Loosing Control


Hi all,

I’d say my favorite scenes seem to involve either that first several moments of shock and confusion, and the acceptance and "lust" for more.

Let’s face it, the moments of "oh my God, what’s happening to me" and "my muscles…they feel so THICK…like they’re GROWING" is vicerally arousing. But accepting that arousal and seeking more is icing on the cake.

"I could barely lift 200 lbs before, now I’m curling that much in each hand…and…(urrrrgh)…my arms are feeling so pumped…(uhhhh)…look at the vein in my arm! See it…(gasp)…throbbing? I could SWEAR it’s pumping more strength through my arms…"

"Ooooh! Look! They ARE bigger!! And I feel so much STRRRRRRONGER!"

Well I think you get the idea. Pumping muscles into futher growth is an orgasmic idea and probably gets thought of as such.

Of course it’s 12:15, Hurrican Ivan still hasn’t hit the New Orleans area, and I should probably stop babbling.

Oh, and if anyone wants to know my secret, send me a PM. It only takes my imagination seconds to develop a jaw-dropping physique. How ’bout you, ladies and gents?