Power Play, chapter 3


Thanks very much for your comments.

When I first started with this, I was determined to make the hero "da man" in wits, book smarts, spirit, chutzpah, and non-jerk ego since strength was out of the question.

That’s one thing that bugged me in many FMG or GTS web fictions: the guy was a helpless worm in the lady’s arms, so he rolls over and plays dead.

No girl worth knowing honestly goes for that. She wants someone who can come to the table and respects himself to stand for himself. And in the world of megababes, if you’re not a physical uberdude yourself, you’d dang better bring something in the other departments that makes up for it.

I completely agree with you. It’s very hard to sympasize with the male characters in most femgrowth stories. They’re usually arseholes and jackasses who in most cases deserve to get beaten up or humiliated.

It’s refreshing to read about a guy with a strong character in such story for a change.

And I hate to break this, folks, but the school year’s starting, and this teacher needs to prep his lessons. I’m gonna be mega-busy. But don’t worry… Chapter 4 will be out by the first week of October, if not earlier. This story’s not over by a long shot.

Damn! It’s always a problem when people don’t get their priorities straight. jkd 😉

We’ll be waiting anxiously for the new chapters.