Martin Mystery

Zespara Alathar

There is one episode of "Martin Mystery" shown on the Nicktoons network that features FMG in an imaginery scene.  The episode is called "Haunting of Blackwater".

It's early in the show where they find that the teleportation portal that they use to go to their HQ is under the steps of a building.  Martin refers to Diane as a wimp and she tries to lift the step to reveal the portal.  She strains and sweats and the step eventually lifts.  She strikes a pose and is shown very muscular but it's all in her mind.  She shrinks back to normal when she finds out that Java the caveman is the one who actually lifted the step.

But if someone gets a copy of this scene they could always play it backwards to get a sense of actual FMG.

This show has potential to contain loads of FMG opportunities but thus far have not save for this one scene.  😛