Kate’s story chapter 3


Kate chuckled for a moment. “ I guess the little matter of a police car being full of wholes and yet both officers being in one peace is another issue.” Mark gave a nod.

“ Yeah I had almost forgotten that one.” A collective sigh seemed to come from the group as the problems where listed. As they considered their options Mark was the first to speak up.

“ I don’t know what we can tell the press that they would believe. So I guess our only choice is to tell them that we don’t know. I will let the crime seen investigators check the vehicle over as best they can but I doubt there will be anything to lead back to Kate. We can just simply say the reason you to got through the event with Kate being the only one hurt is you both got damn lucky.” Kate bit her lip for a moment trying to think of a better option but finally sighed.

“ Well I guess that is the only choice in this matter and I was hoping we could give the department some better press. Oh no but what about the crooks won’t they get to talk to the authorities.” Mark gave a slight nod knowing that the criminals would indeed get to tell their side of the story.

“ Yeah but I wouldn’t worry too much about that. We are trying to keep it a secret that it was you who stopped them. We don’t really need to prove that it wasn’t some other super woman. Now I think it is time we began talking about more important matters then another police cover up.” Kate grinned.

“ Another you make it sound like we do this often.”

“ Oh you don’t know about the other things damn I must be good at covering things up then.” Mark proceeded to straiten his shirt collar a joking smile on his face. Eddy just grinned and roll his eyes while Kate stuck her tongue out at Mark.

“ Alright mister conspirator what is this other important matters you want to talk about.” Mark grinned and got a little more serious look on his face.

“ Well I was thinking that we could start putting your abilities to better use especially now that Eddy knows of what you are capable of. I figure there won’t be as much need for you to hold back but to be honest I want to take you off normal patrol and put you on other assignments.” Kate grinned as she could feel her excitement beginning to build the thought that she would get to take on some really dangerous cases entering her mind.

“ And would these cases happen to be more dangerous then the regular patrol I am on? Perhaps a few cases that you have to worry about losing more officers?” Mark was surprised by the eagerness in Kate’s voice after she had nearly been killed just a few days ago he had thought she would be hesitant to take on such a task.

“ Well yeah really I think it would be handy if we sent you undercover.” Kate was grinning from ear to ear by now as she realized she might get to make some real use of her abilities.

“ Yay I might get to make some good use of my abilities now but oh I wish my sense of smell would hurry up and get stronger. Then I could find drugs and the like even more easily.” The chief blinked for a moment Jack decided to take the lead.

“ Kate’s senses are increasing every day including her sense of smell though it isn’t developing as quickly as the others. At the moment her nose is about half as good as a blood hounds I would imagine still that is far superior to what any human has to offer.” Looking at Kate for the moment Mark scratched his chin.

“ Yeah I can see where that could be handy and will it eventually get to that point.”

“ Sure will I am improving every day.” The enthusiasm with which Kate spoke actually got a chuckle from the men. Now that it seemed she was really going to get to put her powers to better use she was visibly excited.

“ Alright then well when you get to that point we will have to start making better use of your abilities. It would be nice to have an officer that could sniff out that junk as good as any dog after all. Until then I was hoping we could get you to maybe walk the streets a bit. Perhaps we can get a few muggers by using you as bate. Normally I wouldn’t suggest this since we need to keep a eye on the officer to provide support but I doubt Kate here would need any.”

“ Oh does that mean I am going to get to wear some really nice expensive stuff to attract the crooks?” Mark just chuckled and waved his hand a bit.

“ Well of course we will give you some nice things to wear but we don’t want to over do it. After all if we make you stand out too much then people are going to know something is wrong.”

“ Alright I am going to get to have some real fun then.” A hand came up to rest on Kate’s shoulder looking over at Jack she grinned sheepishly.

“ Well when I quit needing to sleep for 12 to 14 hours a day.” Eddy and Mark looked at each other for a moment until Jack spoke up.

“ Kate tires very quickly right now while she only needs to sleep around 12 hours a day she also spends 6 of those hours in a sleep like state. She isn’t up to her full strength yet either I think her body is still devoting a good deal of its energy to doing something to her.” A worried look appeared on Mark’s face at the mentioning of something.

“ You mean you don’t know what is going on?” A bit of a sigh came from Jack as he lightly shook his head.

“ Kate’s body has went far beyond anything that I have seen and I am pretty sure that it is still changing. We don’t know when her strength is going to stop increasing or what else might change about her. We are hoping that she doesn’t suddenly sprouts horns, grow a tail and wings but we can’t be sure.”

“ I don’t know wing might be kind of fun to have.” When all three men turned in Kate’s direction she let out a slight giggle. Sticking her tongue out at them for a moment. “ Well it would be nice to be able to fly. Still Jack is right at the moment my energy drains to quickly heck I just woke up a hour ago that is why I am able to act so lively. In two or three more hours I will start feeling myself getting drained and need to rest. Though there is good news that being that while I am not up to my full self yet I have been getting more and more of my strength back. Which I think is pretty darn good for someone who went through what I did.” Mark nodded his head in agreement.

“ Well then I guess we will just have to wait for you to rest up. Anyway now that I know a little more about what is going on I think I need to get to work on covering this all up. I will set the investigators loose tomorrow and allow them to disclose any information they are available to find.” Kate gave a nod grateful that the city was always busy with strange happenings after all it would only require one major crime to drive the story of the robbery clean out of the papers. Standing up Mark walked over to Kate and gave her a hand shake then turning to Jack. Looking at him for a moment Kate turned her head to the side.

“ Leaving so soon?”

“ Of course it is Saturday after all you don’t know the will power I had to use in order to get myself down here. I swear meeting with one of my officers on my day off to discuss such things.” Kate couldn’t help but laugh as mark putting on a exaggerated act of just how tired he was. Eddy followed suit shortly after and left Kate and Jack to themselves. Turning around to look at Kate a wide grin formed on Jack’s face.

“ You have some very strange friends you know that?” Kate returned Jack’s grin.

“ Ever since super powered nut jobs have begun showing up this has become a very crazy city. You have to be a little out of your rocker anymore to stay with the police force it seems.” Jack nodded sympathetically grateful that he had taken a safer career path and simply had became a scientist.


Kate glanced around the area attempting to avoid making eye contact with anyone. This was an unpleasant part of the city and she had to try and make herself an appealing target. Dressed as something of a tourist Kate attempted to brake every rule she knew of as far as keeping herself safe. She stayed away from most people and tried to keep near the darker areas she fidgeted with several items of value numerous times and she was out at a unreasonable hour. The thought that she should have acted if she had something to drink earlier had crossed her mind but she pushed it aside. She wasn’t sure this was exactly the job for her though after all she might have been a pretty woman but Kate didn’t exactly have the build of a helpless victim. At least she didn’t think so as she made a bicep. Watching the muscle swell under her blouse she relaxed her arm and hoped that someone would be foolish enough to ignore it.

She also had to be careful not to walk the same street to often or people would begin to recognize her and know that something was up. This was proving to be a bit of a problem sense at least as of the moment no one had tried anything and she had been walking the streets for a few days now. Mark and Eddy kept pointing out that there really wasn’t a need to rush anything but she truly wanted to her abilities to more effective use. She had even began consider requesting a new assignment but she always recalled that this was one of the more dangerous jobs she could do. The thought of this being dangerous got a grin from her as she considered that thanks to the changes her body had went through it was probably more dangerous for the crooks then her.

Kate would have screamed with joy if a hand hadn’t came down upon her mouth as she walked close to an alley. Who ever came up behind her wasted no time in pushing her into the darkened area getting her even further away from the crowds. “ Don’t scream.” Was whispered in her ear and Kate almost gagged as she smelt the mans foul breath.

“ Good lord have you ever heard of brushing your teeth or a breath meant.” The man took a moment to respond as he clearly hadn’t expected Kate to react in such a way. Kate for her part was wondering how best she could handle this she really wasn’t the type to play helpless at least not in this current situation. She was in a dirty alley and she wasn’t sure how long it had been since her attacker had a bath. Plus the outfit she was wearing did belong to the department so she didn’t want to let it get shredded.

“ You know she does have a point man you kind of stink.” Kate was surprised when several young men began to walk from around the corner. Looking at the outfits for a second she resolved that they must belong to the same gang. “ Damn though you caught a nice one today the tits could be a bit bigger but all well.” The leader chuckled a bit a act that actually made Kate’s temper flair as her face began to turn a bright red. Thank goodness she only had to play the helpless victim for a short while.

“ Oh that is it.” The man that was holding Kate gave a slight grunt when Kate pulled her arm free apparently with no effort. Reaching behind herself with her now free arm she took hold of his jacket and easily lifted him from the ground before tossing him over to his buddies knocking several of them down. Kate never really had the demeanor or the temper to play the helpless victim anyway and all she really needed to do was get the boys to attack her. Taking a defensive pose Kate was sure to flex every muscle on her body making then stand out in quite visibly wanting to get the men to think that had been a martial arts move instead of her raw strength. After all she still had to get these men to attack her in order for it to be assault at least one of them had already assaulted her though by dragging her into the alley.

“ Now that was rather pathetic what can’t you even handle a little girl?” Looking at each other the men slowly rose to their feet. Some of them where a little bit shaking but they still had her out numbered.

“ I don’t know how you did that shit but you made a big mistake.”

“ Ew such foul language you little boys should know better.” That was enough to set the group off of course they had planned on robbing and probably raping her in the first place so they had already prepared themselves to get violent. As the group moved towards Kate she quickly looked them over and was grateful that the entire group had decided to attack her clearly. Now Kate regretted she had a nice out fit on as she really didn’t want to ruin it. She wanted to have some fun after all and not just tap each one of them out. So she was grateful when the first attack that was tried was an attempt to hit her in the face. The men seemed to slow down as Kate forced her senses to enter their hyperactive state so she could see what was going on.

Assuring herself that he first attack would hit her in the face Kate waited patiently for the fist to connect with her. As the man’s fist connected with Kate’s face she was careful not to move in the least. A slight cry of pain came from the guy who had meant to take her down with a single punch as it felt like his hand had connected with a solid brick wall rather then a woman’s face. Stepping back he took hold of his sore fingers. Flexing her muscles Kate made her body as solid as she possibly could the effects actually straining some of her clothing. As a few more hits connected with her body the effect was immediate. While normally hitting Kate wouldn’t hurt the attacker to much especially if she relaxed herself it was quite a different story when she had all her muscles tensed.

To the men it felt like they had hit solid granite Kate’s clothing being the only cushioning there was. A few of them took hold of Kate trying to drag her to the ground these she was quick to throw off not wanting them to damage her clothes. As the men where sent slamming into the wall the group soon began to change their tactics. They didn’t know exactly who they where dealing with but they weren’t going to give up without a fight. At last a few of the men began to draw up weapons however a wave of fear went through them the moment they saw the grin on Kate’s face widen. “ Oh you are going to use lethal force? This is going to get fun then.” That was it the men had enough.

“ Who are you?” Grinning Kate reached into her shirt pocket and pulled out her badge.

“ I am a police officer of course and your all under arrest oh and by the way you don’t want to shoot me. As you probably know what using lethal force would allow me to do to you.” Now the men where unsure of themselves so far they had only punched her and ended up hurting their hands and she had thrown them around like rag dolls. Still that didn’t actually mean that she was bullet proof though with the confident grin she was giving them she seemed to think she was. To make matters worse was the fact that if they did indeed use their weapons it would no longer be simple assault and she would be legal authorized to use lethal force on them in return.

“ Oh and remember running is a felony.” At last a few of the men reacted taking off in a dead run Kate didn’t bother letting them get very far though she was only able to run at 45 mph it still put her in the lead within a few moments. Stopping in front of the men she delivered a swift punch to each of their stomachs. Easily knocking the wind out of them she proceeded to lift the two men that had ran and toss them back to their buddies. Kate wondered just how the men would react now that their options where rapidly fading. They could try to use their firearms on her of course so far they had refrained from that and tried to run. Now that they had scene they couldn’t hope to out run her though she wondered if they would fight like cornered animals or surrender. “ Alright every down on the ground before I put you down.”

Slowly the men began to comply with Kate’s request most of them proving smarter then Kate had expected. “ What the fuck are you doing just shoot her.” With that a shot rang out from one of the men who hadn’t threw down his weapon actually several shots rang out. Kate having increased in speed and reaction time was now able to match the bullets move in more detail and even more easily catch them. Braising her feet a bit so that the impacts wouldn’t shove her backwards Kate proceeded to snatch each of the bullets out of the air. A few of them of course would have missed her but she chose to take them as well. As the man finally stopped firing his weapon a horrified look appeared on his face as he noticed there wasn’t a single whole in her outfit.

“ Nice shooting 7 out of 10 of those would have hit me. That said I did warn you about what would happen if you shot at me.” A look of utter terror appeared on the man’s face as he realized that his weapon had not only had no effect upon her but he had just thrown away his life. Seeing no other option he quickly began to run in the opposite direction of this woman. Kate for her part had no real intention of killing him though she was going to repay him for shooting at her. As the man ran he a sudden sharp pain shot through his leg the pain sending him to the ground. Screaming he looked down towards his legs and noticed the blood pouring from it. Looking towards Kate he noticed the hand that held his bullets was no empty. She had actually thrown every last one of the bullets into his leg. The other men just looked on a few of them actually starting to hold their hands together behind their back in a show of surrendering.

Walking over to the downed crook Kate picked him up by his shirt collar. Carrying him over to his buddies she didn’t rush as she dug through her purse and took out a few handcuffs. Placing them on each of the men she finally took out her cell phone and dialed up the pick up crew. “ Hello I would like to report that I caught 6 assailants and I need a ambulance one of them got a few bullets in him….Well he shot them at me first….No he is alive and should live I made sure all of them went into his leg…Okay I will see you then.” Ignoring the injured man’s cries of pain Kate began to search him and his buddies for any more weapons not wanting to risk the lives of any normal police. When she finally got to the man that had ran from her she took hold of his head and turn it so that he was looking into her eyes. “ You shouldn’t wine too much you know. After all I could have killed you.”


Kate, Mark, Eddy and even Jack all set around the table. Eddy and Mark now meeting with them at Kate’s apartment in order to discuss further plans. The location had been chosen to help make sure no one just pushed their way in. On the table was a large stack of papers detailing the success rate of Kate’s arrested and the drop in crime in those areas. As well as the decrease in Kate’s over all effectiveness as the criminals and gangs in the area had finally wised up. The Medea sure as heck hadn’t helped anything in this matter as Kate had brought in more criminals and they had their chance to speak to reporters. The constant reports of a red haired cop with incredible strength had eventually given things away so that it was now commonly believed that the cops had at least one super fem working for them.

It has been a good operation while it has lasted but as more people believed the stories the attacks on red heads decreased. That was a good thing though as at least the red heads where now safer. The only problem was the reporters where beginning to ask the police just who the female cop was. Kate had managed to avoid any reporters up until this point while the other red headed cops in the city had been questioned a few of them had actually had some fun with the reporters. The operation had only lasted a short while but it had decent results at least they had some more of the criminal element arrested.

With the plan having finally been cut though they found themselves having to think of another way to put Kate’s abilities to good use. “ I could return to being a normal patrol cop.”

“ True enough I do miss my partner after all but there has got to be a better way for you to make better use of your abilities.”

“ It is to bad that increased sense of smell of yours isn’t at a higher level yet since then you could just track your targets. I agree with Eddy though there has got to be something that you can do other then be on regular patrol.” Speaking up a little reluctantly Jack finally managed to speak out.

“ Well her increase sense of smell isn’t the only thing Kate has at her disposal. She could also make pretty darn good use of her hearing since that is actually far sharper then her sense of smell. I mean I bet she could listen into a conversation pretty darn easily.” Kate clapped her hands together.

“ Yeah I could stick to hanging around the neighborhoods but now I could go into the bars and listen into the conversations plus I could generally wonder around as well. Also even though I have got them a little scared of red heads I bet they would still be willing to sell things to a red head.” Smiling Mark spoke up.

“ That is quite true and we could probably send you into some houses to buy drugs as well. Except unlike a normal officer we wouldn’t have to worry about them finding out who you are and arresting you. Plus even if your nose isn’t a match for a dog’s I bet you could sniff anything out if it was in large enough quantity.” Kate was grinning by now she had expected to be out of commission for a while but with one brain storming session they had already come up with several things that she could do.

“ Hey and that means I won’t have to wear such fancy clothing and can cut loose more often.” Mark gave Kate a worried look a moment later.

“ Actually I would appreciate it if you didn’t cut loose anymore then you have. While you where in the right with injuries you have been handing out they are still an issue.” A sort of regretful grin formed on Kate’s face. It was true that she hadn’t killed anyone no matter how much force they had used against her but she had dealt out some serious injuries. The police had been able to keep her abilities a secret at least for now. When it came time for the trials to really get underway, they knew that Kate would have to come to the stand and explain what had happened at least most likely. That is if the news reporters didn’t find out about her before then. At least for the moment though she could continue working in secret.

“ Alright I will try and go easier on them though I do think that they deserve it.” Mark gave a slight nod after all even if Kate was doing good she could only go so far before the department would be in legal trouble. Giving a nod Mark let out a sigh.

“ Alright then now Kate I have been wondering just what do you plan on doing when everyone knows your secret? I mean you will probably be getting a good deal of media attention as the newest super powered being on the scene and I doubt the normal crooks will try mugging you.”

“ No I imagine they won’t but still I could do regular patrols and hopefully you will keep me on the force. I don’t have any intention of becoming a masked heroin I likes me pay check after all.” Jack grinned knowing good and well that Kate didn’t really need her job to make money though he imagined she enjoyed it such the same. “ Though I was hoping that I could change my uniform to something that would let me use more of my abilities.”

“ That sounds fair enough and to be honest I am glad you are planning on staying. We could really use someone that we have on the radio regularly. Who knows maybe we can even get you a fatter pay check.”

“ Oh that would be nice and I am glad you are going to let me stick around.” Mark nodded his head then let out a sigh.

“ Well we hope to keep you for as long as we can but I don’t think we will be able to keep you as a normal officer for very long. I mean if you stay with us we will have someone who can fight on even ground with at least a few of those monsters. I don’t know how the media is going to respond to that plus I am sure some other government agencies will want to have a talk with you as well.” Kate grinned as she nodded her head. Mark was probably right about this though she wondered what form her future employment would take on. She was determined to remain in law enforcement though and not become part of some separate entity. “ I guess we will just have to enjoy having the help of our very own super lady while we can.”


Kate was quiet as she set in the bar listening in on the various conversations a pad of paper setting in front of her. She was glad that she had been able to get a booth near the back of the bar instead of having to set up front. Her enhanced digestive system was coming in very handy at the moment as she ordered herself another drink appearing to be nothing more then a young lady trying to drink away her concerns. Picking up the glass in front of her and taking another gulp of the liquid Kate suppressed a shudder as one that had never acquire a tasted for alcohol she knew she wouldn’t be doing it now.

Her and Jack had tested it out earlier that week seeing how much alcohol Kate could consume before she got drunk. When she had gotten to the fifth bottle of hard liquor they had finally resolved that however much she could consume before getting drunk was more then enough. The amount she had drank at home had been more then enough to kill a man especially considering how quickly she had drank it and she hadn’t even been bussing. At least it allowed her to keep up her image though as she listened to the various people in the bar and took down certain notes. Her enhanced hearing allowing her to zero in on any conversation that happened to be going on inside the bar. While she could not understand every conversation at once she was at least able to listen to certain terms being stated.

The only problem was as she listened no one was talking about anything illegal or illegal enough to really get her attention. Though she did scribble down a few notes as to what she had heard and places that she might want to be at or at least have another cop at later on. What she was really hoping for was something bigger someone looking for men for a major crime or some one to be bragging about a few of the recent robberies. She had gotten some pretty good information in previous bars actually allowing the cops to catch a few people in the act of the crime. Now as she set around though she found this bar was proving fruitless. There was of course some drunken boasting and general language that Kate felt warranted the speaker getting the crap knocked out of him but that wasn’t her job or legal.

Finally Kate resolved that she would move on calling over a waitress she got her bill and payed it off before leaving the bar. As she began to head down the street she glanced over the notes that she had taken down. There where a few things on it that might pan out the mention of a stolen vehicle and where it might be located as well as a possible chop shop. The mans drunken slurs had been hard for Kate to understand so it would take some check in to. As Kate was caught up with looking through her notes she didn’t notice the three men that had exited the bar after her and where now following closely behind her at least she didn’t notice them until they where only a yard away. A grin lit up Kate’s lovely features as she realized that the night might not be a total waste. Slowly she began to pick up the pace deciding to act as if she was panicked.

Sure enough as she began to move more quickly the people following her began to move more quickly. Her excitement began to get to the point that she found herself having to be careful to keep her running speed within human ranges. Scanning the streets she finally found what she had been looking for. Quickly ducking into the alley Kate was delighted to find that it was a dead end a few moments later the men entered the alley just behind her. “ Ah what is the matter lost?” Kate had to control herself from turning around and simply beating the crap out of the three of them right there. They hadn’t gotten on her bad side yet it was just since she began using her power she had developed a taste for beating the crap out of people who she felt deserved it.

“ Why are you following me?” Kate attempted to make her voice as scared as possible as she turned around to face the men putting on a scared face. “ Leave me alone.”

“ Now is that anyway to be we just want to help you. Come on.” As the men neared her Kate backed away for a moment until she felt one of their hands take hold of her arm. Pretending to struggle she made sure that each one of them had managed to grab her until she got an arm free and smacked the largest of the group. Kate only used the tiniest portion of her strength in order to hit the man not wanting to let on that they where already in over their heads. Much to Kate’s delight the man immediately reacted drawing back his fist and slamming her in the face. “ Stupid move now behave and you won’t get hurt more much more.” As the men walked near Kate a bit of laughter coming from her lips made them stop dead in their tracks. Slowly standing up Kate couldn’t help but find the situation amusing just thinking of the fun she was going to have with these men. She actually had to remind herself that she wasn’t allowed to brake anything.

As the men looked at Kate the one that hit her was surprised to see that there wasn’t a mark on her pretty face. “ Oh thank heavens now we have assault. I could have probably got you for assault the moment you grabbed me but well a physical hit does for so much more.” The men backed away for a moment as if realizing something. They had of course heard the rumors of the red head busting people and seen the video feeds but they didn’t take them seriously. Now as they looked at Kate and considered her demeanor they had to worry about it being real. Slowly a few of them began to back away from her.

Kate realizing that from their pace they weren’t sure about who she was but where sure enough to try and run designed to confirm their fears. Easily moving to 100mph Kate ran around the group and blocked the exit to the alley. “ Now now I can’t just let you run away after all I haven’t gotten to have any fun all day. Lets see now just what should I do to you three?” Walking towards them Kate sighed and decided to give them a way out. Reaching into her back pocket she pulled out her badge as well as some id. “ Alright here is your chance to surrender I will read you your rights and then you can go to the police station in one peace. If you fight me though you are only going to end up getting hurt oh and I don’t recommend trying anything that would be considered lethal force to a normal person. After all that would allow me to do all sorts of horrible things to you.”

Kate couldn’t help but grin at the look of fear in the men’s eyes hoping against hope that they would decide to press home the attack. Perhaps one of them would even use a gun on her allowing her to return the attack. “ Come on miss please just let us go. We weren’t going to kill you just rough you up a little.” The men began to back away a frown immediately appearing on Kate’s face. A twisted grin replaced it though as she began to wonder if she could provoke the men into attack her now by playing on their fears.

“ Oh really you where just going to rough me up a little and rape me no doubt. How would you like it if I roughed you up a little? Maybe broke your arms or legs showed you what it felt like to be helpless.” Kate began to advance on the men even more grateful then before that she had managed to find a alley that only had one exit to it. Kate’s hope was to get the men to quick acting on rational thought and simply to attack her. At the moment she couldn’t seriously injured them unless they resisted further after all she had promised Mark that she wouldn’t push it anymore.

Which mean she had to some how get these men to attack her. The men for their part where beginning to feel like caged animals they had heard the stories of course and knew that this woman has dished out some serious injury to people already. Though apparently it had all been within the legal limits the thought of getting beaten to a bloody mess didn’t set well with any of them. At last the reacted laying down on the ground the men placed their hands behind their backs. A long sigh came from Kate. “ Well blast it you do have a brain I guess I won’t get to beat you all into a single bloody pile.” Taking a few moments to research and restrain the men Kate finally pulled out her cell phone and dialed up some backup.


“ This so sucks.” Looking up Jack turned his attention in the direction of Kate’s voice. Watching as Kate did a light jog in order to cool down after exercising of course a light jog for her meant that she was only going a bit over 300mph her speed having increased greatly over the last few weeks.

“ What sucks?”

“ Oh the fact that the criminals have suddenly quit attacking me. I swear it is really beginning to tick me off that the moment they find out what I am they give up. I don’t get to smack them around anymore.” This got a chuckle from Jack.

“ Well can you really blame them you don’t exactly deal with them in the normal way. I hear that guy whose bullets you return is still in the hospital having to get his leg reconstructed after having 10 bullets shred it.” Jack didn’t bother to accuse Kate of over doing it mostly because he agreed with a good deal of her methods. She hadn’t killed the man which she could have done very easily and in his case legally.

“ I suppose you are right I guess that is one problem with having a reputation.” Thinking for a moment Jack pushed the keyboard on the side of the bench press turning the machine off. Standing up he walked over to Kate and began to pace around her. “ Now just what are you planning.” Jack’s first notion was to try and tackle Kate but he knew she might hurt him accidently considering the speed her legs where moving at. Instead he made his way over to some of the free weights and picked up one of the twenty pounders. Though Kate didn’t use them anymore he was still able to use the dumbbells in his work outs. Returning to Kate’s side he hefted the weight as quickly as he could and gave Kate a sharp smack to the forehead. Kate could have avoided it off course but chose not to. A giggle escaping her lips as Jack staggered back a bit. “ Oh so you want to be the person I rough up a bit.”

Shutting the machine off Kate hopped off the device at which time Jack immediately tried to tackle her. Easily holding her own Kate took hold of Jack’s wasted band and lifted him from the floor. A grin forming on her lips as she brought him closer to herself and gave him a light kiss on the lips. Jack for his part didn’t miss a beat and continued to kick and struggle against Kate with all of his might.

Placing both hands on the single arm that support him Jack began to strain against it attempting to brake Kate’s grip. Finding this impossible as he knew it would be he continued to struggle as Kate carried him over to one of the mats. Dropping Jack on the mat Kate quickly moved on top of him pinning him between her thighs. Knowing that Kate’s legs would be even harder to move then the rest of her Jack instead reached up for her breast. Taking hold of her right breast Jack squeezed with both hands applying as much pressure as he possibly could. This of course got a light moan from Kate actually being tempted to remove her shirt to allow him better access. At the moment though she had resolved to keep her shirt on during their little fondling sessions. She hadn’t actually torn her shirt open since the first time she had allowed Jack access to her breast feeling that she had went a little far that day.

Kate was careful to keep her body relaxed as Jack continued to resist her not wanting to harden her muscles for fear that he would hurt his hands. As Jack leaned up she let out a delighted squeal as he bit her shirt trying to sink his teeth through it and into the skin of her nipple. Biting down as hard as he could he proceeded to bite on her nipple for a few moments until Kate placed a hand on his forehead and easily pushed him to the ground. As Jack lay there Kate began to lean down only to have herself suddenly lifted off the ground. Jack having realized that in that position Kate could exactly find herself to the ground and since she didn’t have a limb around him any longer he was able to flip her off him.

Kate burst into a fit of giggles as Jack managed to get his arms around her downed form then proceeded to bite her flesh along her legs. The sensation was different from his hands but quite enjoyable especially when she thought that he was putting all his strength into each one of those bites and yet they could do nothing more then tickle her. Kate wasn’t the only one enjoying herself though as Jack tasted of her skin and bite down upon it. The fact that Kate was enjoying herself also lending to his pleasure as well as getting to feel of her soft flesh. Making use of his prior experience with Kate he knew she enjoyed it when he used all of his strength. The biting was something he had decided to try on impulse but she seemed to enjoy it enough.

Finally Kate took hold of Jack and pulled him to herself. Forcing her lips against his her tongue pushed its way into his mouth. Kate had to be careful when doing this not to do it to quickly as she didn’t want to risk hurting or worse yet knocking out any of Jack’s teeth. The moment her tongue entered his mouth Jack bit down upon the muscle with all his strength. Kate letting out a light moan proceeded to move her tongue around within his mouth. Realizing that Kate wasn’t guiding his hands Jack reached down and gave Kate’s rear a healthy squeeze. A moment later he felt his right hand guided to one of her breast. Once again squeezing the soft globe he did something out of the ordinary with his left hand though and proceeded to strike Kate a few times. Each blow landing in her side didn’t hurt her in the least though and he knew it. Kate for her part was enjoying the fact that he was actually punching her though it would have no doubt angered her and cost anyone else some serious pain had they simply hit her.

The fact that it was Jack and he knew that she enjoyed it when he resisted her only made the experience more enjoyable for Kate. Searching around with his fingers for a moment Jack was finally able to locate the twenty pound weight that he had hit Kate with earlier. Using the weight he proceeded to strike Kate several times in the inside until her hand took hold of his. Removing the weight from his grip she easily slid it across the room them brought his hand back down to her but. Realizing that Kate was done showing off her strength at least by taking hits he simply focused on biting her tongue and squeezing her breast and but as hard as he possibly could. Kate’s hands where not idle during this but continued to explore Jack’s toned up body though he hadn’t increased in strength since they had left the mountains he had worked on keeping his body at the level he had it at when they departed.

He had succeeded at this but Kate still enjoyed the thought of how his strength seemed to be fading away in comparison to her own. At last when the two of them tired of this Jack detached his lips from Kate and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “ You know we are going to have to come up with a system that will let you know when I really want to stop.” Kate gave Jack a questioning look before nodding in agreement.

“ Yeah I hadn’t thought about it before but I guess you are right. I might end up hurting you plus I wouldn’t want to force you when you truly didn’t like what I was doing to you.” Jack chuckled for a moment normally they could have just used more force then normal to signal that they wanted to quit but with Kate’s increasing strength they both knew his best efforts would seem like he was just trying to please her. “ Well one way you could tell me you don’t want to continue is simply by not doing anything.” Jack gave a nod in agreement and bit down on Kate’s ear for a second.

“ Yeah I guess that would work though we might want to come up with a more active signal later on. Just incase I really need to get your attention for one reason or the other.” Kate nodded in agreement and began to consider the option. There wasn’t really anything physical Jack could do so that she would recognize it as a request to stop at least not active physical. She could of course have a certain body part mean he wanted to quit but that wouldn’t work out she liked feeling his hands traveling over her form and she liked it when he bit her. Running her hand through her hair for a second a grin formed on Kate’s face.

“ I know just give me hair a good tug if you ever want me to quit. That is one thing that I don’t recall you having ever done before. Though keep in mind it has to be a tug not a pet.” Jack considered this for a moment while he had ran his hands through Kate’s hair he had never actually tugged it as she had said.

“ Alright that sounds like as good of means as any. Well now I think that counted as my work out for the day though so I am going to take a bath.”

“ Now how was that a good work out for you?” Jack grinned down at Kate.

“ Are you kidding while you where holding back I had to use every last bet of my strength the whole time. Wrestling with you has got to be one of the most intense work outs I go through.

Though I will say it is also the most enjoyable.” Kate giggled as she watched Jack leave before standing up herself. Stripping away her clothing she more or less skipped out of the room as she made her way into her own bathroom and prepared to steam clean herself.


Kate sighed as she looked down at herself once again back in her regular police uniformed with Terry driving her around the city. Her little bar hopping had proven useful but lately things where beginning to get a little hotter then anyone would have liked. No one realized that the information for several arrest had come from the pretty lady setting in the corner but the media had began to put on extra pressure to find out just who the young red head was. They had actually managed to get enough information to track Kate to the station that she worked at. The chief didn’t find that to surprising though after all he had to send in and make use of the information still Kate regretted it. Now the police where beginning to ask just who was the special lady. Of course Kate had been asked but she had denied it she had also made it a point to use regular martial arts when someone would try to tackle her to test a theory.

She knew that it was all in good humor of course but she had accidently lost her temper while dealing with a cop who just wouldn’t back off. He had left her alone of course after she had give him a bloody nice and a sharp kick to the groin. Kate having been known as and having the look of a strong lady was able to hide her strength fairly well as people already knew that she was strong. To further help things out though she was working the regular beat now and had been instructed not to use any of her abilities that would be to obviously super powered so long as the situation didn’t require it. Which meant instead of running into a room and simply taking the gun away from the criminal she now had to actually shoot him. A remarkably easy task still since she could still make use of her accelerated reaction time and senses which where growing every sharper.

Heck she could actually watch a bullet as it left the barrel of the weapon and her eyes site was to the point that she could shoot 1 out of 3 bullets out of the air with her own side arm. She had hoped for better but the chief had pointed out that the odds of someone shooting a bullet out of the air with another side arm were well fairly impossible. She knew it of course but the simple fact was that she could snatch 19/20 bullets out of the air with her hands and the only reason that blasted twentieth got past her was the weapon was a automatic and they had intentionally missed her. “ Ah is it that bad riding with me?” Turning around Kate saw Eddy giving her a mock sad face. He knew that Kate regretted having to give up her solo act but they couldn’t allow her to wonder around by herself for ever.

“ Well you do drive awfully slowly.” Eddy rolled his eyes having speed up to ten miles over the speed limit to try and appease Kate though they both knew that was going to happen. She could run several hundred miles per hour after all so cruising around at 60mph wasn’t even a true walk to her anymore.

“ Ah well I would love to let you walk but the chief want’s you keeping your abilities in check and I don’t think having you running around the city would count as keeping them in check.” Kate sighed and nodded her head in agreement before turning it back to Eddy.

“ Can I at least take off this seat belt? It isn’t like getting thrown through the wind shield would hurt me.” Eddy grinned as he recalled the day Kate would torment him by insisting that he buckle up the moment they got in the car. He couldn’t even set in the bar without his seat belt on at least there was a valid chance that he might have to get out and start running. Now that she was the one wanting to ride without her seat belt on he at least saw his chance to get even.

“ Sorry Kate but we have to try and keep as normal of a look as possible so you have to wear your seat belt.” Kate puffed out her cheeks and simply leaned back in her seat. They both knew that a good deal of police officers didn’t wear their seat belts at least not enough that it would seem strange. Now here he was making her way for what she had done to him and that had been over a year ago. Sticking her tongue out at Eddy Kate simply leaned back into her seat and closed her eyes at least if she did that she didn’t have to deal with the fact that a vehicle seemed to be moving so very slowly.

Kate perked up a bit when the radio came on. The two of them where to head to the Metropolis bank apparently someone had noticed a suspicious looking vehicle and they felt it warranted being checked out. Looking over at Eddy Kate shrugged as the two turned in the direction. They both felt that it would end up being nothing and they both knew it but it never hurt to look into things. As Eddy got his vehicle turned around he grinned and flicked on the siren before speeding off in that direction. He wouldn’t have normally been in much of a rush but he knew how much Kate hated going slow and this at least gave him a reason to put on some more speed. Though he wouldn’t be able to keep the speed for long since the bank wasn’t far away from their current spot.

Kate sighed as she looked up at the building looking so strong and safe and yet she knew in the current world that it was no where near safe. Eddy and walked up to Kate a second later having taken the time to get his rifle out of the trunk. “ And what are you bringing that for?” Eddy gave Kate a funny grin.

“ I just like to carry it around.” Kate rolled her eyes remembering that Eddy was from a long line of gun nuts. Walking over to the door Eddy couldn’t see anything as he peered into the building for a few moments. Absently looking around for anything that might seem strange. “ I can’t see anything how about you Kate?” Kate for her part wasn’t overly worried at the moment as she looked through the glass though there was a odd sent in the air.

“ Well there is a odd sent and hmm hey wait a second did they try to call the security guards?” Eddy blinked for a moment.

“ Ah fuck I bet they didn’t bother to think of that before sending us out here.” Touching the radio on his shoulder Eddy got a hold of dispatch. “ Hey did anyone try to call the guards?” Both Eddy and Kate where surprised when they where told no one had picked up but the alarm hadn’t went off either. Shrugging his shoulder Eddy turned to Kate. “ Maybe they where on the can and didn’t here it?”

“ Oh what a vulgar reason but could be. Hey Eddy is a security systems light suppose to be green?” Kate turned to look more intently in the room getting a better view on of the security system’s control pad.

“ Uh nope not to my knowledge.”

“ Thought so. Reaching out Kate proceeded to wrap her fingers around the door nob and simply open the unlocked door. Eddy immediately gave Kate a concerned look. “ Why don’t you call and wait for back up I am going to go have a looked around.”

“ Hu by yourself but it could be dangerous.” As Eddy said this he looked at Kate and noticed the grin on her face. Smacking himself on the forehead he realized that it would be more dangerous for Kate if she had a normal person hanging around. Giving Eddy a moment to leave Kate proceeded to walk on into the building. As she did she noticed the sent getting stronger as she approached one of the security guards counters. Looking over it Kate almost gagged right there as she realized the smell she had been encountering was the sent of the guards blood currently pooling around his shattered head. Stepping back for a moment Kate took a moment to compose her self while she had scene corpses before it was rare she saw a shattered skull.

Drawing out her side arm Kate proceeded on through the building being careful not to make to much noise. As she checked the first floor she found another one of the security guards in the hall walking over to the corpse Kate bent down and looked it over. At first she didn’t see anything unusual until she noticed some bite marks upon the throat. The marks where odd like the ones you would see in a vampire movie except what ever had done this had left all the blood. Curiously Kate rolled the corpse over on its back while the first one had its head shattered so she couldn’t get a good idea of how old he was Kate was horrified to see that it was a young man. Considering the two corpses now Kate began to feel a mixture of fear and anger building within her.

Resolving to continue onward Kate made her way up the stairs the whole time trying to keep her eyes and ears open to the slightest sound. Drawing out her side arm Kate was at least able to remember that the chief wanted her to use her gun. This only lasted until she made her way into the wreck. There laying on the flour where three more corpses all of them guards for the massive structure. The room was a utter mess bullet wholes lined the walls where the guards had been clearly trying to hit something. What ever it was they hadn’t hit their mark meaning it must have been moving very quickly. Also considering from the broken bones it must have hit the guard extremely hard as Kate considered what she had scene so far the only thing she could think of was a snake. A snake didn’t mutilate humans like this though. Walking on into the room Kate let her weapon slide from her fingers and struggled to keep her fear in check. She didn’t know what had done this but it wasn’t human no it most assuredly wasn’t human.

As Kate thought about this she could feel her anger building to surpass her fear. “ No what ever did this wasn’t human it was a creature a beast.” There where all human being’s Kate was looking at five of them murdered by who knows what. As Kate thought about this she found her fear being replaced by anger. As Kate walked out of the room she absently slammed one of her fist into the wall easily turning the section she hit to powder.

“ Hey what was that?”

“ Never you mind what it was I will go have a look.” The man looked over his shoulder at his boss for a moment before getting back to work. The inhuman yellow eyes glaring at the man for having slowed down they needed to get out of here before anyone showed up. Silently the copper figured walked out of the room making use of his agility he slipped his slender form easily through the vents having used them to get into the building and ambush the security officers.

Kate attempted to keep herself under control as she continued through the floors though she had already forgotten to pick up her sidearm. At the moment that wasn’t her main concern rather it was checking the entire building and seeing if anyone was still in it and if they where the ones to blame for what had happened. Her mind was distracted to the point that she didn’t even notice the figure moving through the vents and coming down behind her. A moment later Kate felt a terrific impact slam into the back of her neck though the blow didn’t actually hurt her it easily lifted her 180lbs from the ground and send her sliding across the floor. The sound of a figure jumping down from the roof and approaching her got her attention a moment later. “ Well blast it all it looks like a missed one. To bad you didn’t stay where ever you where hiding sweet heart or you wouldn’t have had to die.”

“ I am not dead you son of a bitch.” Kate slowly rolled off her anger clearly showing in her eyes as she caught side of copperhead. Realizing that he was the one responsible for what had happened it was no wonder that the guards hadn’t scene the snake coming.

“ Oh might you are a tough one I guess we will have to fix that.” Stalking towards Kate the arrogant villain had no idea how much danger he was currently in while Kate knew exactly how much danger she was in. If his sneak attack and failed to even stun her she doubted he had anything that could hurt her.

“ So you where the one that killed those officers? And you couldn’t have just knocked them out?” Kate’s voice was cold as she struggled to contain herself recalling how much trouble this smart ass had caused the police. This wasn’t the first time he had killed innocent people after all and Kate doubted it would be the last.

“ Well of course I could of I just didn’t want to but don’t feel sad for them you will join them shortly.” Kate had heard enough as she brought herself into her accelerated state copperhead lunges at her. Only to have his throat caught by her hand the sudden stop causing him to choke. Twitching with anger as Kate held the villain aloft she felt his tail slamming into her side several times the impacts not even able to harm her.

“ You son of a bitch.” As she gave copperhead a light toss though she put enough force into the toss to crack some of the wall. “ You simply chose to kill those men for no reason other then kicks. You didn’t even have to kill them to take the money.” As Copperhead lay against the wall Kate began to advanced on his downed form the whole time fighting a losing battle to keep herself under control. Copperhead recovering from the impact slowly rose to his feet a evil grin on his face as the arrogant villain recalled the news report. Recalling what he had heard the crooks saying he had thought they where just kidding until now.