Power Play, chapter 5


Thanks, folks. And to answer a few questions…

There’s more than one entrance, and the clubbers take care not to use the same one twice in a row.

The BGSSTR logo was NOT meant to be oedipal. Honest. 😳

And yes, I picked that Greek myth as my way of saying savvy and cleverness will beat pure physical conditioning. His or hers.

And I had to look up http://www.arnoldclassic.com to learn what that was. Very good. Though if I can continue the series, I WILL feature that T-shirt idea if I can work it in.

And GSN’s Russian Roulette was one of the big reasons I ditched my basic cable, and got satellite TV back in the States. (That, and the Adelphia scandal broke out.)

And you call shenanigans? Whatchoo talkin’ ’bout, Ataski?

And as for Mark L. Walberg (if you mean in the story), I assume he got lost in the shuffle when Los Angeles fell to La Guarda Mexicana.

And http://www.gsn.com/specific_page_elements.php?link_id=S23 should give you information on the real Russian Roulette show (no muscle being awarded, just cash. Pity. 🙄 ).