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Many years ago, when I’s did dwell within the domcile of the Mistress Abigail, I’s was fascinated by the discovered that the notion and the writing of so-called Female Muscle Growth and female strength stories dates back as far back as the early Victorian Period in literary terms and even further back in terms of mythology.

There were easily a dozen of so "Brown Cover" (the polite term for pornographic) novels dwelling with the issue of FMG and Strength, but they were hardly as graphic as the ones now days.

The real shame of this is they are next to impossibly to find. Mistress Abigail had a transcribed edition from the 1920’s copied from the original text (with some imcomplete illustrations) and she would never part with them. The only reason I’s was even allowed to view that was because I’s expressed a verbal interest in female bodybuilders and Female Muscle Growth -this was in 1985, when I’s was but 15 years of age.

Since that day I’s have tried in vain to find any edition of those novels (Mistress Abigail had two of the 12 known English novels), but, alas, all for naught.

So, it is truly fascinating to discover that we are not alone in our fetish. The facts may have changed over time, but the fantasy has always been the same.

And that is a comforting thought.


The Pimp NeonBlack