Kate’s story chapter 4


“ Oh I got her in the eye it is a pretty easy shot even from this range after all here let me do it again.” Unsure of just what to do Brian turned his attention back towards Kate and watched the tracer smoke shoot by. Though he couldn’t actually see the impact the smoke showed him the general path and he was confident that Debra was indeed hitting her mark. Kate didn’t flinch or show any other reaction other then her comments and the pout on her face. It wasn’t that the bullet hurt her in the least or even tingled it was simply the fact that Debra had aimed for one of the weakest parts of her body. This was unusual for Kate who while confident in her strength was still use to people slowly stepping on the intensity and aiming for one of the weakest part of her bodies was not slowly stepping things up.

Debra just carried a wide grin on her face as she watched Kate sulk that grin faded a moment later though. “ OH that is it, you scare the daylights out of Brian when he first comes over, you comment on enjoying shooting me and now you pick a spot that is going to annoy me. You’re in for it little lady.” Debra was no where near grinning as Kate began to reach a massive hand out for her. The annoyed look on Kate’s face not only making Debra try to back away but everyone else. It wasn’t a contest though as Kate scooped the smaller woman up in her hand. Once Kate’s had left though the onlookers found themselves more then a little curious about just what was going to happen to Debra. Curiously Brian walked over to the rifle Debra had been using only moments earlier. Taking a moment to remove the scope he lifted it to his eyes. Between Kate’s setting distance and her height he was having trouble telling what she was doing.

Debra rolled onto her back as she was set down upon Kate palm now grinning up at the massive girl. She knew Kate wouldn’t risk seriously injuring her simply for being a pest now all she had to do was keep Kate from forcing her to lay down on her stomach. Regrettably for Kate this was proving to be a extremely difficult task as the agile woman would move back to her back or a standing position almost the moment she had turned her over. What made matters even worse was every time she would try to pick the tiny woman up between her fingers Debra would either dart between them or make sure she was far enough between them that Kate couldn’t give her tail a flick.

Brian marveled at this site realizing what Kate was trying to do he couldn’t help but chuckle. The fact that Debra was swift enough to keep Kate from trapping her against her stomach was kind of easy or at least when she did pin her she made sure it wasn’t in a position that would allow Kate to spank her. Of course had Kate wanted to she simply could have struck the woman and winded her but it was clear while Kate wanted a little payback she wasn’t actually willing to harm Debra. Curiously Brian wondered if he could pull of the same tactic of simply stalling Kate until she gave up. After watching Debra keep Kate from pinning herself times he resolved that wasn’t going to happen. He didn’t have anywhere near the stamina also Debra proved herself to be quite skilled with rolling with the punches as it where.

Debra eye flew wide however as she felt herself slip up Kate’s fingers managing to pick her up she found herself no where near the center. This left her bottom quite exposed. “ Got ya.” Brian felt a shiver run up his spine as he watched Kate’s finger move the slightest amount the very tip of her nail striking Debra in the rear. Everyone was holding in a bit of laughter as Kate placed the woman back down among them. Looking at her Brian didn’t see any signs that the woman was in any real pain. He noticed however as she walked she seemed to be moving some what stiffly. “ Naughty little girl.” Was the only thing Kate said before returning to her previous spot. Kate didn’t notice the grin return to Debra’s face. Brian did however and considered asking her what she was smiling about but decided not to. After all he would most likely be riding back to the main land with Debra.

For her part Debra was happy she could still at least trick Kate into going easier on her then what she normally would have. It hadn’t been the first time she had gotten this kind of treatment from Kate after all the two knew each other and regularly picked on one another. That was in part the reason she knew how to avoid Kate’s fingers apart from being part of several of Kate’s training exercises. As she walked back to her original position she remembered not to take her seat though. Even if she wasn’t really hurting she had to at least pretend that her bottom was sore. “ All well I guess my turn is over with now. So why don’t you go ahead Brian after all if a sniper rifle isn’t going to hurt her you don’t have to really worry about yours doing any damage. Considering the ammo for my rifle has better penetration power.” Brian was rather quick to shake his head in the negative.

“ No thanks I stick by my previous decision.” He didn’t bother mentioning that what had happened only moments ago had made him resolve to stick with that choice even more so. There was a bit of laughter from the other soldiers who didn’t seem so eager to take their turns either. Of course Kate couldn’t have any of that after all she had called them out here so she could show off a bit.

“ Well then I guess it is up to you fellas. Hey David why don’t you hit me with something larger then what Debra was using.” David visibly sighed at this having seen what happened to Debra only moments ago he wasn’t sure if he wanted to go along with this. Shrugging he didn’t see any reason to argue and thus began to select his weapon. Brian felt a little strange when the man pulled up what he thought was an anti-aircraft launcher. Though the rocket looked rather strange for taking down air-craft. Debra noticed the curious look on Brian’s face and decided to inform him.

“ That is an anti-armor vehicle rocket incase you are wondering just what it was meant to take out. It probably wouldn’t take out a modern tank to be honest with you but it would be quite dangerous if it hit a troop carrier or anything else.” Brian gave a understanding nod and a moment later watched the rocket shoot from the weapon. The explosion he heard a few moments later made him wish he had covered his ears. Curiously he turned in Kate’s direction and saw the debris falling from her stomach area and actually found himself stunned as he watched Kate dust off the spot. He was quickly beginning to agree with Kate that it required seeing something to bring it all home to ones full appreciation.

“ Do you think you could fire one of those at the ground?” David looked over at Brian for a moment not really needing any help to figure out why he wanted to see one of the rockets strike something other then Kate. A comparison was often handy as far as showing off after all. A moment later Brian watched as the rocket tore up a good deal of ground more then enough to prove to him the weapon was powerful enough to take out some armored vehicles. A third rocket found its way to Kate once again striking her stomach area. The same effect happening as before Kate didn’t seem to mind the impact at all. Though she did take a moment to raise her arms above her head and flex her stomach muscles. Kate for her part was quite a bit more amused then usual normally when she was being shelled it was pure testing and she wasn’t suppose to move. At the moment though she was getting to put on a show for her little friend.

A curious idea came to her though as the fourth rocket was loaded and fired the rock never actually made it to Kate stomach. Instead Brian found himself looking on in shock as Kate’s massive hand struck out with horrific speed and caught the weapon in rout. Of course it exploded the moment she wrapped it within her massive fingers but the effect was still quite impressive. Brian had to constantly remind himself that Kate often moved more slowly then what she was truly capable of. After all if she simply lifted people up at a rate proportional to her size and what her size would allow the odds of them surviving was rather slim. Considering that moving at her full speed Kate would pick someone up and stand up in the same time it would take a human to reach down pick up a drop coined and stand all the way back up and traveling a couple hundred feet that quickly wouldn’t have been pleasant.

That wasn’t actually what would have been most likely to injure or kill them though as more then likely it would have been the actual act of Kate’s hand hitting someone. She had to constantly remember to keep her motions slow and controlled so she didn’t apply to much pressure. Brian felt a little curious as he watched Kate begin to shake after the fourth rocket and slammed into her. He worried about her for a moment until he noticed she wasn’t in pain but rather trying to hold in her laughter. Everyone held back for a moment wondering what was going on until David finally called out. “ Hey what is wrong did I find a ticklish spot?” Kate continued to hold in her laughter but she found the strength to shake her head in the negative.

The thing that Kate found herself so amused over was the spanking she had given Debra earlier. She had meant this to show off what she can endure but she had also found a way to show off how well she could control her body and her reaction speed as well. The thing she found so amusing was the method by which she had showed off her control over herself without even realizing it. “ Don’t. tehe..worry about me. Hehe keep going.” Brian gave the others a curious glance to which they shrugged and fired off the last of the rockets they had brought with them. Placing the actually launcher itself back within its storage case attention fell to a few of other items that had been brought along. As the people looked around it was an unspoken decision to move onto the main cannon the artillery cannon that had been brought along. A few men had already begun setting it up a task helped by the fact that Kate had set it down in a good position.

Curiously Brian looked at Debra. “ So what are you going to be loading into that thing?”

“ Depleted uranium shells.” Brian’s mouth nearly hit the ground which sent Debra into a fit of laughter. “ Just kidding no that would be going too far, that can only be done during official testing. These are pretty much standard shells but they are the biggest things we were authorized to use. Though after this perhaps you will be willing to try out a few of the smaller weapons on Kate.” Brian just gave a nod though he still didn’t plan on testing Kate after all what if he hit a area that Kate didn’t like. Plus he had noticed how she had approved of his decision not to use a weapon on her even though he knew it wouldn’t harm her. He wasn’t about to lose that just for a few moments of fun with a assault rifle. His thoughts where taken from this upon hearing the cannon fire the shot slamming into Kate. To Brian’s surprise the shot being fired wasn’t nearly as loud as he expected it to me.

Kate for her part was wondering how to make this more entertaining. Her little show with Debra had kept them focusing on her stomach area. She didn’t really mind it but she wanted to make things a little more fun. Realizing she wouldn’t have much time to think thanks to them only have five rounds total and having just fired one off Kate called out. “ Hey why don’t you try aiming for these? See if those little shells of yours are enough to even get them to move.” Kate proceeded to give herself a slight shake sending her massive breast swaying from side to side. This took Brian’s mind strait off the weapon as he found something far more enjoyable to watch a reaction that Kate had been hoping for.

A moment later one of the shells struck the very top of one of Kate’s breast. The shell having been aimed so that it arced rather sharply into the sky to build up some speed. Kate felt the impact a curious look appearing on her face. The brief impact was firmer then Brian’s little weight but she decided it wasn’t nearly as fun. Even if it wasn’t for the fact that it was simply a shell the fact that the feeling lasted for such a short while simply wasn’t enjoyable. She preferred the constant pressure of a little person’s weight by far. It was a little surprising to all that the shell didn’t succeed in making Kate’s breast bounce in the least. They knew that a concentrated stream of water from enough of the fire hoses was capable of shifting those massive gloves ever so slightly.

Deciding to wonder about that later on two more shells hit Kate’s breast in rapid succession. This got a giggle from Kate as she looked down at the little fire crew. “ Don’t waste all of your shells on one breast I mean you already used up four. Give my other tit a little attention.” The last statement got Brian’s complete attention as Kate’s eyes seemed to shift from the firing crew and look at him for a moment. Even if Kate hadn’t been talking to him directly he felt a bright blush cover his face as he realized that he did tend to favor her right breast over the left. He didn’t mean to but that was the side he was simply use to being on. At least he could change that if he got a chance to explore anymore of Kate’s body. As the crew took a few moments to figure up the required changes to the angle of fire it was a few moments before the final shell struck Kate’s left breast. Kate could continue to allow herself to be shot with smaller arms fire until the last of the ammunition was used but Brian would never really pay attention to this.

He was to busy thinking about what he had seen with the cannon. The fact that cannon fire wasn’t even able to affect Kate’s massive breast at least in any ways visible by his eyes. He was also found himself dwelling on thoughts of her massive body and hopes that he would get to explore that wonderful for which had just demonstrated that even cannon fire couldn’t harm it. Kate waited patiently for the last of the ammunition to be used up though she paid little attention to the weapons fire striking her body as her gaze kept meeting Brian’s. She rather enjoyed the admiration in his eyes though that didn’t mean she wasn’t going to cancel her plans. She still wanted to see how Brian would respond to some of her other games. Only until the last round was spent did Kate finally speak up. “ All out of bullets?”

“ Seems that way so what is up next?” Kate grinned down and stood back up to her full height. Slipping her close back on she considered keeping them off so she wouldn’t have to worry about tearing anything while playing other games. She decided against this though as the extra handicap might make things more amusing.

“ Well first I am going to take the equipment and everyone back to the main facility. Once there I recommend that if anyone needs to use the rest room they take care of their business right away. Even if you don’t think you need to I advise you to give it a shot since this next activity may be a bit much.” Most everyone in the group simply nodded their agreement if Kate was dancing around her words it meant she wasn’t planning on telling them. Brian couldn’t help but notice one thing as Kate gathered up the equipment and the others. He wasn’t sure if Kate was meaning to but she was carrying him in a different hand away from all the others. She had done it when she brought them out though it didn’t seem strange. Now as she carried them once again and was actually organizing the materials in her hand the act seemed intentional.

He didn’t bother mentioning it at the moment figuring it might seem rude to the others. Also he wanted to see if Kate really was giving him special treatment or if it was simply his imagination. After all considering that it had only happened two times now he didn’t feel quite ready to make any conclusions or hypothesizes. He was curious what Kate had planned though as he recalled what she mentioned previously during breakfast and her advice that they should use the rest room he figured it was either physically active or was going to scare the day lights out of them and she simply didn’t want to scare the crap instead.

Kate surprised Brian though as they returned to the base instead of setting him down from her hand as she unloaded her other she proceeded to rotate her hand. Letting him slide down towards bottom area three of her massive fingers folded in to leave her thumb and index finger free. The three fingers that folded in also served to cover him up and hold him place. Despite the fact that it would have probably been easier for Kate to set him down she seemed to prefer to keep him in her hands as long as possible. Only after she had unloaded everyone and everything from her left hand did she finally set him down. Now he was sure Kate was taking steps to keep him close to herself as much as possible and couldn’t help but blush a bit. “ Debra would you mind showing Brian where the rest room is he hasn’t been in any of the structures except for my room. At least not very often.” Debra gave a nod and patted Brian on the shoulder before leading him towards the building.

Kate absently wondered if it was a good idea to ask Debra to do her a favor after only recently giving her a spanking. A giggle came from her as she resolved if she did do something she would just get another spanking.

Brian didn’t bother inquiring just what had been planned next as they made their way back out of the building. Debra had been nice enough not to pull any pranks on him though he felt that had more to do with them being inside of a military structure now then it did with Kate. As they made their way back outside though he couldn’t help but feel a bit nervous as he noticed Kate’s fingers tapping the ground a clear sign that she was eager. “ So is everyone all taken care of?”

“ We think so. Anyway just what do you have planned now?” Debra walked to the front of the group she knew Sheila had told them to play along with the days activities but she hadn’t told them what would be happening past the shelling. The fact that Sheila hadn’t mentioned it to her was something Kate found quite amusing.

“ I figured we could play some tag and of course I will be trying to catch you. Out running you little ones is just way too easy.” Brian was a little curious now considering that there was no way any of them could out run Kate. All she would have to do is set down and form a circle with her legs to trap every one of them in a moment. Kate noticed the curious look on Brian’s face and couldn’t help but giggle. “ Don’t worry I am not planning on you using your tiny little legs to try and out run me. You are going to be using some atv’s and get a head start oh but Brian I want you to hang close to someone.” Brian gave a slight nod and started to climb into Kate’s hand the moment she bent down and lowered her head. He never got the chance though as Kate simply picked him up and deposited him in her hand.

The same method as when she was setting the equipment down was then used to pick the others up. Kate making use of her index finger and thumb while her three other fingers folded in against her palm and kept Brian from falling. The fact that Kate was once again holding him in a separate hand then the others was noted as well as the fact that she had chosen to pick him up first. Now he was getting fairly certain that Kate was either doing this subconsciously because she liked holding him or intentionally. This of course had the effect of petting his ego that Kate was actually setting him apart from the others. He just hoped she was setting him apart because he meant something to her.

As Kate gathered up the little people within her hands she didn’t even think of putting Brian with the others. The fact that her one hand was more then large enough to carry every single one of them didn’t really register. This was one of the times that Brian really enjoyed being separate from the crowd. He actually found himself enjoying the experience enough that as they arrived at their destination and Kate began to set them down. The moment her three fingers wrapped around him so she could settle the others down he gave the palm of her hand a kiss as well as each of her fingers. Kate noticed this of course and giggled a bit a blush covering her face. One thing good about being a giantess is that she could play with Brian without anyone seeing him. She had considered the fact that she could place him down her shirt and walk around without anyone really knowing where he was or that he was even with her.

This had been the case while she had been talking to Sheila though she had wished at that time that he hadn’t been with her. Brian was even more positive that he didn’t want to be set down when he saw what was setting before him. A few four wheelers one for each of them actually. “ Now where did those come from?” Kate turned her attention towards Brian.

“ They are mostly used for looking over the island some of the areas are to heavily forested for a hummer to get through and these cause less of a disturbance. Though for today they are going to be your means of escaping. I am going to give you all a head start to go where ever you want except to the main compound. Then I get to try and catch you it should be fun and it will give me some experience catching fleeing vehicles.” It took Brian a moment to take this in but he could imagine why Kate would need to be able to catching a escaping vehicle without destroying it. Still he wasn’t so sure he liked the idea of trying to avoid Kate’s massive hands. He actually found himself feeling a little ill as he looked up at Kate’s towering form though she still had her knees bent. The thought of such a massive lady trying to catch him was more then a little intimidating.

He had been picked up by her enough that he didn’t worry about it to much at least normally. Now he was expected to be on a fast moving vehicle though which would indeed add some extra danger to the situation. “ Hey Kate why don’t I just hang back with you?” The look Kate gave Brian a moment later told him that wasn’t going to happen. The wide grin on her face was one he had seen a few times before occurring most often when she was about to pull a prank of some kind.

“ Sorry little one but I need all the practice I can get not that I haven’t practiced at this before. Now you be sure to stay close to one of these other guys though to make sure you don’t do anything silly.” Brian gave a slight turned and turned towards his vehicle climbing on he started to start the engin when he felt Kate lightly tough the top of his head. Looking strait up he marveled at how even with her fingers finger pointing strait down it covered a large amount of the four wheeler. “ Your helmet goes on first tiny.” Kate chuckled as she watched the little people climb onto their preferred four wheeler before standing up to her full height. Looking over her shoulder. “ I am going to go set down behind my room and give you all a head start then I am going to try and catch you.”

No one waited for Kate to get seated the moment she turned her head everyone was off. Brian having to remember to stay close to someone was going to stay close to Debra but realized that the woman would most likely use him as a decoy. Instead her found himself riding along side one of the other soldiers though he didn’t know the man’s name. He figured if Kate trusted him then he might as well. “ We best be on our way to the beach.” Brian turned his head in the direction of the his partner.

“ Now hold on a moment won’t the sand make it even easier for Kate to find us?”

“ You would think so wouldn’t you? Actually that is why we are going there Kate is probably going to stay on the solid ground for a longer time period. We aren’t trying to hide from her after all she can find people without these machines giving us away. So we are going to try and put some distance between her and us. I would normally want to head towards the forest if something larger then me was chasing me. Hope that the trees would slow them down but that isn’t going to happen with Kate. So the best thing we can really do is go to a wide-open area that there won’t be anything to delay us either.” Brian gave a slight nod figuring the fellow at least sounded like he knew what he was talking about. One thing bugged him about the entire event though.

“ Is there anyway for us too win this?” A slight chuckle came from the fellow.

“ I can’t really think of one unless Kate accidently kills one of us I suppose that could be counted as a win. We really can’t avoid her forever after all there is only so much ground for her to cover and unlike us Kate isn’t going to tire out. We would be out of gas and tired of running before she felt the least bit of fatigue. I swear I think the only thing we have ever managed to truly beat Kate at is when she is trying to defend a target. That is as of late there were the days when she could be stopped by artillery fire but those are long gone.” Brian gave a slight nod having never met Kate during those times he found it hard to imagine her under 600 feet tall. Though from the conversation he was currently having he imagined this fellow was one of the originals or at least had been around for a while.

“ You have been around for a while then?” There was a slight chuckle from his team mate.

“ No I have only been here for six years. Kate does a pretty darn good job of covering it up but she has only been so powerful for a few years now. I would have to guess 5 to be honest with you I sort of came in at the but end of her vulnerable times. Then again it might have been all the endurance testing going on back then that caused her to strengthen so much.” Settling down for the ride Brian began to absently turn his machine from side to side getting a feel for how it handled cornering. The conversation had already told him the only chance they had of lasting even a little while was to keep moving. That was going to be difficult though considering how much more quickly Kate could walk then they could ride. He had resolved that the only way to really draw things out was to try and avoid Kate every time she reached down for them.

“ Does Kate always chose games that she is going to win?”

“ Yeah the only time she doesn’t is when someone manages to surprise her. Why don’t you think she plays a lot of bored games?” Brian just chuckled even Kate had her flaws after all and despite her being a good winner it seemed that she was a poor loser. This wasn’t to out of character though as he imagined thanks to her size and strength Kate was very accustomed to winning.

Kate for her part had been counting the moment since she had set down. She didn’t want to stand up too quickly or she would catch sight of her targets and that would ruin the fun. Over taking all of them at once just wouldn’t last long enough and she wanted to give them time to spread out not to mention locate a decent hiding spot. As she counted down the final moments though having given them a fifteen minute head start she couldn’t restrain herself any longer. Standing up to her full height she surveyed the area where the little vehicle had left from. Following the tracks as far as she could she noted they traveled in a small group until it hit hard ground and the tracks became harder to locate. The brush helped her in this task as it at least gave her a idea of where they had went off to.

A smirked formed on Kate’s face as she realized that Sheila had chosen some good people for these games. She couldn’t hear their vehicles and going by the sounds of their engines when they first took off they had went full speed the entire time they had been running. This had put a good deal of distance between herself and them enough that she imagined they could continue running at a reasonable speed. Had they been to close she would have been able to hear the sound of the tiny motors and been lead almost strait to them. They had also waited until they reached some solid ground before braking up at least she assumed they had broken up. It wouldn’t have been an effective strategy for them to stay together as she would have been able to catch them all at once.

Biting her lower lip Kate regretted the amount of time she had spent walking around as she noted the damage to the ground. One reason she had trouble following the smaller vehicle through the weeds was they had chosen to take areas that she had walked on. That meant the ground was crushed quite flat and it was hard to see where they had gone. At last she settled on a direction and began to make her way towards the forest bobbing her head lightly. Sheila had chosen some good people but they seemed to be more use to playing hide and seek with Kate then catch. Absently she began too more skip then walk the power shock waves that where sent out tending to have a intimidating effect on her prey. This was often useful as it would cause them to panic at least most the time and draw her attention. As she began to move away from the spot she stopped for a moment giggling hearing the sound of a tiny engine running. “ I can hear youuuu.”

The fact that the machine stopped for a moment only made Kate chuckle even more. She had picked up on the sound of the little vehicle and already had an idea of what direction it had went in. The only thing turning off the engine was going to help was catching up to her little prey. David had felt his heart skip a bit as he had heard Kate’s voice calling out seeming in his direction. He had played hide and seek with Kate before and felt relaxed with her but this game was having a entirely different effect. While in other games the objective was to simply remain hidden and avoid being noticed in this one he was expected to try to escape her. This meant he couldn’t simply find a hiding spot and resign himself to his fate as he had done during previous games. This seemed to bring an element of fear into the game without the buffer of resignation even if he knew Kate wasn’t actually trying to harm him.

Why did she have to skip like that though? The impact of every foot step she took as she grew closer seemed to raddle his ribs. How close was she? Looking around for a moment he wished the others hadn’t taken off and simply left him. That way one of them might have been caught before he had been. A glint of metal caught Kate’s eye hiding amongst the trees she saw the reason he had fallen behind the others or she assumed he had. David-had attempted to take his vehicle up a rather rocky path causing a delay. David felt his stomach sink as he saw Kate approaching remembering that he was supposed to try and avoid her the only problem was he didn’t know if she had seen him. If he had gone unnoticed he could simply wait for her to leave.

He didn’t think that he could out run her as he found himself admiring Kate’s size. At first he had been thinking the rock path he had taken would delay his pursuer. He didn’t know why he had thought that though simply considering Kate’s size it should have been obvious they where nothing more then pebbles compared to her. His mind simply couldn’t recognize that though until he could see Kate so close to them. The fifty foot trees were basically grass in comparison to this enormous young lady. Kate had of course noticed where her little target was and couldn’t help but feel amused. He had gotten himself stuck trying to climb a massive rocky slope part of a hill that was remarkable high. If she had been standing on ground level it might have almost came up to her pretty knees.

Kate considered simply reaching down and picking up her little target but chose to have some fun. Deliberately she began to walk through the trees towards him this was to much for David who remembering his job decided to act. He knew Kate had noticed him and knew the futility of the situation but still he started the engine back up and tried to climb the hill. This got a chuckle from Kate as she watched the slow progress. “ I don’t think you are going to get away from me tiny.” David felt like an ant trying to climb a steep incline no worse then that the ant would be making more quicker progress compared to him. Of course even if Kate wasn’t picking him up just yet she sure wasn’t helping things. Each foot step she took would shake the ground she had gotten so close to him. Looking back he realized what was taking her so long each step Kate was taking was remarkably small at least for her.

Every time Kate would intentionally place her foot down upon the path she imagined David had traveled. Showing off the fact that she could simply walk over the path that had taken him so long to travel. It wasn’t the same as an ant with a human though since every time Kate would place her foot upon the ground the rocks would compress into a powder beneath that horrific weight. This actually served to make David feel all the more helpless and full his fear of the situation. He was confident Kate wouldn’t harm him and he had been involved of her games of hide and seek. Still the fact that he was suppose to try to escape from her and indeed was caused a level of fear to kick in. While he had simply refused to attempt to escape and resined himself to the fact that if she caught him it was over previously this was a different story. Despite all the time he had spent working with Kate he was scared.

Kate liked thinking of herself as a good person one that didn’t bully others. Still she had to admit a side of her enjoyed David’s reaction and that was exactly why she was drawing it out. Showing him how easily she could destroy obstacles that had delayed him to no end. Perhaps if he was even volunteered to play another game with her he wouldn’t make such a silly mistake. It ended though as Kate approached him noting the little bit of progress he had made. Bending down she extended her fingers for the little vehicle and its driver. As the shadow of Kate’s massive fingers feel over him David couldn’t take it. Panicking he jumped from the vehicle and began to scramble up the rocks. This action actually took Kate aback a bit and got a light chuckle from her. “ Now come it is time to give up.” Kate still took her time picking up the atv before finally reaching down and lifting David into the air.

“ Now if you can’t out run me with your little toy did you think you could escape me?” Kate grinned down at the little figure who still seemed to be some what unnerved by the whole situation.

“ Yeah… I suppose I was.” A slight chuckle came from Kate at David’s reaction.

“ Well you gave it your best shot now why don’t you kill the engine? The key is a little too small for me to reach.” Kate watched as the little figure walked across her palm and shut down the engine. “ You know David you surprised me back there. Don’t tell me after playing hide and seek with me so many times that a little game of tag scared you?” David considered denying it to telling Kate that he had only been playing around or to be truthful. Either answer could have consequences if he said yes then she might decided that he needs to spend more time with her getting scared but if he said no she could decide that meant he should be in more of her games and might start requesting him.

“ Yeah I was pretty scared to be honest with you. You are kind of intimidating you know.” This got a slight chuckle from Kate.

“ In that case I suppose it would be best if I took you back to the facility. No running off though and making me capture you a second time.” David let out a long sigh he had feared the worse when Kate had said in that case. He was actually quite pleased to here she was going to be taking him back to the main facility. The thought that he could just drive back did cross his mind but if he didn’t mention that to Kate and simply let her carry him back it would give the others time to put some more distance between themselves and her. Of course that distance was ultimately limited the further point being half way around the island and that didn’t take Kate long to travel to. At least some could possibly make for the interior of the island which would require area to explore a wider area.

Kate felt silly as she held the tiny atv between her fingers having allowed David to climb down from her hand. She had carried him all the way back to the main facility when she could have simply let him drive himself back. Having spent so much time on exercises that required her to carry those she captured back she hadn’t even thought about allowing him to drive back until she was about to set the vehicle down. She felt silly and a little annoyed that she had been delayed though she knew there wasn’t a way for her to lose this game. Giving David a crooked grin she wondered if he had thought about driving back and simply not mentioned it to her. She resolved that he hadn’t and it would be better not to ask and find out for sure. After all if he had simply neglected to point this out to her she would have to think of something to get some payback.

David felt a shiver run up his spine at Kate’s grin and was even more nervous then before as he watched the massive female walk away. Absently he wondered if his choice had only served to exacerbate his situation. In truth Kate had no intention of doing anything to him she simply wanted to make him a little nervous. Now she had to go and find the others curious to wether or not they had capitalized on the delay or if they had known anything about it. If they had continued moving they would have made good use of it while those that simply chose a hiding spot would be the first to get caught since they would have put the least distance between themselves and Kate.

Kate second target didn’t take her long to find at all as she took the same path as she had when she located David. A little ways up the track she saw the vehicle and driver simply setting there. “ Hey I thought you where suppose to be trying to escape not drive a little ways and park?” Kate’s voice showed a little annoyance after all they where suppose to be playing along not simply giving up. David had done something silly and made himself easy to catch however simply stopping and setting around wasn’t something Kate had expected. Kate instantly realized she had a new person as they visibly jumped when Kate spoke. Though her voice only carried a little frustration it was clearly enough to scare the driver. Then again the person might have been around for a while since they didn’t panic and start running the moment Kate sounded annoyed.

“ Sorry it is just well I ran out of gas.” Kate felt a little stunned having not expected a valid reason. Slowly her frustration turned to amusement and she found herself giggling fairly amused by the turn of events. Reaching down she didn’t say a word as she retrieved the little vehicle as well as the driver. Recalling how she had delayed herself with David she considered carrying what was so far her easiest catch though it took longer then the first. As she noticed how the driver moved about she resolved not to realizing how nervous they where. They hadn’t even taken off their helmet so far.

“ Well I guess I should take you back as well. Hmm you know I wonder if you running out gas wasn’t an accident. I am going to have to talk to Sheila and see who was in charge of making sure everything had a full tank.” Kate was a bit surprised by how quiet her little passenger was as she carried him back to the facility. Placing him near David’s atv she noticed that he was no where in site. This got a snort from Kate as she wondered where he had ran off to. She would have to worry about that later on though she still had three people to capture. She didn’t think that Brian would be much of an problem even with all the time he had spent with her he was new to these games. Also she expected he and whomever he was with to be playing fair Debra on the other hand she knew would cheat.

Turning her attention towards the person, she had just carried back. “ Would you do me a favor and look around for Debra in case she back tracked?” Kate didn’t bother sticking around after she had been told they would. As she began to head out Kate quickly changed direction stepping over the little person she had recently returned. He might have been treated to quite a nice view had not a scream escaped his lips and he fell to the ground. Of course there was also the matter of the lack of light which would have most likely made it difficult to see so far above him even if he hadn’t been on the ground covering his head. No one could have back tracked past the same path as Kate had been searching so she knew if anyone was going to attempt to make it back to the facility the safest bet would be to simply circle the island. A rather time consuming activity but it would keep them moving. At least time consuming if their legs weren’t several hundreds of feet long or on a vehicle faster then a four wheeler.

The facility in general was off limits which would make it the best place to hide and the most assured way of getting back to it would be to simply take a trip around the island itself. A grin formed on Kate’s face as she waited until she had cleared the facility including where she knew the underground sections where and then began to truly walk. Kate’s legs would travel several hundred feet into the air and then slam back down upon the ground in the same time it took a normal human to take a step. This causing her legs to move far more quickly then normal and hit with a horrific amount of power far more then her delayed steps normally took.

Brian could have sworn he felt a tremor quickly jerking his head around he would have sent his vehicle plowing into Jacob if Jacob hadn’t noticed and quickly moved away. “ Careful now something got you spooked?” Brian felt his face redden a bit realizing what he had almost done.

“ Yeah sorry about that. I thought I felt the ground shake and well I can’t help but feel a little silly.” Jacob brought his vehicle back along Brian’s now the two of them having slowed down to a reasonable speed the most full efficient for the time being.

“ Now why would you feel silly? I admit it is a little strange to be running away from such a attractive young woman but still.” Brian chuckled for a moment instantly grateful that Jacob was a little old for Kate.

“ It isn’t that it just seems kind of silly I mean this is like to insects trying to escape someone except Kate is even more observant you know. I just can’t help but feel a little silly besides I haven’t played catch in a while.”

“ Hmm I can’t say that I agree with you there I mean yeah your not kids either of you but there is nothing wrong with a little out door fun. Especially for you since you two seem to be a couple now and if your feelings strange that Kate would want to perform such a activity don’t, be. This is good exercise for her well a good exercise.”

“ Would you mind elaborating on that a little bit?”

“ The exercise?” Brian gave his head a slight nod. “ Alright now lets suppose Kate is used as a peace keeper of some time and has to actually try and capture someone. Now you where right in comparing a person trying to flee from Kate as a bug trying to flee from a large animal in most respects. However Kate doesn’t have the luxury of simply crushing her prey flat and she couldn’t simply slam her foot down in front of the vehicle depending on the speeds it was moving at. Considering that would most likely cause the vehicle to come to a sudden stop and maybe injure the passengers. So by her trying to catch us it lets her deal with fast moving vehicles that are even smaller then a car.” Brian gave a understanding nod though he felt more nervous then before now.

“ Doesn’t that mean she might accidently injure us?” Jacob’s laughter was quite clear even over the engines and actually forced him to slow down.

“ Don’t worry Kate wouldn’t have you out here if she hadn’t done such things before and was well practiced. Still if you are worrying about accidently getting injured I suggest braking up with Kate as pleasantly as possible since the risk of accidently being killed is always going to be there every moment you are with someone so massive. I figured you would have already learned that. Anyway back to the game at hand remember even if Kate is extremely quickly she won’t risk forcing us to come to a sudden stop since we might get thrown over the handle bars. The key to prolonging this as long as possible is to keep moving and don’t let her slow you down. If she thinks, she can lift you up without injuring you she will.”

Brian was grateful for his helmet as he gave Jacob a annoyed glance. He had just been told that the only way they could draw the game out was to rely upon Kate’s kindness and the fact that she didn’t truly want to harm them. This of course was their primary advantage with competing against her but he still didn’t like listening to it. He didn’t think Jacob was being careless or anything he simply felt a rather firm blow to his ego. Even if he already knew he didn’t stand a chance against Kate in any such games to have some one say it in such a way was a pretty firm blow. Letting out a sigh he simply focused on the task at hand putting some more distance between themselves and the Titaness who was currently on the hunt.

Debra grumbled under her breath as she was held between Kate’s massive fingers she had been so shocked by Kate’s sudden appearance that she hadn’t had time to react. Kate had guessed right about the women’s plan though she wouldn’t admit to it. To make matters worse Debra had made it all the easier for Kate to catch her by panicking and slamming on the brakes. Now she found herself being carried not within Kate’s palm but actually held between to of her fingers. This of course had more of a effect them simply being carried in Kate’s open hand which still gave a sense of freedom. While held between Kate’s fingers though one was completely restricted and at her mercy the option of attempting to jump from her hand wasn’t even there.

To make matters worse Debra knew the main reason for Kate carrying her between her fingers like a tiny insect. It was a firm statement that she had caught her and made so clearly that it made Debra’s stomach turned. She liked Kate and got along with her well enough but neither of them liked to lose and Kate very rarely lost at anything to anyone. “ You are going to have to eventually chose a game that we normal sized people have a chance of winning.” This got a giggle from Kate who held the woman up before her eyes.

“ Now just why would I do that? Besides if I did that then I have no doubt that you would cheat.” Debra let out a slight huff and stuck her tongue out at Kate about the only response she could really give physically at least.

“ I wasn’t cheating I was simply trying to put as much distances between myself and you as I possibly could.” Kate gave Debra a some what scolding look.

“ Now don’t you go fibbing to me I know you where planning on circling around the island and making your way back to the facility. Then you would have parked your four wheeler and hid yourself away somewhere letting me search the island for who knows how long trying to locate you.” This got a chuckle from Debra who didn’t bother mentioning she would have let Kate search the rest of the day all night and however long she would have searched for her before realizing what had happened.

“ That is an entirely groundless claim. I was simply going around the island to get the further away from you as I possibly could when you on the groundless assumption tracked me down.” This got a snicker from Kate who despite her catching her knew that she couldn’t prove that Debra had been trying to cheat. Still the conversation was at least getting Kate to thinking. This was made apparent when Debra found herself placed upon Kate’s palm instead of being held between her fingers. This at least meant that Kate was listening to her which was always a good sign.