Kate’s story chapter 4


“ You know I am not sure if I want to tell you this but that is as far as we need to go.” Brian slowly closed the book turning his attention back towards Kate who grinned and leaned back a bit.

“ Alright then well how about we go and eat some breakfast in that case? You have done enough already I think and should take a brake.” Kate didn’t bother waiting for Brian’s consent before she began to make her way out of her room. Having to be more careful then usual thanks to the greater length of her skirt. Despite the strength of the material getting caught between Kate’s knee and the ground was never a good thing for anything. This meant Kate had to take a moment to roll her skirt up so that she could move her legs without catching the material then allow it to fall back down once she stood up to her full height.

“ Do that really expect you to out grow that darn thing? I mean it seems so long even on you.”

“ Yeah eventually that is well in a few months it should be a decent amount above my knees and then it will just seem shorter and shorter. This is the longest they have made anything for me in a while though as normally it is more of a issue of the waste band not being able to fit me. They worked some new tricks into this one though and they hope that the waste band will be able to be adjusted enough to fit me for some time.” Brian gave an understanding nod and Kate began to walk once again when a curious looked appeared on her face. When people normally brought attention to her size and just how much bigger she was expected to get it normally caused her to feel some pain. As it would always bring up her old fear of just what the future held and how large she might truly become.

Yet this time that feeling hadn’t come not in the least. As Kate set herself down at her regular spot she looked down at Brian and couldn’t help but wonder if he had something to do with that. He was having an effect on her she knew that. The fact that he enjoyed her being so big and actually seemed eager to explore the vast expanse of her body truly delighted her. The fact that he reacted positively to her massive size and seemed to feel that it enhanced her beauty was a rather enjoyable experience for her. Though she knew that they where people that felt the same way as Brian he was after all the first one that had ever been brought to visit her. “ You know I think I would like you to set somewhere else.”

“ Like where?” Kate just grinned and proceeded to lift Brian up crossing her legs she drew the material tight. Then proceeded to place Brian down on the very top of her skirt grinning she looked down at him.

“ Now I really wish this skirt of mine wasn’t so darn long.”

“ You are not the only one.” Brian bit his lower lip for a moment debating on just how far he should go with this current line of conversation. Kate had been a lot more playful with him then usual as of late. Resolving that he was on good enough terms with Kate not to worry about her losing her temper and crushing him he decided to go a little further. “ I have to admit it is kind of a nice experience to see those massive legs of yours surrounding me. Sort of puts a whole ne perspective on getting between those legs.” Kate was instantly grateful for the massive swell of her own chest as it prevented Brian from seeing her face. The fact that she could hear him without him needing to scream also helped matters as the people that heard his comment where rather limited. Of course most everyone could hear Kate’s response as she had to put enough effort into speaking to make sure the sound waves carried all the way to Brian’s less sanative ears.

With the generous swell of Kate’s chest preventing Brian from seeing her face he had no idea of just how much he was making her blush. Though she enjoyed the comment and actually shifted her legs a bit causing Brian to be shaken just a bit. “ Careful what you say little one or I might want you to do some further exploring and I don’t think your delicate little body is quite ready for that.”

“ I don’t know I feel a bit better since this morning.”

“ Oh really then I suggest you eat up to get as much strength as you can.” A moment later Brian found a small tray set down before him. Kate having taken it from Greg and placed it on the table so she wouldn’t have to set Brian now. He didn’t jump right into eating though having decided that he need to keep Kate from getting any ideas in her head. In truth his body was still rather sore and he needed to get more work done.

“ As much as I hate to I am going to have to decline your offer after all I still need to get some work done.”

“ Offer? Who is making an offer?” Brian locked up for a moment as he turned his head and tried his best to look up at Kate’s face trying to see if she was playing with him or not. This was about the only thing he hated about setting in Kate’s lap so close to her body. He couldn’t really get a good look at her face.

“ Now come on Kate I really need to get some more work done after this.”

“ Well alright but I recommend working slowly if you want to have that excuse for later on.” Nodding his head Brian didn’t bother teasing Kate for the rest of the meal not quite sure how serious she was about her threat. He knew Kate had a playful side and was indeed learning more and more about that side of her. Especially during the previous day. As Kate took a moment to take a few mouthfuls of her food she wondered if she should really let Brian off the hook so easily for his teasing. After all it wasn’t very nice of him to get her worked up without actually meaning it.

“ Just what do you have planned next anyway?” Brian was quick to stuff his face with another mouthful in order to delay answering Kate’s question. Taking a moment to recall just what all he had to get done before the day was up. There where a few things he knew he could put off for a while longer but that wasn’t really what he was looking for at the moment. Also he wasn’t really in a rush to get back to his assignments so he opted for one that he figured Kate wouldn’t have much interest in.

“ I have to get some work done for chemistry 2 I am a little further behind then I would like to be.” Kate didn’t respond right away of course this was another one of the things he figured Kate had no experience in dealing with. As he considered this he imagined Kate trying to work with the standard sized vials that chemistry students get to make use of. Even with her self control he doubted she could pick one of those up without tearing up the ground it was setting on. Then tipping it and pouring out precise amounts would have been entirely out of the question. Plus their was the little fact that the time Kate could really make use of such knowledge would be if she was working as a back up industrial mixer.

“ You know that might be kind of fun to look over I can’t say that I have any experience working with such things. Still I doubt that you are going to be working with any chemicals while you are here.” It was Brian’s turn to be grateful that Kate’s bust kept her them from looking directly at one another as he didn’t think Kate would like seeing his surprised look. At first he considered telling Kate that he didn’t really feel like trying to teach her anything but decided that would be too rude. Also he didn’t know exactly what Kate had in mind to be off help. He was just going to be working with a lot of math after all in order to practice converting things such as delusion.

“ Well alright but if you didn’t like my math work I doubt you are going to like this.” Brian was shaken a bit by one of Kate’s giggles.

“ Oh well if I can’t help you myself I know of a few people that can. I wonder if I could borrow one of them for a while.” Brian didn’t have to guess just whom Kate was talking about considering the scientific team that was in charge of studying her. She probably knew plenty of people that had forgotten more then he was going to ever know. A few moments later Kate finished off the last of her meal leaving Brian to try and keep up with her. He hadn’t been paying enough attention too just how fast Kate was really eating despite their conversation. Kate didn’t mind waiting though as she let Brian finish up his meal before taking the entire table away and depositing them back on the ground.

It was Brian’s turn to feel lacking as Kate performed the operations that had taken him a semester in chem. 1 and half of chem. 2 to really get a grasp on. While Kate wasn’t very good at dealing with overly complex formulas, she quickly showed a remarkable talent for converting between different forms of measurement at a remarkable pace which was actually one of Brian’s largest short coming. All he had done was told Kate was what the scientific symbols stood for and she would simply use division and multiplication to eliminate them until she got the proper amount. “ You have had to work with measurement conversions before haven’t you?”

“ Oh yeah it is pretty regular after all I rarely get given told things by tonnage. Would you believe they have actually told me the amount of food I eat in volume instead of tons before?” Kate wasn’t actually writing anything down as she worked with Brian instead she was simply typing it on her computer screen. The fact that she has quicker access to a calculator thanks to the program had a hand in her getting a head of course. Still Brian found her ability to convert from different forms of measurement to be fairly impressive. Kate for her part was just glad to see that she could indeed do some college work though she knew doing any type of lab projects would be completely out of the questions. Brian continued to work along with Kate actually having to catch his own mistakes by seeing what she had done.

It actually surprised him when he looked up and caught site of the time realizing that Kate had actually helped to speed his work up considerably. The fact that she had chosen to read his literature book to him had been the most help though as it meant he didn’t need a brake to give his head time to stop pounding. Finishing up the last calculation Brian all but slammed the book shut just happy to get the work completed. Curiously he leaned back in his seat and began to count his assignments while it had seemed like a great deal only a short while ago the fact that he had just about everyone completed actually made him feel a little smug. “ So is there anything else you need to get done?”

“ Actually no I am pretty sure that I got everything done. I was able to get all my work for my computer and video class finished up at least for this week before I came over. So I suppose I have the rest of the day to just set around and relax.” Picking up his books Brian wondered for a moment just how he was going to negociate his way up back up to his room. Considering he didn’t exactly like the idea of climbing up the ladder while carrying a arm load of reading material. Kate saved him from this problem as she lifted him up and placed him on the walk way.

“ Well then I am going to return the chair and table and then we can decide on what to do for the rest of the day.” Brian gave his head a slight nod when he realized something looking at the table as Kate picked it up he could have sworn it was the one he normally ate at while visiting her. At first he started to ask her where she had gotten it from then resolved not to the question would seem rather silly. After all they where bound to have more then one of them the chair on the other was a different matter.

“ Hey Kate before you go I was wondering just where did that chair come from? I mean I realize this is a military installation but you don’t exactly see those just laying around all over the place.” Kate gave Brian a some what playful grin.

“ Oh I got it from Sheila I imagine she is missing it by now.” Brian didn’t know if he should laugh about the current situation or not. Rather he kept quiet as he watched Kate leave the room. Curiously he wondered what would have inspired Kate to take Sheila’s seat from her. He finally resolved it must have happened either when he wasn’t around or while he was under Kate’s shirt. He had known something was going on when she had used her hand to block out the light and any sound from the outside world. Now even though he didn’t know exactly what that was he realized that Sheila must have done something to inspire Kate to get some revenge.

Sheila chuckled a bit as she noticed Kate heading back in the direction of her office. Standing up she proceeded to scoot the chair normally used for company back around her desk. It had surprised her when earlier that day when Kate had come to visit her. She had opened her window as usual but instead of talking to her Kate had simply reached two fingers into her office picked up her chair and walked off. It had been so unexpected that Sheila hadn’t even thought about yelling at her until she was long gone. Now as Kate returned Sheila could see a rather smug smile on Kate’s face as if the young girl was gloating a bit. That was fine as far as Sheila was concerned it hadn’t really done any damage simply surprised her. As Kate deposited the seat back into the room, the old woman grinned up at her. “ So just why did you see fit to deprive me of the best seat in this installation.”

Kate thought about smarting off as she considered debating over what really was the best seat in the base. She pushed this desire down as she decided she would rather play around with Brian some more rather then debate with Sheila. That alone was a rather astounding event as previously Kate would have taken as much of Sheila times as she possibly could just for attentions sakes. “ Oh just a little payback for what you put me through yesterday.” Kate regretted this comment almost instantly as she noticed the grin on Sheila’s face. It was the same smug look that she herself wore actually Kate had learned the smile from Sheila in previous years.

“ Well then perhaps I should require you to pay back some of the cement you used up by kicking out that wall. I swear I wonder just what you where doing when you put a whole in the wall. Perhaps you could enlighten me to exactly what was going on.” Kate blushed almost immediately as Sheila made it a point to speak much more loudly then what was truly required. She was actually loud enough that Kate wondered if some other people heard her. Sheila couldn’t help but laugh when Kate covered her office window with her massive hand in order to block out her voice. Though it kept normal ears from hearing her Kate could still hear the sound waves as Sheila chuckled. “ I am sorry sweet I just couldn’t resist you are so easy to embarrass when it comes to things about that young fellow. Well I get that you want to hurry back to him so I am going to get to work.”

Still blushing Kate removed her hand when she heard Sheila yell. “ Oh and don’t go kicking any more wholes in the wall.” Kate just grinned grateful that she hadn’t bothered to elaborate on that anymore. As she returned to her room, she wondered just how she was going to get even with Sheila now. She didn’t know of anyway to truly embarrass the woman at least not in such a way that Sheila wouldn’t truly get upset or wouldn’t be able to repay her. She would just have to wait for an opportunity to get a little pay back. As Kate began to return to her room, she pushed such thoughts aside and gave her bottom a little shake. Crawling into her room she quickly slid the doors shut as she began waited for Brian to finish up in his room.

Brian had heard Kate return it hadn’t taken her long at all to go and return the chair and table. Walking out onto the walk way he looked up at Kate. “ So got everything returned?”

“ Yep I returned the chair and I was wondering if you might want to do something now.” Brian started to reply before stopping himself.

“ The chair what about the table?” Kate blinked for a moment as if she had forgotten something. Looking down at her massive hand her eyes opened up rather widely as their was now a thin sheet of metal between her fingers.

“ Ah shit.” Brian couldn’t help himself the look of shock on Kate’s face at the realization of what she had done was simply to amusing. Kate had been distracted while talking to Sheila and ended up applying enough pressure while she held the table between her fingers to crush it completely flat. He knew that he should be worried about such a casual display of power as he fully comprehended that it could have been a person between her fingers and they would have crushed even easier. Yet even with this knowledge he couldn’t make himself worried about it rather he found himself shaking with laughter. As if he had just caught a young lady walking around with a rather large tear in her trousers without her knowledge. Kate for her part pouted for a moment feeling a little embarrassed.

She wasn’t use to making such silly slip ups and the fact that she had done it while in front of Brian sure hadn’t helped anything. Absently she began to roll the peace of metal between her fingers forming it into a tightly packed ball before setting it down. “ Well I guess they are just going to order another one.” Brian wouldn’t have been laughing if he found out that the effect of this discovery was more then to simply embarrass Kate and make her blush a little. All thoughts of any sexual teasing quickly left Kate’s mind as she simply felt to silly to try seducing anyone. That didn’t mean she wasn’t going to at least relax with Brian for a little bit though.

“ Yeah I suppose so. So just what do you feel like doing? Though keep in mind that even with my work done I am still sore.” Kate grinned and let out a slight giggle.

“ I did have something planned but now I think I would rather just wait tell later. How about instead we just watch some tv?” Brian gave a slight nod looking around the room for a moment.

“ Hmm you have a tv?”

“ I didn’t mean like the one you where expecting little one. My computer serves as my television as well and I bet I get a lot more channels then you though I can’t understand a good deal of them.” Brian gave a slight nod before Kate lifted him from the walkway. At first she planned on setting him down in her lap when she changed her mind. Even if she felt a little silly she could still play with Brian a little. Setting Brian down on the top of her right breast she once again regretted the greater size of her more current clothing as it didn’t give him nearly as much room to wonder around. The shirt actually leaving a remarkably small amount of Kate’s breast actually exposed. That wouldn’t really be helped though she would just have to wait until she put on some more height. “ You should probably wrap this around your waste little one. I tend to be careful enough by that little accident with the table has me thinking I should use some precautions to make sure you don’t slip off.” A moment later Brian found out what Kate was talking about as she brought one of her strands of hair around to him.

“ Ah no thanks I trust you enough.” Brian was surprised at himself as he pushed the strand away though he couldn’t get it to move far at all. He would have originally tied it around himself in a heart beat. Kate giggled for a moment amused that Brian had decided to show her that bit of trust however that wasn’t enough to get her to risk his life. Instead she moved the strand back over to him.

“ While I am glad that you trust me a fall from the top of my tit could still be rather dangerous and since I might get distracted I will want you to secure yourself with this.” Brian gave his head a nod hearing a slightly more serious tone in Kate’s voice then he had previously. While he didn’t really think it was necessary he wrapped the strand of Kate’s hair around himself and tied a rather decent not. Patting the top of Kate’s breast Brian watched as Kate brought up the screen to her computer and went through a few programs. As Kate located a few shows that she liked Brian soon found himself regretting one thing about his current situation. The only problem with setting on Kate’s breast and watching tv with her was there was no way for him to change channels on her.


Kate smiled down at Brian as he had drifted to sleep while atop her breast, she guessed he hadn’t cared too much for the shows that they had watched after dinner. While that was indeed true the fact that he had went to sleep was due more to mental exhaustion, the warmth of Kate’s skin and the steady beat of her heart. Though her heart beat differently from a human it still had a nice enough beat to it to help put Brian to sleep. He had thought about commenting on it to Kate but hadn’t been able to stay awake long enough by the time he had noticed. Kate had considered waking up after realizing that her little boyfriend and drifted off but instead chose to slip his little form between her breast. He felt nice enough there and it was a comfortable enough spot at least she figured it was from previous experience with little people.

Now as she set listening to him sleep she wondered just what the next day was going to bring. Years off living on a military installation had given Kate a habit of at least trying to plan out what they where going to do the next day. Setting around and watching tv with Brian seemed like a good idea though she worried what he might choose. It had become clear not by his words but by his actions that he didn’t really care for the soaps that Kate tended to watch. That wasn’t overly surprising though after all he actually got to go out and meet new people that weren’t government employees Kate’s window to the outside world was limited. Of course soaps made for a rather lousy window to the outside world and Kate knew it. Well Brian had suffered through what she wanted to watch at least until he had went to sleep on her so she figured she could try doing the same for him.

Turning her attention towards Brian’s room the door was still open allowing her to peak into it. Catching site of Brian’s books Kate tapped the side of her cheek for a moment wondering if it would be any fun to show Brian what her lessons normally consisted off. Nodding her head she resolved that she would have to see just what a giantess is expected to study though she knew some of it was simply to make her feel more normal. Of course some of the things she learnt would require her to have a little person to demonstrate with. A some what sadistic grin spread over her lips as she looked at Brian. “ Well I know who is going to be helping me practice my catching technique and maybe we can play a little hide and seek.”

Kate stroked her massive finger over Brian’s still sleeping form as she began to consider what all she could try with him. She was going to have to try catch with him that was for sure though she was unsure of just what else would be any fun. There where a few things that she hadn’t done with Brian yet such as hang gliding and she hadn’t really given him any experience with wind surfing as she had done with Amy. Also she could use the day to do some showing off for Brian to show just how tough her body really was. Though that would require permission from Sheila and the scientific team would probably want to do some surveys. That was fine with Kate though she simply hoped she would get the chance.

Resolving that she needed to talk with Sheila Kate debated if she could really stand up and walk to Sheila’s office without waking Brian. This plan of action was completely forgotten however as she realized Sheila wouldn’t even be in her office. That was one issue Kate had with normal sized people their need to sleep so much was some what frustrating. Instead she turned to her keyboard and began to click away sending Sheila a message. The request was to be put through most of her endurance testing. Something that Kate had rarely requested and was performed even less often then it had been as of late since Kate had proven that even the most effective weapons had no effect upon her. At least the most effective weapon that was currently at the installations disposal.

Kate had not been hit with a nuclear weapon as of yet and she really didn’t have a desire to be hit by one. She still recalled what had happened when she had been struck with that new explosive only a few shorts months back. Her height had shot up several stories in the corse of one night. So while she wasn’t sure if she would even survive a nuclear weapon she had a great fear that even if she did her body would decide it needed to increase size to make sure such a large blast couldn’t effect her again. It was odd though the thoughts of just how big that could possibly make her had always made Kate shudder a bit however she didn’t feel the same treble of concern that she had before hand.

It reminded her of the previous night with the little aircraft having watched the little machine land on top of one of her breast. The thought that if she was indeed hit by a nuclear weapon and indeed did survive it could make her grow to such a large height that a airliner could indeed land on her breast was some what exciting. The thought of how many little people she could have exploring her body at such a size including little Brian was actually amusing to her instead of simply worrisome as she still didn’t know if she would even stop growing. Looking down at the little being between her breast she resolved that even though the idea was rather amusing to her now she still didn’t want to grow quite that large. The thought of how small Brian, Sheila, Michel and the others would seem to her was amusing but she worried about being able to interact with them.

Her size had indeed cut her off from a good deal of the world and even with as amusing as the thought was she didn’t like how much more it would restrict her. Still it didn’t hurt to at least imagine what it would be like to be so massive.


Brian felt rather refreshed as he began to stir though it took him a moment to realize why the warm covering that engulfed him entirely wouldn’t move. Opening his eyes it didn’t take him but a moment to remember where he had fallen asleep and what must have happened. Craning his neck a bit he tried to see Kate’s face but found that he was a little too far up to see past her chin. “ Well good more sleepy head I take it you slept well.”

“ I’ll say also this has got to be the best way to wake up that I have ever encountered.” Kate let out a slight giggle at Brian’s complement lightly shaking his little form. Her amusement only grew when instead of trying to pull himself out Brian seemed to snuggle even more deeply into her cleavage or at least try to. She didn’t mind though after all she had put him there and in all truth would have been inclined to let him spend quite a bit longer between her breast if she hadn’t went ahead and planned some things for today. She had gotten a reply from Sheila a short while ago as far as being able to show off for Brian. They didn’t have any new types of weapons to use on her and Sheila couldn’t bring out the really heavy artillery without a better reason. This meant that she wouldn’t be able to use any tanks for aircraft however some artillery was allowed.

Brian was snuggling up against Kate’s massive breast quite content where he was. Though he needed to go use the rest room he found himself fighting a battle. While he wanted to use the bathroom he didn’t want to leave the warmth of Kate’s cleavage. Now he couldn’t very well use the bathroom in his current location so he resolved to simply deal with it for as long as he could. He soon found he didn’t have a choice in the matter though as Kate’s fingers began to retrieve him from her cleavage. “ Hey what’s the big idea I like it here.” Brian found himself trying to push Kate’s massive finger back though he knew it was impossible. Taking the extra space generated by her finger he tried to snuggle deeper into her cleavage.

Kate’s hand stopped for a moment as Brian actually stunned her. Grinning down at her little boyfriend she imagined this was as close to trying to keep her in bed that he could ever come to. Even with her plans Kate found it hard to scoop his little form from within her cleavage with him protesting like that. “ Sorry little one but I have some things I want to show you today. Now why don’t you go and get cleaned up? Then we can eat some breakfast and then get onto today’s entertainment.” Brian just sighed it wasn’t like he could get back into Kate’s cleavage without her good graces and help as well. Also he had been resisting the urge to go to the bathroom. So nodding his head he began to walk rather slowly back towards his own room after Kate had set him down on the walk way.

Kate gave Brian a light nudge with her massive index finger encouraging him towards his room. Once Brian was back in his own room and getting ready Kate took a moment to check herself out. She was wearing her bikini underneath her skirt and shirt this morning knowing good and well she couldn’t wear them while she was going through her test. Of course the difference between Kate’s standard garments and bikini was only visual she still liked to keep them separate. Eagerly she clapped her hands together hoping that Brian wouldn’t take too long to finish off his breakfast this morning as she didn’t want to waste any time herself. Actually she knew she couldn’t afford to waste to many times as Sheila was letting her borrow more soldiers then usual for today’s games. The fact that Kate would need to borrow even more the next day didn’t help matters either as Sheila had to agree to delay other activities for two days to accommodate Kate.

Kate had always gotten special treatment but she knew that such delays would be out of the question most of the time. She didn’t ask for such a high level of special treatment often though and Sheila had thought it would be alright to Kate’s delight. It did mean that unlike previous times she was indeed on a schedule a rather odd situation for her. The feeling was actually some what permeable as Brian actually found himself getting ready more quickly then normal at least after he had through a handful of ice cold water on his face. He could still feel the warmth in his skin from where Kate’s flesh had engulfed his own. A warmth that threatened to draw him back to sleep if he didn’t get rid of it. As Brian walked back out onto the walk way having changed into some fresh clothes and cleaned up he let out a slight yelp of surprise when Kate’s fingers plucked him up the moment he was past the doors. “ Well some one is in a hurry this morning.”

“ Sorry about that little one but there is something that I have been wanting to show you for a time now. Let you get an idea of just how tough your girlfriend really is.” Brian blinked for a moment unsure of just what Kate had in mind. She had told him what she was capable of enduring before and he had indeed come to believe her after seeing how strong she was.

“ Hmm you don’t need to do that I believe you after all.” Kate grinned and simply shook her head in the negative.

“ Even if you believe what I am saying knowing something and actually seeing it are two different things. After all if you recall what happened the first time you saw me standing up with you on the ground. You knew how big I was even before I stood up but it took that to bring everything home. Well today I am going to stand up.” Kate let out a slight giggle she had been wanting to show off for Brian for a while now and this was one of her best chances yet. True she had demonstrated some of her strength how easily her hands could crush massive boulders but still she wanted him to see this. Brian simply shrugged his shoulder he really couldn’t argue with her after all. Beside the fact that what Kate said was true there was also the fact that she was so hyped up. Talking Kate out of something once she got so excited about it required a very good reason and he simply didn’t have that. He didn’t really have any desire to talk her out of it though that might have changed if he had known that showing off her strength wasn’t the only thing she had planned.

Kate found herself shifting slightly as she watched Brian eating his meal. She had actually rushed through her own wanting to get to the fun stuff. Of course Brian wasn’t eating any slower then normal and in truth was trying to accommodate Kate by eating more slowly. Still he could feel her eyes on him so without any half of his food eaten put down his fork. “ Okay I am ready.” Kate got a perplexed look on her face she had eaten with Brian enough to know he liked to clean his plate at least at breakfast.

“ Are you sure?”

Brian didn’t mind having a quick breakfast if Kate was that eager after all he wanted to see what all she had in mind. “ Yup lets go.” Kate began to reach for Brian but stopped her hand short. A bit of a guilty grin formed on her face as in her eagerness she hadn’t realized what Brian was doing.

“ Naa go ahead and finish up your meal you are going to need plenty of energy later.” Brian started to protest that he was ready to go but gave up the moment he tried to stand up. Kate simply placing her finger above him preventing him from raising from his chair. Jokingly he reached up placing his hands against Kate’s massive index finger and pushing up with all his strength. At last he gave up and began to eat his breakfast once again. Chuckling to herself Kate withdrew her finger and allowed Brian all the time he needed to eat his fill. She might have been in a rush but not so much so that she wanted to rush him through a meal. Besides even if they had a schedule to follow it wasn’t that strict. Actually she soon found herself looking around and wondering if she had rushed Brian a little to much and they would indeed be early.

Finishing up Brian was finally allowed to stand up once Kate could see that he had finished his meal. “ You know your finger makes a pretty darn good umbrella.” Kate just smirked and lifted Brian from the table. Tapping his stomach with her fingernail she was careful not to put to much force into the action just enough to push him over.

“ Well now tiny I think it is time that we got to have some fun. I think you are going to like the first activity.” Brian gave a nodded not bothering to ask Kate what she had in mind only regretting that he had stuffed himself the moment Kate stood up. He could tell even though she had calmed down a little bit Kate was still eager to get to the first activity. As Kate’s foot falls where noticeably more powerful thanks to the fact that she was walking at a more rapid pace. She was still careful enough to avoid leaving craters in the ground as she had done previously having no desire to run up the installations maintenance cost anymore then she already had.

“ Hey there fellas everyone ready?” Kate grinned down at a small group of soldiers recalling several of them from previous games. Absently she wondered if they had volunteered to help out with the first round of games or not. Brian for his part couldn’t actually get a good view of the people even as he worked up the courage to scoot to the side of Kate’s massive fingers and look over. His eyes simply weren’t good enough to see several hundred feet to the ground. He did notice a few things had been set up though including something that looked like an artillery piece. He couldn’t help but note how small it looked though as Kate reached down and lifted the heavy artillery cannon then allowed the soldiers to load up the rest of her hand. Turning around on his back he looked up at Kate.

“ So are we going to be using that today?”

“ Yup I wanted them to use something larger but Sheila said I couldn’t use the really heavy guns.”

“ And just what kind of cannon would be considered a heavy gun by your standards. Perhaps a battle ships main guns?” Kate gave Brian a curious look chewing on her lower lip for a moment.

“ Hmm well I guess heavy cannon isn’t really a good description at least when comparing them to me. A battleship’s guns couldn’t really be considered heavy either since they can’t hurt me in the least to my knowledge anyway. I have never been shelled by one but I have been hit with rockets and bombs.” At last Kate stood back up holding her hands level Brian was able to look across and finally see the people she had been talking to. Much to his surprise he noticed that there was a female amongst the group. Curiously he began to walk across Kate’s massive palm in order to get a better view of the people. He was more then a little surprised when he confirmed that the woman as indeed Debra.

“ Hey Debra I thought you where suppose to pick people up and keep things secretive.” Debra turned in Brian’s direction a wide grin upon her face.

“ Oh I normally am but I volunteered for today’s activities I mean who would pass up a chance to shoot Kate.” Debra just ignored the look Kate gave her though she worried that she would be paying for that comment later on. Of course Brian couldn’t help but grin at Debra’s answer and Kate’s reaction he wouldn’t have been grinning so widely if he had known Debra was also there to see Brian get the day lights scared out of him. Kate for her part simply gave Debra a bit of a nasty glance but no more then that she was going to have to find a way to get even with the woman though. Nodding her head she resolved that she would probably go with a simpler means then what she usual did though that was going to have to wait until later.

Kate continued with her little passengers until she was a good deal away from any of the actual structures. Placing her tiny passengers upon the ground and unloading the equipment she began to walk away being sure to sway her hips. Brian for his part couldn’t resist taking the chance to peek up Kate’s skirt the blasted thing was so long that unless he was right near her feet he couldn’t see up it. As he did this he silently cursed whoever had made the blasted thing as thanks to the size of Kate’s towering legs and the length of the skirt there wasn’t enough light to see up it. He didn’t have to worry about this for long though as Kate began to strip away her clothing. Removing her shirt and folding it she proceeded to place it on the ground the garments true weight becoming apparent as it crushed the bit of plant life beneath it.

Keeping her back turned to her little audience Kate slipped her skirt down her massive legs taking her time to fold it neatly and lay it down upon her shirt. Even with this Brian regretted that Kate wasn’t wearing her panties and bra. Much like Kate he knew the different between the garments was only visual but even that had an effect on the situation. He didn’t mind seeing Kate in a bikini of course he simply didn’t feel it was quite as good as seeing her in her panties and bra. Kate regretted this a little bit herself but had decided to wear her bikini if it had just been Brian that would be openly seeing her she wouldn’t have.

Brian didn’t get to long to admire the view as he felt a hand resting on his shoulder. Looking over at Debra he was a bit surprised when he found an assault rifle thrust into his hands. “ You know I think you are going to be one of the few people who will be able to say they shot their girlfriend with a military weapon and the only one that ever got to shoot her with this many.” The moment the words left Debra’s mouth Kate confirmed two things one being that she could still here them all even from such a distance and the second was how powerful her lunges truly where. While near Kate’s face she didn’t take in as deep of breaths as she could off it was one of the things that made Brian wonder how she survived and showed such patience. She didn’t eat nearly as much as what he thought her body would require rather what she ate seemed to be starvation rations in comparison to her massive scale.

Yet she seemed perfectly healthy and with all the curves on her body he wondered how remained so healthy. Still with them so far away and seeing no need to hold back the moment Kate snorted it was obvious. A few of the people gathered chuckled lightly at Kate’s response. Kate for her part was feeling a little annoyed today had been meant to be fun for her not for people to crack jokes at her. Well she would just have to deal with it for now and give them all a little payback later on. Brian hesitantly took the firearm from Debra looking the gun over he was surprised how light it was. Walking around him Debra took hold of Brian’s left arm and brought it up under the weapon. Taking hold of his right she moved his hands into the proper position. “ Brace it firmly against your shoulder or you will end up laying flat on your back. It may feel light but it still has plenty of recoil.”

Brian gave his head a slight nod, after which Debra proceeded to point out a small switch on the side of the weapon. “ One shot, semi and full automatic. Lets start you off with one shot.” Flipping the switch into play Brian felt kind of silly as he held the weapon. Looking up at Kate he recalled some old cartoons where a mouse had held a mouse-sized gun up to a cat. Well he was now a human holding a normal sized weapon up to a Kate and he didn’t feel nearly as confident as that rodent. He recalled what Kate had told him about her testing and felt quite sure that if a missile couldn’t harm her then there was no way an anti-personnel weapon was going to. “ Alright I feel stupid now.” Kate couldn’t help but chuckle lightly rocking herself back and forth.

“ Now remember to aim away from my clothing I don’t want to put anymore were and tear on it then I have to.” Brian gave a slight nod though he wondered if the weapon he was currently holding could really be a threat to even Kate’s clothes. Considering they strain that it must endure in order to withstand her wearing them so often, the friction of the water when she goes swimming. As he finally leveled the weapon at her he found himself feeling something other then silly. Even though Kate had told him what she could endure and he had seen her demonstrate her strength he simply didn’t feel right holding a firearm up at his girlfriend. Debra noticed this shortly after she finished getting her own weapon set up. A slightly large firearm that unlike Brian’s wasn’t meant for every soldier rather she was holding a sniper rifle. Walking over to Brian and leaning over his shoulder a bit.

“ Well aren’t you going to try that thing out?”

“ Actually I was wondering.. Why don’t you people just take care of this I mean you seem to have done it before?”

“ Oh come on Brian I planned this day for you to have some fun to. I figured you would enjoy getting to play around with a high powered weapon. Are you worried that the recoil is going to be to much?” Kate curiously turned her head still wearing the same smile as before not even considering that even knowing all he did about her Brian might be worried she would get hurt. Even though his mind knew or at least was quite confident that even the best rifle wouldn’t be able to hurt Kate he still couldn’t shake the feeling.

“ Actually I am not that good of a shot so why don’t I just set back and watch?”

“ Brian I said this was meant to be fun for you. Besides how often do you think you will get to shoot a military assault rifle? Just take aim and give the trigger a squeeze after all it would be awfully hard to miss someone as large as me.” Kate continued to smile down at Brian who despite Kate’s urging couldn’t bring himself to pull the trigger. Deciding it would be best to go ahead and say what he was really feeling Brian lowered the weapon.

“ Kate well you see I just don’t feel write pointing a weapon at you even if I know it can’t harm you. I don’t know I guess there is a part of me that still considers this as a normal dangerous weapon and despite your remarkable abilities I just don’t feel it would be appropriate.” Kate now felt rather perplexed unsure of how to handle the situation. She had gotten so use to people simply recognizing her for her strength that they didn’t worry about hurting her physically. Slowly Kate’s look of confusion passed and instead a quite pleased smile spread across her face. Scooting forward she reached her massive hand down for Brian. Lifting his tiny form between two of her fingers Kate brought him close to her lips and proceeded to press him against them. Brian had let the weapon drop the moment he saw Kate’s fingers reaching down for him so were able to enjoy the kiss. When at last he was pulled away from Kate’s lips he decided that he had scored some major points.

“ That is awful sweet of you Brian, my little one but you don’t need to worry about injuring me. Still if you don’t want to give it a try I am not going to force you.” Brian nodded his head rather regretting Kate had broken off the kiss as he was deposited back on the ground and Kate returned to her position. “ All well everyone else I take it you don’t have any qualms about shooting me.” Kate made certain to indicate Debra who had a wide grin on her face. Walking over to Brian and patting him on the head she leaned in close and whispered though she wasn’t sure if even that was low enough to escape Kate’s insanely sharp ears.

“ I don’t know if you just said that to try and get on her good side but I will say this. You are either very good at knowing the right buttons as far as Kate goes or a real sweety. Still you are going to have to better understand that you really don’t have to worry about injuring Kate.” Turning her attention away from Brian, Debra took a few steps in front of the group. “ All well I guess if Brian is going to skip his turn I will take mine.” Kate gave her head a slight nod wondering just what Debra was going to aim for. Unlike Brian Debra had a full understanding how much Kate could endure and no fear of actually injuring her. This was made apparent when the woman bent down to one knee and braced the heavy rifle against her shoulder. A moment later Brian heard a slight exposition and saw Debra’s shoulder jerk ever so slightly.

“ Heyyy now I know I asked for this but that was still a rotten shot.” Brian turned towards Kate seeing something of a pout across her massive face. Then turning to Debra he wasn’t at all surprised to see a rather large grin.

“ Just where did you hit her?” Brian took a few steps closer to Debra.