Re: Female Muscle in Cartoons


Hello, everybody. I'm new here and so here's my contribution to this list.

  1. 1. Jani – Sol Bianca: the Legacy. She's got great abs and a kick ass weapons expert
    2. Yoshi, the Blue Demon – Giant Robo OVA. Great attitude
    3. Elle Ragu – the Shadow Skill TV series. Her physiques better than the OVA's
    4. Some of the women in the Violence Jack OVA's. Adult content. Not for kids.
    5. Genie – Rune Soldier Louie
    6. Jun Fudo as Devil Lady, or Devilman Lady
    7. The African assassin in Crying Freeman, although she's slimmer in the anime
    8. In the hentai anime, "Angel of Darkness" prt 1, the boyish lesbian magically becomes buffed up.