Re: Veda sings and has muscles


Veda and I broke up but I have gone on. I recorded SAVE THE PLANET. I believe in this song and will take it to Hard Rock Cafe. I will try to get it into a Disney movie. We can improve global management and contribute to world peace.


Save The Planet is NOT SPAM. This song treats a very serious subject, one that affects all 6 billion people on this planet regardless of race, nationality or religion. We are going to have to rise above our religious and political differences to manage the earth as one species if we are going to survive and make a home for our descendants.

Verse 1 of Save The Planet is about people, future humanity on earth.

Verse 2 treats plant life.

The bridge is about our water and atmosphere.

Verse 3 deals with animal life.

I wrote this song in the 1990s and should have recorded it then. If I had gotten it out to the world sooner, 9/11 may never have happened. Bin Laden and al Qaeda may have used their energy to plant trees rather than to spread chaos. It is not too late.

Save The Planet