not a cop I could put you under civilian arrested and give them a phone call. I don’t know how good that would do since you could just lie or I could just brake off your trigger fingers. I doubt you would be as much of a threat without those.” Kate sighed and gave a glance over her shoulder. She was disappointed with the people walking the street but she could understand what was going on. In a crowded city once tends to become blind to certain things. People become little more then trees it isn’t that the people didn’t care but it was the only way to really get around when you where in a sea of people. You could very well go around asking everyone how they where doing after all. The man for his part had enough of Kate already.

He knew that he wasn’t a match for her even without knowing about her true abilities. She had managed to take his gun away from him even when he had it pointed strait at her back she had been back handed him and sent him on his tail. He was quite sure he didn’t have a chance against her in unarmed combat thanks to that and now she had the gun he had once held in her hand. Then when she mentioned what she intended to do he took the only option he could think of and hopped up taking off in a dead run away from her. Kate of course noticed this and grinned. “ Stupid.” Kate was surprised the man had been dumb enough to run further away from the crowd. It meant that it would be even easier for her to get him alone.

Waiting a few moments Kate took off after him easily closing the gap and getting in front of him. Holding up her hand she allowed him to slam his face into her palm once again sending him on his tail. “ Now that wasn’t very nice of you running away like that. Now you set right there and I am going to call the police don’t move and don’t say a word.” Realizing that she would need the gun intact to hand over to the police Kate dropped the weapon in her purse and took out her cell phone. To the crooks credit he didn’t say anything as Kate dialed the police and reported what had happened leaving out a few details and where they where. Of course one of the reasons he hadn’t said a thing is he had just ran face first into Kate’s hand. Which as soft as it was during a hand shake it had felt like running into a cinder block to the man. “ Well good news the police said they would be right here.”

Withdrawing the weapon from her purse Kate held it on the man as if she really needed it waiting for the police to arrive. One thing good about the situation was she was in one of the better parts of town meaning it didn’t take the cops long to arrive. The man hadn’t moved in the entire time having actually be knocked unconscious by the impact. The cops naturally started by telling Kate to put down the weapon. Quickly complying Kate turned to see the two officers and almost forgot herself. Having been tempted to run and give the shorter cop a hug instead she just called out his name. “ Eddy how are you doing?”

Eddy for his part seemed a bit shocked he and Kate having been in the police force together before she had left she had a months seniority on him. They had gotten along well enough and he had enjoyed spending some time working out with her though there had been no physical attraction. Eddy tending to favor less athletic women then Kate he actually found her strength a bit intimidating despite being almost as strong. Had he know what she was cable of now he might have jumped out of his skin. It was nice to see someone that knew her though after all she wasn’t sure if another cop would have believed her. Stepping away from the weapon she had laid down it was clear that Eddy was relaxed and thus his partner seemed relaxed as well.

“ I didn’t expect it to be you um this is the mugger right.”

“ Well he attempted to mug me though I don’t know if you could call him a mugger since he didn’t succeed.” Eddy grinned and approach the weapon he had just watched Kate put down. Carefully picking up the weapon he placed it within a plastic bag. “ So are you going to need anything from me.”

“ Oh yeah we will need a statement of exactly what happened and we might have to call you in for questioning. I mean to be honest if I didn’t already know you. I would have wondered if you had actually been the mugger.” Kate chuckled for a moment and was herself quite glad it was a police officer that she knew. “ Would you mind telling me exactly what happened for the record?” Kate gave a slight nod and began to explain the story to Eddy though she didn’t go into as much detail as she normally would have. Simply explaining that she was able to block the hammer of the weapon. Eddy found this a little shocking but he did know Kate could handle herself.

“ Well that is something but um Kate would you mind showing me exactly how you did it?” Eddy trusted Kate but he couldn’t help but wonder if she really could be that fast. Kate grinning turned around and held her hands to her sides.

“ Sure thing put your gun to my back.”

“ I think I will use my night stick instead I don’t want to end up turning this into a case of manslaughter.” Kate gave a nod and gave Eddy a moment to place the weapon against her back.

“ Alright I am going to disarm you now.” Eddy didn’t even have time to think or respond before his arm was pulled to the side. Though Kate didn’t remove the weapon the same way she had done from the mugger it clearly showed she could indeed remove a weapon from her back. Eddy was shocked as he tried to think of what had just happened Kate had simply moved so quickly he hadn’t had time to think about it. She had even told him what she was going to do and yet his fingers hadn’t even been able to react. As his shock wore of he soon found himself trying to remove his night stick from Kate’s hand. Kate continued to grin at him showing no signs of effort as she easily held his weapon. At last Kate released the weapon after she was sure he knew that without her consent he couldn’t have freed it from her grasp. “ So do you believe me now?”

“ Yeah I think that will do as proof at least that is proof enough for me. Um well we will contact you and let you know how things went if you would just give me your number.” Nodding Kate took the pad and pin from Eddy and wrote down the information herself before handing it back to him. The mugger by now had began to stir however he had already been hand cuffed by Eddy’s partner.

“ Hey Kate I was just thinking would you maybe be coming back to the police?” Kate grinned and gave her head a nod.

“ I was down there today feeling out papers and I just got back from the doctor. I was getting some money to pick up dinner when this ass came up behind me.” Eddy seemed delighted by the news even if he and Kate hadn’t had a sexual relationship they had still been friends. He had been pretty sad when he had found out she had cancer and still sad though not as much when after her recovery Kate had chosen to leave the police.

“ Well alright then maybe we won’t have to contact you depending on how long this takes. I guess we should be on our way we need to get this fellow back to the station and find out who he is and if he has any outstanding warrants. Did you check him for weapons after you knocked him out.”

“ Of course not I am not a police officer after all at least not yet.” Eddy chuckled and proceeded to give the man a quick search not realizing that his partner had already done it. Kate waited for the two officers to take the man away before she returned to the atm. As she went to withdraw some money she caught site of a clock on the machine. Realizing the entire event had taken longer then she had expected it would she put her card away and began to head home. Stopping herself before she reached the street instead she leaned against the wall for a moment. Removing her shoes Kate took off down the alley ways relying on her senses to avoid people as she took a longer rout home. The speed she was moving at easily made up for this she didn’t even have to slow down as she easily hopped over a few people.

She was sure she startled a few of them but by the time they turned to notice she had already went by them. Kate knew she couldn’t do this on a regular bases other wise people would begin to notice but she didn’t imagine there would be any harm in doing it just once as she zipped through the city. After today she would of course have to start using a vehicle to get around but in all truth she had developed something of a dislike for driving around. Her legs could carry her so much faster then most vehicles and even when she didn’t run she still enjoyed walking now.


The phone ringing got Jack’s attention as he stood over the stove cooking lunch. Today he was making stir fry chicken not exactly his favorite food but Kate seemed to enjoy it. Setting the pan down for a moment he retrieved the wireless phone. “ Hello is Ms. Stonecutter there?” Jack gave a bit of a grimace.

“ Is this a telemarketer because if it is..”

“ Oh no sir this the Metropolis police we are calling to see if Kate can come in for a interview.”Jack instantly felt like a jerk but he did truly hate telemarketer.

“ Oops alright she is kind of in the shower right now can I take a message?”

“ Sure if you don’t mind would you ask her to be at the police station at 1 we need to talk to her about her application.” Jack proceeded to scribble down the information including the address though he realized Kate probably knew where to go already.

“ Alright thanks I will be sure to tell her. Good bye.” Jack grinned for a moment before he noticed the sent of slight scorched vegetables. Quickly bashing back into the kitchen he proceeded to turn off the burner and remove the pan from it. Checking he was glad to find that only the bottom ingredients had been slightly scorched. Having prepared a pack big enough to feed five normal people he gave Kate roughly 4/5ths of what he had prepared. Even though she had told him it wasn’t necessary that she didn’t feel hungry if she just ate a normal amount he saw no reason for not to eat it and plenty for her to.

If her body desired and could process that much food then they might as well give it the food. After all from the energy out put it was currently giving out he was surprised she wasn’t starving all the time. He at times wondered just where that energy was coming from but her cells had changed so much it was hard to tell anymore. He wouldn’t even have been able to recognize the nucleus or mitochondria if he hadn’t been paying extremely close attention to them and the changes they had under gone. A task that was getting harder to do since Kate’s body seemed to be accelerating its changes and getting even harder to pierce. He couldn’t really get to her veins anymore but had to settle for giving her a light prick and getting what he could.

The so called needles they where now using weren’t really needles but where often use to leave wholes in certain sheet metals. Jack couldn’t even get the blood with these needles but instead had to have Kate prick herself. His human strength was simply not enough to get through Kate’s skin. Things where made even more difficult by the fact that these needles wouldn’t be effective for very long. It was getting to the point that he had started to consider using a cutting machine of some sorts. He knew Kate wouldn’t like the idea and he didn’t like it all that much either but he was beginning to run out of options.

He pushed these thoughts away when he felt the temperature in the entire house heat up and the air conditioning switch on. Kate’s baths had reached the point that even if she did shut her door the temperature and humidity within their apartment would sky rocket the moment she got out of the shower. At times jumping 10 degrees in every room luckily Nathan had a extremely effective air conditioner installed which quickly lowered things back to more regular levels. Taking a quick taste of his cooking Jack quickly added a healthy bit of salt to both plates before calling out. “ Hey Kate you got a call from the police station they want you down there at one. That gives you about two hours so why don’t you get dressed and hurry in here to eat.”

“ Sure thing but what is that burnt smell?” Jack blinked for a moment Kate was a good few rooms away and the air was currently soaked with humidity. Plus with the vents going full blast he hadn’t even been able to smell the burnt sent especially since it hadn’t been all that bad from the start.

“ I accidently burnt some of the stir fry but I am pretty happy that I did. We haven’t bothered to test all your senses have we?”

“ Nope can’t say that we have.”

“ Thought so, well later on I think we need to see just how acute your senses currently are.” Kate came into the kitchen a moment later wearing a pair of blue jeans and a rather nice sweater. Jack looked her over for a moment having expected her to be wearing a business suit but shook it off feeling rather silly. It wasn’t like she was going for a desk job she would probably need some freedom of moment in what she would be doing today. Kate didn’t have any trouble guessing what plate was meant for her as she took her seat. Jack taking his across from her Jack looked on nervously as Kate took the first bite then proceeded to eat at a nice even pace. “ Thank heavens I was worried you wouldn’t like it.” Kate chuckled a bit and continued to eat Jack following suit and trying not to watch as Kate ate.

Some things Kate had developed the habit of doing at extreme speeds over the past month and that included eating. Jack knew to Kate that her rate of eating seemed no faster then normal but to him well he was surprised her spoon and fork remained in one peace. In truth she had to be careful when eating so that she didn’t bite the top of her spoon or fork off a event that happened in a few cases. It was a rather amusing event as far as Jack was concerned but Kate had felt embarrassed about not paying better attention to what she was doing. “ Hey Jack I hope you don’t mind but I am going to take the humvee.”

“ Now why would I mind that? Not like I plan on going anywhere or need to for that matter.”

“ I know but some people just like having a vehicle around.” Jack chuckled for a moment.

“ Well not me if I don’t have a vehicle then if someone calls asking for a favor I have a grate reason to turn them down. “ Kate giggled for a moment though she decided she would have to get them a second vehicle. Normally this would have meant another humvee or another truck but since gaining her powers her preferences had started changing at least as far as she was concerned. At first Kate hadn’t liked the idea of a motorcycle since she didn’t like the odds of survival in a crash but since she had began running at speeds greater then most street bikes could reach her preference had changed.

She resolved that she would have to ask her father about getting her a street bike she normally would have saved up for it but she hated taking out loans and besides it was probably within the budget he had allotted them. A part of her did feel guilty though she didn’t like taking advantage of him but she didn’t exactly want to get into the line of work that he would have preferred her do. At least her job didn’t normally pay as much as she did absently she began to wonder if she could use her strength to make some money eventually. She wondered this until she tasted and felt a peace of metal in her mouth and heard Jack’s light snickering. Opening up her mouth Kate pulled out the top of the fork stuck her tongue out at Jack and went to fetch another.


Kate was grateful that her hyper active senses allowed her to think longer then normal as she set at her desk. She had been brought in earlier then she had expected to be in order to take the written exam. Luckily she had found time to read the regulation book over the last three days. Waking up several hours before Jack and with him now spending at least five hours a day in his lab area she had plenty of time to wonder what to do with herself. Added to that her increased rate of thinking and the days could seem very long indeed. Her increased rate of action had proven useful though as it had allowed her to read the book in a hour by simply remaining within her accelerated way of thinking. She had been disappointed when the book had proven even more boring to read the second time then the first time.

Now she set taken her written exam being careful to watch her rate of movement. While she didn’t have to worry about anyone noticing how fast she was thinking they would however notice that her hand was nothing but a blur. Also she doubted that the paper would hold up very well if she wrote as quickly as she could have. The number of people taking the written exam was another surprise to Kate. She recalled when the room would be fairly full now there wasn’t anyone setting side by side. She found it some what hard to believe that things had gotten this bad in the year that she was gone after all the city looked okay. Then again it had been known to hide its dirty little secret fairly well she imagined the construction crews had gotten rather adept at quick repairs over the years.

She could tell that a few people had only skimmed the book by looking around while others where either very confident at guessing or knew what they where doing. Of course she finished well ahead of anyone. The tester had actually been surprised since to him it seemed as if Kate was feeling in a question every 4 seconds not knowing that to Kate it was more like a minute do to her accelerate thinking. Though it didn’t give her a photographic memory it had allowed her to read 15 hours worth in a hour and 4 seconds could easily seem like a minute from her perspective. She wished that it would also have allowed her to recall the information more easily by found that while it increased her senses and rate of thinking it did not improve her memory recollection.

As Kate finished she walked to the front of the room grinning at the thought that it had taken her more time to feel in the bubbles having to move at human speeds then it had taken her to think about each question. The instructor seem skeptical as he took the papers from her however after glancing at the first ten questions that changed. “ Well Ms. Stonecutter we should be able to get your test results back to you shortly.” Kate gave a nod looking at the number of people within the room she couldn’t help but think it would be quick indeed. She hadn’t bothered asking Eddy if any of their old friends had died she had been to scared to. At least she knew one person that was in the police station as she walked out the door though she gagged. Thanks to her years vacation Eddy and most of her old friends would now have seniority on her.


Eddy could almost feel Kate’s eyes on him as he drove the squad car. Kate had been so excited to be back in the police force and even happier when she had learned that she would be working with a friend. She had been even happier when she had found out that they would be working the late shift leaving her to hope for some fun. The problem was that Kate wanted to drive but since Eddy held seniority over him she couldn’t very well make him let her drive. Well she could technically force him to do anything she wanted but that wouldn’t have turned out well in the long run. Eddy for his part wasn’t denying Kate the ability to drive out of pure meanness though he did get a kick out of it.

He simply held the same desire to be the drive that Kate did and was lucky enough to be able to pull rank on her. He only wished that she could quit glaring at him when ever his head was turned. The thought of telling her to quit it had crossed his mind but he had never managed to actually catch her looking at him. She was simply to quick for him to catch. Of course Kate spent her time glaring at him every moment that she could knowing full well that it frustrated him. It was made even worse by the fact that she never let him actually catch her looking at him. These thoughts where pushed aside though as the radio came on and Eddy picked up. The report that came over the line nearly made Kate clap her hands in joy a robbery was in progress.

Eddy immediately turned on the sirens and began to accelerate. Taking the vehicle to as far as what he considered safe even with the sirens on a painfully slow speed at least to Kate. Considering that they weren’t even going half as fast as she could run Kate lamented that she still had to conceal her powers. The thought of hopping out of the vehicle and going into a dead run did come to mind but that was out of the question. Despite her desire to make it to the crime scene before the crooks escaped was suppressed. Soon enough they pulled up to the convenience store turning off the sirens a little ways before their arrival. Looking in through the windows Kate’s sharper eye site allowed her to make out at least one man keeping the people under control. They didn’t know if he had partners an employee had managed to hit the silent alarm.

Eddy was a bit surprised at Kate when she was hopped out of the vehicle Kate had of course waited for it to slow. She had made a mistake though and while she had no problem running ahead of the vehicle she hadn’t realized that they where still going some 25mph further more Kate hadn’t bothered explaining what she was going to do. As Kate stalked towards the building she considered her options. She could take out the man with a shot from her side arm no problem and just right it off as a lucky shot. The problem with that was if he had partners someone may very well get hurt. Stopping a bit of a ways away from the door Kate had moved quick enough to keep herself out of site. She gave a bit of a start when a huffing and puffing form showed up beside her. Looking over at Eddy she was shocked to see how winded he was already at least until she saw how far the car was away and realized how fast she must have run.

“ Dang you are out of shape.” Kate joked under her breath which only got a bit of a grin from Eddy. He had been shocked to see her hop out of the vehicle and then out run it but perhaps the speed reading had been wrong or he hadn’t been looking at it right. He was pretty nervous after all an armed robbery was never a good thing. “ There is one up front but I don’t know about the back how about you go around front while I go around the back?” Eddy looked at Kate then gave a slight nod. Kate was careful to move quickly as she dashed behind the building but not so fast that Eddy would notice anything.