Re: Musical question


Wow…  😮 now THAT'S hang time. 

Usually I mute my PC's player so I won't be distracted.  But often a good tune can percolate things.

Usually I go for video game BGM… there's a LOT of stuff that sets the mood.  For Their Own Good usually has a splash of Weird Al, but mostly the soundtrack from Command & Conquer Generals:  both the original and the expansion pack.  Zero Hour.  Also, the theme "Of Earth And Heaven" from the Left Behind:  Eternal Forces soundtrack by Chance Thomas.

China Will Grow Larger?  Take a wild guess.  😛

The Dyna story M15+4 H4X0R had Al's "It's All About the Pentiums," "You're Out of the Computer" by Bingo Gazingo and My Robot Friend, and Dr. Robotnick's base's theme from Sonic 3-D Blast for the Sega Saturn.

And Like a Weed and Power Play was a crazy trail mix bag of stuff that I can't properly categorize because I've got a bus for Hong Kong in a few hours.  Maybe when I get back!