Kate’s story chapter 3


Rounding the back of the building Kate found that there was a back door. To her disappointment though it had not been broken in to but remained shut. Grinning and deciding that most likely the crooks would just get blamed for the state of the door Kate gave it a slight twist. Easily braking the doors lock suddenly regretting her lack of foresight as she could hear people moving in her direction. Unable to back out now Kate proceeded on into the back of the store and was greeted by a shot gun pointing right at her chest. She didn’t even bother to wait for the man to speak before closing the gap between them taking hold of the barrel and crushing it between her fingers. The mans mouth dropping opened as he clearly hadn’t expected to encounter someone that could move well over three hundred miles per hour.

His entire face became a mask of pain as Kate drove the but of his own gun into his stomach the force of the impact sending him sprawling on his back where between the pain and the lack of air in his lunges he soon passed out. Kate was fairly pleased with herself having taken the man out without making to much noise. Working her way further back through the store she now paid more attention to her hearing and was rewarded. The sound of a drill got her attention leading her to a office. Looking in she saw a small save in the back of the store. While she doubted it would make anyone wealthy she imagined the crook that was currently working on it felt it had something of value in it.

Kate was tempted to have some fun with him but pushed such thoughts aside. They where people whose lives where currently in danger. She couldn’t afford to have fun at their risk so she did the simply thing. Kate didn’t worry about being stealthy as she ran up to the man she simply moved to quick in closing the gap between them. He hadn’t even completely turned around before the back of Kate’s right hand slammed into his face. Instantly Kate regretted that she hadn’t pulled her slap more as she felt the man’s cheek bones shatter against her hand. As his body slammed into the wall she knew his accomplice out front had heard the impact there was no way he couldn’t have.

Eddy heard the impact as did the man in the store. Unsure of what had happened the man shuffled around a bit before calling out. “ Hey you guys okay? Something going on back there?” When there was no response the man clearly seemed agitated and unsure of what to do. He didn’t want to leave the people out front not realizing that one of them had already signaled the police. That said he didn’t know what was going on in the back room. Eddy for his part was suffering a similar dilemma he was tempted to go into the store and try to subdue the man while he was distracted. Luckily for Eddy he never had to make the decision as Kate took care of the problem. Kate tore the office door of its hinges as she dashed out of the room while to her it was a normal run she knew that anyone else would have trouble seeing her. She couldn’t go the speed of sound yet but still a human sized target moving at 320 mile per hour was rather hard to see.

She had to be careful in choosing what rows to run through knowing that if she accidently touched a person moving at her current speed it would either seriously injure or kill them. The store had few customers though and the crooks had done a good job of getting them all close to the front. Of course they hadn’t meant for this to work to her advantage but it did. Eddy was about to go into the room at the sound of the second impact when he noticed Kate was suddenly besides the armed man her hand grasping his weapon. Eddy couldn’t believe it he had no idea where she had come from and by the look on the man’s face neither did he.

As soon as the man’s shock wore off he reacted to Kate presence attempting to pull his weapon from her grasp. Kate only grinned at his struggles confident that she had the rest of his little group knocked out cold though she worried that she had killed one of them. Despite not being sure what was going on Eddy quickly rushed into the store his weapon drawn. “ Freeze” Was the only thing he could think of saying the man noticing that there where now two cops in the room quit struggling and held his hands up. Eddy didn’t bother telling the man to get on the ground. The guy seemed stunned enough as is and simply lay down after having a weapon pointed at him. As Eddy cuffed the man he looked up at Kate. “ What was that sound in the back?”

“ I hit one of them a little harder then I had meant to. The door was broken open when I got there so I snuck in. I managed to catch one of them off guard and nock him out without making to much noise but well the third one spotted me.” Jack nodded imagining that Kate had let him have it pretty hard with what ever she had handy.

“ Alright but dang I didn’t even see you sneak up on this guy. What were you doing while you where away? Studying to be the next batgirl?” Kate giggled for a moment wondering if Eddy had any idea of just how close he had been. Though she wasn’t studying to be the next batgirl that was for sure she had indeed developed some wonderful abilities.

“ I did go through some special training.”

“ Going to have to get me some of that.” Eddy looked around for a moment noticing the people on the ground. “ Oh shit. Okay people you can stand up now.”

“ Eddy I am going to go on back to the car and call dispatch let them know everything is alright. Also I need to check the two I left in the back see if we are going to need an ambulance.” Eddy gave a nod and watched as Kate trot off a thought coming to mind. Kate had said she had made the sound when she knocked one of the men out curiously he wondered what had made the second one he had heard. Kate didn’t have to spend long in the office as she checked on the man she found her fears confirmed. She had put to much force into her slap and ended up braking the fellows neck. Of course as she looked at it the word brake didn’t really cover it. She had almost torn his head clean off his body.

“ Got to be more careful about that.” Kate didn’t really feel guilty they had been crooks after all and armed to boot. Actually Kate would have felt pretty bad had they not been armed while she had little moral issues for killing an armed suspect the idea of killing a unarmed one was a concept she truly found unpleasant. The second man seemed alright when Kate checked on him though she still resolved to call a ambulance if anything maybe one of the customers could need some medical attention. Placing some cuffs on the man and checking him for weapons Kate did take the time to lift his shirt and look at the rather nasty bruise she had given him. “ Oh I hope there isn’t any eternal bleeding.”


Eddy couldn’t help but feel a little strange as he looked over at Kate. She hadn’t told him what the second impact he heard was and had claimed no knowledge of the door. Actually they where several things that Kate didn’t really explain such as how she hit a guy hard enough to collapse his skull or more to the point what she hit him with. As well as how one of them had internal bleeding when the ambulance had arrived. Still since none of the civilians had been injured the chief had seen no reason to press the issue. He didn’t really care that Kate had someone managed to kill one crook and injure one. So long as she didn’t do it out of context it was easy enough to put a pretty face on the case anyway. A pretty face that the police truly needed with Kate and Eddy having taken down 3 armed crooks without getting a single innocent harmed.

Of course Eddy was curious about just how she had done it but he decided not to press the issue as well. Thanks to Kate the department was getting some fairly good press and she had given him a good deal of the credit. So who was he to rock the boat? Nope as long as the boat was selling so smoothly he would refrain from any rocking. If Kate didn’t want to tell him about something then he could handle that. Kate for her part had put in a order for a punching back and a few other items since the accident. She didn’t really feel any guilt for the injuring the men but she now worried that in a rushed state she might kill someone she didn’t want to kill. There was a big difference between killing a armed robber and a petty thief who was just running away after all.

Kate had been using standard punching bags at times having Jack hold them while she would practice striking them. It really wasn’t a good work out considering that her fist could have easily torn the bags apart but it forced her to control her actions. She was finally getting the hang of pulling her punches after tearing 5 of them apart. At least now she was fairly confident that she could nock someone out without killing them. “ Hey Kate I have been meaning to ask you why do you keep your eyes closed while I am driving. Am I that bad of a driver?” Kate grinned and turned her head in Eddy’s direction but didn’t open her eyes.

“ It is simple silly with my eyes closed I can’t see just how close you are going.” Eddy blinked for a moment having road with Kate before he knew she never went over the speed limit at least back then. He on the other hand tended to go five or ten miles over the speed limit in all situations and now she was calling him slow?

“ Haha well I never expected to here that coming from you. Whatever special lessons you received must have had a real effect on you. Hey do you think you could teach me some things.” Kate’s first thought was to try and explain why she couldn’t teach him to make up some little feb. Luckily a better idea came to her.

“ Well I am not really qualified to teach you but to be honest a good deal of the training is just sparing. If you want I would be happy to spend some time sparing with you.” Eddy considered this for a moment. He could understand where Kate was coming from after all sparing was problem one of the best ways to learn especially if you have someone to spar with regularly.

“ Alright I will take you up on that offer if we ever get the time.” Kate gave a slight nod despite knowing she could never truly teach someone how she had taken down those crooks. Still sparring would be good for Eddy and it would help her learn to control herself better. She would just have to be careful not to seriously injure him. It would have to wait until their job assignments had changed though after all they couldn’t very well spar with one another while they where out driving around. Leaning back into her seat Kate sighed a bit the night had proven to be a extremely quiet one. Of course Kate knew that ultimately that was a good thing after all she didn’t exactly want crimes to happen. Still she was getting a little bored with doing a normal patrol.

She recalled the job being more exciting of course she knew that she never really had more work then this. It was just at the time a high speed chase or a normal crook could be exciting and cause more then a little fear in her. Now with bullets being no threat to her she simply found them to be boring. To make matters worse she really couldn’t have any fun with them thanks to Eddy. Not that it was his fault she simply couldn’t reveal to him what she truly was capable of doing. The vast majority of criminals didn’t really require Kate to put her abilities to the test anyway. The occasional convict that chose to run was simply a joke to Kate as she could easily out run most of them simply by remaining at human levels. Olympic athlete human levels but human none the less and any time she pulled away from Eddy she was able to end the pursuit within a few moments.

No she wanted to be able to have some real fun to make full use of her abilities. Kate’s thoughts where taken by this as Eddy had to swerve to avoid being hit by a van. Simply glancing at each other Kate switched on the siren and picked up the radio. Calling in to dispatch Kate didn’t think about what she was doing as she read off the license plate number of the van. Her eye site allowing her to see it despite the lead it hand on them. Eddy wasn’t thinking about this though as he accelerated to catch up with the vehicle. As they did this Kate was actually a bit surprise as she noticed the lex corp logo on the side of the vehicle. Recalling what she had been thinking earlier Kate wondered if some entity had decided to grant her request. Though as they pursued the vehicle she wondered if she really wanted it granted.

Despite the vans lead its speed and handling couldn’t match the patrol cars allowing them to catch up with it rather quickly. Though as they did a problem arose while they could try to fish tail a lighter vehicle a van was a bit out of the question. Curiously Kate wondered just how to best handle the situation when the back of the vehicle opened. Kate and Eddy finding themselves staring down the barrel of an assault rifle. Kate felt her body react as the entire world seemed to slow down as the weapon fired Eddy swerved to try and avoid the shots. To slowly though as the bullets tore through the window and proceeded towards him luckily a much stronger object appeared before him in the form Kate’s hand.

Reaching out Kate was able to catch the three rounds that would have torn into her partner before they met him. Partly in shock she didn’t think to move her arm until a second to late. Eddy had seen what had just happened and there was no way training could explain that. Realizing that Eddy was still in shock she took hold of the staring will quickly getting them back on the road. Pulling over to the side of the road Eddy looked at Kate. “ How whaa?”

“ It is a kind of long story would you mind if we caught the crooks first?” Much to Kate’s surprise Eddy nodded his head and started back up the vehicle. Pulling it back onto the road he once again began pursuing the vehicle far too slowly for Kate. “ Ah crap it I am going on ahead.” Eddy now knowing about her Kate saw no reason to hide what she was capable of doing at least she wouldn’t have to endanger him. Opening up the door Kate made a running leap landing on the ground she matched the patrol car’s speed for just long enough to shut the door before taking off easily out pacing the vehicle by running an easy 250mph. Taking a moment to look down at herself Kate noticed several bullet wholes in her clothing. Realizing that the gun man hadn’t stopped firing when Eddy had swerved it had taken her into the line of fire as well. This got a giggle from Kate as the bullet wholes caused extra friction resulting in her uniform being slowly torn away as she ran.

The gang was elated with what they had done they had managed to steel some new prototype laser weaponry from Lex corp. The thought of what the weapons would fetch on the open market was excited or if they chose they could simply keep the weapons and have more fire power then any gang in the city. To make things even better it seemed that they had managed to take a few cops out of the picture. There had been talk about using some of the high powered laser weapons but this had been pushed aside. It would have been a waste of such wonderful killing devices. As the men patted each other on the back they didn’t notice the blur that shot past them. Kate easily running at over double the van’s speed was able to over take it far before Eddy did.

Considering the time that it took him to get out of the shock Kate felt she had time to have some fun before he showed up. So instead of just hopping into the back Kate moved ahead of the vehicle turned around and came to a dead stop. The driver was surprised to see a woman suddenly appear in front of him however the vehicle was kind of hard for him to control so he didn’t want to swerve to avoid her and unlike most people he didn’t really care if he killed her. He didn’t worry though as the van grew closer Kate drew back her fist and delivered a solid blow strait to the vehicle. The impact countering most of the machine’s inertia those of the team that weren’t buckled up where sent slamming into the back or strait through the windshield.

Kate felt the vehicle deform around her hand and then around her body. Recalling her previous experience with taking a hit from a moving automobile Kate was able to hold her ground this time. The air bag and his seat belt prevented the driver from coming through the windshield must to Kate’s disappointment the jerks had tried to kill her and her partner after all. She would have to have some fun with these thieves after all with crooks like them it was little surprise the number of police had declined. While in the van several of the members where recovering having had sense enough to strap themselves in. Five of the eight men where able to stand up the gun man had been sent through the windshield though and two of his buddies had impacted quite heavily against the inside of the van.

Rubbing their heads each man checked his weapon unsure of just what had happened. Opening up the back of the van they began to climb out weapons in hand. “ Hello boys pleasant night for a cruise.” Each man turned in the direction of the voice only to find a rather attractive and hardly clothed red head walking towards them. Kate was ticked off at the moment the jerks had just tried to kill her and her partner and the driver hadn’t even tried to swerve for her. As far as she was concerned she had every right to use lethal force on them at any moment she chose. She didn’t want to do that just yet partly from anger and partly from her own desire to show off her power she resolved that she would have some fun with these men before she dealt with them.

The crooks for their part weren’t sure what was going on. Despite having their vehicle destroyed they where all clearly armed and disguised just what could this woman be thinking? Looking at Kate for a moment they noticed the torn remains of her shirt and finally caught site of her badge realizing she was a cop their leader didn’t take long to act. Drawing his side arm he took aim strait at Kate’s chest and fired. The bullet striking home would have went strait through to Kate’s heart and probably out her back considering that it was a 45 caliber. As she was though the bullet simply deformed against her skin. Stopping dead in her track Kate reached up and placed a finger over where the bullet had hit before retrieved the deformed projectile from her cleavage. “ Is that all you got?”

Despite his shock the man quickly composed himself unsure of what had just happened he proceeded to squeeze of several more shots from the hand gun. Kate simply standing there and letting the bullets impact against her skin decided to wait for him to run out of the bullets. As she did this though she noticed a odd feeling as the heat of the metal and the feeling of it impacting her soft flesh actually began to excite her a bit. Seeing that his weapon wasn’t having any effect on her the man turned towards his cohorts. “ What do you think you are doing? Shoot her dammit.” The mean seemed to awaken from their daze almost instantly leveling their weapons at Kate they began to fire. Kate’s frown began to fade and turn to a sadistic smile as the men began to understand the situation.

Their bullets where simply bouncing off her skin or at times tearing apart her clothing exposing more of her flesh. The men having at first been angry but confident soon found these emotions being replaced by fear as their bullets had no effect on her. That wasn’t completely true though if they had noticed Kate’s change in demeanor they would have known their weapons where affecting her just not in the desired way. As Kate enjoyed being showered by the automatic weapons, she forced herself into her accelerated way of thinking. Actually able to see the bullets they where still moving far faster then she was capable of but they didn’t have the weight to injure her. As her bra was torn away by the weapons fire Kate found herself moving her breast slightly trying to get as many of the bullets to strike her excited nipples as possible. Despite the situation Kate couldn’t help but find the thought that their weapons where only serving to excite her.

Even in her accelerated state though the fun had to eventually end as the weapons spent the last of their ammo. Kate let out a long sigh and once again began to walk towards them. By now the crooks had more then enough of Kate and decided to cut their loses. As they attempted to flee though they found a problem. Kate seeing which direction they where going quickly moved to cut them off. “ Your not going to run out on me now? We where having so much fun.” The man nearest Kate actually managed to surprise her as he found his path cut off instead of turning to run the other direction he quickly drew out a knife. Kate considering her options realized that she could easily avoid the attack however feeling confident that she could take it stood her ground. The man’s skill with the weapon did surprise her though as he effectively put the force of both his arms and his body weight into the thrust.

Feeling the blade slam into her skin the man gave a slight cry of pain as the blade was stopped cold and some of the force went back into her rest. A moment later he felt Kate’s hand clamp down on his throat and lift him from the ground. Looking at the insect for a moment Kate considered how easy it would be to kill him. He had tried to kill her and Eddy after all so why not kill him? Slowly her hand began to tight intending on snapping the man’s head off. Kate halted herself before this could happen though as she realized how she was thinking. “ Insect?” Kate looked at the man again sure he had tried to kill her but he was still a human being and besides it wasn’t her place to decide if he should live or die. That would be up to the court no it wouldn’t. Her gaze turned to the van and she released the man’s throat his fate would be most likely decided by Lex Luther and considering what he had stolen Kate about knew it would be death.

Drawing back her hand Kate delivered a light punch to the man’s jaw the force of the blow lifting him from the ground and knocking him out cold. Even if these men had tried to kill her she was still a cop and it was her responsibility to try and bring them in alive. Of course that didn’t mean she couldn’t have fun with them at least as she once again appeared in front of the fleeing men. “ Now didn’t you just get through trying that? Hm well I guess you didn’t try running while a friend distracted me. Which means since they are four of you left will two of you run while the other two attack me now?” Kate grinned as she taunted the men knowing that their weapons wouldn’t have any effect on her.

She was actually some what pleased when the next attack proved to be a group effort. A few of the men producing melee weapons of their own while the man who had first shot her made use of his gun. While had indeed used up all the ammo he still attempted to use it to club Kate. Kate just grinned at their futile efforts even four of them had no where near the strength required to injure her. Instead she chose to try knocking them unconscious through different means. The man who had attack her had gotten the least painful experience so far and Kate decided to keep it that way.

Instead of his jaw Kate slammed her fist deeply into their leaders stomach forcing the oxygen from his lunges. The impact actually lifting him off the ground a good foot though he didn’t fall down right away. Rather Kate continued to support his bulk upon her fist for just a moment before letting him slide off. The other men stood back now looking at their leader who was now gasping for air trying his best to refill his lunges. The pain and the lack of air proved to be to much though and he soon blacked out. The other men just looked on in shock at least until they heard a light giggle come from Kate. “ Well now how am I going to nock you boys out. I figure since you where the last to attack me thus the most cowardly I should make yours the most painful.” The men didn’t have time to surrender as Kate pounced them. Getting one man under each arm she proceeded to wrap her legs around the waste of the fourth. “ Now who should I put out first?”

Considering that she had two people under each arm Kate began to experiment with one of them slowly tightening her grip around his stomach. Acting something like a constrictor Kate would tighten her grip ever so slowly whenever the man would exhale. Keeping careful track of the man’s expression, Kate was cautious not to force any air from his lunges realizing that would end the experience too soon for him. His struggles only hastening the process Kate finally released her grip on him whenever he fell unconscious. Turning her attention to the one in her arm, she grinned. “ I think I squeezed a little too hard lets see if you can last longer.” The man began to really struggle now though this meant little to Kate. Once again she began to tighten her grip on the man though this time more slowly then the first one. It surprised her a bit when the man between her legs didn’t struggle more then he was after all he was going to get the same treatment as his two colleges.

Marvin groaned as he came to having been the driver of the vehicle he was quite pleased to see that the air bag had stopped him from going through the windshield. Just what had happened he wasn’t sure he recalled that woman and then well he had been in a rather bad impact. He nearly jumped out of his skin when he managed to catch a glimpse of Kate through the rear view mirror. Seeing the position she had three of his colleges in his first thought was to hop out and come to their aid. Then he recalled the vehicle slamming into her what had happened and realized what the most likely result of him getting out of the vehicle would have. Thinking on his toes was something that he was good at though after all he was the get away driver.

Looking over his shoulder he realized that his salvation may very well be in the back of the vehicle. Cutting his seat belt away with his pocket knife he climbed over the seat and began to arm one of the weapons.

Kate was able to get the second man to last almost three minutes not a bad feat as far as she was concerned. Now left with one more person she debated on using her arms since they where what she had the most experience with now but resolved to use her legs. Slowly tightening her grip on him she was glad she was using her legs as she pulled his weak body ever so slightly against her sex. Letting out a slight gasp she didn’t go by his breaths to choke him out but proceeded to move herself against him ever so lightly not wanting to kill him. The pain he felt however negated any pleasure that he might have felt from being in between Kate’s legs. Kate was only able to reach a mini orgasm before the man passed out but that was good enough for now. Standing up and dusting herself off Kate looked around wondering what was taken Eddy so long.

At last seeing his vehicle she began to walk towards him wondering how she was going to explain this when a sound behind her back got her attention. “ Oh it seems I missed one.” Kate turned around slowly even for a human wanting to have some fun with this guy as well. The moment she was fully turned around she regretted her action as the man had leveled a weapon that she had never seen before at her. Even Kate couldn’t dodge the laser beam that shot out of the weapon actually she didn’t even have time to really think about it as the beam slammed into her body. The incredible heat burning away all her clothing and causing all metal on her form to dribble away having been reduced to a liquid. A terrific boom could be heard as the super heated air cooled and slammed back together.

Marvin had been panicked as he fumbled with the weapon not completely sure of how to use the complicated device. He had managed to get a shot off though before Kate had completely turned around he hadn’t realized it then but he had actually delivered a blast powerful enough to either destroy or severely cripple a Sherman tank. The only problem now was the damn ringing in his ears he couldn’t hear anything. Still as he stalked over towards Kate’s prone form he was surprised to see that she was still in one peace though burns covered a good deal of her body and it was clear she was unconscious. Deciding to finish this he didn’t know who she was and he didn’t care he raised the weapon again. Only to have a patrol car go right up his back side.

Eddy has taken longer to arrive then he would have liked but with his windshield broken he wasn’t able to go as fast as normal. Plus they had gained a pretty darn big lead on him as well as the fact that he had been forced to make some guess work as to where they had went. He felt fortunate to have found them however when he saw one of them standing over a woman a woman that he realized was Kate he didn’t take long to act. Knowing that the man would have fired whatever god awful weapon he was currently packing Eddy had made use of the only weapon he had readily available his squad car. Coming to a stop he debated on reversing over the man by chose not to he had to check on Kate. As he ran over to Kate he was shocked what he saw the cooling metal of her belt buckle and buttons pooling around her body as well as any change she had on her.

Eddy didn’t know what to do as he tried to get near Kate the heat held him at bay. Having already called in back up while he was trying to catch up with them he finally dashed back to his patrol car. Getting under the seat he quickly produced a fire extinguisher and ran back over to Kate. Spraying her down with the device the foam soaking up the heat until he was finally able to stand touching her. Kate’s eyes slowly drifted open as she felt the cool foam coating her form them herself being lifted. Looking up at Eddy she wasn’t sure how long she would be awake though. “ No needles.”

“ Huh?” Looking down Eddy was surprised to see that Kate had woken up though he wasn’t sure for how long. Kate still wanted to keep her secret and she knew that needles and other cutting devices would have no effect on her.

“ Don’t let them cut me.” Eddy wasn’t sure what Kate was talking about at first until he heard the siren of a ambulance and other squad cars. Unsure of why his friend wouldn’t want them using any needles or iv’s on her he still nodded his head after all he didn’t know what all had happened to her.

“ Sure no needles.” Kate smiled and let her eyes drift shut no longer fighting the blackness that was trying to swallow her up.


Kate hated pain no matter the cause of it pain was something Kate detested. Luckily she was only feeling a small amount of it as she opened her eyes and looked around the room. To her side she was delighted to find Jack waiting but she was also pleased to find Eddy as well. The two men hadn’t noticed her waking up yet. Curiously Kate kept quiet a while longer listening to their conversation. She was glad to here that the men getting along as Jack explained where Kate had been the last year though he left out certain details. Of course Kate knew Eddy had found out her little secret thanks to the crooks so she wondered why Jack was keeping quiet about such details. Looking around the room for a moment she realized why they where in a hospital. “ Hey fellas how about some pain killers?” Jack and Eddy looked up almost immediately and moved to Kate’s side Jack was the first to speak.

“ Hey there sleepy head how are you feeling?”

“ Sore so how about those pain killers?” Both men chuckled for a moment as Eddy took his turn to speak.

“ Sorry but from what Jack here tells me there isn’t really any pain killers that would have much of a effect on you. Especially since we can’t exactly get a iv in you.” Kate sighed lamenting her state though she was grateful for her abilities if she hadn’t had them her and Eddy would have been dead. Looking at herself for a moment Kate was glad to see that there was nothing actually inside her body actually all she could feel was a seemingly thick bandage covering most of her upper body probably covering the burns.

“ So how did you get the doctors to leave me alone?”

“ Well I told them that since your little bout with cancer you had come to believe in the natural healing ability of your body. Thus you would not allow any iv or injection of any type to be used on yourself. After informing them that you would sue the crap out of them even if you lived through the accident should you find a single needle whole in you they settled for bandaging you up as best they could.” Kate giggled for a moment as in truth she had come to believe in the healing ability of her body though that didn’t mean she would recommend a normal human behave the same way.

“ Well I guess you know my little secret then that makes two of you.” Eddy got a nervous look on his face.

“ Actually there is three of us now I had to tell the chief what had happened.” Kate eyes went wide realizing that her secret might be out in the open so soon. “ Oh don’t worry about it I had a pretty hard time convincing the chief that I wasn’t nuts to be honest. After he took a look at the crime scene and the state of the car he finally came around to believing me. We are currently working on concealing any evidence that someone like you was around.”

“ Eddy and the chief have both agreed to Keep your secret Kate for as long as you want to keep it. After all you are a pretty hand person to have around.”

“ Decided it would be best to keep a secret weapon for now?” Eddy grinned for a moment.

“ Actually that was part of the reasoning after all we don’t really need to announce that we got someone like you around. Still you freaked me out when you caught that bullet no wonder you have been able to apprehend people so easily recently. You where holding back just to avoid letting me know about you. Naught girl keep secrets.” Kate found the strength to stick her tongue out at Eddy.

“ And thanks to you I got hit by I don’t know how many bullets. Naughty boy swerving like that and pulling me within the direct line of fire.” Eddy blinked having not realized that had happened. Seeming to considering the number of bullets that had went into Kate’s chair he realized that probably for everyone of those shots to the side two bullets had hit Kate. “ So fellas how long have I been out o fit?” Jack grinned and considered telling a little lay maybe say a month but he decided to be honest.

“ Your recuperative abilities are quite remarkable you haven’t even been out for 48 hours. I must say I am impressed I am actually a little curious how those burns are coming.”

“ Oh I would say that I still have them I am still in some pain and to be honest I am a little tired.” Taking a few moments to run his hand through Kate’s hair Jack also gave her a kiss on the forehead.

“ Then why don’t you go back to sleep?”

“ I think I will do that but first would you boy mind getting me out of here. I hate spending time in the hospital.” Jack gave a nod and stood up.

“ Alright I will go and get the doctor and we can begin getting you signed out.” Eddy remained with Kate as Jack went to fetch the doctor.

“ Well then I think I will be going then.” As Eddy began to stand up Kate looked at him.

“ Wait why don’t you come by later on? There some things I want you talk to you about now that you know my little secret.” Eddy grinned.

“ Alright but is it okay if I bring the chief as well? He wants to speak to you about the robbery and plan things out.” Kate grinned imagining they wanted to start planning out how to make the best use of her abilities.

“ Sure thing hmm I wonder if this could get me a pay raise.”


Jack felt odd as he carried Kate’s sleeping form towards the door of their apartment. He had spent over a year with her now and had watched as her physical abilities had broke one limit after the other. It had gotten impressive to the point that he began to think she would be entirely safe on her job. Now here she was her body sporting several burns though they where all quickly healing. Still she was so drained of energy that she had fallen asleep almost immediately after getting into the vehicle. Meaning that between the conversation with him and Eddy plus the actually act of leaving the hospital Kate had only managed to stay awake for some thirty minutes. As he unlocked and opened the door he was quick to shut and lock it instantly glad Kate had made him start working out when he had first moved in with her. Had he been his old self there would have been no way he could have simply packed the 180lbs of muscle Kate back to the apartment.

Even now though he regretted that he hadn’t pushed himself a little harder then what he had been as it required a good deal of effort on his part to get her back into the house. Still he refused to give in to temptation and simply set Kate down upon the couch but instead carried her back to her room depositing her on her bed. Looking at Kate’s sleeping form he realized this was the most vulnerable he had ever seen her. Brushing away the hair from her forehead he bent down and gave her a light kiss. She hadn’t even been this vulnerable whenever she was a normal human as at the moment she lacked the energy to even stay awake. Leaving the room he began to consider his options. He knew Eddy was suppose to bring the police chief up later to talk to Kate but he really didn’t want to wake her. Going into the kitchen so that he could get further away from Kate’s room he picked up the telephone and checked through the caller id until he found Eddy’s number.

“ Hey is Eddy there?”

“ Speaking what is up Jack?”

“ Oh I was just calling to ask you to hold off your little meeting with Kate. She didn’t even make it through the car ride back to our apartment without falling asleep again and I don’t want to wake her up.”

“ Ah so you want to keep her to yourself well that is alright. I didn’t plan on bringing up the chief just yet after all he is a busy man. I will try and schedule a time a few days from now.” Jack chuckled a bit at Eddy’s since of humor though in truth it was partly accurate.

“ Alright well then I will see you in a few days then.” Hanging up the phone Jack began to look around wondering what he should do. Remembering that Kate hadn’t gotten to actually eat anything since she had been injured over a day ago he made his way into the kitchen. Digging for the cupboards he found himself having something of a problem. He wanted to make Kate something special to welcome her home however with his lack of cooking skills he was scared to try anything fancy he would be more likely to burn it. At last he settled on a couple of stakes figuring that Kate would be fairly hunger when she did wake up. He would have liked to grill the stakes but as he currently didn’t have that as a option he laid out a few pans and began frying them both up some dinner.

Kate felt more then a little groggy as she set up in bed but the smell of fresh food was calling to her. As she began to set up though something pushed its way into her mind a desire surpassing even that of hers to eat. Standing up on unsteady legs Kate began to walk towards the kitchen area. Jack catching site of her and noticing how unsteady she was quickly rushed to her aid. “ Kate what are you doing out of bed.” As Kate looked at him Jack felt his heart ache a bit he felt she would be okay but with her body’s new complexities he couldn’t be sure. Though there was one thing he was worried about they hadn’t given her any pain killers since they didn’t know what effect it would have on her.

“ Please get me something to drink.”

“ Sure thing just set down.” Jack didn’t bother helping Kate get back to a seat but rather helped her to set down by placing her back against the wall. Dashing into the kitchen he quickly rummaged through the fridge he took out the first thing his hand took hold off. Pouring Kate a rather large glass of orange juice he had been surprised by how dry her voice had sounded. Then again he wondered how much moisture her body had lost from the attack and the healing process. She had been so tired when they had picked her up at the hospital he imagined that her hunger and thirst hadn’t quite registered with her. Handing the glass to Kate he stood by her watching her drain the entire glass in a few swallows. Handy the glass back to him Jack went ahead and went back to the kitchen pouring her another glass and bringing it to her.

It was after the third glass was drained the same way as the first that he simply brought Kate the jug. Amazingly Kate turned it up as well and began to drain the liquid feeling as if her thirst would never be quenched. Jack had enough medical training to know that Kate’s body was currently focusing on hydrating itself after having lost so much moisture. Returning to the kitchen he found a few over sized cups feeling them with water and bringing them to Kate who by then had actually managed to drain the orange juice bottle dry. “ My you are a thirsty girl aren’t you?” Kate didn’t answer verbally but just nodded her head at least as the liquid was going down her throat it didn’t feel so parched.

Jack wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to let Kate drink so much so quickly but then again he couldn’t really use normal medical knowledge in dealing with her anymore. While some of Kate’s make up was still human enough of it had changed that he couldn’t be sure. So instead of trying to apply human knowledge to the situation he decided to follow what Kate’s body wanted. Kate feeling some what better after draining the glasses finally stood back up. Her legs where steadier but she still felt so thirsty. Making her way to the kitchen Jack watched as she held her hair behind her head and held her face under the sink. Letting the water rush into her mouth very little of it actually spilled as Kate drained as much as she could. At last Kate released the sink the front of her shirt completely soaked while a bit of water dribbled from her mouth. “ Thank you.”

“ No problem here let me help you.” Wrapping his arm around Kate Jack guided her into the living room. Setting her down on the couch he returned moments later with two large glasses of water. Setting them down in front of Kate she immediately began to drain them though more slowly then before. She came up for air more frequently now and was looking a little more steady. Looking back at the kitchen and realizing the stakes would still take a while Jack got a few plums out of the fridge. “Here you go.”

Kate took hold of the fruit and bit into it grateful that Jack had chosen to bring her something cold. At the moment with her mouth as dry as it was she didn’t really feel like eating anything warm except. Kate’s gazed turned towards the kitchen and she took in the scent that had woken her up only moments earlier. The thick slabs of stake where already looking quite good to her despite needing quite a bit longer to be completely cooked.

Jack had figured Kate would be hungry but no where near her current level. He had hardly touched his food and yet Kate was eating like she had anything for a week. Of course considering how rapidly her body had recovered it probably had a lot of raw material to make up for but he still wasn’t expecting anything like this. Kate for her part wasn’t thinking of even eating like a lady her feeling far to hungry for such formalities. A loud crunch got Jack’s attention as he looked to find that Kate had actually bent through the bone of the t-bone his mouth hung open a bit. He knew that Kate could do it easily enough but he had never seen her this hungry before to actually swallow the bone after chewing it up. Absently he began to draw his plate closer to him wondering if it was actually safe to set near Kate at the moment.

He made no move for any of the side dishes that had been set on the table. Though he was never in any danger of actually losing a finger. Despite her hunger Kate was aware enough to recognize a human hand from regular food stuffs. At last Kate finished the last of her meal looking at Jack for a moment and noticing the look on her face she giggled a bit. “ Oops sorry I guess I was hungrier then I had realized.” Jack finally got a lop sided grin upon his face.

“ I’ll say I was worried that if I got to close you would bite of my hand. Anyway how are you feeling now?” A long yawn came from Kate as if to answer his question.

“ I am actually feeling pretty tired again. I guess all that food is making me sleepy.” Jack just chuckled and nodded his head. Standing up he walked over to Kate’s side of the table and proceeded to help her up. He couldn’t help but notice that Kate had went from extremely tired, to ravenously thirsty and hungry, to deeply tired again. Considering her body’s new make up he couldn’t help but wonder if this was how things where going to be as it affected repairs or if she would spend the rest of the day recovering and be better by the next day.

“ Well then lets get you back to bed.” Kate gave a slight nod but as she began to pass by the couch she stopped herself.

“ Actually would it be alright if lay down right here. You know incase I need anything?” Jack chuckled for a moment realizing that Kate was indeed ill and still recovering it probably would be good if he was near by.

“ Alright do you want me to put anything on the tv for you?” Kate just shook her head as Jack helped her to lie down. Taking a moment to fluff her pillow for a second he was about to ask her if she needed anything when he noticed her breathing. Moving his hand in Kate’s face he realized that just about as quickly as she had lie down on the couch that she had drifted back off to sleep. Rubbing the back of his head Jack finally returned to the kitchen to finish up his meal and do the dishes.


“ Hello yeah I don’t think Kate is going to be good for that meeting today…yeah she still isn’t feeling to well actually she spends most of her time sleeping….alright I will have her call you when she can get together for a meeting.” Jack hung up the phone and looked over at Kate looking at her sleeping form he imagined one could forget just how powerful she was. Kate was sleeping on the couch having chose to sleep there ever since she gotten back from the hospital the routine had been pretty simple for the two of them. Kate would wake up be thirsty as a race horse and as hungry as a humming bird. Then after her hunger and thirst where taken care of she would fall asleep almost the moment she found something to lie down on. The thing that Jack felt was a little odd was the fact that all her burns had already healed up and yet her body continued to behave in such a manor.

Setting down across from her he didn’t know how long this was going to last after all he still had so much to learn about the workings of her body. As he considered what had happened he couldn’t help but think her body was responding to having taken so much damage. The thought that it might be trying to adapt itself so it doesn’t get hurt as badly from such a attack had crossed his mind. Getting up he moved over to the couch Kate was setting on and took a seat in the floor next to her legs. Running his hand along her legs for a moment he admired how soft and smooth her skin was. A odd look appeared on his face as he began to look Kate’s legs over more carefully they where indeed smoothing but he didn’t recall her shaving her legs. “ Blast it Kate have you been shaving your legs in your condition?”

The sound of a glass being picked up got his attention looking over her noticed one of the glasses he had setting around for Kate had been picked up. Looking at her for a moment as she drank she held up a finger indicating she needed a moment. “ No why do you ask?”

“ Oh does your hair just grow slowly?” Kate shook her head as she continued to drink.

“ I haven’t had any hair growth on my body ever since my normal hair fell out and this stuff grew in.” Kate gave a light flick of the hair on her head as she said this. Before Jack pressed the issue though he recalled what would be coming next and quickly rushed to the kitchen. Having learned to be ready for Kate’s hunger to hit after day two he took out a rather large tray from the fridge. Setting it down in front of her the tray had enough sandwiches, fruits and vegetables already cut up to feed a family of five or at the moment one Kate. He had also learned that except for meat in her current state Kate preferred her food to be cold.

“ Huh I wonder how that happened.” Kate stopped drinking long enough to take a bite out of one of the sandwiches.

“ I figured you already knew about it that is why I didn’t mention it to you.” Kate took another large swallow of water wanting to keep some constantly going down her throat to keep the dry feeling away. “ But I just thought it was for the same reason my body still keeps a human form.” Jack nodded his head in agreement though just why her body was doing that he didn’t know. He had several theories of course most of them relating back to mating and sex appeal or perhaps what Kate really desired guided it. He knew that if it was for either of the two last reasons then it would make since that her body hair would just fade away after all he doubted Kate ever enjoyed shaving her legs.

“ Have you noticed any other little changes in your body?” Kate seemed to think for a moment or she might have just been taking her time chewing.

“ Nope well other then how much I can eat and other things you probably know about.”

“ Alright well you enjoy your dinner.” Heading back into the kitchen Jack looked in on Kate and began to take in her form. There was one thing that he noticed about her recently and that being her muscles. Regularly Kate’s muscles did change but it had almost been to slow to really notice but now with her body altering itself so quickly he noticed that her muscles seemed to flow together more easily. When Kate lay in a relaxed position they where becoming less and less noticeable however every time she would move her arm or leg they would make their presence none. Their shape had never been really blocky but they appeared to be shaping together even better.

Taking his time Jack checked around and found a picture of Kate relaxing back when she was human. Holding it up to the woman he now saw on the couch he was sure of what he thought. The way Kate’s muscles seemed to flow together and indeed her entire body looked more graceful. He just wondered if this was do to her muscles strengthening or her body trying to adjust itself to allow for greater speed. Of course Jack had noticed a few things about Kate that she had no idea about. Such as in a dark enough room he could swear the blood that was taken from her would glow with energy. He had actually checked it to make sure it wasn’t radiation and after confirming this still took some steps avoid spending to much time with it. That being one of the reason he used a electronic microscope hooked up to his computer to look at the blood samples. That and it allowed him to record just what was going on and send it to Nathan whenever he was done.

Upon returning to the living room he wasn’t surprised to find that Kate had cleaned off the tray and fallen back to sleep. Taking the tray and the cups back into the living room, he began to quietly prepare more for Kate to eat and drink when she woke up again. He had been doing all the cooking over the last three days but he didn’t really mind. Kate had been severally injured after all and she needed time to fully recover. As Jack left the room though he had to do a double take as he noticed one glass had been left on the table. Realizing that Kate hadn’t been as thirsty as her previous times he crossed his fingers hoping that meant her body would soon have affected whatever changed it was going for.


Mark looked around the outside of Kate’s apartment having ridden over with Eddy on Saturday he had been glad to here that Kate was going to be alright. Also he was eager to satisfy his own curiosity about the entire event. Eddy had managed to convince him of what had happened after all they where so many things that just couldn’t be explained. Still he was eager to get some actual proof of everything that happened before he went too far. At the moment he had managed to keep the press away being the bunch of vultures they where by saying they where still investigating. Now he would be able to confirm for himself though if Eddy had been telling the truth or if he had just taken a really nasty blow to the head.

Hearing the door being knocked on Jack checked through the little peep whole before opening up the door. Seeing Eddy and another man with him one which he assumed was the chief of police. Opening up the door he stepped aside to let them in. “ Hey Eddy is this the chief?” Jack was surprised when the man took his hand rather quickly and gave it a good shake.

“ Pleased to meet you and yes I am chief of police at least in this precinct. Just call me Mark though it is Saturday and we are all off duty.” Jack grinned and as he let the two men inside noticing a bit of a grin on Eddy’s face. Jack had been a little stunned by Mark’s greeting but it had been a friendly one if a little more direct then he liked. Shutting the door behind them and locking it.

“ Hey there.” All three men looked to see Kate standing in the door way a wide grin on her face. Walking over to Mark everyone wondered what was going on until she took hold of his belt and proceeded to lift him from the ground. Easily support all his weight over her head she smiled up at him. “ I figured I would go ahead and get any doubt out of your mind about what Eddy told you. “ Mark could hardly believe what had just happened even after Kate set him back down it took him a few moments before he was able to respond.

“ Well now I suppose that is good enough proof.” Kate giggled and lead the entire group in the living room pulling Jack along with her and having him set down next to her. Mark and Eddy set across from the two of them each one claiming a separate couch.

Kate had been doing better over the last few days. She didn’t need to drink or eat as much though she still kept a cup of water handy. She didn’t need to sleep nearly as much though she was still sleeping at least half of the day. That being why Jack had called the two men up since if they just happened to drop by the risk coming up when Kate was asleep. Kate still wasn’t feeling well enough to try exercising but her energy was at least coming back. “ So now who is first?”

Everyone looked around for a moment before Mark decided to speak up. “ Well first I need to confirm a few things. Kate you don’t want anyone to know about your abilities do you?”

“ No I would prefer to keep them a secret for as long as possible.”

“ All right then well I guess I can tell the press we never found out what happened. Still if you wanted to keep all this a secret I wish you would have been a little more discrete in your actions.” A curious looked appeared on Kate’s face as if unsure of exactly what Mark was talking about. This got a rather large grin from Mark as he saw that he was going to have to explain. “ Well the first thing we are having trouble explaining is exactly what the van hit I mean it is clear that it impacted with something. The ruts you left in the ground I am assuming with your feet aren’t helping much either. Then there is the little matter of all the ammunition that clearly hit something but we can’t find the object at least not officially. Then there is the little matter that a extremely powerful military weapon was fired and yet it appears to only have hit the ground. Actually the last one is kind of easy to explain away since we could just say what ever it hit was vaporized.”