Re: She Grew! Poll Question

David C. Matthews

In these days when trying to come up with a good, short URL is getting more and more difficult, Amaz0ns is a clever name. I'll guess that was already spoken for (as well as the singular "amazon" and what the heck is an online book/CD/DVD store doing with the name "Amazon" anyway??) So I don't understand why you think it's such an "unfortunate" name.


If Lingster had this to do over again (because of hosting/server issues like the ones that blew up Transvigor/She Grew!, and let's all hope that doesn't happen again), there is a pretty cool name he could use. It was used in a post to this forum – and I'm sorry I can't remember which topic or who the poster was, he deserves the credit for this word – the new site could be called "Girlmuscle". (Hell, if I could afford to I'd register that name myself!)

But "Amaz0ns" suits just fine AFAIC.

(Interesting: I just previewed this message, and the software parsed the "amazons" address I mentioned as a link. Got a "could not be found" message when I clicked on it, but that doesn't mean it's not registered. Maybe Lingster decided against using "amazons" because it was too easy for someone who's trying to reach to accidentally type an "s" after the word.)