Re: Musical question

David C. Matthews

Is okay if an aritst/writer answers?

I'm not usually listening to music when I write/draw, but I do have ideas about what kind of "soundtracks" my characters would have.

Satin Steele – probably wouldn't have much of an underscore; her posing routines would most likely be set to Techno/dance or hip-hop tunes.

Dyna the Damsel Dynamo – two years or so ago, I'd have not thought of anything but a triumphant John Williams/Elmer Bernstein symphonic score.  But MIchael Giacchino, with his score for The Incredibles shows me that '60's-style "spy movie" scores could work as well.

Tetsuko – symphonic score for action scenes, and '80's-vintage J-Pop for the themes.  (Tetsuko's two favorite songs are both "Urusei Yatsura" themes – "Pajama Jama Da"(mp3) (lyrics) and "Tonogata Gomen Asobase" (mp3) (lyrics)