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Wow PtNB, you are one lucky dude! Finding even a transcription would be like finding the Lost Dutchman Mine! Have you found any viable leads? Or does it seem like the novels are lost in those cavernous government vaults that no one is allowed in?

No leads on available copies have yet surfaced.

All known and preserved editions are in the hands of collectors (people who prefer the value and heiratge of the work rather than the content) and shall not leave them until their eventual passing -even if then.

It would appear that such novels were merely disposed of in that very human fashion of it having no major appeal or worth and was such a small and little known (nay, niche) market that it was simply forgotten about and religated to obivion.

Mores the pity. But it they were a joy to behold and to be witness to the realisation that we a more akin to those who came before than we would otherwise give credit for.


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