Kate’s story chapter 3


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Brian didn’t know what to think of the letter that he currently found himself reading. As a college student he was always on the look out for a chance to make some easy money without taking to much time with his schedule and not brake any laws. Now as he set pondering the phone call he had just received he was a bit in shock. Normally he had to go out and look for a job but just now he had recently gotten a call from the government offering him so work though he didn’t know what it was. It was odd but he had been told that they would need to set up with a meeting with him to talk things over. In all truth he had been skeptical at first but his caller id confirmed were the call was coming from and the person on the other end sounded like they knew what they were talking about.

Now as he set looking at the clock the interview had actually been scheduled for three hours later. At first he had thought it was strange that he was being rushed but then again if they didn’t want him talking about what he we going to be doing he supposed that is how they would probably work not really give him to much time to mention anything to his friends. A grin formed on his face as he wondered if this was the politically correct way to abduct people before laughing a bit. He was a conspiracy nut after all and he doubted the government worked like that. Of course his trust in the government had been one of the reasons that Sheila had picked him out to meet Kate. He wasn’t as trusting as Kate was of course hardly anyone was but he was well within the defined parameters.

Sighing Brian finally began to busy himself with the task of getting his apartment cleaned up and then himself. One of the odd things that he wasn’t sure if he cared for or not is that they already knew exactly were he was living or at least that is what it had sounded like. Even while talking on the phone though the person seemed to know more then what he cared for them to already including if he was going out today or not. In truth he had planned it to be a tv night so it was actually the perfect time as he wouldn’t be having any guest either. It was a little unnerving to say the least but the hope of some decent money and perhaps getting to do something that is actually help for his country as well seemed good enough.

Debra looked at the window of her hummer towards Brian’s room. Unbuckling her seat belt and heading towards the building her subordinate following closely behind. Dressed in her uniform she wasn’t exactly the most inconspicious site but as she was around a bunch of college student it wasn’t overly odd most would just assume she is there looking for more recruits others thanks to her youthful look may very well think she is visiting a friend. In truth she was there to see if Kate might be getting a new friend or not. The brief case she carried with packed to the brim with legal agreements that would have to be signed and filed before there was any chance of Brian meeting with Kate. The various contracts covering everything from allowing them to give him medical treatment should he be injured while on the facility to a agreement not to speak a single word of what he sees.

People tended not to have trouble with the not speaking one but the medical tended to get some odd looks. It was as if they expected them to run some research project on them as well. They did have contracts for that as well of course however Debra didn’t have any of them on herself and in all truth she doubted Brian would be a very good choice for such projects from the info she had received. Stopping a moment she pulled a photo from her pocket and took a moment to look at the face. The picture had only been taken a week earlier so it was very much up to date and she wanted to make sure she was meeting with the right person. Nodding her head and pocketing the picture she continued up the steps a few more floors before opening the door.

Debra’s assistance tended to hate going on trips with the woman as she never seemed to want to use elevators but always require them to use the stairs. This was her preference though as she enjoyed walking more then most people and saw no harm in a little extra exercise. Walking along she didn’t take long to locate the proper room number however before knocking she took a quick look at her watch. Two minutes until she was suppose to arrive and she didn’t like to arrive early or late but instead right on the dot. It tended to leave a better impression then if she was late or over early so she held her hand as she watched the second hand tick by. A few people gave her some strange looks to witch she waved to.

The friendly jester seemed to send people on their way more quickly then just ignoring them. Brian gave a slight start as he heard a rather firm nock on his door and went to answer. As he looked through the peep whole he was surprised to see a rather attractive woman at the door though as he took a moment to check her over he noticed she had a rather capable build. Opening the door he didn’t get the chance to say hello. “ Good day Mr. Harrington my name is Debra Hatmaker and I was the one on the phone with you earlier.” Brian only nodded as he looked at the woman and the rather large fellow waiting behind her.

“ Nice to meet you would you like to come in?” Brain stepped away from the door allowing the two to enter. Debra took a quick moment to glance around wanting to make sure he didn’t have any friends hanging around. They had been keeping an eye on him of course but the occasional mistake was made after all even the surveillance teams were only humans. Satisfied that they were the only ones in the room Debra gave Brian a moment to move back to the front of the room and compose himself

Brian for his part didn’t know how to behave exactly but decided to go with the traditional role of a good host. “ Please have a seat would you like something to drink?” Debra took a moment to look Brian over herself and see how much she agreed with the reports that had been received. As she did so she had to agree with them his build showed he worked out a little weekly though nothing that could be considered serious while his skin clearly showed that the greatest amount of his time was spent inside. Looking around for a moment his computer was in plain site and going by the amount of materials around it she imagined it was used quite often. This only took a moment before she set down at the couch while Brian took the seat opposite to her.

“ Thank you but no drinks now shall we get down to business.” Brian nodded as he watched Debra place her brief case up on the table between them. Opening it up she took up a rather hefty looking stack of papers before shutting the case and putting them on top of it. Brian’s eyes nearly popped out of his head as like so many other people he hated reading through legal forms and having to feel them out. Debra wasn’t surprised at this in the least though as she smiled.

“ We are offering you a position working with a certain project now I can’t tell you were and I can’t tell you what it is. All I can say is that it is a safe job at least we haven’t lost anyone yet and that it pays well.” Brian nodded his head slowly as he let the yet comment sink in. He didn’t figure they would be to forth coming with the information though after the phone call.

“ So I guess I need to sign these?”

“ Well I suggest you read through the first and please feel free to ask any questions you might have. I will answer them to the best of my abilities.” Brian could only shake his head as he fished around in his pocket and pulled out an ink pin. Picking up the first stack of papers he groaned visibly as he began to read through the massive amount of fine print. In truth Debra was surprised that this step alone had never eliminated anyone from meeting Kate though it had almost done so without the person knowing. As Debra set watching Brian read through the files she noted his focus and how fast he read testing to see if he was truly reading them, merely skimming them, or wasn’t even reading them simply finding were he should sign his name and what information he should feel out.

Brian for his part was bored as hell as he read through the papers and struggled to keep focus. He did end up asking Debra various questions whom for her part seemed eager to answer them especially after he got half way through the stack. Debra was actually fairly impressed at the focus Brian had managed to maintain and imagined he learned some of his patience reading through the licensing agreements for various software programs. This was a good sign as far as she was considered as it suggested he had some patience and could keep some focus. A good thing as to many people lost all since of focus and ended up babbling when they met up with Kate.

The only sign of impatience Brian really showed was his rabbit of rubbing the side of his heads every time he seemed about ready to quit and how often he checked to clock to see how much time had elapsed since he had started. It wasn’t until the last 10% of the pages that Brian resorted to skimming which required Debra to stifle a giggle. He wasn’t as patient as she had first hoped he was going to be but he had gotten through a lot of the files and probably had quite a head ache by now. As Brian’s eyes feel on the clock he wanted to pack his head with ice and rest his eyes the fact that the papers had been remarkably boring to read through had helped in the formation of his head ache.

“ Well now I think that has got all of them.” Brian only nodded as he watched Debra pick up the papers and neatly place them back into her brief case. “ Oh and look it only took you two hours to read through everything.” Debra openly chuckled at the look Brian gave her a few moments later. She was exaggerating of course but to Brian it felt like it had been ten insanely mind numbing hours.

“ Well now Mr. Harrington we will take these back and if you are okayed we will be getting in touch with you later.” Brian only nodded as he watched Debra and the fellow that came with her let themselves out. He secretly hoped that they would call however he didn’t want them to be bringing another truck load of papers for him to sign. As Debra made her way back down the stairs she felt she could give General Steel a good report about this one.

Debra was impressed as she began the trip back to see Brian only a week later. It wasn’t just that he had been approved so quickly but it was the fact that he hadn’t even mentioned or hinted about even meeting with people from the armed services since their meeting. He had simply kept quiet about it which was odd as most people at least hinted to a friend about something. Debra hoped that he would be able to keep as quiet about meeting Kate once the time actually came even though he would be under contract. In truth though the contract was the reason Brian hadn’t even mentioned the meeting to his friends. The conditions had actually confused him a little bit so he thought even the meeting wasn’t supposed to be spoken of.

Brian had however been delighted to get a phone call a week later saying that he had been approved. It was odd but after feeling out all those contracts he was actually feeling nervous that he wouldn’t be getting the position whatever it was. The only thing he didn’t really care for was that they had contacted him only a day in advance. Of course he had the time to spare which was something else that worried him. Debra had known about his plans in advance thanks to surveillance which meant of course Sheila knew ahead of time as well. It wasn’t that they were spying for hostile reasons but it was simply they didn’t want to give him time to chicken out once the news that he had been accepted had been given. So they had learned his schedule in advance and chose to inform him when he would have the time.

It was by pure luck though that it happened to be so soon a good thing as Kate hadn’t been in the best mood as of late. They had ended the week of her growth spurt on a good note but even then it had slightly wore her down and things had only gotten on her nerves more so lately. The fact that her new clothing would take a little while to get ready sure wasn’t helping things since Kate was now down to two complete outfits at least other then her swimming wear which didn’t really cover much of her in the first place. The increased size of meals was something she was enjoying though thanks to fact that she was now getting feed fish most of the time.

They really needed to do something though to take her mind off her current problems and give her a chance to relax. So Debra only had a week before she was on her way for her second trip to see Brian though this time he would be coming with her. First she was to pick him up and then they were to go to the airport were they would hop an airplane. After the flight they would then take a military helicopter to their final destination and then the regular staff would take it from there as far as introducing Brian to Kate and hoping he didn’t pass out. Brian for his part was making sure he had everything ready for the trip. Packing a few items he hadn’t been surprised when they informed him that he couldn’t bring any electronics as far as recording devices.

Still the fact that he would be going on a airplane trip was something that he found very odd and actually concerned him. Where ever they were going it was going to be a good deal away from his home state. He found himself in for a surprise though as he waited for the same hummer that had been their the last time to show up when instead a bright red sports car pulled up and Debra stepped. Her clothing showing off her figure nicely especially her well defined stomach. Brian’s mouth nearly hit the floor as he watched her back her towards the building and then enter. The fellow that had been with her before didn’t show up this time but from what he had just seen he doubted she really needed him for protection.

Debra was a bit surprised when Brian opened his door even before she could nock on it. Taking a moment to look him over she grinned at the bewildered look upon his face. “ What you didn’t think I went around in that thing all the time?”

Brian grinned for a moment “ Well that isn’t exactly what shocked me.” Debra only laughed most people seemed more shocked at the car she preferred to drive around. It had its reasons though it was one thing for them to show up in uniform and talk to people it was quite another for them to leave together while they were still in uniform. Of course they could have just had Brian meet them at the air port but Debra had learned it helps when she goes and retrieves people herself particularly those that aren’t use to traveling. Still she knew what Brian was referring to after he mentioned it wasn’t the car. Grinning Debra proceeded to flex the muscles in her right arm.

“ Well I was part of the military police before I got this job so I had to be able to get even unruly soldiers to return.” Brian nodded imagining the woman in front of him could handle a decent amount of people. Reaching down he retrieved his luggage only to have Debra snatch it away from him a grin forming on her face as she held it with significantly more ease then he had been.

“ Now you know I am going to have to check this before we get to far.” Brian only nodded and followed Debra out into the hall way being sure to lock his door. As he followed her down the hall he thought she would take the elevator thus was surprised when she walks past the doors and began to make her way down the stairs instead. This woman was leaving little doubt about who was going to be in charge through the trip as she set the pace despite being slightly burdened by his suit case. Debra for her part was musing over the weight she was currently packing and trying to decide if Brian was over prepared or under prepared. She had told him a few of the items he would need to bring along including some swimming wear at least if he didn’t want to end up in military issue clothing. The over all weight made her resolve that he either had a great deal of items with him though or a very sturdy suit case.

Brian felt a little odd as they made their way outside and over to Debra’s vehicle. Looking at it for a moment he wondered if anyone would even notice them shook his head. Debra placed Brian’s belongings in the back before climbing into the drivers’ seat and unlocked the passenger side door. Brian was quick to climb in and almost instinctively buckled up this actually got a laugh from Debra as she like many others tended to forget that detail. “ What afraid of my driving already?”

Immediately Brian wished she hadn’t said that as his natural smart ass reaction kicked in. “ Well you are a woman.” Debra couldn’t help but blink as she realized she had left herself completely open for such a comment but what really shocked her is that Brian was willing to say that. Now the difference between herself and Brian wasn’t going to be the same as the difference between him and Kate she knew that for sure. Still she was a bit taller then him and imagined had a good deal more muscle mass then he did as well as training on how to use it effectively. So the fact that he could smart off so quickly was a bit of a surprise to her especially since he really didn’t know her. Brian for his part felt that he truly had put his foot in his mouth as he wondered just were that comment had come from.

When Debra clamped her hand down on his shoulder her he gave a visible jump before he noticed she was chuckling. “ I swear if you can keep that relaxed or a similar attitude when you meet Kate she will just love you. Well so long as you keep the comments tasteful.” Brian blinked as he wondered just who Kate was he had been told that he was going to be working with a project he didn’t know about the people. He imagined she must be someone who worked on it like Debra though from how she act Kate would have to be some what larger if he had known just how much he might have left just then.

“ And who is Kate?” Debra grinned as she pulled out of the parking spot and got onto the road wondering if she should tell Brian too much right now. Deciding that he would be meeting Kate eventually after all and that it was safe enough to talk in her car though she would have to quiet him when they got on the airplane she could tell him some though.

“ Hmm well I can tell you a few things I guess though once we got to the air port this conversation is over.” Brian gave a slight nod that her understood. “ Kate is the young lady that I am taking you to meet.” Brian would have feel out of his car seat if the belt hadn’t been holding him in place. How could this be of any importance to a search project? He didn’t get a chance to ask though as Debra read the question from his face.

“ I guess you are wondering just how on earth can meeting a young lady be helping with a research project? Well you see Kate is part of a project in genetic experimentation.” Brian couldn’t believe what he had just heard this woman was admitting to the government working on genetic engineering like it was the most casual thing in the world.

“ But that has been outlawed for the last 9 years.” Debra only nodded as a grin formed on her face.

“ Has it now well then it is a good thing for us that Kate’s project began about 15 years ago other wise we might be in some trouble.” A slight chuckle came from Debra as she noted the shock on Brian’s face of course they had other genetic research going on as well but Kate if found out would actually be in the clear from that law as she had been enhanced before then.

“ So just why are you bringing me to meet her?” A large grin formed on Debra’s face as she found herself fighting the urge to play with Brian a little bit. A moment later and Debra almost started laughing as she found her resolve broken.

“ Well Kate is a truly sweet girl but she has a habit of forgetting herself and her friends don’t always leave when planned.” Brian nodded for a moment as she began to consider just what the words could mean. He now knew Kate has genetically enhanced though into what he didn’t know then the implication of just when planned might be hit him.

“ And just what happened?” Debra’s look suddenly turned serious as she turned in Brian’s direction all the while hiding her grin.

“ Well you can imagine strength is one of the things that we tried to enhance and well Kate has let herself slip from time to time.” Brian wanted out of the vehicle right at that moment as he imagined himself being broken in two by a young lady. He knew Kate was at least fifteen thanks to the information Debra had given about the project being started fifteen years ago. He couldn’t just jump out of the vehicle though and he had just been given some information as he set there looking nervous Debra’s laughter finally cut into his train of thought as he noticed the woman struggling to keep the vehicle in control while laughing.

“ I am sorry don’t worry I was only pulling your leg Kate has never actually hurt any of her friends. There have been other accidents of course as she does have a lot of power to control but no one has died.” Brian felt as if a great weight had been lifted off his chest though that came with a desire to shout at Debra for pulling such a rotten trick on him. Now that he had time to think he began to wonder about other things now.

“ Still just why am I being brought to meet her are there any specific reasons?” Debra gave a slight nod in the affirmative though she hesitated to answer. Only when Brian made a few questioning motions did she bother to respond.

“ Oh you want an answer now? Well you just so happen to know one of Kate’s online names and have spoken to her several times before. We quit picking random people a long time ago and instead started going with Kate’s online friends though none of them know who knows about her and who doesn’t. So even after this trip you are prohibited to speak with anyone over the internet about Kate as far as her true condition.” Brian could only nodded as it took a moment for him to fully comprehend the fact that he had been talking to someone who is considered a military top secret for that long.

I hope you don’t mind me asking but are they any more like her.”

“ I don’t mind you asking but I am not answering as that is a little too much information for you and besides we are at the airport.” Brian looked up for a moment some what surprised to find they had already made the trip to the air port. As he climbed out of the vehicle and Debra retrieved his back he resolve that he wouldn’t risk asking anymore questions until they actually made it to the facility. So far most of what he had heard was a little hard to swallow in the first place and he didn’t want to make the trip difficult. Besides despite Debra informing him that it had only been a joke he couldn’t help but feel a little worried thus both the jet and helicopter trip was spent in silence.

Sheila stood waiting at the helicopters landing pad occasionally checking her watch to see how much longer it would take for Debra to arrive with Brian. There was the option of simply calling in and checking on the status by radar but she preferred to wait something about exercising her patience once in a while. As the helicopter came into site she looked around making sure Kate was still in her room. It wasn’t a good thing for people to see Kate walking around the first time they arrived after all. They were some difficulty in this case though as Sheila had for once avoid telling Kate just who was going to be showing up or when she truly wanted the exact day to surprise her.

They had thus timed it so that Kate would be in her room typing away at her computer or watching some movie. On this particular day Kate simply found herself watching a few old horror movies and as usual not feeling any fear from them. The thought of such horrific monsters simply didn’t face her especially the notion of so called giant insects. She felt a little pity for the normal people of course after all if they had someone like her around she could just take care of the bugs or the over sized lizard.

Brian for his part was quite of relieved when he didn’t see a huge group of soldiers waiting for him but instead a loan woman and a hummer set waiting for them. “ Duck your head when you get out.” Brian looked over his shoulder at Debra who handed his stuff but maintained a good grip on his shoulders to make sure he didn’t try to take off too early. A few moments after the helicopter landed he felt a good shove from his back and was quickly moving out the door following shortly by Debra. Sheila for her part looked Brian over to see how he had been taking the trip so far. He wasn’t a pale white color so he seemed to be doing alright as far as she was concerned.

“ Well hello there Brian.” Brian looked up to see another rather powerful built woman standing in front of him though Sheila was no match for Debra. Debra still being well within her prime and Sheila approaching the end of years Debra naturally maintained a more powerful body while Sheila worked on keeping what she had and remaining healthy. This didn’t help Brian much though as he felt like a twig compared to these two women.

“ Pleased to meet you General Steel.” Brian’s response came a little slow as he noticed the tag on Sheila’s shirt. Sheila for her part noticed that Debra wasn’t in uniformed but that wasn’t surprising considering what she had just been up to.

“ Target delivered without any nicks or cuts General.” Came from Debra who was now waiting to be dismissed so that she could get on with other activities.

“ Very well you are dismissed I will take Brian the rest of the way.” Debra left rather quickly leaving Brian with Sheila. Brian for his part had to set his suit case down not realizing how heavy it was while Debra was packing it. Walking over to the vehicle Sheila opened the passenger side door allowing Brian to climb in after putting his luggage in the back while she climbed into the drivers seat.

“ Well mister Harrington I hope you are ready for this.” Brian simply buckled up as he didn’t really know what to say towards Sheila’s comment. So far he knew he would be meeting a research project that unknowingly he had been talking to over the internet for who knows how long. It helped a bit though that the person he was going to meet he had already associated with for a while though he didn’t care for the fact that the government had seen fit to track him down without giving him the slightest idea of what was going on.

As the vehicle drove along Brian began to look around trying to locate something that would tell him were he was. As he did though he noticed the utter lack of markings that might let him even get the slightest idea were he was. All he knew is that he was a helicopter ride away from the coast but then again he didn’t even know how much range the helicopter had. “ Now don’t you go getting nosey mister you’re about to learn about one secret and that is all you need to know about.” Brian blinked as he looked towards Sheila and then nodded his head slowly in agreement from that point on he simply kept his eyes strait ahead as Sheila drove not looking at anything in particular.

Ten minutes later the vehicle pulled out to the large building that served as Kate’s room. Climbing out Sheila grinned at Brian who struggled for a moment with his luggage. Brian then followed Sheila over to the side door and watched as she punched in a series of numbers and letters a little to fast to see what she did past the third letter. As the door beeped she placed her hand over a panel and the door finally swung open. “ Normally the door isn’t locked so well but it has been a while since we had company thus it was locked up tighter then usual and yes I know that sounds strange but trust me you will see why no one would sneak into this room in a moment.”

Kate had heard the vehicle pulling up and had wondered who was coming in with Sheila until she heard the woman speak. Kate’s mouth nearly hit the floor as she had no time to prepare for company as she set laid out on the floor. It was true that Sheila had a habit of surprising her but she really would have liked at least a hours notice so she could take care of a few things. Being down to two shirts Kate was currently in the skimpier of the two the shirt serving to show a good deal of her stomach as well as turn at the collar to keep the shirt from being completely torn this resulted in it showing off a good deal more of her cleavage then usual.

Brian watched as Sheila walked on into the room then began to follow after her. The first thing he noticed was the vast area in front of him before his eyes feel on Kate who was now looking strait at them. Sheila having given her so little warning that she didn’t have any time to prepared or turn away from the door. So she simply did the only thing she could think of doing raising her hand she waved it back and forth. “ Hi.” The site before Brian was quite a bit more then Amy had been greeted with as Amy had first seen the back of Kate’s head and at the time Kate had only been eye level with someone on the walk way. Now thanks to the additional feet Kate’s head came up a good deal above the walk way.

This meant that Brian was already looking way up at his mouth quickly going dry as he struggled to take in just what he was seeing. “ Well Brian allow me to introduce you to Kate.” Brian couldn’t believe what he was seeing as with most people he felt his instinct to run screaming kicking in but he managed to push it back down. Trying his best to control his fear Brian actually managed to raise a hand in greeting.

“ H h hi.” Sheila only grinned and began to actually walk away from Brian who had rested his hand on the walk way in an attempt to steady his knees. When his failed he finally settled down upon them and tried to remember to breath in order to avoid passing out. Kate looked on intently as she waited to see if Brian was going to need something to wake him up or not. A few moments later the strength returned to Brian’s knees and he was able to stand again though his skin remained a pale white.

“ Very nice Mr. Harrington I swear you are the second person in a row that hasn’t passed out the moment they saw Kate. I think are departments are getting better at picking out matches to meet her.” As Sheila spoke Brian heard her but he couldn’t find the will power to take his eyes off the massive lady setting in front of him. As he began to actually look at Kate an odd notion came into his mind as he recalled that Debra had said he knew Kate online. At first he had thought there was no way that she would have shown him her picture but as he looked at Kate he recalled at least one friend that had shown him a picture of herself but never turned on a web cam or sent a picture that truly showed her standing against something to give an idea of her height.

“ Little kitty K?” Sheila blinked for a moment as Brian spoke then turned her head to look at Kate. Kate for her part was actually looking a bit surprised as Brian called out her screen name her massive hand come up to cover her mouth before she burst into a fit of giggles. Brian had been one of her online friends for a while now and even though she had never seen him she felt that she could trust him even then. Now as he actually managed to not only keep control of himself in large part but to even realize who she was she couldn’t help herself.

“ Yup quiet one it is me.” It only took Sheila a moment to realize what was going on as the two called each other by their screen names. Grinning she couldn’t help but feel Brian would get along with Kate a bit better then she had even hoped for.

“ I am surprised you realized it is me I mean most people don’t even realize who was in the pictures after they see me. I guess it is sort of hard to put a normal sized persons name and face on a body as large as mine.” Kate gave a little wink as Brian nodded. The situation was still rather shocking to Brian but as he stood there he didn’t really see any other options but to go on ahead. So releasing his luggage he began to walk towards Kate who couldn’t help but watch him intently. It was like watching a little bird trying to get use to the hand of its new owner though Kate didn’t make any claims of owner ship towards anyone.

As Brian finally made it up to Sheila he looked towards the grinning woman and walked on past her. Leaning up close to Kate he smiled “ So have you accidently killed people for real or was that lady on the helicopter pulling my chain.” A sputter came from Kate the sharp action causing a gust of air to push Brian a bit.

“ They said what about me?” Brian couldn’t help but laugh as he didn’t imagine Kate the type to kill someone as he felt her knew her already her reaction pretty much confirmed that.

“ I have never killed anyone I mean yeah I have broken a few bones on accident but blast it I haven’t killed anyone.” Even though Kate seemed a little frustrated now Brian actually felt more relaxed and chuckling a little bit at Kate’s indignation. Even with this though Brian gave a bit of a jump when he felt Sheila’s hand clamp down on his back.

“ Well then I am going to leave you two alone. Kate can show you around and keep you out of trouble.” Brian nodded as he watched Sheila leave the heavy door swinging shut leaving him trapped with Kate. Kate on her part couldn’t help but grin as she watched Brian walk around for a few moments. Brian was visibly startled when a moment later he found his suit case set down in front of him. He had been focusing so much of his attention on the parts of Kate that he could see that he had forgotten about the parts that he could not see.

“ Why don’t you go ahead and get yourself settled in? Your room is right here.” Kate then proceeded to reach out and lightly touch on the wall just above the door and lead to the guest room. Brian nodded slowly as he picked up his suit case and made his way to the door. Looking back at Kate he couldn’t help but grin as he considered how unbelievable all of this was. Lifting up the suit case he had to use both arms to carry it past the door way then heft it up on the bed. Taking in the room he was fairly impressed by the provisions the room was stocked with as he began to look around. Catching hold of himself before he got to busy in searching the area he realized that Kate would be waiting for him outside.

Deciding that it wasn’t a good idea to get his hostess waiting for to long he quickly put away his clothing and other necessities. After finishing that and returning back outside he took a moment to take in the site of Kate once again before speaking. “ So what do we do now?” Kate seemed to think for a moment a grin forming on her lips.

“ I guess the first thing that we should do is that I should pick you up.” Brian couldn’t help but give Kate a curious look as he wondered what would be the reason for such a exercise. Kate giggled as she noticed the look on his face. “ It will help you really except what you are seeing is real and not some trick of the eyes.” Brian nodded though he still wasn’t sure if it was really necessary at least he felt he had accept what was going on around him was real. It was a little to elaborate to be a practical joke after all. This thought was pushed from his mind though the moment he was covered in the shadow of Kate’s hands and he felt her massive fingers begin to pick him up.

While Brian up until this point had managed to keep his fear down to such levels as he could deny having it he soon found the moment Kate’s fingers told hold of him he no longer could. As his instincts tried to take control Brian was able to keep at least something of a handle on himself though his breathing and heart rate still began to quick as adrenalin flooded his brain. Kate having noticed this continued to smile as she lifted Brian from the walk way and placed him in her open palm. Cupping her hands around Brian’s little finger Kate began to lightly pet him with her index finger. “ You see Brian just about everyone is scared of me when they first meet me it takes some getting use to. I mean after all I am the single largest animal on this planet and what really makes it worse is. Well I am human at least in appearance and intelligence I suppose people are able to deal with a animal that they know they are smarter than. Then dealing with another human that surpasses them in every way physically.”

Brian took this in as he felt Kate’s fingers petting him. As he remained there he tried to get himself to relax. At least he was still rational enough to agree with Kate’s words though he couldn’t say it. Everything about her was simply so impossible and her presence was so intimidating it was almost over whelming. As Kate continued to pet Brian she couldn’t help but wonder if he was going to brake down and start screaming or perhaps even try to jump of her hand. It had happened before though she had never lost someone and it got easier to catch them as her body grew larger. Brian had surprised her earlier though when he was able to remember who she was at least on the internet and put all the clues together.

Brian was taking in deep breaths now as he struggled to get back control of himself to keep his fear from over taking him. The feeling of Kate’s massive fingers brushing lightly against his body was actually helping to relax him he found. He imagined that a small bird must feel this way when getting use to a new owner handling it. He didn’t like to think of himself as a pet but in the current situation it was the best example he could think of. Unlike a small bird though he had a rational mind and was struggling to get his instincts under control. He wanted to trust Kate he thought he did even before he had met her even though they had never met face to face he would have if she had asked him to. That was when he could think of her as another human but now as he looked up at the massive creature he found that very hard. “ Just relax Brian don’t try to think just relax.”

Kate was actually impressed with Brian as he managed to keep himself from screaming and running away. She had hoped from their starting reactions that he would be able to keep control of himself but that didn’t seem like it was going to happen. She didn’t mind though as in truth she felt he was doing better then most people. He wasn’t screaming in fear and trying to escape from her and he wasn’t babbling mindlessly though she could attribut that partly to the fact that he didn’t seem to be able to say anything. A soft giggle came from Kate as she continued to pet Brian a moment later she got a shock as she felt his little hands reach up and press against her finger. Kate stopped her hand the moment Brian pressed his hands to her finger as he looked up at the massive finger her found himself running his hands along it as if to make sure it was real.

As his hands continued to explore her finger Brian looked up towards Kate’s face and was grateful for the fact she was holding him away from her body. If she hadn’t been the generous swell of her breast might have made it impossible for him to see her face. Kate smiled down at Brian as she let her eyes meet his a grin formed on Brian face as she began to breath more regularly. “ Well you where petting me so I figured you wouldn’t mind if I petted you.” Brian managed to squeak out in a attempt to brake the ice having found the strength to talk he didn’t want to set still for to long as he worried that his mind might sink back into the depths of his fear.

“ Not at all. Brian I must say though you really impressed me you didn’t scream or try to run away. Actually we end up having to drug a good deal of people to help them to relax around me.” Brian blushed it was odd but he felt like a small child getting praised by a very respected adult. He couldn’t help but think this reaction was due to the tremendous power and size difference between the two of them.

“ That sounds nice think they would give me some nice sedatives if I started screaming now?” Kate couldn’t help but giggle at Brian’s response as despite his fear he had managed to get a hold of himself enough to make small talk with her. Brian couldn’t help but smile in return at he got a laugh from this magnificent lady. An odd thought came to him though as he considered her words from a short while earlier. Kate had said that he impressed her by not passing out or running screaming in terror. He doubted they where to many people in the world that could say it was impressive when someone wasn’t scared to death of them. Finally removing his hands from Kate’s finger he expected her to start petting him again but instead she lowered her hand back to the ground.

“ Hey Brian since you are doing so well I am going to put you on the ground. I want you to wonder around and see if you can’t get more relaxed with me. Really the best way for someone to get comfortable with me is for them to spend time with me.” Brian gave a understanding nod as he was lowered towards the ground. Climbing down from her palm he looked around the massive area and up even further at Kate then when he had been on the walk way. As he did this though he realized that Kate was setting down and not standing up the moment this sunk in he got a new appreciation for just how large Kate was as he considered the fact that if she was standing up she would be well through the roof of the structure.

Kate moved back from Brian bracing her back against the wall slowly so as too not startle him. As she did this Brian could only look in aw as he watched her massive form moving. Considering the reaction of some people when swimming with a large fish or whale of some time he imagined that it must be a similar moment except Kate was far larger then any such animals and far more beautiful. As Kate took a relaxed position Brian he began to wonder around the area as if trying to decide exactly what he wanted to do. The thought that he should get closer to Kate and give her a good looking over did cross his mind but he didn’t know if she would react well to him getting that friendly.

“ You know if you can’t think of what to do you could go back to your room and get some rest. I wouldn’t mind after all you did just get here and I imagine you are a little drained emotionally and physically. Then tomorrow morning once you have rested we can go see if there is something to do.”

“ Yeah I think that might be a good idea.” Brian held himself still as he watched Kate’s hand once again approach him and he was pinched between her fingers. A moment later he was deposited back on the walk way just in front of the door to his room.

“ Let me know if there is something you need.”

“ Want you be going to sleep?” Kate seemed to think about the best way to respond to this question for a moment.

“ Well luckily I never really sleep but instead go into a sort of rest state. It is good because I am pretty much aware my body is just relaxed. So you don’t need to worry about me tossing and turning in my sleep. Also it means that to bring me completely around you just need to get my attention.” Brian took a moment to consider what Kate had just told him seeming the more that he learned about her the less like a human she seemed and the more like a goddess. Kate watched Brian walk back into his them a look of recognition appeared on her face as she looked towards the main entrance and realized that Brian didn’t have a key to get out and in. Sheila having forgotten to give him one she just shrugged her shoulders. It wasn’t like anyone ever tried to leave in the middle of the night after all. Really the keys such as the one that had been given to Amy earlier where really there to just make her feel better as if she had a choice of what she did.

Brian watched as the door slid shut and was actually grateful for the lack of a window as it gave him some since of privacy. Walking over to the bed he began to put away his items once again. He wasn’t really sure if he would be able to get to sleep considering everything that had just happened to him. Plus the fact that despite his behavior he was still rather scared despite the logical side of his mind telling him that there was no use in being afraid. I twas quite clear to him that if Kate had wanted to kill him then she could have and there wasn’t anything that he could do about it. This resignation actually did help him to relax a little bit the fact that he didn’t know how to get out of the building made it even more apparent that unless Kate wanted him to leave he really couldn’t.

Kate for her part sighed as she laid back and began to think of what she was going to do tomorrow morning with Brian. The first thing she imaged they would need to do is eat breakfast and then get cleaned up. Then perhaps they could spend a while talking to one another and getting to each other better. After some sleep and breakfast Kate imagined Brian would be better able to handle the situation as it sunk in over the night.

Finally getting ready for bed Brian actually ended up falling asleep more quickly then what he had expected him to. Kate upon hearing the sounds of someone softly sleeping in the room finally let herself fall into a completely relaxed state.


Brian rolled having just woken up he buried his head in the pillow as he felt himself waking up. After a few moments of resisting consciousness he set up in bed a blank look on his face as it took him a moment to recall just where he was. As he looked at the walls of concrete and steel that surrounded him though it only took a second to recall just where he was and what was waiting outside. It was strange though as he set there he didn’t feel the same fear that he had the previous day though he was sure he had some very strange dreams. The sound of a few light impacts just on the outside of the door got his attention. At first he thought it was someone knocking on the door until he looked at the door itself. The thick metallic door would have been far to thick for a normal human to impact hard enough to make a define knocking sound.

“ Hey sleepy head so you are finally awake. Well I hope you are hungry because it is breakfast time well past it actually but I am sure that will be okay.” Brian quickly realized who was tapping on the door as he heard Kate’s voice.

“ I will be out in a moment.” Brian felt silly as he called this out figuring that his voice couldn’t carry through the door way. A moment later when the tapping stopped though he began to wonder just how good Kate’s hearing really was. Taking a moment to consider the previous day he quickly realized that he hadn’t been raising his voice when he was talking to Kate and yet she had been able to here him just fine. Drawing himself out of bed he quickly proceeded to change into a fresh pair of clothing having went to bed the previous night in his clothing he didn’t want to keep Kate waiting though. Kate grinned as Brian stepped outside a few moments later.

“ Good morning sleepy head. Well now you must be hungry seeing how you didn’t even eat yesterday after you arrived. So how about we go and get something to eat.” Brian could only nod his head as he wondered just where they were going to go. As Kate’s fingers picked him up he resolved that he would just let Kate show him the way. Brian couldn’t help but look on in amazement as he watched Kate’s massive hand reach out and take hold off the two main doors. The ease with which she slid the doors out of her way was impressive despite her massive size. “ Now Brian if you are scared of heights I do not recommend looking down as I am going to stand up.” Brian nodded his head as Kate crawled outside and then began to raise herself up to her full towering height. The rush of air and the sudden change of pressure actually made Brian feel a bit light headed.

As Brian set in the center of Kate’s palm he looked around at first all he could see was the horizon and Kate herself then his eyes fell upon a massive tower. Kate looking down at Brian followed his eyes. “ Ah I see you noticed my shower that is the tallest structure on this entire island and as of a few years ago the only object on this entire island that is taller then me.”

“ I think I am going to take your advise and not look down.” Kate giggled as Brian kept his legs crossed and remained at the center of her palm. She debated on tilting her hand a bit as if she was going to drop him but resolved not to. Brian was just getting to know her after all there would be time to scare the crap out of him later. As Kate began to walk along Brian noticed that despite the speed they where moving at it seemed slow as compared to someone of Kate’s massive scale. The sound of her feet impacting with the ground took longer then he would have expected to.

“ Are you delaying your steps?” Kate grinned down at Brian as he seemed to caught onto one of her habits that most never notice.

“ Yup I have to other wise I do to much damage when my feet impact the ground with full force. Plus I don’t think you would like moving as fast as these legs of mine can carry me.” Brian nodded in agreement though he wasn’t quite sure just how quickly Kate could move the fact that she could cover several hundreds of his steps in a single stride and probably drive her leg down to the ground as quickly as he could meant it would be a bit much for him to handle.

“ That must take some patience though to lower your legs more slowly then what is natural.”