Re: More About Myostatin and Muscle Growth


70%!!!!!!!!!!!  That would make a 175 pound muscle-woman almost 300 pounds (297.5)!!!!!!!!!!!!

Exploring this further, take a female bodybuilder of average height 5'6" and 175 pounds.  Assume the average weight of a normal woman is 120 (?) that would give the bodybuilder 55 pounds of muscle.  Now add 70% to her muscle mass: 93.5 pounds of muscle, so after the gene therapy she would have the potential to build herself up to 213.5 pounds, her strength and size, however, would be hugely increased…

take for example the average bodybuilders' arm of 17", add 70% and she gets a 28.9" arm!!  A bench press of 300 pounds becomes a bench of 510!!!  Soulder press with 55 pound dumbells becomes 93.5 pounds!  One arm curls with 50 pound dumbells becomes 85 pounds!!!

In other words Myo Women would out muscle us normal people by a substantial amount, I can't wait!!!