Power Play, chapter 4


Hey, GreyDeth. Glad to see you on the board. Glad you like.

Oh, and Alex? Not that it’s going to happen, but how would Monty getting some muscle wreck the story?

Strength is a VERY relative thing.

Oh, and the Mexicans are steamrolling south through Latin America, since even Amazonian muscle roasts pretty good in an uncontrolled wildfire (see the news report in Chapter 1: Whammy!)

And the reason for no nukes? El Nino would blow the fallout and radioactivity back in their faces. Does a little something called Chernobyl ring a bell?

Oh, and one question… as I post this, I noticed Chapter 1 got 630 views, Chapter 2 got 282, and Chapter 3 got 376. A big kickoff, then a dip, then a few more… any clue what’s up with that, folks?