Power Play, chapter 3


I think Monty Bank is now my favorite FMG story male protagonist.

He’s the character that uses his wits since his fists have been sucked to mush by the orbital strength drain.

I was wondering about that actually. The female allaince that secretly got those things into orbit must be taking steps now that they’re super powered to ensure they STAY up. I’m thinking they might offer greater ‘beam saturation’ to ladies that agree to gaurd the possible launch points. Cape Canaveral in the Weakened States of America is proubably the most secured.

The Chinese are proubably the super power with the most advanced space program at the moment in the "Transfer Student" world.

All this musing came from the mental image of the few expatriate US Females managing to get up to the station only to find a 24 hour gaurd of La Grange point ladies. Their bodies protected from cosmic ray damage and the degregdation of low Gs by a zap "Straight off the Paglia Coils".

This story is really compelling thank you for sharing it Jimmy Dimples.

Thanks again Marknew for the original story that inspired this one.