Part II


Well, thought I’d post a link to ‘Part 2’ which was an entry into the same Workshop as Marknew’s ‘The Super One’ (theme = "Someone gets superpowers and this makes someone else upset")’Z’upergirlz%20-%20Film%20at%20Eleven%20by%20Lfan.txt

Not much, if any, ‘growth’, either size or muscle-wise, but definitely involves the "girl gaining strength" theme if that is your cup ‘o joe!

Please forgive the atrocious typos and lack of proofreading.



Great start to this story! I think I see where this is headed, and with the hints dropped by Marknew’s post I’d like to offer a humble suggestion. If Superman did lose his powers I think it would be ironically funny if, while trying to make restitution, Z "accidentally" only makes him into a backwards spelling magician, that the other members of the JL underestimate 😆