Kate’s story chapter 3


“ Oh it is super cop I see. Well don’t get your hopes up sweet heart I have tangled with the league. There is no way your taking me back to jail.” A evil grin slowly spread across Kate’s lips as he boasted this and then lunged at her. Apparently he had forgotten what happen last time he did that. She would have to make sure he remember lashing out with her hand Kate easily back handed the villain once again sending him into the wall.

“ You only survived those encounters because they let you. I on the other hand have no such intentions.” Kate could feel her anger taking hold of her as well as her feeling of contempt the feeling was very similar to what she had felt when she and Eddy had been shot at. She had managed to take control of herself but rationalizing the fact that the men couldn’t kill her though that had turned out to be a mistake. Also she had decided that they had no yet killed anyone at least to her knowledge. This creature on the other hand was a known villain who had not only escaped from jail numerous times but been responsible for several deaths. Copperhead for his part determined to prove his ego lunged at Kate once again. This time he was able to get a hold of her actually catching onto her arm. With that he proceeded to drive his fangs into the skin of her arm and hurt his jaw.

A look of utter contempt was in Kate’s eyes as she easily through the creature from her arm. She could have shattered his skull at any one moment but she wanted to make him pay for what he had done. Copperhead by this time of course had realized that he was out matched the moment his teeth and failed to make it through Kate’s skin. “ Damn you whore.” Came from the villain as he once again leapt into the air though this time going for the vents. Quickly moving Kate was able to take hold of the beasts tail before he could reach his escape rout giving it a good tug she sent him slamming into the ground. There was no way she was going to give him a chance to escape after all what chance had he given any of the guards? The thought of the young guard she found downstairs was the most upsetting of all as she tried to image what it would be like to die from a toxin running through your veins.

“ Now are you sure you should be calling me that?” Gripping the tail tighter Copperhead let out a scream of pain before once again attacking her. Biting and hitting her for all he was worth Kate just stood there allowing him to tear away her clothing. The same grin upon her face that was always there. She wanted to let him expend his energy to really let it sink in just what was going on. At last it began to happen as the furious attacks continued Copperhead found his strength draining away as he used up more of his energy. At last when he was left panting Kate spoke. “ Is that all you have for me.

“ Hol hold on aren’t you a cop you can’t just kill me.”

“ No I suppose you are right, so I guess I will get to reading you your rights. You have the right to shut the fuck up.” Kate’s anger had nearly doubled itself upon the creature mentioning legal system the very system he mocked he was now trying to hide behind. Well she would make sure he vile tongue never spoke those words again. Reaching out Kate forced her hand inside the villain’s mouth much to his surprise. Release the hold on his tail she took hold of his lower jaw and the upper one. Slowly Kate began to pull down with her right hand pulling his lower jaw out from his body. The screams of pain that came from the creature actually managed to reach the men upstairs though he couldn’t tell it was him thanks to the mumbled sound.

Kate’s fingers easily sunk through the bone and muscles Copperheads blood beginning to gun down over her fingers. Finally with a horrific crunch and the sound of ripping flesh Kate pulled Copperhead’s lower jaw from his body. The gurgle that came from his throat spoke of his pain. Grinning Kate let the jaw drop to the ground as well as the villain. “ Ah I see that you chose to remain silent well then lets get these cuffs on you.” Copperhead had of course started to try and crawl away from Kate the moment he had hit the ground. Never before had anyone done this kind of damage to him the pain was almost unbearable and to make matters worse the whole time she had worn the same look of complete contempt. Even in his throws of pain Copperhead’s arrogance showed through as he couldn’t believe this girl would dare do such a think to him.

Allowing Copperhead to crawl along for a moment Kate finally pounced on his back. Taking his rest in her hands she wrapped her legs around the struggling snake as she put his rest in each cuff she began to tighten them and tighten. At first it seemed as if she was only going to handcuff him but soon it became clear that wasn’t going to be the case as she continue to apply pressure. The steel began to cut through his muscles be pushed forward by Kate’s incredible strength. Kate not seeming to mind the blood that began to flow one big even as it continued to coat her hands and even some of her body. Slowly the room was beginning to look even bloodier then the one with the three cops though this was mostly due to the gruesome way Kate was choosing to kill her victim.

At last the cuffs seemed to stop as they meet his bones. Kate teeth actually showed as she noted this and couldn’t help but grin. The power she felt at the moment was just to thrilling this wasn’t a normal man she was so easily handling but a creature many would have considered super powered though a low level one and here she was tearing him apart so very easily. A moment later there was the crunch of the bones as the cuffs went through them Copperhead’s gargled screams going on the entire time. “ Whoops hehe it seems that I applied a little to much pressure. All well I guess I don’t need to cuff your arms anymore and that does mean I can cuff your legs. To make sure you don’t run away you are such a slippery person after all.” Kate was so caught up in this that she didn’t even notice the man peek into the room before running back up stairs a little of total terror in his eyes.

“ WE HAVE TO GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE.” The other men turned in the direction of the voice as their colleague burst into the room. Standing up startled they all knew he had went to go and check on their leader.

“ Why what is going on?”

“ There is some one down stairs she is taking the boss apart literally.” For a moment the men blinked unable to believe what their partner was saying. “ What are you waiting for we have to go.”

“ Are you sure you weren’t seeing things.” The man gasped for a moment as they questioned him. He wasn’t in the mood to be questioned though he wanted to get out of the building.

“ Ah fine stay if you want I am getting out of here before that witch comes up here to take us apart.” Quickly dashing out of the room he left his partners to consider their situation now without the drill they could indeed hear something of what was going on just one floor down. Absently some of them began to walk away others to check on what was going on.

Eddy was waiting impatiently at his car wondering what was taking so long. Pacing back and forth he was surprised when he saw a man running out the front door of the building wearing a mask. Quickly he leveled the shotgun at the man whom immediately stopped. “ Freeze and get down on the ground.”

“ Please you have to get me out of here she is going to kill me.” The man seemed hysterical wondering what was going on Eddy wondered if Kate was in trouble or if she had managed to scare the man this badly. Deciding to go along with it Eddy waved the barrel a bit.

“ Get down on the ground and then you can wait in the nice safe police car.” Much to Eddy’s surprise the man almost fell face first in order to comply with his request. Walking over to him Eddy quickly handcuffed the man and gave him a quick check over. Just as he was putting the man in the car three more came running out of the building clearly panicked. Once again he put them through the same procedure grateful that he kept extra cuffs in the vehicle. Looking towards the building he wondered what had happened to them in order to scare them so badly.

Kate grinned as she looked down upon the writhing form he was still alive but he didn’t have a limb that hadn’t been damaged. His hands and feet where cut off, his jaw was ripped out and even his tails bore deep imprints of Kate’s fingers. All she needed to do now was to put the creature out of its pain. The thought of how the security guards had looked flashed into her mind the brutal blows that had killed them so easily and the blood that covered the ground. Looking around Kate noted the amount of blood that now covered the current room and herself. Then slowly with the same dark grin on her face as before Kate with her clothing torn and blood covering her walk out of the room. She could hear the sound of sirens the back up that Eddy had called for was finally arriving.

As the other police car’s and ambulances pulled up Eddy finally began to rush towards the building. Realizing that the crooks would have the other cops to watch them now he was shocked when he saw Kate walk out of the building a wide grin upon her face a grin that even made him shudder a bit. Her clothing was torn and blood was running from her fingers he didn’t get to her in time though as the ambulance crew noticing the state she was in quickly rushed to her side thinking it was her blood. “ Copperhead is in the building.” A few of the cops turned in Kate’s direction before quickly rushing into it thinking that she had managed to just escape him and the cowering men in her partner’s car was due to that. They hadn’t heard the men before screaming about a woman. The ambulance crew looked perplex as they cleaned up the blood exposing more and more of Kate’s flawless skin. Slowly they began to realize that the blood that coated her body was someone else’s.

Turning in Kate’s direction Eddy had an idea of what had happened inside that building. Making matters worse was that the grin he had seen her walk out of the building with was only slowly fading away.

End Chapter 3

( Might be a few months before chapter 4 is up college has started back plus I am working on two stories.)