Kate’s story chapter 3


“ Hey Brian I just realized that I haven’t told you about one of my favorite hobbies. Care to see what it is?” Brian nodded his head not quite sure what Kate in mind but figuring it couldn’t be anything too bad. As they neared the beach Kate stopped in her track for a moment and looked down at her toes. Grinning down at Greg who hadn’t said anything figuring that it wouldn’t have done him any good. “ Well since you didn’t try to sneak away I figured I can go easy on you.” Brian wasn’t quite sure who Kate was talking to until he noticed her bind down and take a rather motion sick looking fellow from her foot. Realizing who it was he wondered what Kate had in mind until he watched her move the slightest bit of sand with her hand. A moment later Greg was buried almost to his armpits in the sand while Kate did leave his hands free to dig himself out.

“ I know it isn’t very creative but I figure it will do considering how long it will take him to get himself out of that and the fact that he knows no work will get done until he gets back. I had plan on dropping him off in the dungeon but I thought it would be going to far.” Greg grumbled a bit but grinned it wasn’t like this was really bad. Though this would put him behind schedule with his work there where very few options left to Kate if he wasn’t scared of her and she didn’t want to physically harm him. Giving him trouble during work hours seemed to be the next best thing. Though in truth the delay getting back to work was the last thing on Greg’s mind at the moment as he struggled to keep his lunch down. While it was one thing to be carried within Kate’s hand it was quite another to be trapped between her toes as those massive columns of flesh bone and muscles strolled around.

Kate giggled as she watched Greg recovering from his dizzy spell. She still wasn’t quite sure what she could do in order to get even with Debra though. Brian only grinned feeling that this was actually more then enough to get even with the prank that had been played on him earlier. He didn’t say anything though as Kate continued on her way down the beach. “ Here we are.” Brian looked up to Kate as she spoke then began to crawl towards the edge of her hand. Looking down at Kate’s version of a sand castle Brian was actually a bit surprised by this especially when Kate lowered herself down to her knees. “ So what do you think?” Kate moved her hand closer to one of the windows allowing Brian to appreciate the detail she had put into her work. Brian for his part scooted closer to the castle and began to run his fingers along the tightly compressed material.

“ Is this even sand?” Kate giggled.

“ Yes it is sand things tend to get far more compressed and stronger when put together with the hands of a giantess. I doubt I could bond it together with water after all so I just put so much force when molding it together that it sticks.” Brian now turned his attention once again to the massive hands that so easily supported him. Considering the scale and pound for pound strength of those hands he could easily see how they could force sand together with such force. Remembering that Kate was trying to show off her hand work he finally took the notion to climb down from her palm and in through the window. Upon feeling Brian leave her hand and move into the structure itself Kate grinned and lowered her head down so that she could peek in through the window.

Brian was looking around at Kate’s handy work actually quite impressed by the level of detail she had achieved and on such a large scale when her eye filled the window. At least a small portion of her eye Brian quickly found that while he had been able to slip into the window Kate’s eyes was still many times too large to be seen completely when she moved so close. “ So what do you think of my hobby?”

“ Nice but how long did it take you to finish this one?”

“ Only about three days I had a lot of trouble since I put a basement area in for the very first time.” Brian blinked for a moment and once again gave a look around. Tapping the wall he resolved that it was probably as sturdy as any castle built in ancient times and that Kate had built it in a few days. She had not only set up the walls but she had time to craft furniture though he doubted it would be very comfortable. He imagined that despite the lack of actually moving doors and the like that it was indeed a match for any ancient castle considering that such things could be put in with the right material.

“ Dang I bet the kings of old would be turning over in their gravers if they know their mighty fortress that might take years to build. Could now be built by a young lady such as yourself within a few short days. I am kind of wondering just how you made the furniture though.” Kate grinned glad to see that Brian was having fun looking around.

“ Like this.” Brian looked out the window as Kate moved back and took a few moments to get a handful of sand. A moment later she began to tighten her grip and add more sand to the pile until she had a solid object. She then began to pick away tearing the now solid stone away and slowly forming a shape. The fact that Kate had good enough control of herself and a feel where she was in space that she could use the very tip of her fingernail at times was rather impressive. The entire process only took a few minutes and when Kate was done she was holding a simple stone bed.

“ Yup I am sure they would be envious. Do those stairs really go down though or are they just for show?” Brian was pretty sure they went down but how far he didn’t know as he looked towards the exit to the room other then the window.

“ Sure do why don’t you go ahead and wonder around and then after words you can tell me what you think.” Brian gave a slight nod he actually felt like exploring this structure actually he was a bit surprised to find that Kate had a creative side. He imagined that Kate was quite good at destruction when she wanted to be. He was pushed further in this way of thinking when he considered that Kate had been raised on a military installation. So it was nice as he explored the castle to find that Kate did have a creative side to her. As Brian began to wonder through the structure Kate began to check through the windows trying to locate just what rooms he had been in and what he hadn’t. This proved to be a problem though making Kate wonder if she needed to put more windows in her later constructions.

A good while later Brian finally came down to the basement area. As he did he realized that it was a dungeon design this got a chuckle from him as he looked around. Had Kate had a little person help her with this he wondered if they could get things actually able to move. Brian stopped dead in his tracks at this moment as a grin formed on his face. “ Oh lord I have only been around her for a few days and I am already thinking of myself as little.” A set of giggled seemed to thunder through out the entire castle at first Brian was concerned then he realized that Kate was laughing about something. Her voice was actually able to reach through all the walls of the castle as she talked at a moor regular tone.

“ That is because you all are little.” Brian was shocked Kate had managed to hear him even with all the walls between them then again she could listen in on normal conversations after all. With her hearing so sharp he figured her ears must also be able to dampen sound in order to keep her from going depth from her own voice. Brian finally left the dungeon area and made his way up towards the court yard. Upon stepping out and finding Kate leaning over the walls he couldn’t help but wish he had a little crown. It was odd but being with Kate was making him think more like a little kid then he use to. “ Ah so there is the little explorer are you done looking around?” Kate didn’t bother waiting for a answer but began to reach her hand down for Brian.

“ Yeah but one of these days we are going to have to play some castle siege or something.” Kate stopped her hand as she considered this a slow grin forming on her face. Though she would have to be careful not to injure Brian she couldn’t help but think it might be a fun game as well. She wondered if she could get some of the soldiers to play along to make the game more interesting though.

“ That might be fun you know I will talk it over with Sheila later and see if it can be approved then maybe we can get some others to join in.” Brian began to ask why they would need approval when he found himself lifted between Kate’s fingers. As he looked up this massive brown haired girl he quickly realized the reason they would need approval for such things. He was getting use to being around Kate at a alarming rate which was causing him to forget just how dangerous she could possibly be. A slight flinch of her massive fingers and she could easily crush someone. Further more if they where hiding from her within a confined structure which she was searching through they could also be crushed by rubble. Deciding to bring his mind back to more pleasant thoughts Brian looked back down at the castle as Kate lifted him.

“ Hey if you make these things for a hobby why don’t the positively cover the beach. I mean I doubt that high tied would be able to wash that way.” Kate giggled as if Brian had just asked her a rather silly question. Looking down at her sand castle she contemplated keeping it around for a while but resolved it would be more fun to show off.

“ Oh that is simple silly the same thing happens to them that happens to everything I get tired of.” Kate didn’t place Brian in her palm but instead lowered him back to the ground making sure that she placed him a good deal away from the castle. Brian once again found himself looking up towards one of the tallest structure in the world. The fact that this structure just happened to be a person making it more impressive. As he looked up at Kate he took a moment to really take in her face. Kate honey brown hair framing her face nicely, her sapphire blue eyes looking down at him while he noted her lips where a very light pink. Her skin was fair though he imagined that came from the fact that she had probably been immune to the sun for many years and probably wouldn’t even get more of a tan he hoped she wouldn’t get less though.

The generous swell of Kate’s chest was the last thing his eyes where drawn to as he considered the mass that her bra must be containing he wondered if she really needed a bra to support them or if it was just for show. This was the last site Brian was able to appreciated before he watched as Kate’s massive leg rose into the air. Previously having been carried by her and before hand having been to busy watching her rear he hadn’t been able to fully appreciate just how well sculpted her legs where. Now as he watched her foot rise into the sky he could see the muscles swell in her legs Brian realizing that just as the rest of Kate’s body her legs where very toned muscle. Though her entire body was shapely he imagined that over all it was quite firm going by the tone in her legs and the fact that her abs where clearly visible when her shirt didn’t cover them.

Brian’s thoughts turned from appreciation of Kate’s body as he realized just what was going on. Kate didn’t trust her foot down in a powerful motion instead but seemed to allow gravity to slowly pull it down towards the castle. As it settled down Kate didn’t bother applying pressure with her leg but actually seemed to slow its decent more. Her foot slowly pushing through the structure that Brian could have sworn was strong as concrete or stronger then. The massive weight of her foot easily sinking through the compressed sand the castle collapsing around her foot as it finally sunk into the basement. As Kate withdrew her foot she lightly shook it some of the sand had remained compressed and rolled off her foot as massive boulders. The massive display of what Kate could do with one step was quite stirring for Brian especially when he recalled her wording. “ I hope you don’t get tired of people.” Kate giggled at Brian’s comment.

“ I can’t say that I have as of yet but you never know.” Kate tone of voice was teasing so Brian didn’t worry to much. Still it actually seemed nice when her hand began to reach down for him and he was picked up. After the show he had just seen he doubted he would want to be walking around when Kate was doing the same.

“ Hey just how does the facilities with stand you walking around when you foot went through that so easily.”

“ Oh that is easy the entire facility was built in order to withstand an extremely savage bombing. I don’t think the above ground structure could withstand a bunker buster but the underground ones have a chance of it I think. So that while I might be a very heavy girl but I am not that heavy.” Brian gave a slight nod of his head figuring that the entire area must be reinforced with steel and despite Kate’s impressive strength was probably made of better quality then the sand castle.

“ So can you tear it up as easily as you did the sand?” Kate couldn’t help but feel a bit of pride as she got another chance to boast of her abilities. Placing Brian down within her hand she held him up to her left arm and proceeded to flex. The biceps that rose from under Kate’s skin where not massive in proportion to the rest of her body but did show had she been normal sized she would have been a very athletic young lady. Perhaps a swimmer or maybe a female boxer he wasn’t really sure which.

“ Oh I can tear up that stuff very easily if I want to actually to this date there hasn’t been anything that could withstand my strength at least I haven’t been introduced to it. The closest thing I can recall is a special alloy that was actually made by studying my make up and some of the materials that are created inside of me. Oh and in case you are wondering I have grown stronger as well as larger since that time and even then it had felt like I was playing with puddy.” Brian grinned as he could tell that Kate was very proud of what her body was capable of. Really he could understand why if everything she had told him so far was true and going by what he had seen he couldn’t help but think it was.

“ So do you enjoy being so big?” Kate lowered her left arm and move Brian up closer to her face as she considered the best way to answer his question.

“ I enjoy it but I would be laying if I said there wasn’t a part of me that wants to be normal sized. At times I feel like I am even a prisoner inside of my own body kind of strange isn’t it? All this power and I feel like I am a prisoner unable to enjoy so many of the things that regular sized people get to. Then again I wonder how many of you little people would look up at me and wish for this kind of power.” Brian lightly patted Kate’s hand as he considered just how many people would want to see what it was like to take Kate’s place. He didn’t like the idea of some of the types of people that would desire such abilities and it was actually a bit of a relief for Kate to admit that at least a part of her wanted to be normal. Kate feeling the light patting of Brian’s hand chuckled as she imagined it would be on her head if she was a normal sized girl. “ Now don’t get me wrong little fellow there is a part of me that also enjoys being so big and powerful not having to worry about sickness or any person on the planet.”

“ Yeah I imagine that is nice do you even recall when the last time you where sick was?” Kate took a moment to think on this trying to recall as far back as she could.

“ Nope I can’t ever recall being sick and that is probably a good thing. After all if a virus managed to get to the point that it could effect me and got out just think of what it would do to you normal people.” The image of a plague sweeping the world and like in a few apocalyptic stories killing off 99% of all humanity flashed in Brian’s mind.

“ Now that isn’t a pretty thought so now how about we just work on keeping you healthy and go and get something to eat.” Kate took a moment to look around wondering just how long she and Brian had been playing around. Realizing that it had taken him longer to explore the castle then she had thought Kate realized that they had been out far longer then she realized.

“ Yeah I guess we might as well head back and get something to snack on.” Brian was glad to here this as even though he didn’t have the same awareness of time as Kate had when looking around he did know it had taken him a while. The castle that Kate had only recent turned to a pile of sand had actually proven remarkably complex and he began to figure that when she said she spent three days on something she meant three days. Then again considering the limitations that were put on her travel he figured she had a lot of spare time. He had actually been forced to stop numerous time and rest his aching feet making him regret that he had left his shoes behind.

Kate found the spot she had left Greg a slight giggle coming from her upon arriving at the mess hall. As she did she noticed that the amount of noise coming from inside was louder then normal. Listening for a moment she felt a little guilty as her little stunt had caused things to slow down meaning it had more soldiers inside then normal waiting to get their lunches. Kate thus wasn’t surprised when ever it took a while longer for them to bring out her things as well. Brian once again watched as Kate’s dinner was brought out to her though unlike before she didn’t set him down right away. This allowed him to watch some of the happenings going on below and he still didn’t like what he was seeing. “ Kate would it be alright if I spoke to you bluntly?” Kate looked down at Brian wondering just what he had in mind.

“ Sure thing it isn’t like I am going to get upset and squish you or anything.” Brian took a moment to steady himself as he realized that Kate could very well crush him. Especially if she where to lose her temper if his words offended her.

“ I can’t help but think this isn’t right I mean it seems like you are being treated as a pet. A very valuable and pampered pet but a pet none the less.” Kate blinked unsure of what Brian was talking about until she looked down and noticed how she was served. Her food was normally cooked whole and brought in mass containers and while she never found anything but food in the containers they didn’t have the same clean look as plates though Kate having seen how things where done before trusted that they where clean. Still she could understand how it must look to a regular size person. Kate wasn’t upset with Brian but she took her time deciding on just how to explain things so that he would understand.

“ Brian you have to remember that I am no where near a normal human thus things have to be done differently for me. Really this is how I would have to eat even if I prepared my own food and unless I wanted to follow a very strict schedule I can’t really have my food neatly prepared it would just take too long. Also there isn’t a reason to remove the bones from the fish or skins from the watermelons as my teeth and digestive system are more then up to the task of handling such things. I was given the option to have nice and neat meals a while back but I chose to be able to eat when I want and deal with less preparation.” Brian still did not quite liking what was going on no matter how Kate saw it. He couldn’t help but think they treated her like a pampered cat. When ever she came asking for something to eat it was readily prepared for her but assuredly not human quality at least not the quality humans had come to expect.

“ I guess I can see your point though that doesn’t mean I agree with it.” Kate chuckled and rubbed one of her massive fingers against Brian’s head before turning her attention to her meal. Brian sighed as he was placed on the ground and began to dig into what had been brought out to him. He most assuredly didn’t agree with Kate’s way of seeing things as despite her logic he couldn’t think that with all the resources available she could be taken better care of especially if the government was going to keep her around like a pet. A grin formed on his face despite his feelings as he wondered if this particular pet would ever come back to bite them. Greg wasn’t to be seen throughout the entire meal and he had indeed managed to free himself from the light burial Kate had given him. She hadn’t buried him too deep after all and she hadn’t compacted the sand in the least. The true time killer had been the walk back to the mess hall as no one had been sent to retrieve him. He didn’t mind though he was glad Kate hadn’t gotten more creative with him when she got creative things could get rather frustrating.


Kate couldn’t help but let out a sigh as she looked up towards the roof of her room. Having thought about some of the things Brian had spoken to her about she thought he was just being silly but sweet. She liked the concern that he was showing for her after all now she had a problem though. She had planned to spend the day doing some out door activities but she had learned at 3 in the morning that wouldn’t be happening. A tropical storm was on its way and most things where going into lock down except for her room of course. It would have been safe for Kate to stroll around in the winds even if they could pick her up it wasn’t like she could get hurt. The thought of the wind being able to pick her up actually got a laugh from her though as she considered her weight. The problem was that while she would be perfectly safe in such a storm Brian would not be which meant unless the storm blew over before he woke up then most likely they wouldn’t be going outside.

Thinking she could take him outside but she would have to keep him wrapped in her fist the entire time other wise some flying debris might hit him. It was a good thing that they saw fit to stock the guest room with food when company came by other wise Brian would also have to go hungry. The fact that Kate herself couldn’t simply go to the mess hall today didn’t bother her though after all it meant they could just fix her more the next day and in truth she really didn’t need to eat as badly as a normal human she just chose to eat regularly since she enjoyed the act and she figured it was better then waiting for her body to need new material. Lightly tapping her fingers against the ground the only issue was what would she spend the day doing with Brian if she could take him outside.

Finally she resolved she would just have to talk it over with him to see what indoor activities he liked. If all else felled then they could just spend the day playing computerized bored games. Kate thoughts began to turn towards exactly what game she and he would probably like and most importantly which one of those games she would most likely be able to beat him at. Kate giggled recalling all the times she had been accused of being a poor looser which really she had to agree with it. Still she wondered what else they would expect from a 810 foot tall teenager of course she didn’t like to lose.

Brian felt groggy as he woke up having spent the previous day wondering around with Kate he was grateful she carried him most the time. The little bit of walking he had done actually tired him out a bit. He resolved that he would have to start exercising more if he was going to ever be brought back to visit with Kate. Climbing out of bed he fumbled around for the light switch for a moment before locating it. Brian took the time to wash his face and fix his hair though that didn’t take long do to a habit of cutting his hair extremely short to avoid having to spend much time fixing it.

As he began to head out he started to grab the handle for the door to slide open when he stopped himself. Previous times he had been invited in by Kate now he didn’t know what he should do. Slightly opening the door he called out. “ Hey Kate are you decent?” Kate looked up from her laying down position towards Brian voice. Realizing that he was asking to come in she considered teasing him a bit.

“ No not yet give me a second.” Brian nodded glad he had asked before he had went in for risk of upsetting such a titanic lady. Kate for her part set up and proceeded to lift her shirt above her head then loosen the straps of her bra. Slipping it from her form Kate’s breast soon proved that they didn’t need the support of a bra as they didn’t sag in the least. Turning towards the door that Brian would be coming in Kate set on her knees and stretched her legs a bit making sure her nipple was above the walk way. “ Alright Brian you can come in now.” Brian getting the go ahead proceeded to walk into the room as he did this he started to look up. Kate waited for Brian to get past the door before moving a finger behind him incase he reacted like she figured he would.

“ Well go…” Brian stopped dead in his tracks as he looked at the massive globe of flesh and was above the walk way. Kate massive nipples where actually slightly erect having gotten a little excited just by the thought of teasing him some. It took Brian a moment to get over his shock as he looked at Kate’s exposed breast the perfectly formed sphere seeming to memorize him. Kate let out a slight giggle causing her breast to jiggle slightly this taking Brian out of his stunned state. A bright blush covered Brian’s entire face as he quickly turned away from Kate only to have a few of Kate’s fingers blocking his path of retreat.

“ What’s the matter Brian don’t you like the view?” Kate grinned from ear to ear having noticed a bulge in Brian’s trousers. Though it alone wouldn’t be even to satisfy her she was glad to see that he had reacted to her at all.

“ Well yeah I do but I thought you said you where decent.” Brian gave a bit of a start as he felt Kate’s fingers closer in on him. Lifting him from the walk way Kate placed Brian in her open palm so that he was facing her breast.

“ Hmm isn’t this decent you know at times I wonder why they make me ware these things.” Kate proceeded to lift up her bra so that Brian could see it. “ It isn’t like my breast need the support and I do enjoy showing my body off.” Brian could only grin as he tried to be polite and look away but each time one of Kate’s fingers would turn him around. He didn’t bother closing his eyes though as he actually enjoyed the view and had already picked up on the fact that Kate seemed to be playing a game with him.

“ Do you usually show of your charms to your guest?” Kate considered this for a moment and the best way to answer.

“ I do from time to time I like to see how people react to me. You just made it to tempting though when you asked if I was decent or not.” Brian grinned and considered asking for a closer look but thought better of it. Kate having teased Brian for a bit considered going even further but resolved not to until she got to know him better for now he would have to settled on a pg-13 show. Later on she considered actually tucking him into her cleavage after all she did it with the soldiers though they did know her better then Brian. Reaching down and picking up her bra Kate slipped it back on and began to fasten it. Brian feeling a bit curious about the make up of the fabric of the bra had to ask.

“ Just what does that feel like I mean is it anything like a normal bra?” Kate grinned as she began to fasten the straps deciding that it wouldn’t hurt to let Brian see for himself she moved him closer to her chest actually holding him at the spot that her nipple would be a nipple that was actually larger then him. Realizing what Kate meant to do Brian reached out and placed his hands on the material and was a bit disappointed to find that it wasn’t soft or really like a normal bra except for the look. Kate gave a light giggle as she noticed the look of disappointment on Brian’s face.

“ Sorry little guy but this was made mostly for strength and looks. Really like I said I don’t need close but I am not that much of a exhibitionist and Sheila says it has a humanizing effect on me as well as keeps the soldiers from being as distracted as I wonder about.” Brian grinned and hoped that her breast weren’t as much of a disappointment as her bra had proven to be.

“ Well your breasts aren’t that solid are they.” Kate giggled for a moment and once again was tempted to show Brian but figured that might be what he was trying to get her to do. Instead she lift him up to her mouth pursing her lips she pressed him against them ever so lightly. As Brian was pressed against her lips he was delighted to find that there exceedingly soft and pleasant to the touch. Their warmth and the light bit of moisture on them serving to excite him even further he was actually surprised he didn’t lose himself right there. Instead he found himself stable enough to leave forward and press his lips to the tiniest portion of Kate’s upper lip. Kate feeling this action was actually surprised it was one of the few times someone had done that to her and it wasn’t just a little peck. It only covered a small portion of her lip but thanks to her sensitivity she could appreciate every little part of a person. Thus it was also very apparent that she was having a very strong reaction on Brian as she felt his erection through his trousers. At last Kate pulled Brian away from her lips and chuckled at the look on his face.

“ Well now I know your lips are very nice but that still doesn’t tell me about your breast.” Brian found himself actually playing along with Kate’s teasing though he doubted he was willing to expose himself as much as she did herself. He was now confident though that Kate’s breast would be ever bit as pleasant to the touch as her lips had been. Kate for her part rolled her eyes though in truth she was delighted that Brian was willing to not only play along with her teasing but was willing to tease back a little.

“ You are going to have to get to know me a little better then you do now before you get to find that out little mister.” Brian grinned at least she hadn’t told him that he would never get to find out. Moving back to the center of Kate’s palm Brian once again set down and looked around the structure.

“ So big lady just what do you want to do today?”

“ Actually I don’t really know what we should do today. I had planned on walking around for a while maybe doing some swimming or fly a kite for a while but that doesn’t seem like it is going to be happening today. With the hurricane and all going on outside I don’t think it would be a good idea to take you outside with me.” Brian blinked for a moment as Kate’s casual tone ended with the finale comments. Just how someone could take a storm as massive as a hurricane lightly was beyond him. Though he imagined if he set the storm up in proportion to Kate then it wouldn’t seem nearly as bad especially since she was more capable then even her size let on. Still he would have liked her to sound a little nervous for those that had to worry about 60 feet of water.

“ Oh a hurricane is that all and are the waves only a 100 feet high.” Kate chuckled at Brian sounded more then a little sarcastic. She didn’t really blame him though after all she had just been talking about what would be a massive storm to him as if it was a little drizzle to her. “ Well I guess we might need to stay inside I imagine lightning would hurt you a little.” Brian grinned them got a bit of a shocked look as Kate slowly shook her head no.

“ Lightning hasn’t been able to hurt me since I went over the 180 feet mark though I do remember some of the time before that. Especially when I was only 150 feet tall you wouldn’t believe how much I hated thunder storms. Just about every time one would roll in I would end up getting hit by a lightning bolt thanks to my height and my bodies make up. To be honest I still tense up a little thought not much when a thunder storm rolls around. I still get hit by it doesn’t hurt me in the least anymore to tell the truth it actually feels good. My body seems to soak up the energy and the little bit of heat over my skin is delightful.” Now Brian was sure that Kate was the only person on the planet that could refer to being hit by a lightning bolt as a delightful experience.

“ Hey now that seems like a good idea why don’t you tell me a little bit about yourself. I mean I know we talked online and you did tell me a few things but I bet they are a lot more interesting stories about you.” Kate seemed to think about this for a moment it might actually be fun to tell Brian a little bit about her past. He already knew about her after all so she doubted anyone would mind if she gave him some more history.

“ Alright I don’t mind giving you a little history on the living weapon. So what would be the first thing you wanted to know about me?” Brian had to stop and consider all the questions that he could ask Kate. He already knew that Kate didn’t know anything about her biological parents and it was also a very touchy subject with her. So that was out of the question but they were some other things that he could think of asking her at least.

“ Well you mentioned when you where smaller. So back did was this your room or where were you kept starting out.” Kate grinned as she realized that she was going to get to talk about when she was a little girl. Well not really a little girl she had never actually been little but younger at least.

“ I can’t actually remember back that far but I do remember what Michel and Sheila have told me about those early years. Well first of all this only became my room when ever I went over the 200 foot mark and they finally resolved that I was going to stop and they needed a more permanent place to keep me for a few years. When I was first brought here I actually had a nice little bed room which to the best of my knowledge is still in tact. The room started off as a medical center actually in order to monitor how my body reacted to the changes. You see I was a extremely sickly little thing when I was first brought here.” Kate proceeded to place Brian on the ground and flex some of the muscles in her upper body. “ Those days are long gone now I imagine I am the healthiest person on this planet.”

“ So did they actually try to make it look like a normal room or did it look like a lab?”

“ Well from what I know they where machines all over the place but yeah they tried to make it look like a normal little girls room. They even got me a good deal of stuffed animals to play with. Anyway I reacted well enough to the alterations which only got more machines moved in sadly as I was kept under constant monitoring to see how my body was doing. I can’t really remember it but I was told the scientist took turns keeping me company and for a while they had even considered bringing in some of their own children that where around my age of five or four. That idea was tossed out the door though.” Brian felt a little sorry for Kate considering that she wasn’t allowed to go to school and spend time with other kids her age though he wondered for how long.

“ Now if they where concerned with your mental health why did they do that?” Kate giggled for a moment and waved a finger over Brian’s head before placing it beside him. “ Oh you started growing?”

“ You better believe I started growing though not nearly at as rapid of a pace as I am now. That wasn’t actually the reason that other children weren’t brought to play with. As I told you I wasn’t only big I am also very strong for my size even back then. This was found it when I accidently broke one of the scientist fingers. I don’t really feel bad about it though as even though I was a little kid I wonder now if I did it on purpose.”

“ What did he do to upset you?” Kate grinned for a moment.

“ He made the mistake of trying to draw some of my blood for testing without giving me something to take my mind off of the pain. All the others were smart enough to give me something sweet to distract me he seemed to think that I needed to grow up and learn to deal with a little pain. From what Michel told me he would never go in the room with me again though as the moment he had stuck that needle in me I had grabbed his hand with more strength then he expected. Well I had grabbed his finger and it just sort of broke.” Brian couldn’t help but grin at the thought of a child so easily injuring a adult. Though he did agree that her reason for injuring him was rather lacking he imagined if she did do it on purpose she was only trying to repay the pain he caused her.

“ Oh and how big where you during this time.” Kate seemed to think about this one for a moment. He watched as her lips moved a few wisp of air that made it past her lips made him realized she was recalling certain dates.

“ As near as I can figure I would have only been around 11 feet tall during that time. Dang I was such a tiny little thing back then.” Kate was the only person the planet that would call that tiny and Brian knew it. The image in his mind of how it happened quickly changed as he wondered what kind of sucker was given to Kate by the other people. A concerned look appeared on Brian’s face as he began to wonder if Kate had actually be bribed her entire life.

“ Hey Kate did they usually give you things to get you to do what they wanted.” The look on Kate’s face told Brian the answer as she raised a eye brow.

“ Heck no I was not bribed most my life I was raised by a general primarily on a military installation and I sure as heck wasn’t as tough as I am now back then. No I did what I was told most of the time and was taught not to hurt people at least in most situations. However I was use to getting something to take my mind of any pain thanks to Michel’s efforts as while Sheila does handle most things he was in charge of my testing. Which I suppose was a good and a bad thing since it meant I had to endure less then if someone less kind had been in charge. A bad thing though since Michel sort of spoiled me by giving me various things.”

“ Ah so was Michel sort of the over bearing grandpa figure?”

“ Yeah I suppose you could consider him that. I still have the stuff animals that he gave me when I was a little girl. Well he and the other scientist it seemed all of them gave me something for my birthdays and Christmas want to see them?” Brian didn’t bother to say no as he watched Kate turn around and reach for a rather large container. Picking it up he noted that it was about the size of a trash bin making him wonder just how many stuffed animals where in it. Kate easily popped the top off and then tipping the container lightly let the plush toys fall out. Brian quickly realized that it wasn’t the amount of stuffed animals that was the main problem it was the size of some of them. He quickly imagined the size of some of them where so that she could still hold them as a normal teddy bear and the likes when she was a little girl.

“ Dang I know some girls have a large collection of stuffed animals but that is something else.” Kate grinned seeming to blush a bit as she revealed something about herself.

“ Don’t worry I am not going to start naming all of them and go on endlessly. I know that it might seem a little childish for me to still have these but there is more then enough room for this little bit of toys from my past. I never really could play around like other children after all it would have required a human sized Barbie doll to last with me for any length of time and even Sheila wasn’t willing to spring to get me a toy car on my scale. Hmm actually when I think about it even a human sized doll wouldn’t have lasted me for very long. I suppose that is why I adapted to spending so much time on the beach making sand castles and just laying around.” Brian grinned though it did surprise him that Kate had kept all her dolls for the past few years they where able to fit into one container. In actually went further then that when he saw how easily Kate put them away. She simply picked up the entire pile and placed it back within the container then slipped the lid back on.

“ I imagine you do have a pretty limited amount of things to do considering the limited amount of people that can spend time with you.”

“ Yeah but it was worse when I was still little and didn’t have the same freedom I do now. It use to be that the soldiers not only had to agree to spend time with me but they had to finish their other task first. As I grew larger then the rules changed and now any soldier that I want to pick up gets a instant brake from what ever he is doing so long as he is spending time with me.” Brian couldn’t help but wonder if the soldiers considered this a benefit or a way of being put to extra work. “ I don’t do it very often though there is a pretty big age gap between me and most of the people here. So we hardly have anything to talk about unless of course a major event recently happened.”

“ I can see where that would be a problem. Hey you mentioned your first room how long where you able to stand in that area?”

“ I was actually kept there until I was 13 feet tall it is pretty strange how high some of the areas of the facility are. I didn’t get moved out of the main compound just then though instead one of the supply depots was partly converted and had a wall put in. It was then adapted so that it would make a nice room for me. The fact that the doors where designed so that a entire air craft could be moved into them really helped with things. Actually for a long while I was able to simply walk around within the area and out the doors if I felt like it. Now my hand would probably take up the space that my entire body once did. It was my first room though that actually allowed me to go outside when I wanted to.” Brian looked up to Kate who had a grin on her face as she seemed to be recalling something.

“ Watcha thinking about?” Kate gave a start and grinned down at Brian.

“ I was recalling how back then I wasn’t simply allowed to walk around as I wanted to. The doors back then where far to strong for me to simply rip open despite my pound for pound strength. It was funny when first I first got moved in Michel was griping about having to walk around the lap now. Since I could go from my old room to the lab area that they studied me in pretty easily. The biggest thing Michel was complaining about though was that he had to walk around under his own power now.” The questioning look on Brian’s face told her what his next question was going to be. “ When I was first brought here, I was a small fragile thing that tired very easily. Michel developed the habit of packing me around he was in better condition back then after all. Well when I got around the 9 and 10 feet mark one day I just picked up him and started packing him around. That is when he wasn’t busy doing something.”

Even Brian found this though funny as he wondered what thoughts must have been going through little Kate’s head as her body grew in size and power. “ Kate you know when you first told me that they didn’t bring other children in to visit you they might have had another reason then the other children’s safety. Though I am sure that was one of the reasons. As much as I worry about putting a pretty face on such a action they might have been trying to protect your mental health. After all you probably would have started wondering if there was something wrong with you if you saw all your friends staying roughly the same size while you grew so large so fast. I bet it would have been even worse knowing that unlike the adults they where the same age as you.”

Kate blinked and a bit of a hm came from her as she considered this. “ You know I have never really thought of it that way. I can’t which one would have been better for me still but it is to late now. I was happy enough anyway I about always had someone spending time with me after all. It is just as I have grown larger I have also given more say so over what I do however I have also had fewer people spending time with me.”

“ Have most of the scientist been transferred to other projects.” Kate actually began to giggle at the thought of this.

“ Heavens no they haven’t been transferred to other projects the reason that they spend less time with me now other then they are getting older. Is that I am becoming more and more complex and harder to study. It didn’t use to take nearly as long to examine all the material taken from me and used to be a lot easier. They could actually make some guesses about what did what while they where examining me. Now though my body is so different from a normal humans and my cell’s structure is so much more complex then that of a normal humans that well they have to spend a lot more time examining it. They don’t actually make any guesses about what is going on while studying my flesh and blood samples anymore but rather record every bit of data they possibly can then they study the data.”

“ And how long does your blood and flesh samples last?”

“ The last time I checked a few months was actually possible depending on what my cells where put through. Everything about me is very stubborn it seems and can hold onto life for a rather extended time frame.” Brian let out a low whistle figuring that doctors would love it if blood could survive that long regularly.

“ Hey Kate you said your body doesn’t work like a normal humans can you give me a few examples?”

“ Umm sure let me think what is one of the more interesting details. Well I suppose one of the more interesting thinks about my body is that my hair is actually alive. It actually have some of my blood running through it and unlike a normal humans hair it hurts pretty badly when I even tear a part of since well it is like if you tore off some of your skin.” Kate proceeded to reach behind herself taking hold of a strand of her hair she brought it around and moved it closer too Brian. Quickly realizing what Kate wanted him to do Brian approached the massive strand of hair. He had noticed Kate’s hair earlier and that it was thicker then that of a normal person’s but he hadn’t been up this close before. Reaching out and taking hold of the strand he noted the odd texture. It felt soft and smooth very pleasant to the touch indeed however it seemed to have something of its own warmth. Leaning forward and placing his ear against the strand of hair he noted the odd sound almost as if it had a heart beat.

“ Dang that is something else. Well at least we know something about you is normal you have a heart.” Kate’s giggle got Brian’s attention as he looked up and noticed her shaking her head.

“ I do have a heart beat but if you paid more attention you would have noticed that my heart beats differently from a normal humans. Also you can imagine my heart is significantly larger and must be formed differently to handle the conditions within my body.” Kate didn’t bother the mention the power her heart must be able to put out in order to force her blood through the miles of arteries and veins that ran though out her body actually it would be far more then miles considering the circulatory system within a normal human one could only begin to guess at how long Kate’s would be.

“ I have to say though if your insides are so different I am kind of surprised you still look human though I am very glad you do look human.” Kate grinned and bent down giving Brian a lite kiss that covered the entire top of his body before setting up.

“ I am pretty darn glad that my body kept its normal human form as well. Actually to be honest my body seems to go through pains to keep a human form it would probably be easier for it if it just altered me in other ways. We don’t know if it is the fact that I want to remain looking human or if the original engineering insured that it couldn’t alter certain aspects of me. Either way my body not only makes sure that I keep a human form but even focuses on keeping control of itself. In truth I would be a lot smarter then what I am now if so much of my brain wasn’t focused on controlling my body.”

“ And how do you know that your brain is like that after all it might be just a regular size brain in that big old skull of yours. After all you said that you haven’t been able to test inside yourself for years.” Kate gave Brian a light puff from her massive lips sending him on his rear.

“ It has been several years since they have been able to check inside of me. There is data from when I was younger though after all they could still do cat scans on me while I was 50 feet tall. While my body doesn’t let the energy escape now or at least not enough of it and they did have to build a special machine for the task. They were able to find that my brain is adapting with the rest of me. Really it caused quite a scare for a while as they wondered what effect this would have on me and if I would begin losing my memory or if they would have to worry about rapid personality changes.”

“ And have they?” Kate lightly shook her head no having maintained the same personality for about her entire life. “ That is a good thing after all you might have ended up in constant pms mode if it did alter your personality.” Kate’s eyes went wide the moment Brian said this and he couldn’t help but grin. He hadn’t meant to be sexist but he couldn’t help it the thought of a 810 foot teenager with pms being both scary and funny if you weren’t the one stuck with her.

“ I should give you a spanking for that little mister in fact I think I will.” Brian gave a start as Kate reached down for him. He was grateful Kate only used to fingers to try and pick him up as he was able to dive away from them. Even though he realized that he couldn’t hope to escape from her a grin formed on Brian’s face as he decided to play along with Kate. A giggle escaped from Kate as Brian attempted to dodge her fingers and she slowed down her hands movement. The fact that he got up and start running from her a moment later only made her more delighted. She enjoyed playing chase after all and even though Brian couldn’t really escape her thanks to being in a enclosed area she couldn’t stand up herself. That still didn’t make it a even match as Kate reached for him several times each time slowing down the movement of her hand so that he could avoid it.