Re: Female Muscle in Cartoons

Zespara Alathar

One of the old timers who collects femmuscle in cartoons ,Rich, used to hold,"femuscle in cartoon corner" on Iczerman's site. Stated that Phoenix did a close up a double Biceps flex in the Ring. but the 10 second was later removed. I remember that segment,now all she does is lift up her arms and than put them down. the "cut in" close up was removed.
later in a 3 part episode they cover her becips flexing with a Jesse Ventura pink feather Bola.
A crime !

I've talked with Rich many times and we've discussed many such things including the time he worked on the Sinbad Jr TV show back in the '60's.  He was always trying to get females to gain muscle in all the things he worked on.  There was one episode where a female used the magic belt of Sinbad to gain a very muscular physique.  He said the episode was "Rainmaker Faker" but I bought the 16mm film of it and did not see anything although I had just a regular 8mm viewer to use which wasn't quite good enough.  The sequence might be on there but I'll have to have it transfered to either tape or DVD to find out for sure.