Power Play, chapter 7


That was awesome Mr.Dimples.

Thanks for sharing this very cool expansion to the world as altered by Marknew.

You’ve given this tale an Ian Fleming espionage feel and a human heart. Not to mention impluasibly developed amazon beauties 😛 .

Very Very Cool.

Be assured I’ll greedily consume the next installment once the procedures of real life and your muse leave energy for more writing.

The tale moving to China is going to be quite interesting especially the reversal of the emphasis on the value of the firstborn son in terms of inheritance of property.

However before the People’s Revolution there WAS an empress in control. 😈 Who’s to say how the Mandate of heaven might be reinterpreted after the Zap.

There might even be a few American fraus that managed to get a boost from the big Zap on account of teaching English in one of the larger cities.

Thanks again Johnny great story.