Re: She Grew! Poll Question


I've been lurking on your site since it was Lingster's Big Mouth. I really enjoy the content,especially when you comment on current events. The picture of the vandalized cemetery for American G.I.s killed in France is the most memorable story I've ever read on the web. Thank you for pointing that out.  All the other content is high quality too. Thank you for your efforts.
    When Amaz0ns first started you asked for opinions on the new name. In a flash it struck me that Amaz0ns is an unfortunate name. I don't mean to insult you,but I really think you should rename your blog.
      What if this exchange occurs?
Question: What do you call Julie Lohre hugging Lingster?
Answer: An Amazon with a Zero.
      I really like your blog. It just has an unfortunate name.