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What are you, ten?

You’re an ass because you and everyone that thinks like you do, that they should get what they want for free, will make sure that creative people like CGMan will stop creating, because they’ll have to go back to normal jobs. Because your pathetic inability to see beyond your own immediate desires will affect everyone that enjoys what CGMan and people like him creates, and all because you don’t want to pay. You’re a selfish fuckwit that won’t spend ten bucks because you don’t think what he does is that hard, but you have no fucking idea how it’s done; you just want it all, right now, for free.

He puts his own money, time, and effort into creating things for other people, and you’re shitting on everything he creates by saying it’s not worth the measly price he asks for it. You’re saying, to everyone that creates or funds some project, "I’ll take it, and enjoy it, but it’s not worth my money; I mean, I gotta have my beer! I might have to think if I don’t get my beer!" Although I doubt you’re old enough to drive, let alone drink.

That’s why I call you an ass. Because you are doing something to CGMan, me, and everyone else that appreciates what he does, because you’re a prick.

If you don’t want to pay for it, you shouldn’t have it, as you don’t appreciate it. So fuck off, already.

The Warlock