Power Play, chapter 4


How does this relate to Monty Banks? Well it might be cool to have him and one of Big Sister’s uber-marms having to work together to survive.

Well, to be honest, I had toyed with that idea where a Bureau officer ("I’m NOT your sister, pal…") finally catches up with and cuffs Monty… and they have to spend a freezing night together because they’re cut off from civilization.

Officer: I wanna haul you in alive. Huddle up, and we’ll conserve body heat.

Monty (snorts): Is that Big Sis jargon for "what’s your sign?"

Officer: Well, if you’d rather freeze…

Reluctantly, he does. And while he’s wishing it was Martissa wrapping her parka around him… she’s not so bad either.

And maybe he’ll see that not every Bureau officer’s a mean, nasty, dominant feminista, while she sees he’s not the greasy, weaselly criminal her chief’s made him out to be.

If there’s a reason to be in Antartcia…

OR you might be able to have this base be one of the centers of resistance hidden from Sis-net sattelites as a result of the hole in the ozone layer. However one of the members is a traitor. The scene of a woman hidden in arctic gear running to a plateau of ice in order to get her Beamed reward and the curves jutting from the fabric, flesh so enhanced the South Pole death winds just roll off her steaming new chassis. The plot may frame around catching this materially enhanced Mati Hari before she can SWIM?! to shore and alert the matriarchy.

One problem… if the backstabber can communicate and tell them where they are and that she’s ready to turn on them… and collect her reward from a satellite scan… wouldn’t she be able to communicate via satellite or back at the base just as well? She wouldn’t have to swim back to tip off the outside world… she’s already done that!

Though I do wonder… how invulnerable does a Zap make someone to the elements? Any clues, Marknew?

Perhaps an undisturbed cache of pre-Beam humans in some cut off military base have gone about the tedious task of trying to survive. This being triple secret structure it has enough advanced undisclosed tech to be relatively self sufficient. These great minds might be able to formulate some way to at least balance the current power structure.

Well… I’m using the pre-Zap cadre plot already in another story. But… how about this. You know all those nuclear submarines? I very much doubt they simply meekly bobbed up to the surface so the crews could say, "OK, we surrender." I think that there maybe a klatch of Navies from the USA, Russia, China, Britain, etc. … all basing outta the South Pole to figure out their next move.

Then one Admiral’s "anchor" doesn’t quite "make it all the way to the ocean floor" anymore, and he decides to threaten the Bureau to set things back to normal, or he starts launching missles. And Monty has to choose between protecting a female-enhanced world, or allowing equal opportunity annihilation.

Don’t discount Antarctica. It’s potential is limited only by the amount of penguins you’re willing to have Monty fry 🙄 😉

Hey! I happen to like penguins! 😡 I’m seriously considering having one follow Monty home if this happens. 😀

Seriously, you’re quite the idea man, Cowprobe. Some of your ideas are so cool, even I thought of them first! 😛 😉