Kate’s story chapter 3


“ Come on big girl can’t you do better then that?” Brian called over his shoulder realizing that he was wasting precious breath he wasn’t use to running after all. He wasn’t a full though and had already realized that Kate was intentionally letting him dodge away from her fingers as each time they would get closer to him. The game would end the moment Kate decided she wanted it to end. Even knowing Kate was only allowing him to dodge he was actually enjoying the little game of tag. He could tell Kate was enjoying it as well as her heard her lightly giggling. It was actually a pleasant sound as Brian noted a odd feeling of pride. The fact that he was providing such a massive young lady with some amusement actually gave a slight boost to his ego.

“ Oh now you should know better then to tease someone several hundred times your size.” Kate grinned as she moved her body slightly extending her leg out she moved so that Brian was now trapped between her fully extended legs. As a massive shadow moved over Brian he looked up to see Kate’s massive leg stretching high above him before settling down to his side. Quickly realizing what was going on he turned his head only to find that Kate had blocked off the other side as well leaving him trapped between her legs and her body. Without anywhere else to run Brian considered his options. As Kate reached a hand out for him he finally decided on a course of action as he was once again allowed to dive away from her fingers. He could feel how close they had gotten the last time making him realize Kate would be ending the game very soon.

He actually began to run back towards Kate a funny thought coming to him. At first Kate wondered where he was going until she realized that she did have a blind spot thanks to her breast. The fact that Brian was actually trying to hide in this area though made her burst out into a fit of giggles. While she didn’t intend on letting Brian get to this area she didn’t want to risk picking him up while her body was shaking with laughter. Instead she placed her hand in his and began moving it as he tried to go around her hand. As Kate finally settled down she finally ended the game by picking up Brian between her fingers. “ Alright now I am not sure which you where going for to try and hide under my skirt or just in the shadow of my breast but either way that was a naughty little one.”

Brian grinned for a moment actually unsure of which one he would have went for had he made it to the cover provided by her chest. “ I have to admit I don’t know which one I would have went for myself. After all you did see fit to tease me earlier.” Kate chuckled for a moment though Brian did notice that the tone seemed to have changed a bit. A moment later he found himself lowered into Kate’s palm as one of her fingers folder back and touched a small portion of his body he found himself pinned to her hand.

“ Well now I guess it is time for your punishment.” Brian gave a slight start wondering if he really was going to get a spanking. He hoped Kate wouldn’t be that rotten after all if she was going to do that to him he would have preferred that she had spanked Greg and Debra instead of just delaying their work. Kate grinned as Brian began to struggle against her fingers his efforts not able to move them in the least. She considered for a moment actually carrying through with her threat but decided not to just yet. She didn’t know Brian that well after all and she had only been playing with him as well. That didn’t mean she wouldn’t make him think she was going to punish him. Extending the index finger of her free hand she touched the very tip of her fingernail to his bottom.

“ Hmm I am going to have to be careful about this or I might end up snapping you in two.” Kate couldn’t help but grin as Brian’s struggles seemed to become more determined though even then they made no difference. Brian gave a sharp yelp as he felt to light raps from the very end of Kate’s finger on his bottom. There was no pain though the only reason he even yelped was the fact that he was worried she truly was going to spank him. Instead of spanking though it felt like Kate was feeling of his rear. Holding the tip of her finger against it for longer then she needed to and moving it along slightly. With his fear now gone Brian felt his entire body turning red as he blushed. At last Kate removed her finger from his back allowing him to once again stand up. “ There now have you learned your lesson?”

Brian grinned for a moment. “ Yes I have don’t mention pms to a woman that is currently suffering from pms.” Brian couldn’t help himself despite being completely outclassed physically he found it impossible to keep the words from escaping his lips. Kate for her part grinned and chuckled Brian was proving to be gutsier then what she was use to but she was having fun.

“ Oh am I really going to have to spank you little one?”

Brian held up his hands rather quickly. “ No no please no. I will behave.” Brian grinned as Kate giggled. As he set in her hand waiting for Kate’s laughter to die down he noted that it was the second time Kate had called him little one instead of Brian. He had thought about telling her that he wasn’t little but had resolved not to. He wondered if that was going to be his pet name for when he was around her for now or if that was something that she called other people as well. He considered asking her about it but once again decided not to he actually preferred to think they where getting along well so that she had already decided to give him a nick name. Kate for her part was enjoying spending time with Brian most the time she spent more time doing physical activities with her guest it was nice to have someone to hold a conversation with. As the two calmed down their conversation would continue through out the day Brian learning more of Kate’s past.


“ Come on come on.” Kate lamented the screaming winds outside having spent the day talking to Brian she was none the less eager to go outside and wonder around some. Brian having bent to bed Kate was now alone. The communications network wouldn’t allow her to get online thanks to the storm. Kate truly regretted that so many things where still vulnerable to nature even a military installation. No above ground testing was being done and nothing that had to be watched carefully was being done either as everyone had to worry about the power outages. The storm was really beginning to annoy Kate though it had at least partly moved on she wanted it to hurry up and pass over. Finally Kate decided she wasn’t going to take being cooped up any longer Brian was asleep so he wouldn’t miss her after all.

Setting up and removing her shirt and bra Kate began to set the garments in their usual spots when a grin formed on her face. Looking at her bra she quickly decided against it and placed them in their containers. Then laying on her back and slipped her skirt followed by her panties down her body. Looking towards the walk way she proceeded to lay her panties right in front of the door taking a moment to set the garment up so that he wouldn’t be able to get out without going through them. It was perhaps a bit further then she would usually go after just a few days but she really enjoyed teasing Brian and he seemed to enjoy it as well. Finally unclothed Kate located one of her bikinis that would still fit her despite her increase in size. Slipping on the solid white bikini outfit she looked at the massive steel ring in the middle. She had hoped this outfit would last her longer as she had been able to get something a little special done to it.

Playing her fingers after slipping on the top the ring was centered nicely between her breast. It was a design trait that she had liked and was able to get them to put on her clothing thought it meant it would stretch as far. She was lucky they had planned it for her larger sizes thus allowing her to wear it. Laying on her back it took Kate a moment to get on her bottom and she made a bit more noise then she would have liked. A short while later though she was fully clothed. Opening up the main doors and scooting out Kate slid the doors shut behind her and stood up.

Despite the winds power it wasn’t able to unsettle Kate though it did go about sending her hair flying. Actually as Kate stood up to her full 810 height she thought it felt kind of nice grinning she could feel the debris flying through the air little bits of gravel and some things that hadn’t gotten put away in time. Slamming against her legs and even some of it making it up to her upper body it was no wonder that a human wouldn’t want to be out in such winds. Strolling on down to the beach area Kate looked out into the crashing waves. The wind sending massive torrents of water onto the beach area. Thinking about it for a moment Kate began to wade out into the crashing waves. A few of them actually reaching up 60 foot the waves didn’t even make it up to her knees until she made it out to the deeper water. Once good thing about such storms was the waves were high enough to actually effect Kate at least when she got out in the deeper areas. Soon Kate was splashing around in the water generating massive waves of her own much the same as a child would have in a wave pool as an amusement park.

As Kate played in the water she found it to be a good way to expend some of her energy if she couldn’t spend the time playing around with Brian then she might as well have some fun on her own. She didn’t regret the previous day though after all it had been fun talking to Brian and he had truly seemed interested in her. Actually she felt that he had asked more questions about her in that day then most people asked in a entire week. She just hoped he would be up for something involving the out doors when the storm blew over. As Kate played in the water a few of the out door surveillance cameras watched her massive form as well as a few people who where willing to get near the windows.

The site of Kate’s massive body moving about in the waves was something else as the soldiers considered how much trouble they would be giving ships at the time. They new that thanks to the length of the storm there would be a lot to repair the next day though not as much if they hadn’t been warned but watching Kate plate in the water was at least a reasonable consolation. She had no one that she could really have a water fight with well without drowning them so nature was the only thing that could really compete with her power when she decided to play around. Of course the cameras were also recording just what was going on. Quite a few records had been made to actually display Kate’s ever increasing abilities. The site of her titanic form so easily playing in the mist of such a storm would be nice if their budget was ever lowered.

Showing just how powerful Kate had become and how useful she could be always seemed to help out with the budget even when the economy wasn’t doing great. Kate for her part knew that she was being watched at the moment but didn’t really care. She was about always being watched after all unless she requested privacy and she knew that she could only get that so often and for so long. These thoughts didn’t come into Kate’s mind though as she braced herself against the waves as she moved further out into the sea. The water actually coming up past her chest meant that the waves could actually cover her head. As Kate swam under the water for a moment she broke the surface and made her way back to land. Coming up out of the water and looking towards the tossing sea she felt a few lightning strikes actually hit her body. The heat and energy actually feeling good as far as she was concerned.

Realizing that she didn’t have anyone to worry about out in the waves Kate went into a dead run. Running out into the water until it was up to her knees she proceeded to leap into the deeper areas actually landing on her stomach. Quickly resurfacing she turned her head towards the beach and watched what she at least assumed was the wave she generated hit the land. “ Woohoo.” Erupted from her lips as the wave seemed to surpass the others in size. Thanks to Kate’s weight, size and the speed she had been moving at when she had hit the water. Diving back under the water she proceeded actually make a few laps around the island. Though in charge of the sonar room had no problems telling exactly what it was making laps around the area. Though may not have been the biggest thing in the sea just yet short of aircraft carriers she was one of the largest and the largest living thing. Thanks to her size and the fact that no ship moved in the water like Kate did it was quite obvious what was going on.

Kate continued to play in the water until she noticed some sun light beginning to brake through the clouds. Unsure of just how long she had been playing around she knew it was morning though and was glad to see the clouds where leaving. Recalling Brian Kate wondered if he would be waking up now. Drawing herself out of the water she began to make her way back towards her room.

Brian set up slowly in bed unsure of just what time it was. He hadn’t been keeping normal sleeping hours but rather went to bed when Kate put him to bed. She never kept him up to late or at least when his eyes began to burn him she seemed to pick up that something was wrong and put him to bed. Dragging himself out of bed the first thing that came to his mind was to check up on Kate and see if she was up to something. As he opened the door to his room he was surprised when he was met with a large white object. As it covered the door way he was unsure of just what had been placed in front of him. Placing his hands against it and starting to push he remembered the texture of something like it. Trying to recall just what that was he continued trying to push on the object trying to move it. The effort helping to get his blood to pumping and his brain to thinking more clearly. A moment he snapped back when he recalled what had the same texture as the current object in his path.

Looking off to the side Brian realized that it couldn’t be Kate’s bra in his path since the garment would have covered even more of the walk way. That meant only one other option that he knew of. As he considered this he wondered if it was the panties Kate had been wearing curiously he leaned a bit closer to the garment. A moment later he was sure that it was the garment Kate had been wearing thanks in part to the fact that it was saturated with her sent. While normally this would be some what hard to notice thanks to Kate’s scale and the size of her undergarments it was far more obvious now that Brian was fully aware. As he thought about this he noticed a pop tent quickly forming in his trousers. Unsure of just what was going on “ Hey Kate are you here?” not getting a response Brian wasn’t sure of just what he should do.

At least for a few moments. He grinned a bit as he figured if Kate was going to tease him that he might as well play along with her. Pressing into the garment the mass proved to be something of a issue as he tried to find a way through. He quickly realized that he wasn’t going to be able to move it looking along the sides though he found that he could slip through the sides where Kate’s legs would have usually went. Edging his way along and making his way into the massive plain of white Brian looked around for a moment. Realizing the section that had been facing him was the crotch section Brian couldn’t resist as he placed his hands where Kate’s lips normally would have touched.

Brian noticed though as while he could get inside Kate’s panties he couldn’t actually get past them. Considering his options he found himself exploring the garment a picture of Kate in his mind while he did it. As he grew more engrossed into his exploration he didn’t notice as the massive doors where slid open and a dripping wet Kate began to make her way inside. As she did this she noticed the slight rustling sound though she wasn’t exactly sure what. Looking around she noticed a slight movement in her panties. Grinning she slowly scooted her way over and peaked her head over them. She couldn’t help but grin as she noticed Brian’s situation. Brian was only broken out of his exploration when a bit of water rolled of Kate’s head and landed on him. Brian sputtering blushed furiously when he looked up and found Kate looking down at them. “ Hmm well you seem to like it in there enough perhaps I should put them back on.”

Unsure of just what he should do he knew even if Kate hadn’t had such enhanced vision she could have probably been able to see his entire body turning red. Still he didn’t exactly feel like being out done after all Kate had left her panties there most likely to tease him. “ Sounds like fun but is it alright if I am in the crotch section?” Kate blinked for a moment and actually found herself blushing almost as bright red as Brian. Not being use to someone who would have the never to tease her back she moved away a bit trying to hide her reaction. This wouldn’t work though as massive as Kate was Brian had noticed the blush as well as the little smile that appeared on her face. It became apparent to Brian that Kate was especially vulnerable to flattery and teasing. He chocked it up to the fact that she was probably the one use to doing all the teasing.

“ Well maybe later but I think we should get to know each other better first.” Kate proceeded to lift her panties with Brian still in them from the walk way. Retrieving Brian from them she placed him back down on the walk way. “ Breakfast is going to be kind of slow today with the storm that Kate in last night. So why don’t you go on inside grab yourself a energy bar and then changing into some swimming gear and maybe a t-shirt. Hmm might want to layer on the sun block as well.” Brian gave a slight not figuring as much he had been forced to eat what was in his room the previous day and figured things would take a while to get back on schedule. It wasn’t hard for him to guess why Kate advised a t-shirt as he doubted she planned on hitting the water right away. Actually as he looked at her he figured she had probably spent a good deal of the day swimming around.

As Kate waited for Brian she considered her options. She could take Brian swimming with her but she had gotten enough of that already. She felt like doing something on land really she had been tempted to take Brian up on his offer to put back on her panties with him in it. She liked his complements and the fact that not only would he go along with her teasing but he was willing to do some teasing of his own. A playful grin formed on Kate’s face as Brian came out of his room a grin that actually made Brian a little nervous. Looking over Brian for a moment Kate normally preferred the idea of a guy that was a little more trim though not exactly muscled. Stamina was something Kate valued over strength after all no human had enough strength to compete with what she had in her little finger. At least if they had some good energy reserves though they could keep active longer. A grin formed on her face as she resolved she would help Brian do some exercise. “ Hey Brian how would you feel about some supervised mountain climbing?”

As one that wasn’t exactly fond of the out doors Brian wasn’t exactly sure he liked the idea. Still he figured he could give it a try considering the type of supervision Kate could provide him. “ I am not really fond of the forest but I guess I will give it a try.” Kate giggled as she had no intentions of having Brian climbing some rocks. Reaching down for him Kate gently lifted him into the air but instead of placing him in her place she moved him towards her chest. At first Brian wasn’t sure what was going on until he felt one of Kate’s fingers force his legs apart. He was slid down upon the metal ring that was currently between Kate’s breast the ring that helped to hold her bikini top together. Latching onto the peace of metal he was a little nervous as Kate slid herself outside of her room and especially after she stood up to her full height. He would have normally asked for Kate to hold him in her hand but there was a problem with that. While being held in Kate’s had did afford him a nice view Brian was a breast man at heart and the two massive spheres of flesh that where now so close to him where such a wonderful site.

As Kate began to walk along her breast swayed lightly with every step she took. Despite this Brian found that thanks to the caution in Kate’s movements he was able to maintain his perch. The fact that he was holding onto this massive females bikini top didn’t escape Brian. Kate for her part was keeping a careful eye on Brian to make sure he didn’t fall off. Even if he did fall she knew from several hundred feet in the air she would at least have a little time to notice and catch him. As Kate neared the supply area though she lowered a hand to just below the metal ring. “ Hop off Brian I am going to bend down.” Quickly releasing the ring Kate lowered herself down towards the doors of the building. Unaware of just what the building was used for he watched as Kate lightly tapped the doors with her free hand. A moment later a smaller door to the side opened up and a man stepped out. “ I need to borrow some climbing gear for my friend here.”

Brian hadn’t expected that he had imagined Kate would just place him some where and walked as he made his way up. He had no idea that what Kate had planned would make it some what difficult for her to insure his safety at least until he made it past the 150 foot or so. The soldier didn’t bother asking any questions Kate had made such request before and indeed some items where kept around just for her use. As the soldier brought out the climbing gear Brian looked up at Kate. “ So do they always give you what you ask for?”

“ Pretty much like I said I can’t amuse myself with regular things so they do take steps to accommodate me.” Brian gave a understanding nod after all it wasn’t like they could just go into town and wonder around the shopping mall or go to the movies. “ Alright Brian get yourself strapped in and then you can do some climbing.” Brian didn’t bother arguing with her deciding he would at least give what she wanted to do a try. One thing bothered him though as he put on the climbing gear and the safety line. He wasn’t exactly wearing the close that would be needed for such things. There was nothing to protect his knees or elbows the only thing he did have was something to keep him from falling.

“ Hey Kate aren’t I a little under dressed for this.”

“ Nope now lets move to a better spot.” Brian was surprised when instead of going back to the base Kate proceeded to head over to the beach. Finding a small hill that would allow her to set down while keeping her legs strait. She settled herself down careful and then lowered Brian to the ground. Placing Brian next to her toes he wondered just what Kate was up to when much to his surprise she lashed the rope around her knee. Brian had thought it was a little length however that quickly disappeared as it required a good deal of the ropes length to go around her massive leg. “ I don’t think you need to worry about skinning your knees against this.” Kate proceeded to run her massive hands up her leg. Brian quickly realizing just what he was able to be climbing. He suddenly felt a serge of energy and a willingness to try despite the fact that it was over a hundred feet to Kate’s knee.

“ Ahh so I am climbing mount Kate.” Kate chuckled for a moment and gave her head a slight nod.

“ Yup I figured you would like this better then climbing some rocky old hill however don’t expect me to help you. It is up to you in order to get as far as you can I figured the rope would be necessary as well there aren’t really any hand holds on what you are about to climb.” Brian nodded his head in agreement as he looked at Kate despite her remarkable size her skin was flawless at least as far as he could tell. He was a dit disappointed though when Kate informed him that he wouldn’t be getting any further then what his own muscles were able to carry him. He doubted that he could make it to her bikini bottom being forced to climb under his own power let alone to the two massive gloves of flesh high above him. Kate for her part grinned as she watched Brian wonder around her foot for a moment before climbing onto her little tow.

Kate’s foot at least gave him a decent start as he didn’t have to climb strait up it. Still as he looked at the expanse of leg raising high above him he wished that Kate hadn’t found a spot to set down. It would have made things a lot easier if her leg had remained slanted as if she had to set on a flat surface instead of a hill. At least she wasn’t standing up though he figured she intended to if he should make it all the way to her knee. Kate actually had several areas planned to fasten the rope if Brian managed to make it up the massive expanse of her body. The first was her knee of course the second would be her waste band, the third would be her top and the final would be her neck though she doubted Brian would make it past her knee. He didn’t seem the most active type hopefully this would encourage him to exercise a bit more.

Kate would have been happy to know that was the current thought going through Brian’s head as he wondered how often he might be visiting Kate. This was his first time visiting her after all but from talking to her online and the little bit of time he had spent with her he figured she liked such activities. Deciding not to waste any more time Brian began the climb up Kate’s massive leg finding that her skin did provide him with a little bit of a hand hold though no where near enough that he could climb it. Instead he found himself having to use the rope to do most the climbing while his feet aided by pressing against Kate’s skin. Kate’s flesh he found was soft and pleasing to the touch however it didn’t have nearly enough give to allow someone to hold onto it with a single hand. Rather while holding onto her skin he had to basically hug as much of her leg as he possibly could.

Kate grinned as she watched Brian climb her leg and wondered how he would feel if she decided to walk around some. She would have to try that eventually however as got near the half way mark between the ground and her knee she noticed that he was already tiring out. “ I guess a strait up climb is a little bit difficult.”

“ Yeah especially for someone that isn’t use to some physical exertion. If I am going to hang out with you I guess I am going to have to start pumping some iron.” Kate grinned.

“ I would prefer if you did some aerobics any way it is good for you.”

“ Ah so says the one that has probably never exercised a day in her life.” Brian gave a slight yelp as Kate straitened her leg out. Lightly shaking it for a moment she didn’t shake her leg hard enough to through him off he did get a better grip. Looking up he noticed Kate lightly swinging her finger from side to side.

“ Tut tut little man I exercise more then what you realize. After all with each step I lift more weight then you do probably within an entire year.” Brian grinned and stuck his tongue out at Kate.

“ That is a every day activity that isn’t exercising.”

“ Hmm well if that doesn’t count. I also swim quite regularly about every day in fact, I also like to jog around the island when I am bored actually I spent a lot of my time just walking around this place.” Brian grinned well he couldn’t exactly argue about the last two swimming and jogging did indeed count as exercise though he wondered if it really affect Kate or if she did it out of pure boredom. As Brian pulled himself up to a setting position on Kate’s leg Kate reached down and retrieved him. Taking a moment to remove the rope from him she looked him over noticing the rate of his breathing.

“ Yup you need to take better care of yourself.” Brian grinned his family and friend’s having been telling him that for years but he truly hated exercising.

“ Hey wait a second if you do that regularly why haven’t I seen you jogging around or swimming since I got here.” Kate stuck her massive tongue out at Brian realizing that he wasn’t giving up the argument just yet.

“ Because I have company and if you noticed I was wet when I came in today. I was out playing in the water hmm maybe I should take you out for a swim now to cool off. Though I imagine you won’t be much good for just floating around.” Brian nodded in agreement in truth he was a bit disappointed in himself for not even being able to make it up to Kate’s knee. While he felt he could compare to his friends physically pretty much all of them being computer addicts such as himself there was no way he could compare to Kate. “ Why don’t you strip off that equipment and we can go relax in the water some.” Kate’s voice brought Brian back to where he was and he quickly stripped away his climbing gear. Kate taking it from him placed the device upon the ground before she began to head towards the water planning on retrieving it later.

“ Hey Brian do you think that you would actually be interested in losing some weight?” Brian looked up for Kate scratching his chin for a moment. He did hate to exercise but he also liked spending time with Kate.

“ Could you be there to help me?” Kate giggled for a moment and gave Brian a light peck on the top of the head.

“ No at least not most of the time after all you would have to be here for me to help you out. I could help you when you came to visit though but you would have to maintain it when you got back home. As to be honest Brian I am a fan of the water heck it is one of the few places I can play around without trashing everything or really worrying where these big old feet of mine go and well I don’t think you will be able to spend much time with me outside if you don’t get in better shape.” Brian considered this for a moment while he did hate exercising he did enjoy spending time with Kate. He resolved that it would be worth a hour or so of his time a day in order to get into shape if it meant he would be able to spend more active time with Kate.

“ Well I can’t say that I am a fan of exercise but I suppose it wouldn’t hurt. Really I have been meaning to start exercising I just needed someone to give me a reason to.” Kate grinned for a moment.

“ Well let me see here if you need more of a reason. How about if you haven’t lost at least 10lbs and put on some muscle next time I see you that I will eat you. After all I do like my meat to have some fan on the bones.” Brian grinned at Kate at least until he was lifted towards her massive face. “ Hm first though I think I need to make sure you taste good enough that I would be willing to carry through with that threat.” Brian gave a bit of a scream as Kate’s massive mouth opened up and he found himself looking down her throat. The massive surface of her tongue moving lightly Brian started to protest fearing what Kate had in mind however this was cut off as she gave him a light toss.

Brian scream as he went through the air though he didn’t have long to fall and what he landed on actually cushioned his fall. Despite having come to trust Kate over the last few days his primal instincts kicked in quite strongly the moment he landed on Kate’s massive tongue. While earlier he had been close to her mouth and realized how easily she could have swallowed him now that he was in her mouth it was a entirely different feeling. Kate held in a giggle as she felt Brian’s body land lightly on her massive tongue. Her taste bugs actually able to detect him and his taste Kate grinned as she realized she actually liked the flavor. Though her taste really wasn’t that of a gourmet considering what she had grown use to eating he did indeed taste good to her. Being careful so that she didn’t crush him Kate managed to get out a few words. “ You know Brian human meat is a sweet meat.”

That was all the under developed part of his brain needed to set Brian off as he panicked and began a mad dash towards Kate’s teeth in a attempt to get out of her massive mouth. Kate giggles however quickly unsteadied him making him land face first on Kate’s massive tongue. As he got up he quickly noticed the light within Kate’s mouth rapid fading as she slowly closed her mouth. Brian new that he could do anything to escape at least if Kate wouldn’t allow it if she truly meant to swallow him there wasn’t anything that he could do about it. Still he had to try pushing himself up he tried to make it to the front of Kate’s mouth however her teeth where shut long before he got to the tip of her tongue. Kate giggled to herself feeling the struggling within her mouth she would have been enjoying it far less though had she known how scared Brian was. Despite having learned to trust her instincts where instincts and she was causing one of mans most primal fears to act up.

Brian screamed as he felt Kate’s tongue begin to move him about the massive surface rolling him around and pressing him against the roof of Kate’s mouth. Her saliva coating his body allowed her to move him around even more easily. As Brian struggled he was quickly burning out the energy that his adrenalin had given him while normally this would have been a made thing in this case it proved to be a good thing as his body grew more tired his rational mind was able to push forward a bit. Realizing there was one thing he hadn’t tried to get out of Kate’s mouth he hoped to heaven that she was just playing with him. “ Kate would you please let me out of here… I am really scared I know you really wouldn’t…” Brian never got to finish the sentence of Kate opened her mouth up having heard the fear in his voice not just his words.

Her massive fingers quickly reached in to retrieve him as it suddenly hit her that he hadn’t just been playing around and pretending to resist when she put him in her mouth but rather he had been struggling for his life. “ OH I am sorry Brian I didn’t mean to actually scare you I just thought you where playing around. I didn’t scare you to bad did I little one?” Brian felt relieve the moment he was plucked from Kate’s mouth and held in front of her massive lips instead of being trapped behind them. Brian’s first instinct once his fear had went away was to yell at Kate for having scared him that badly. The fact that Kate was over 810 feet tall and that she had only been playing with him though helped him to keep his anger in control.

“ Thanks for letting me out I didn’t mean to lose it like that but that just really scared me.” Brian gave a slight start as he was once again moved towards Kate’s mouth but instead of opening her mouth she pressed his tiny form against her lips. The soft flesh feeling quite delightful Brian found himself being moved across her lips ever so slowly. The gentle movement generating a flight bit of friction as he was moved against the soft surface he felt a tingle run up his entire body as he penis responded. Kate felt the slight poking in her lips while she would have rather given him a more proper kiss the sort of fully body message she could give by moving him against them was about the best she could do. Brian felt embarrassed all of a sudden as he recalled how sensitive Kate was and that she could probably feel his reaction.

He couldn’t deny however that the action felt good as her warm skin rubbed against what was exposed of his. A short while later Kate stopped only after Brian shuddered and relaxed in her fingers. “ It is alright Brian it is my fault for scaring you I am sorry about that I only meant to play around with you a bit.” Brian took in a few breaths of air having just had a quite delightful full body message he only wished that he hadn’t had his swimming trunks on. All evidence of anger was gone from him at least. “ So do you forgive me?”

Brian grinned for a moment as he gasped for air. “ Forgive? Oh yeah I guess I just wasn’t ready for your teasing.” As Brian considered what had just happened he hadn’t expected Kate to behave in such a direct way though now he realized he should have. While she hadn’t done anything overly sexual with him other then give him her version of a kiss it had been enough to set him off though as he rested between her fingers he wondered if the fear he had felt and knowledge of wear he had been only moments earlier had actually helped in it.

“ But you know I do think you taste pretty good.” Brian chuckled for a moment and wondered if he should ask Kate if what they had just done could count as oral sex. After all his penis had been in her mouth as well as the rest of him. He resolved not to as even though he felt himself calming down he didn’t know if he wanted a visit again so earlier.

“ Hmm well isn’t that comforting to know who knows perhaps after we get to know each other better I won’t mind if you use me as a peace of candy.”

“ Oh that would be fun you could be my little live safer.” Realizing that he had just indicated to Kate that later on he might not mind going back in her mouth he started to voice his true opinion when he reconsidered it. Perhaps it could be fun if he could get over his fear it had been one heck of a ride after all and he hadn’t been in any real danger as he considered it. Kate hadn’t moved him towards the back of her throat after all.

“ Kate I was wondering what would have happened if you had accidently swallowed me would you have been able to spit me up.” Kate still grinning shook her head no.

“ The heat within me is to great once you get so far down my throat and if you hit my stomach it would be all gone. Still if that little bit scares you. Then you might want to consider that if I accidently twitch my fingers or accidently place my foot on the wrong spot you could be dead even more quickly.” Brian gave a slight nod deciding that he could see Kate’s point after all the slightest over reaction could easily be the death of any normal sized person that happened to be around her.

“ I guess the only thing there is to do then is to trust you.”

“ Well and refrain from doing anything silly like jumping from my shoulder. Believe it or not I have had people intentionally do that trusting that I would catch them. I caught them of course but I wish they still wouldn’t do it. While I can catch someone if I noticed right when they jump had I not been paying close enough attention to them then I might have not reacted in time to catch them.”

“ Ah well you don’t have to worry about that from me after all I am a coward at heart.” Kate giggled for a moment before giving Brian another massive kiss.

“ You seem brave enough for me. I guess I was just pushing things when I through you in my mouth and teased you like that. You haven’t been around me long enough to learn to trust me that much at least on the subconscious level.” Brian nodded his head in agreement. “ Well now I guess we need to get my saliva cleaned off you.” Kate noticing that her saliva was beginning to dry on Brian finished making her way out to the water until it went up just above her knees. Lowering Brian into it she proceeded to clean him off. Brian was grateful Kate didn’t seem to notice his ejaculation and that the water also washed away the evidence of that. Kate of course had noticed but simply refrained from mentioning it to him. As Brian was calming down and able to think better now he realized something.

“ Hey Kate could we go and get something to eat. I didn’t bother fixing myself anything this morning thanks to the little distraction you left me and we have been out playing around for a while.”

“ Oops alright I plum forgot about that I am so use to going by what time of day it feels like to me that I at times forget.” Brian chuckled feeling good enough to tease Kate once again.

“ I figured that a big girl like you would have a extremely good feel for when it was time to eat.” Kate stuck her tongue out at Brian a tongue that he had only a short while ago been trying to get off of.

“ Actually I don’t really need to eat as often as I do but I like to eat regularly to make sure my body has all the building material that it needs. If I really refrained from eating I could probably go comfortably once a day or perhaps eat a large meal every couple of days. I enjoy eating though so I try to make it a regular event.”

“ Ah then you do have something else in common with almost every other American. You are a big glutton.” Kate chuckled lightly at Brian’s comment considering the fact that if she truly was a glutton then there probably wouldn’t be any food left on the entire facility. She was able to see that Brian had recovered from his scare nicely enough. Grinning and walking back to shore much to Brian’s surprise Kate proceeded to set him back on the sand several yards away from the water before walking back out into it. Reaching down Kate rapped her fingers around one another before lightly flexing her arms. Her arms also helping to bush up her massive breast while her legs flexed lightly.

“ Brian does this body look like the body of a glutton.” Kate had chosen to set Brian down on this spot for a reason. Standing this far away from him he still had to look up at her but the overall effect of her size was decreased. Thanks to the back drop of the seemingly endless ocean and sky against her during this moment once could have mistaken Kate for a regular sized woman if they where far enough away from her. It was strange though despite her beauty Brian didn’t feel himself react as strongly as he did when she was close up or her size was apparent. This was not loss on Brian and as Kate looked at him she couldn’t help but notice it as well. Brian had also looked stunned whenever she posed for him while showing off all her massive size as well. While he still looked impressed it was no where near the same extreme.

“ You are just lucky all the fat goes to your boobs.” Kate blinked for a moment now she was sure of it. Brian had trouble smarting off earlier but now with her trying to make herself look normal size he had just proven he could be a real smart ass. Kate found a wide smile tugging at the sides of her face as she tried to hold in her giggles. A few moments later she felt her entire body shaking with laughter despite herself. A mixture of astonishment and delight working together within her. She was both amazed and delighted that Brian actually seem to feel her size enhanced her beauty. Falling to her knees as her body shook with laughter Brian grinned widely. “ Ah so I brought the big lady to her knees that will teach you to scare me.” Kate continued to shake with laughter for some time later. As Kate finally got control of herself and Brian was able to take a good look at her face he noticed a extremely warm smile on her face as well as a light blush. The mixture of sexuality, power and innocense Kate seemed to give off in that moment was almost enough to drive him over the edge.

Slowly leaning forward Kate pulled herself along the beach a bit revealing just how massive she was. The distance had seemed incredible to Brian but just by laying down and sliding herself a bit she pulled her smiling face up next to Brian. Straitening up Kate then proceeded to place a kiss that covered Brian’s entire body on him. Causing Brian to tumble over Kate simply pinned him to the sand with her lips for a few moments. Allowing his hands to message her soft pink lips for a few moments she finally set up. “ Alright little one lets go and get something to eat.” Brian nodded his agreement as Kate lifted him up. As he was being carried in Kate’s hand he noticed that he seemed to be being held some what closer to her breast then he was before. Moving over to the side of her hand and looking down he wondered if he might get to climb those mountains then again he wondered if he could make it up to the top his current physical condition. A grin formed on his face as he resolved he was going to most assuredly have to get in better shape in hopes that one day he could conquer those summits.


As Brian’s eyes opened to greet the day the first thing he felt was pain. Having spent the previous day playing around with Kate had proven to be one of the best work outs of his entire life and for someone who wasn’t use to exercise this prove to be a very painful thing. His entire body ached as he managed to roll himself out of bed. The day had started with him trying to climb Kate’s massive leg followed by breakfast and then thirty minutes later some swimming. While he had thought, the climbing was something else swimming with Kate had proven to be even worse. Every move she would make could generate a sizeable wave and she insisted on him trying some wind surfing which had proven fun but exhausting. Still unlike most he didn’t have to worry about a steady supply of wind Kate had managed to provide plenty of that just by blowing on him.

None the less he had been grateful when she had decided to let him quit and to play some catch instead. At least he had been grateful until she had began tossing him up into the air and catching him. It had taken him a while to get use to it but it was something else he was soon able to enjoy. Now though his body was making him pay for being so active after years of sloth now he could hardly move every muscle in his body aching. At least he could count the previous day at the first step of his new exercise routine. He just hoped that Kate would let him rest today and not want to go outside for at least a decade. “ Good morning sore as they get aren’t you?” Brian’s voice range out at first startling him then he recalled she could here him moving around.

“ Yeah you really put me through quite the work out yesterday.” Kate’s giggles reached through the walls.

“ Don’t worry little one I figure we can just do some talking today.” Brian let out a long sigh grateful that he was going to get some rest. When Brian finally exited his room Kate set up and scooted over to the walk way. “ So Brian if you don’t feel like doing anything outside what do you want to do today?”

“ How about you give me a message.” Brian was surprised when just after the words left his mouth he felt Kate lifting him from the walk way.

“ I warn you that it has been a while since I have tried to give someone a message at least with my fingers. I think there is a way I could get your muscles to relax a bit but you would have to stay calm.” Brian blinked wondering what Kate had in mind despite having come to trust her he had grown some what cautious of simply agreeing to what she wanted to do.

“ Why don’t you just try with your fingers?”

“ Ah come on Brian let me try the other way. It should feel better and it is a really good trust exercise.” Meaning it will scare the crap out of me. Was the pain thought in Brian’s head as he considered his options. The thought that he should just drop the idea of a message and go on with today’s activities did cross his mind. Still Kate seemed to really want to do what ever she had in mind and he figured it would be nice to get some of the soreness out of his muscles and try to get better adapted to Kate’s massive size. Though he did feel that he had come along way especially for such a few days Kate still had a over whelming presence though considering her scale he wondered if that would ever go away.

“ Well can you at least tell me what it is that you want to do to me?” Kate grinned at Brian and put on her most innocent face.

“ Nope it would ruin the surprise but if you don’t do it this is the last time I will ask and we can go with the regular message. If you do want to try it though you need to go back in your room and change back into your swimming trunks.” Brian blinked for a moment the last part having caught him off guard and made him even more worried.

“ I must admit I am concerned but all well nothing ventured nothing gained.” Kate giggled a bit as much to her surprise Brian turned and headed back into his room. A few moments later he came out once again wearing a pair of swimming trunks. Kate grinned widely as she lifted Brian from the walk way and held him in front of her face.

“ Try to relax.” A moment later Kate’s massive tongue slipped out from between her lips and moved towards Brian. Brian recalling the events of the previous day felt his fear return but since he wasn’t in her mouth was able to keep it partly in control. Kate’s massive tongue pressing against Brian her control of even this part of her body proving quite remarkable. Recalling a old commercial he quickly decided that Kate would be able to unwrap a peace of candy with just her tongue. As the tip of Kate’s tongue pressed against him Brian found himself pressed to Kate’s palm. The muscles giving a slight bit of give felt nice as did the warm saliva in all truth. Brian tried to forget just what the liquid coating him was as Kate’s breath washed over him.

This proved to be impossible as his fear wouldn’t allow it. Fear was not the only thing he felt though as his body seemed to relax as Kate moved her tongue against him a few times. Brian also felt himself becoming more and more aroused as Kate’s massive tongue played over his body. He instantly felt a temperature change though as Kate with drew her tongue so that she could speak to him. “ Try to stay calm.” Once again the words left her lips though he found out why a moment later as her tongue returned and her hand tilted a bit. Brian soon found himself on the very tip of Kate’s tongue and slowly being drawn in towards her massive mouth a few feet at a time. Kate was intentionally moving her tongue slowly allowing Brian to watch as the world vanished from around him. As Brian slid past her lips he was surprised when he was able to reach up and touch the bottom of her upper lip. A moment later though he couldn’t even reach that as he was pulled past Kate’s massive teeth.

Kate had to be careful with Brian as she moved him inside of her move pressing his little form to the roof of her mouth and rolling him about. Lightly sucking on his body she was careful to pay attention to any movement he tried to make in order to insure that he was safe. As she felt his little form though she found herself getting some what aroused herself. Moving back against one of the walls Kate began to lightly message her breast as she played with Brian’s tiny form. Being careful not to take to sharp of a breath not only since she might swallow him but she also had to make sure she didn’t pull all the air out of her mouth and his lunges.

Brian felt strange as Kate moved him about so easily the light bit of suction she generated actually feeling quite good. This included on a certain part of his body that was pushing the fabric of his trunks out. The feeling of being pressed against the top of Kate’s mouth was actually pleasant though he soon found he enjoyed it most when she moved him against the insides of her cheeks. It was a odd notion though that as he lay in her mouth he didn’t see or smell any bits of what she had eaten. Then he recalled what she had mention about even having her teeth brushed was mostly for show as the suction from her swallowing was strong enough to pull any bits of food in her mouth down into her throat. This actually unnerved him a bit as he kept his eyes closed and tried to just enjoy the warmth all around him.