Re: Veda sings and has muscles


Veda and I broke up but I have gone on. I recorded SAVE THE PLANET. I believe in this song and will take it to Hard Rock Cafe. I will try to get it into a Disney movie. We can improve global management and contribute to world peace.


To kissthemaniac…..Your arguments are fallacious. I have been and still am into female muscle to some degree even though my bad experience with Veda has soured me on women in general. I disposed of all my pictures of Veda after the breakup although I can give you the link to the Boomerflex gallery. I had Boomer put up a Veda gallery as part of my general promotion.> /free/picthumb/veda/index00.htm

Veda is beautiful and sexy. If she were not a liar, she would be a most desirable female. I no longer believe she will be signed to a record deal. I have had a longstanding fetish about Julie Newmar. I do not know if you are old enough to know who Julie Newmar is. I am 59. Julie affected me strongly in 1959 when I was 13 when she played Stupefyin’ Jones in the movie, Li’l Abner. Julie is an Amazon. She was 5’11" and 145 pounds. She set new standards for women. She went on to become Catwoman on TV although I did not like her in that role. I still have fantasies of Julie Newmar towering over me today. Julie may be the sexiest woman in the history of woman. Here is her link>

I take exception with other comments. I am not exploiting Jesus or Chrisianity for my own purposes. Listen to a song I wrote called Jesus Paid My Debt and you will see I am sincere. I wrote this song in 1973. I was fresh out of the Army and looking for answers. No, I was not in Vietnam but was certainly affected by everything from the Vietnam era. Jesus Paid My Debt>

I am not asking for money for my music so I do not see how you can believe that I do this for my own gain. Your favorite bands (whoever they are) will not give you free CDs. You have to buy them with your hard earned cash from record shops. Save The Planet is a free download in its entirety. I am interested in the public good. My astonomy paper is there to inform and enlighten everyone.

One of my main objectives is to try to reconcile science and religion. Before I leave this planet, I will offer a system of thought that will bridge the gap. The 400 year old rift between science and religion will close. I do not believe you speak for 5000 members on this board. You are one vocal person who has taken exception with my environmental song. You are intimidating other members and preventing them from expressing what they truly feel. You should be more compassionate with me and how I was burned in my relationship with Veda. As a result of Veda’s betrayal, I have sworn off women. I do not trust any of them. They are out for themselves. They want dick and money, in that order.