Re: fmg/gts werewolf



    I guess "other" growth includes women transforming into muscular werewolves.  I have always found the idea of a demure, petite woman morphing uncontrollably into a large, muscular ( not to mention busty ) werewolf interesting.  It allows for an animalistic expression of her newfound strength and power which is raw and unchecked.

Oh boy…you've really hit the jackpot with that one.  Several other writers and I have always had this big obsession with transformations that not only involve women turning into werewolves (or a lot of other anthro female animals), but always had a bit of FMG, height growth (can't really say GTS since its usually a more realistic height growth) and BE as well!  For some reason, it just seems to fit to have a TF with muscle growth as the woman changes int her more beastial (and in many cases, much cuter) form.