Re: Female Muscle in Cartoons

Anthony Durrant

As I recall, the original version of that short featured three men who were identical in appearance except for changes in hair and bathing suit colour, who all went through the same animated motions (they stepped on screen, turned to face the audience, and flexed their muscles).  There could have been a new version done with three women, however, because the original one, done in the '70s or '80s, was considered to be too sexist (remember, all three bodybuilders in the original version of the short were male).

The three men were a blonde, a redhead(?) and a brunette with long hair in the same hairstyle but different coloured flesh tones; one, I think, had what was supposed to be bronze-coloured skin (the brunette, who was the fellow with the "bigger" muscles in the middle of the scene).

Say, that reminds me!  There was an episode featuring muscle women in the cartoon "Beverly Hills Teens."
In this episode, one of the boys, the "hunky" fellow has been asked to take over as coach of a girl's team temporarily.  In the end, his rival, the handsome fellow, takes the job instead – only to find out that the girl's team is the Bodybuildettes, a team of girl bodybuilders, who are just about to go out for their daily twenty mile run . . .