Re: Female Muscle in Cartoons

Muscle Growth Nut

Say, that reminds me!  There was an episode featuring muscle women in the cartoon "Beverly Hills Teens."
In this episode, one of the boys, the "hunky" fellow has been asked to take over as coach of a girl's team temporarily.  In the end, his rival, the handsome fellow, takes the job instead – only to find out that the girl's team is the Bodybuildettes, a team of girl bodybuilders, who are just about to go out for their daily twenty mile run . . .

Interesting note: It appears that DiC has renewed its rights to Beverly Hills Teens and Hulk Hogan's Rock 'n' Wrestling. And they've put putting out DVDs left and right lately…

Edit: Here's an article about it. BHT and Rock 'n' Wrestling are NOT part of the original DVD deal DiC made, so…yeah.