Re: Female Muscle in Cartoons


Anybody remember the Police Academy animated series?  ??? There was this female wrestler called Phoenix Amazona in the episode: Worth her weight in gold.
  On another forum, fellow member Durdenite pointed out to this on you tube:

Believe it or not that episode came out on video.I bought mine at Suncost,But something was edited out.
One of the old timers who collects femmuscle in cartoons ,Rich, used to hold,"femuscle in cartoon corner" on Iczerman's site. Stated that Phoenix did a close up a double Biceps flex in the Ring. but the 10 second was later removed. I remember that segment,now all she does is lift up her arms and than put them down. the "cut in" close up was removed.
later in a 3 part episode they cover her becips flexing with a Jesse Ventura pink feather Bola.
A crime !