READ THIS! Here is the thread that lists the occurrence of female muscle in the medium of televised animation. (Translation: Read the topic.) In the list below, you’ll see links at the end of some entries. They’ll take you to sites that I know of that feature either screencaps or video clips from the related entry. If an entry doesn’t have any links, it means that I don’t know of any sites with these things, so please don’t ask me where to find stuff on them. Likewise, if you have any problems with the Shadowlord Inc. pages, please don’t complain about it here. That’s why the site has its own message board. Now, on to the muscle… THANK YOU FOR READING THIS!

S = Screencaps

V= Video Clip

Tiny Toon Adventures – "Prom-ise Her Anything:" Very brief scene when Buster and Babs abduct Montana Max; both are enormously muscled in a Rambo-ish kind of way. Also features an appearance by Arnold the Pitbull’s disturbingly identical girlfriend, Arnolda. (V)

Tiny Toon Adventures – "That’s Incredibly Stupid!:" Plucky is duped into judging the Miss Teenage Iron-Pumping Kickbox Wrestler USA contest. (V, V, V)

Tiny Toon Adventures – "Super Babs:" Super Babs does a quick flex in one scene. (V)

Incredible Hulk (1996) – "Doomed:" First appearance of the She-Hulk; BEST FMG SCENE IN HISTORY. (V)

Incredible Hulk (1996) – "Fantastic Fortitude:" Second and last appearance of the She-Hulk in a muscular fashion. (When She-Hulk became a regular character, the producers toned down her muscularity and sexuality, feeling she was “too sexy” for a Saturday morning cartoon character.)

The Simpsons – "Treehouse of Horror X – Desperately Xeeking Xena:" A blast of X-rays turns Lisa into the somewhat buff Clobber Girl.

The Simpsons – "Strong Arms of the Ma:" Marge takes up bodybuilding, which leads to steroid abuse and a women’s bodybuilding contest. (V, V, S, V, V)

The Fairly OddParents – "Mighty Mom & Dyno Dad:" As Mighty Mom, Timmy’s mom is incredibly buff. Also features Wanda as a muscular Silver Surfer spoof. (V)

The Fairly OddParents – "Mighty Mom & Dyno Dad Meet the Crimson Chin:" Second appearance of Mighty Mom; on-screen growth. (V, V)

The Fairly OddParents – "The Temp:" Jorgen von Strangle forces Cosmo and Wanda to do a million push-ups, resulting in muscle-bound arms for both of them.

The Fairly OddParents – "Channel Chasers" (TV movie): While fighting Timmy in the superviolent anime "Maho Mushi," Vicky uses her magic remote to power herself up, resulting in muscle growth that lasts until her defeat. (V)

The Fairly OddParents – “Love at First Height:” A fun-house mirror shows Vicky as very muscular. A literal blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment.

The Tick – "Tick vs. El Seed:" Prominently features Jungle Janet, buff member of the Civic-Minded 5.

The Tick – "Tick vs. Europe:" As part of the International Superhero Exchange Program, Tick switches places with a muscular Belgian superheroine named Eclaire.

The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius – "Maximum Hugh:" Brief appearance at the end by Cindy’s bodybuilding aunt. (V)

The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius – "MaternoTron Knows Best:" Two scenes at a spa feature a buff female masseuse and a cameo by Cindy’s aforementioned Aunt Susie.

Doug (Nickelodeon) – "Doug’s Great Beet War:" Doug’s Rambo-style fantasy sequence includes an appearance by his older sister as a seriously buffed-up enemy agent. (V)

SpongeBob Squarepants – "MuscleBob Buffpants:" Sandy shows off her bodybuilder-sized biceps. (S)

SpongeBob Squarepants – “Christmas Who?:” Sandy does a super-fast, super-huge flex.

Jackie Chan Adventures – "The Amazing T-Troop:" Jade uses the super-strength talisman and gets HUGE. (V, V)

Jackie Chan Adventures – "The J-Tots:" Features Helga Sorenson, "the strongest woman in the world." (V)

Totally Spies – "It’s How You Play The Game:" Clover becomes incredibly muscular. (V)

Totally Spies – “The Incredible Bulk:” This time, Alex becomes super-buff. (V, V, V)

Spider-Man (Fox) – Several episodes: The Black Cat’s transformation sequence includes muscle growth. And she’s pretty darn buff. (V, V, V)

Disney’s Aladdin: The Series – "The Book of Khartoum:" When Genie’s girlfriend Eden learns that he’s been kidnapped by Mozenrath, she morphs into a bodybuilder and bends a barbell in half by way of demonstrating what she plans to do to Mozenrath. Short, but impressive. (V)

Darkwing Duck – "Planet of the Capes:" Features a female superhero who is pretty buff for a Disney character; one scene shows her lifting a bus and flexing a bicep. (V)

Futurama – "Amazon Women in the Mood:" The Amazons are downright gargantuan.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003) – "The Monster Hunter:" Monster hunter Abigail Finn is HUGE, albeit a tad masculine.

The Powerpuff Girls – "Mo Job:" Brief, temporary muscle growth when Princess is zapped with Chemical X. (S, V)

Dave the Barbarian – "Beef!:" Candy eats magic broccoli and gets huge muscles in order to show up the also-huge Bicepia the Warrior Woman. The broccoli eventually turns her into a gi-normous mountain of Neanderthal muscle. (V)

Dave the Barbarian – “Happy Glasses:” A pair of magic glasses allows Fang to see herself and her family (including Candy) as hugely bulked-up, actually barbaric barbarians. (V)

Pepper Ann – Opening sequence: Pepper Ann dreams about being a muscular warrior woman.

COPS – Entire series (?): Features a muscular villainess named Miss Demeanor.

Johnny Bravo – "Bootman:" Brief appearance by a superheroine known as the She-Hunk. I trust I don’t need to explain further.

Johnny Bravo – "Mini-JB:" Johnny hits on two buff babes. They’re not extraordinarily detailed, but their muscularity is noticeable in their designs. (Interesting note: Johnny actually refers to them as "buff babes.")

Hulk Hogan’s Rock ‘n’ Wrestling – "Muscle Madness:" Focuses on two female characters in a bodybuilding and strength competition, and one of them attempts to cheat with fake biceps. (Note: I have never seen this, so this is all I know.)

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventures – "Now Museum, Now You Don’t:" Bill and Ted go back in time and meet Venus de Milo, who turns out to have very muscular arms. Includes a scene where Venus snaps a chain by flexing her arm.