Re: gender binary


[quote="Randeth"]So Im the only woman actually here ? 🙁

I think it’s more than just you. My experience says that female muscle growth fans make up about 5-10% of the base. I think it’s higher than that with giantess growth fans, but I’m not sure how much higher.

What’s your story, if you don’t mind me asking?[/quote]

Sure I dont mind saying, after along time of depression and what not (ussual late teenager stuff 😉 ) I finnally found out I had an attraction to both men AND women and found growth and muscles ever so appealing, such as that scene in "dude wheres my car" some one propaply knows what im talking about 😉 It took some time before I actually found out it was muscles and giantism that I LOVED ,and hear Iam I guess …

Glad to have you with us Randeth!

Thanks! ^_^ great to be here.


Whaa !?!