Kate’s story chapter 4


“ No way Brian especially now that simply feels too nice now come on with the kisses.” Brian just grinned and proceeded to do as he was bid continuing kissing the area he could reach. Kate for her part slowly settled down enjoying the sensation of the kisses and the feel of her massive weight crumbling the structure though this last one was something she wouldn’t quite admit to herself. The physical and mental stimulants of Brian’s kisses upon her breast and the casual display of her own power was quite exciting for her. Brian continued to plan kisses on Kate’s breast listening to her sighs he was quite enjoying his time as well.

After all how many guys could say they have fondled as much breast flesh as he had or for as long. The sensation of Kate’s warm skin was also quite delightful and he only regretted that he couldn’t take off his clothes. As Brian covered her breast with kisses, Kate proceeded to drag her legs throughout the structure the walls collapsing with the slightest touch of her mighty limbs. Reaching down Kate started to move a finger into her panties before realizing what she was doing. Blushing a bit she looked around glad no one was out this far to see her. Standing up to her full height she continued to let Brian place kisses on her breast as she began to walk once again. “ I swear Brian if you weren’t injured you wouldn’t just be exploring my cleavage right now.”

“ Oh great make it hurt even more.” Stopping for a moment Kate gave Brian a concerned look worried she had upset him. When she noticed the grin on his face and realized just what his comment implied she burst into a fit of giggles. Brian didn’t waste time to respond but proceeded to place several more kisses on Kate’s vibrating chest. Taking a moment to run her fingers through her hair Kate smiled fondly down upon Brian her little one.

“ Oh I am so glad they brought you to meet me.” Brian only stopped his kisses for a moment to enjoy the sensation of Kate’s massive finger rubbing his head. As Kate finger left he proceeded with the kisses as Kate continued her walk. He worked more slowly now though remembering how he had been selected to meet Kate. Curiously he wondered if they had been that good and selecting people a feeling of admiration of their efficiency began to form until a realization hit him and he found himself chuckling. Kate noticing the lack of fresh kisses being placed on her breast turned her attention towards her chuckling boyfriend.

“ What is so amusing little one?” Brian looked up at Kate.

“ I also started admiring the government for their match making ability when I remembered what you told me earlier. I suppose they hoped you would form something of a relationship with every guy they brought to meet you.” Kate was only silent for a moment before she joined in on Brian’s laughter.

“ Yeah you are right there that is one thing that you really shouldn’t admire them for. After all you’re not exactly the first guy that has been brought to meet me though you are the one that I care for the most.” Brian felt his pride puff up quite a bit the moment Kate’s words of encouragement reached his ears. Being praised by such a lovely and capable young lady doing quite a bit for his ego.

“ All well I am kind of glad their match making skills are so lacking. After all if they had been better, you might have found yourself a little one before I had a chance to meet you.” Kate grinned down at Brian taking a few more moments to pet him before continuing on her walk. As Kate made her rounds she came across the spot that she had fallen. Looking at it for a moment she noted clear signs that people had been there. She could tell where the atv’s had been dug out of the sand though she didn’t know their condition. She imagined it couldn’t have been any worse then the guys. She would have to stop by and check on Jacob later on he hadn’t exactly been talkative when she had carried him and Brian back. Bending down she ran her finger gentle over the depression remembering just what her size truly meant.

Kate falling wasn’t like a human falling her body was simply so massive that she inevitably built up a great deal of speed before she actually impacted with the ground. Kate’s falls would have been bad enough if she had fallen at the same rate as a human considering she weighed well over two hundred thousand tons. The fact that gravity worked on her the same way it did everyone else though and built up even more speed make the impact all the worse. Brian restrained himself from asking Kate any questions about where they where remembering where she planned on keeping him he saw no reason to inquire if he wasn’t going to get to look around. He didn’t have to feel curious for to long as Kate stood up to her full height and continued on her path.

Curiously he began to try and think on something to talk about it didn’t take a subject that he figured he would rather enjoy to come to mind. “ Hey Kate earlier on when you mentioned normal people friendly clothing. Is there any type of clothes that you would like to be able to wear?”

“ Well of course there is.” Brian gave a slight nod debating on how to best phrase his next question.

“ Are all those close restricted by material amount or is it the design?” Kate gave Brian thoughtful look before her expression turned to amused.

“ I think I see where this conversation is going. Is my little one wondering if his great big sweet heart as a kinky side to her?” Brian blushed for a moment but nodded his head this of course enlisted a giggle from Kate. “ Well a decent amount of outfits I would like to wear are just to inconvenient to make such as pants. I mean with my legs expanding and not just lengthening I could exactly where form fitting pants. Actually it is best if what I wear have the fewest things that are going to have to adjust. That aside not all the things I would like to have to wear are based on material restrictions or really design flaws.”

As Kate glanced at Brian she could tell she had his curiosity now as to just what she was talking about. “ Come on elaborate a little you normally don’t take any issue with teasing me after all. I mean look at where your keeping me do you think you could really surprise me?” Kate seemed to roll this over in her mind for a moment. It was true that Brian had responded well to her playful side and she imagined he had a few kinks of his own.

“ Alright but you are going to have to tell me a few things you would like to see me in. Just don’t think I am going to ask for it even if it would save material if it isn’t something I could really wear around the facility I don’t think it would be a good idea to ask for it.”

Brian gave his head a slight nod though he didn’t like it and hoped that he would get to see Kate in some of her idea outfits one day. “ Alright but you go first.” Kate gave her head a slight nod and began to consider some of the things she had seen and would like to try.

“ Well for one thing I would like to try some real shoes on perhaps even some boots. I mean these things they have me wearing right now are little more then socks. Which when I think about it don’t really serve much of a purpose I mean they don’t protect my feet I wouldn’t even…ah crap. Case in point I wouldn’t even notice if I hadn’t bothered to put any on.” This got a laugh from Brian. “ Anyway your turn.”

“ Well to be honest with you I can’t say I really like the idea of you wearing shoes. No offense but I worry they would duel your senses a little and you might not notice the group of people you would have other wise avoided.” Kate seemed to consider this for a moment.

“ Yeah I suppose you’re right about that one still you’re suppose to tell me something you would like to see me wearing not something you don’t.”

“ Well all right then.” Brian felt his mouth turn a little dry as his nerve departed him for a moment. He was about to make a wardrobe suggestion to a person many times his own size and who could injure him quite easily. However he had come to trust Kate and felt he also needed to learn to speak openly to her. “ I suppose I prefer your low-cut blouses I mean I like them in general but I wish you would show some more cleavage.” A light chuckle from Kate shook Brian slightly.

“ Sorry Brian that won’t do I have those just not right now. You saw me in one the last time you visited your going to have to be a little more original.” Brian puffed out his cheeks for a moment realizing Kate wasn’t going to let him off easily.

“ Well alright then, have you ever considered getting your clothing made with some studs of some sorts?” Brian seemed to think for a moment his face blushing at the thought before he continued. “ You know perhaps you could even have a few of them be little riding areas I sure think it would be fun to ride level with those pretty panties of yours be quite a wonderful view.” Brian was lucky he was already blushing as he finished the sentence still Kate had been pressing for such a answer and now she had gotten it. Kate for her part only felt a slight blush as she considered the idea the stimulus from the earlier bit of play with the kisses still effecting her.

“ You know that might actually be kind of fun I could keep you level with my pretty panties or maybe even my pretty pussy I bet you would like that.” Brian groaned wondering if Kate had decided to torture him for a bit.

“ Well alright so you would like to see me wearing some clothes with studs that doubled as little people transportation units. Now let me think I suppose it is my turn now though that isn’t really a complete garment.” Looking herself over Kate contemplated the various options she had to her with Brian having her mind wondering on ways that would be fun it didn’t take long. “ I wouldn’t mind if these panties weren’t so form hugging or my bra for that matter. I mean I imagine you like the outline but it would be nice if I could slip you under them without worry about crushing you. The only reason I can keep you under my bra is my nipple lifting the fabric after all.”

“ Hey now wait a bit you didn’t let me use something that you had worn before so you shouldn’t be allowed to either.” Kate grinned down at Brian and debated on showing him just how easily she could alter the rules but decided not to. In truth she was didn’t mind him pointing out such a detail though it meant she would have to think more.

“ Well alright however you just used a minor alteration so I get to use one to. I suppose I would like a bra that covered the underside of my breast completely. That way if you started asking me questions I could just trap you under my tits and feel your little body moving around without having to answer your questions.” Brian didn’t respond right away as he imagined if he would really mind such a situation.

“ You realize that would only encourage me to question you more often.” This got a giggle from Kate as he had hoped. A few moments passed as Brian attempt to think of something he would like to see Kate wearing. They where of course several outfits that came to mind but nothing that he could really consider unique or altered enough to actually count. “ I can’t think of anything that would fit the required amount of alterations.”

“ Can’t say I am doing better I mean I can think of several things that I would like to try wearing but nothing is really coming to mind at the moment. All well perhaps something will come later on anyway I think most things would be a little to extreme right now. I mean this last week with you has been expensive enough for the facility.”

“ Hey you make it sound like it is my fault.”

“ Sorry about that tiny but well you are partly to blame you get me all hyped up and I am always more active when I got company.”

“ So I suppose I should stay away and save uncle sam some money?”

“ Heck no he can go bankrupt before your visits quit coming. You need to come more often if anything. Hmm perhaps I should just keep you there and refuse to let you go home.” This comment caught Brian a bit by surprised as he wondered just how often Kate had said something that would be ill for the government. He didn’t bother to make anything of it after all he figured the worse thing he could do is point out a change when he actually liked the way it was going.

“ Now slavery has been outlawed in the united states for some time now so no braking the law.” Kate pouted for a moment before giggling.

“ It wouldn’t be slavery it would be kidnaping.” To this Brian just rolled his eyes. “ All well I guess it is time for breakfast.” Brian was a bit surprised when Kate’s fingers reached into her top parting the flesh that held him with two of her fingers she plucked him out with her other hand. Brian had been so busy with the conversation and simply enjoying the ride that he hadn’t realized Kate had made a complete trip around the island. The fact that he had been so relaxed had also given the pills time to take full effect though he was still careful with his foot.

As Brian ate he took the time to stretched his arms and legs something that didn’t go unnoticed by Kate. At first she wondered what was wrong then realized that she had placed Brian so completely in-between her breast that she had trapped his arms. Considering that she planned to keep him there for a good deal of the day she made a mental not to insure that at least Brian’s arms where free. Looking down at herself for a moment Kate took hold of her shirt. At first the action when unnoticed by Brian until he looked up and realized she was tying it at the waste making sure to draw the material taught. Brian immediately wondered if Kate had some purpose for this act or if she was simply doing this to show off her assets better.

Kate had of course came to a reason though showing off her tone stomach was a benefit. Her shirt was lose enough that she felt worried Brian might end up sliding off the side of one of her breast and that she might not catch him. This she could easily fix though as she drew the material so that it hugged her breast quite snugly. She had to be careful not to rip the material while tying it after all her breast could take a lot more pressure then her shirt. A moment later she resumed eating satisfied that she could allow Brian to ride upon her breast now rather then trapping him between them.

“ So need to go to the rest room?” Brian looked up at Kate who had finished her meal a decent bit before him but had been waiting patiently.

“ Suppose I should try considering how far out you might take me.” Kate just grinned as she lifted Brian up and took him for a quick trip back to his guest room. After taking care of business Brian was sure to wash up before coming back out to Kate. “ So back in between your breast?” Kate didn’t bother answer as she lifted Brian into the air and lowered him back down within the confines of her clothing. At first Brian was surprised to find Kate hadn’t already parted her breast with her fingers he realized rather quickly what was going on though when he looked around saw how her shirt looked different.

“ Now be careful you still need to stay off your feet but I figured you could stretch out some.” Brian gave a slide nod and chose a spot between Kate’s breast now able to recline he started to lay so that his head was on the upward slope of Kate’s breast. A moment later he changed his mind and turned himself around.

“ Hmm now what is that for?”

“ Well if I lay like this I can look up at your face or at least what bit of it I can see. Which I think it an even more lovely view then the top of your wonderful mountains.” Taking a moment to glance over his shoulder. “ Well some what more lovely those are pretty darn hard to beat.” Kate gave Brian a goofy half smile.

“ You are lucky girls my size have to get use to people looking at our breast. Hey wait a minute since you get to spend your time on my chest I think I should at least get to see yours off with the shirt little one.” Brian didn’t think much of it as he removed his shirt Kate was different.

Instantly Kate regretted making the request as she noted the bruises on his body that he his clothing had concealed the bruises she had helped cause. Kate was quick to hide the concern on her face before Brian looked up. She knew he didn’t want her feeling guilty about it. It was some what strange though she didn’t normally feel this bad when someone got hurt but then again this was her little one she was looking at not just another person. It did remind Kate of something that she had meant to do at first starting to tell Brian where they where going she simply smiled and decided it would be more amusing not to.

As Brian removed his shirt he took a moment to fold it before laying back down. A moment later he slept it under his head and simply relaxed. As Kate began to head out he didn’t question her to were they where going. After all he would be going there if he liked it or not so why bother asking? He didn’t mention it to Kate but he was also busy enjoying the feeling of more of his own skin being able to touch Kate’s. Considering how much he would enjoyed the sensation he wouldn’t have minded taking off his pants if Kate had agreed to keep him concealed and not take him out.

A cry came from Brian’s lips as he felt Kate tilt forward ever so slowly. At first he didn’t know what was going on though he was slowly sliding down Kate’s massive chest. The action as so subtle that he didn’t realize Kate was carefully controlling her movement so the slide wouldn’t be to steep. A few moments later he found himself resting at the front of her shirt as Kate settled herself down upon her hands and knees and proceeded to crawl out of her room. Brian hadn’t liked the fact that Kate had to crawl out of her room before hand but had grown use to it. Now as his position as so radically changed his dislike for the fact that Kate couldn’t simply walk out of her room was doubled. This irritation as replaced by amusement when he considered the fact that actually Kate could walk out of her room she would just end up demolishing it.

As Kate made her way outside and began to stand up she was careful with her actions once again. She didn’t want to bounce Brian around too much but she wanted to try and get around without holding him in place with her hands. As she stood up to her full height she felt Brian’s little form fall back onto her breast. Smiling and lifting her shirt a bit so that she could see him way down at the front of her wonderful tits a slight giggle came from her. “ Sorry about the lack of warning Brian.”

“ No problem.” With that Brian proceeded to make his way back up Kate’s breast actually enjoying his climb. Kate didn’t bother watching but continued on her path wishing she could ask Brian to move around more. He was suppose to be resting though and to much movement might end up with him aggravating his injuries. At least he didn’t have to worry about impacting his toe upon anything hard in his current environment. Kate’s breast where quite pleasant to the touch and he didn’t think running head long into those massive globes would be all that bad of a experience.

As he made his back too where he felt was his previous position he once again laid back taking on the same old position. Kate smiled at Brian for a moment reaching into her shirt and gently rubbing her fingers over his little form. She withdrew her hand a moment later as she came to the infirmary and took a seat. When no medical personal came out she gave the buildings roof a few light taps being careful not to damage it. This got the worker’s attention quite quickly and it wasn’t long before a nurse came out. “ Hey I was just coming back to ask how Jacob was doing.”

As the woman looked up at her Kate could tell she was more nerves then the soldiers. Unlike those that had to work outside and regularly saw Kate those that had jobs working in the interior of the facility didn’t have as much trouble. This meant they where less adapted to her however when they finally had to talk to her and it took a while for her to find her voice. At least she knew just which Jacob Kate was talking about not that they had a lot of patience in the first place. The medical center was mostly installed for rare accidents though indeed it was well stocked since when accidents did happen they could be horrific. “ He is doing fine he does have a few fractures though.” Kate breathed a sigh of relief.

Brian smiled up at Kate he couldn’t hear the person she was talking to but he could hear her well enough. Seeing that she seemed relieved at the news he absently patted a small portion of her massive breast figuring the news was good. “ Well I am glad to here that he is going to be alright, still just how did he end up injured worse then Brian?” Brian quit patting Kate’s breast right away he had assumed Jacob was entirely alright but now realized it wasn’t the case. Still from what Kate said at least she knew he was doing fine. “ Hey in there don’t stop.” Kate took a moment to look down at Brian who just grinned and proceeded to message her breast as best he could. He still didn’t want to move around a great deal. Deciding to answer the nurses questioning look before she thought she was crazy Kate turned her attention back to her. “ My little boyfriend is in my top.”

The woman was visibly stunned at this news before chuckling a bit. “ Well as far as we can tell your boyfriend up there should just be happy he is young.” Kate gave a slight not she had almost forgotten that Jacob was in his upper twenties though she wasn’t sure if that was a big enough difference to explain why he had worse injures then Brian. She supposed to leave it at that standing back up to her full height.

“ Thanks for the information and if you don’t mind tell him I stopped by.” As Kate left the woman let out a long sigh of relief absently she was grateful she had taken a shot of relaxants before she came out to talk with Kate. Other wise she probably would have been to nervous to stick her head outside of the building. As Kate continued on her path Brian relaxed into his position where he would spend the majority of the day. Letting thoughts of how he could have been the one laying in the hospital bed with a few fractures or worse leave his mind and just enjoy the ride.


Brian had no idea of just what time it was as his eyes opened up. Looking around Kate’s warmth engulfed him entirely though he couldn’t actually see where he was. After spending the previous day between Kate’s wonderful breast he had ended up spending the time between her bra cup huddled close to her massive nipple. Stretching for a moment he was relieved to find the pain in his muscles hadn’t come back over the night as he had worried the night before he would wake up having to ask Kate to let him out so he could take some pain killers. Being in no rush now he edged his way ever closer to Kate’s massive nipple and gave her a good morning kiss. The slight moan that seemed to engulf him showed that Kate approved his actions. Taking a moment Brian noted Kate’s nipple was already engorged though far more then usual. “ Did someone have a wet dream?”

The lack of a response told Brian that indeed some thoughts had been running through Kate’s head. Of course he knew she didn’t really sleep thus any wet dream she might have had was intentional. He was actually quite happy with the news though the thought of having spent the entire night on top of her breast and not even made her slightly aroused would have been one heck of a shot to his ego. After giving Kate a moment to respond Brian simply leaned forward and proceeded to place several more kisses upon Kate’s nipple until her bra was lifted and Kate’s fingers reached in to retrieve him. As Kate brought Brian out from her bra he found himself moved towards her massive lips. Pressed against them quite gently he could feel the light pull of her lips as she kissed him. This was quite a odd sensation as he often marveled how easily she could keep him pinned to her lips if she wanted to simply by kissing him.

As Kate drew him back a moment later she set Brian down on top of her shirt smiling up at his little form. “ Well are you feeling better this morning or do you need your pain killers?” Brian seemed to think about this for a moment.

“ Why don’t you let me get cleaned up and then we can talk about that after words.” Kate gave a slight nod and once again lifted Brian from atop her breast knowing that he wouldn’t want to climb down with his ankle still hurt. Setting him down near his room she watched him as he hopped upon one foot. She was at least glad to see that he could get around using those means though she still wished he hadn’t ended up being hurt at all.

“ So Brain what do you want to do today?” Brian turned his head curiously towards the wall of his room remembering how easily Kate could raise her voice to talk through them. He was grateful he wasn’t in the main area now as he wondered how loud she was truly speaking.

“ I am not really sure to be honest I still don’t think I should do anything physical.” A moment of silence passed where he imagined Kate was either thinking or chuckling. It was kind of strange but Kate had to always keep her voice down so he wondered what her true laugh sounded like or if he would be able to hear anything after the first time. “ What did you spend your time doing last night?”

“ Nothing much I couldn’t with you laying on top of my breast. When you where on my bottom I was on my stomach so I could play around on the web. Well I was able to get some things done I read a few things online.”

“ Huh and what did you read?”

“ Oh a few giantess stories tempted me to pick you up and put you inside of myself.” Brian froze when the words hit him and he wondered if Kate was laughing right now or just grinning from ear to ear. He was instantly grateful Kate couldn’t see his blush as he called out in return to her.

“ Well then we will just have to try that one day. I have been wanting to explore that cavern of yours actually.” It was Kate’s turn to blush this time though she could also feel some wetness building between her legs. Crossing them for a moment she tried to imagine what it would be like though she couldn’t dwell on it too long.

“ Yes I think we will. I could just put your little form inside of me and let you explore around the whole time enjoying your little form moving about.” Brian grinned and considered asking Kate to elaborate but opted to change the subject unsure of just how serious Kate was or if she was just teasing.

“ Read anything else?”

“ Yeah I did some reading on those oil tinkers that got blown up. I hope they find who did it soon enough.” Brian perked up for a moment he had seen it on the news and indeed felt the economic turmoil it had caused.

“ Who do they think is responsible?”

“ They suppose it is a group from the middle east though no one is really sure. There was a lot of damage and the resulting fires destroyed a lot of the evidence. Still we really need to find out who did it of course one problem is there is more then one organization claiming responsibility. I guess they like to claim they not only destroyed several ships and cost quite a few lives but the damage done to the harbor is still hurting the economy.” Kate listened to Brian as he slipped into the tub and began getting himself cleaned up before responding to her.

“ Yeah I just worry that even if we did find out who was responsible their government may not be willing to hand them over be even worse if it was a government sanctioned action.”

“ Hmm I don’t see how that would be too much of a problem if they won’t hand over the people that are responsible we could just go take them by force and if their government is protecting them we could just deal with that to. The USA wouldn’t even have to expend that many soldiers I bet if they would just let me get a hold of them. I would be glad to dig out any of the rats that are responsible for that attack and anyone who tried to protect them.” Brian froze for a moment taking a moment to remember Kate had been brought up to be a weapon. A detail that he really didn’t like. The fact that Kate was also suggesting that she would be willing to lead the charge didn’t help matters a great deal.

“ Err I can’t say I support that particular line of view. I mean don’t you think it would be better if we put some economic sanctions on them? Using military force just seems a little extreme especially if it turned out we get the wrong people. We have rushed into things like this before and regretted it.” Brian couldn’t hide the concern in his voice as he began to worry just what would happen if Kate was used as a weapon.

“ Well we can’t just let them get away with attacking us. Anyway if their government is supporting them or won’t hand them over at least I don’t think they would care what kind of sanction we put on them so long as their leaders got what they needed.”

“ Hm well what if the attack wasn’t actually committed by a third world nation but a major power?” Brian new this was unlikely of a situation but wanted to see just how willing Kate at least said she was willing to go to battle.

“ Then I hope the army lets me lead the charge and I will pound them into a third world nation for attacking us. Though I don’t think, we would have to worry about that I mean I would hope they would be willing to hand over. Still if they wouldn’t, I would gladly go over and take whatever steps where needed to bring them out.” Brian wasn’t liking the way this was going as he worried if Kate really had it in her to carry through with such a threat. He knew how kind she could be from spending time with her and how gentle she was with the people around her. Kate even put up with being locked away on the island because of a treatment that she never volunteered for. Then again he also knew she had been conditioned to be pro USA and willing to turn on anyone else.

He just wondered if Kate could really throw away her kind demeanor the person she at least seemed to be and reveal an entirely different person underneath. “ But Kate do you think you could really bring yourself to kill that many people?”

“ Brian that is like asking me if I could bring myself to kill a murderer that may hurt more people. If it meant protecting my nation, my people, I would trample anyone under foot and even give up my own life it came down to it.” Brian didn’t fault Kate for her willingness to protect her home country though he couldn’t help but worry she was a little to eager to jump into battle. Curiously he wondered if he could at least get her to give a little ground.

“ Okay lets go back to a third world nation what about the civilians that didn’t have anything to do with their leaders decisions?”

“ If they are going to protect those leaders or get in the way by any means. Then I would deal with them the same way I would deal with anything else.”

“ Kate do you really think that you could push aside that much of your humanity and kill that many people just to get to a few?” Brian’s voice was more then a little nervous though he grew hopeful for Kate’s response as she seemed to delay and think about the question for a little while. This was actually what Kate was doing though it didn’t take her long to decide and worse yet unlike Brian’s voice hers was the same cheerful tone that it always was.

“ While I would feel bad for their situation my nation takes precedence over my concern for the people of another nation. So yes I would kill as many people as I had to in order to secure my countries own standings.” Brian trembled a bit his thoughts falling back to some history lessons and couldn’t help but worry Kate’s devotion to the USA might very well be comparable to the devotion of the Nazi’s to Hitler. The sort of blind faith that she seemed to be depending on to allow her to leave eventually.

“ Well alright then I have to admit I don’t think I could do that if I was in such a situation. After all what would you do if later you found out the ones that where suspected of perpetrating the act hadn’t committed it?” The answer was far longer in coming this time as it actually gave Brian time to finish up. Drag himself out of the tub dry off, get dressed and even pop a pill. As he hopped back out onto the walk way he saw a concerned look on Kate’s face. “ Kate are you alright?”

“ I don’t know. I don’t know what I would do.” This was not the response Brian had been hoping for at least she seemed to be seriously thinking about the situation though. That was at least a good thing though he couldn’t be absolutely sure.

“ Alright one more question what would you do if you found out the government was trying to violate the rights of its people?” A warm smile once again returned to Kate’s face as she turned in Brian’s direction.

“ I would protect my people then.” Brian felt a wave of relief run through him though he still worried. At least Kate seemed to have her priorities about who took presidencies over all. Still he felt a little strange as Kate’s massive hand picked him up a hand that she seemed so willing to dip in blood. As he was pressed against her lips though that went away. “ I would protect my people and I would protect you.” Brian was struck by a realization about Kate’s personality. He didn’t know if it should disturb him or not Kate actually set priorities of who was more important to her then others. Then again he also realized that this may be a necessary development considering what she might be asked to do one day.

Kate watched as Brian leaned forward picking up on what he wanted she brought his tiny form to her lips once again. As she did Brian leaned into their warmth and proceeded to place several kisses along the form fleshy surface before leaning back. “ At least we can agree on that one. I swear though Kate I fear that your trust in the government is going to end up getting you hurt one of these days.” Kate simply grinned at her little friend as she once again laid upon her back. Setting Brian down on top of her right breast.

“ And I think you are just being paranoid.” Brian gave his head a slight nod after all they where coming from two different backgrounds. Actually he couldn’t imagine anyone having the same background as Kate.

“ Well then will you just do me one favor. If you ever feel that your rights are being stripped from you and you truly recognize it as happening. Will you please stand up for your rights as well? You’re a person and despite how you where brought up or what was done to you. You are still a human being with the same rights as everyone else.” Kate couldn’t help herself as she reached her hand up and began to pet Brian. She quite enjoyed that he showed such concern for her even if they didn’t see eye to eye and they still enjoyed each others company so much. Absently she had to shift her legs a bit as the more she talked to him the more she seemed liked him and the more attractive he seemed to be.

“ Alright I will.” Kate knew she shouldn’t have said it after all she knew she wasn’t an average person. She had to make some adjustments after all she could be quite dangerous even if she didn’t want to be. Still she couldn’t help herself Brian truly seemed to care for her as much as anyone else ever had. Also she figured she didn’t have to worry to much after all he had said if she felt her rights where being taken away and at the moment she was happy with the way things are.

End Ch. 4