Re: Musical question


How in God's name has this gone unanswered for THREE YEARS?!

For myself, nearly my entire life has a soundtrack, and my writing is no exception.  What I'm listening to, however, often varies with the tone of what I'm writing.  For example, when I'm writing Sylph stories, I tend to listen to 80s and 90s rock, tending more towards sounds like (old) Mariliion, Fish, The Police, and others that have a sort of simultaneously angry and ethereal quality to them.

When I'm writing Dicey's saga, on the other hand, I tend to listen to a lot more country and folksy music, ranging from Trace Adkins to Blackmore's Night.

Cold Fury tends to be angrier music- I'm working on a chapter of that right now and I have in Rammstein, Godsmack, Alice In Chains, and Pantera.

I guess the main thing is that it has to be something to get the juices flowing.  When I'm working on actual research, I prefer to listen to classical music- I don't want the distraction of lyrics that I can understand…